Clippers Interested In Terry Rozier?

The Clippers want to add another guard to their roster and have talked to the Hornets about Terry Rozier, according to Chris Mannix of Sports Illustrated.

Rozier, 26, still has two years and nearly $37MM left on the contract he signed with Charlotte last summer. He averaged 18.0 points, 4.4 rebounds and 4.1 assists during his first season with the team.

The Clippers remain interested in free agent Rajon Rondo, Mannix adds, but there are concerns that he will get a larger offer from someone else. L.A. is down a guard after trading Landry Shamet this week in a three-team deal.

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17 thoughts on “Clippers Interested In Terry Rozier?

        • joeyrocafella

          He was a sign and trade for Kemba… His contract came from the Celtics

          • Col. Sanders

            Still – I’d rather have Kemba than Rozier and by taking him MJ gave his blessing to this. I only hope he won’t be cheap when it’ll come to Devonte’s contract.

  1. I doubt it. Not at that salary. Probably just trying to get Rondo’s attention.

  2. stevep-4

    Way way way less of a defender than Rondo, even with a big age advantage. Not sure why Clippers would be interested except out of desperation.

  3. Sillivan

    It’s possible
    Harrell for Rozier and a big man like Washington

    It’s impossible
    Only trade for Rozier

    • hiflew

      It’s not impossible, only unlikely. Patrick Beverley and a future 2nd rounder or two for Rozier works. It would give the Clippers the guy they want and give the Hornets a cheaper mentor for LaMelo.

    • Appalachian_Outlaw

      They’re not trading Washington to facilitate a Rozier deal. Sheesh! Rebuilding teams don’t give away young assets to clear cap when they’re already way, way under it.

  4. david-45

    charlotte is trying to acquire delon wright from dallas. maybe a deal with clippers is close?

    idk what clippers would trade though

    • BishopL

      I’d like that move for them Delon was good then he went there and became meh. If not I would try a culver bridges swap. Minnesota might bite. They get him and melo and focus on getting them shooting.

  5. Curtisrowe

    It’s funny how everyone hated on Rondo for a few years, and now he is back in demand. Rozier is simply not that good. Especially not at that salary

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