Nets, Clippers, Pistons Complete Kennard/Shamet Deal

The Nets, Clippers, and Pistons have officially completed a three-team trade, Brooklyn announced in a press release. The deal is an amalgamation of a series of moves that were previously reported separately. Here’s what the swap looks like as a whole:

  • Nets acquire Landry Shamet (from Clippers), Bruce Brown (from Pistons), and the draft rights to Reggie Perry (No. 57 pick; from Clippers).
  • Clippers acquire Luke Kennard (from Pistons), Justin Patton (from Pistons), the draft rights to Jay Scrubb (No. 55 pick; from Nets), the Trail Blazers’ 2023 second-round pick (from Pistons), the Pistons’ 2024 second-round pick, the Pistons’ 2025 second-round pick, and the Pistons’ 2026 second-round pick.
  • Pistons acquire Dzanan Musa (from Nets), Rodney McGruder (from Clippers), the draft rights to Saddiq Bey (No. 19 pick; from Nets), the draft rights to Jaylen Hands (from Nets), the Raptors’ 2021 second-round pick (from Nets), and cash (from Clippers).

Got all that?

Besides combining these three trades into one giant transaction, the three teams exchanged a few more pieces that weren’t previously reported — most notably, the Clippers received a whopping four future second-round picks from Detroit as part of the deal. Patton and Hands’ draft rights also weren’t mentioned in previous reports, though they’re minor pieces.

The most important parts of the deal from Brooklyn’s perspective are Shamet and Brown, who will compete for backcourt minutes in 2020/21. The Clippers acquire Kennard, a knockdown outside shooter who should fit in well alongside L.A.’s stars, and stock up on future second-round picks. And the Pistons were able to land a top-20 pick that allowed them to nab Bey, a prospect who had been viewed as a potential lottery pick entering draft night.

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15 thoughts on “Nets, Clippers, Pistons Complete Kennard/Shamet Deal

    • Little_Dunker_45

      The best analogy for this is like when you accidentally shart.

      Warriors trying to play it cool, “oh everyone has a little brown on their trousers whatever”.

      Clippers nervous like “did anyone see? Look over there for a minute”.

      And rockets just standing there letting it rip with doo juice spraying everywhere. Laughing, crying, dying inside.

    • harden-westbrook-mvps

      Rockets and Clippers are just fine.

      It’s the Warriors who are in panic mode right now.

        • harden-westbrook-mvps

          How so? Everyone keeps saying how the Rockets are about to implode and they’re looking even better now.

    • hiflew

      Well since the Warriors have multiple recent championships, I wouldn’t call anything they do “panicking.” Rockets and Clippers, probably a good descriptive word, but not the Warriors.

  1. The Clippers surrendered Shamet, McGruder, and the #57 pick from this year to get Kennard, Patton, the #55 pick and four second round picks? How much cash did they send Detroit to balance this out? $15 million? 25?

    What is Detroit thinking? They are going to mismanage their way to having sent out a lot of early second round picks in the future for what gain? The four players they got are worth that much to them? They sent out three players and four picks to acquire four players and one pick. How much do they like Saddiq Bey?

    • I guess this trade helps the Pistons lose now spectacularly to get a high pick next year. And they sent out all those picks to acquire Bey, who must be a cornerstone player for them. No pressure, kid. Enjoy all the attention you will get on a very bad team for next few years while they acquire high draft picks. Chances are they ship out Bey for a couple second round picks in four years’ time.

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