Deadline Set For Players Opting Out Over COVID-19 Concerns

Players who wish to opt out for the upcoming season due to coronavirus concerns must notify the league by December 1, Shams Charania of The Athletic tweets.

The NBA and the National Basketball Players Association reached that agreement on Saturday. Players who elect not to play will be prohibited from signing a contract for which the 2020/21 season is covered, Charania adds.

A number of players opted out of the restart in Orlando due to the pandemic. Some did so for medical issues, family concerns or worries that an injury could damage their future contract offers.

It’s unknown which players might choose not to play next season outside of a “bubble” environment, but COVID-19 positives have skyrocketed across the U.S. this fall.

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5 thoughts on “Deadline Set For Players Opting Out Over COVID-19 Concerns

  1. Luckylefty2

    When is the deadline for the players who don’t want to play because of social injustice??

    • brownscavsr4me

      Idk. When’s the deadline for police to stop shooting people left and right?

    • jump shot

      The fact that you were so comfortable typing that…. and then pressing PUBLISH.

      • Luckylefty2

        I’m actually black lol. I just hate fake activists *cough* kyrie *cough*. A majority of the players talk a good game but when it comes down to the mighty dollar they all fold!

        • jump shot

          That is true. But I thought they did as good a job as possible in the bubble getting their message across. I’m an optimist but if they all boycotted this season I don’t think it would have an iota of effect on social injustice, police shooting minorities, racial profiling…
          But, I understand your comment now.

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