Draft Rumors: Wolves, Edwards, Ball, P. Williams, Hawks, Knicks, More

With the 2020 NBA draft just two days away, several draft experts are publishing their final mocks of the year, nearly five months after the event was initially scheduled to take place. Jonathan Givony of ESPN, Jeremy Woo of SI.com, Sam Vecenie of The Athletic, and Jonathan Wasserman of Bleacher Report are among those who published new mock drafts today. Let’s round up a few of the key pieces of intel from those mocks…

  • Sources tell Vecenie that the Timberwolves still haven’t finalized a decision on what they’ll do with their No. 1 pick, as they expect “real” trade offers to start coming in during the next couple days. However, Givony and Woo have both heard that most teams around the NBA are operating as if the Wolves will select Anthony Edwards if they stay put.
  • LaMelo Ball‘s private workouts with teams last week were strong, according to Givony, who suggests that the Warriors were among the teams impressed by what they saw from Ball. Still, Givony and other draft experts view James Wiseman as Golden State’s most likely pick at No. 2.
  • There has been plenty of chatter about Florida State forward Patrick Williams, whose ceiling is as high as No. 4 to the Bulls, according to both Woo and Givony.
  • Opposing front offices say the Hawks (No. 6) have been the most active team in trade talks, according to Givony, who says Atlanta could push for an impact player (such as Jrue Holiday or Victor Oladipo) or trade down and pick up another young player.
  • Sources tell Wasserman that the Knicks (No. 8) appear to be “looking hardest” at Devin Vassell, Isaac Okoro, and Kira Lewis Jr. Sources have also linked Obi Toppin to New York for some time, per Woo, though the Dayton forward is less likely to be on the board at No. 8.
  • Assuming the Suns keep the No. 10 pick, sharpshooter Aaron Nesmith is thought to be high on their list, says Wasserman.
  • While the Celtics have looked into packaging their three first-rounders (Nos. 14, 26, and 30) for a mid-lottery pick, interest in that sort of deal appears to be lukewarm, according to Woo, who says Boston may be more likely to make smaller trades with their picks.
  • Sources tell Wasserman that the Trail Blazers (No. 16) have expressed interest in Serbian forward Aleksej Pokusevski, while Vecenie says Jay Scrubb‘s name is the one he has heard linked most frequently to Portland.
  • The Bucks‘ pick at No. 24 is one to watch in trade talks as Milwaukee tries to upgrade its roster, writes Vecenie. If they keep the pick, Josh Green is among the options the Bucks are eyeing, per Wasserman.
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21 thoughts on “Draft Rumors: Wolves, Edwards, Ball, P. Williams, Hawks, Knicks, More

    • You mean the “shooting” guard? LOL. Probably be the other way around and move Russell to the off guard. Or they could share ball handling duties since they both can run the offense.

      But no they’re not moving lamelo strictly to the shooting guard. In fact this tells me they’re not going to draft lamelo and keep him. Either pick someone else or trade down.

    • fishy 9 dogs

      If anything they would move DLo to the 2. He can play off ball and Lamelo can’t. Lamelo has said he wants the ball in his hands as much as possible.

      • KnickerbockerAl

        If all the Minny talk. Has been about them competing now. Why would they want Ball. He is yrs away and hasn’t even grown into his body yet. Edwards is ready now. Or trading down for a Toppin or Okongwu makes more sense. They desperately need a 4. Especially one who plays D. TWolves not taking Ball. It’s Edwards or a trade.

  1. case7187

    If Danny turns those picks into quality bench pieces that will actually help them the they need to do it but if he actually uses these picks this should be his last move with the C’s because he can’t seem to understand what his team needs to get past the EC finals

    And I don’t want to here they lost because certain players where shooting lights out no they lose because they can’t rebound on either side of the court so teams are getting 4-5 extra shots because they get the rebounds so that also kills your time of possession

  2. Nobody knows who the warriors will pick up in the draft. 5 different players has been mentioned. They were turned down for a trade to Wizards with the 2nd pick for a all star.

  3. KnickerbockerAl

    You know I’m a big NY basketball guy and huge Knicks fa. This a really good story about ball and the draft. Things I never knew. Good reading. I believe Toppin is probably ROY. He is ready to start next yr.
    link to sports.yahoo.com

    • case7187

      I think Ball’s having better luck then his brother did because his dad has finally shut up I think he’s antics cost the older one a lot of respect in the league

  4. x%sure

    Jay Scrubb, the JUCO Player of the Year… a 6-foot-6 guard from Kentucky, played two seasons for John A. Logan College, signed to Louisville… 22-7-3pg, 50%fg, 33%3…
    Prob second round

  5. Wade Herbers

    Pleeeeeaaasse tell me the Wolves trade back and gain capital. They are not 1 player away…..they need 2 or 3 good hits in this years draft……But that’s a tall order to expect the Wolves to hit on the draft with the terrible history they have had. Malik Beasley’s idiocy makes Edwards as the Wolves pick if they don’t trade back. Didn’t really need his doper gun act to come out this off season. But hey , it’s the NBA so weed and guns are almost required.

  6. KnickerbockerAl

    Oladipo is actually a good move for Hawks. Assuming he’s healthy. Fits them well. I believe biggest story will be if Minny trades out. Or if Warriors trade out. Cause that will change how teams pick. Only top 2 players teams will trade up for are Wiseman and Edwards. So who would those teams trade down for. Top two picks will be very interesting to me.
    I would love for Knicks to get Toppin, bring him home. There’s no way he lasts till 8th pick. If Minny and GS don’t trade down for him. Cause he will go top 5. I’d like to see Knicks try and trade with Cavs. Toppin is a great fit for Mitch and Knicks. He will bring solid scoring and excitement to NY. Two things we need badly.

  7. Wolves, I’m sure would love to trade down. But, I doubt they’ll see much incentive to do so. Take Ball or Edwards? Who knows, but I put zero weight on what the team’s FO puts out there, and about the same on what other FO’s are telling the media regarding their expectations. I would take Ball, if they can’t get a trade down deal that makes sense.

    I’m still expecting the Knicks to take Vassell. I’d prefer Williams, but, as I suspected, he keeps climbing he likely won’t be there at #8. If Vassell is also gone, then Okoro should be there, and he’d be a good choice too. One of those 3, and they can go in any direction at #27 and #38 they want.

    • KnickerbockerAl

      I’m not a Ball guy. And realistically don’t believe Minny would take him. To me it’s Edwards or trade down. IMO best deal for next yr and safest. Is Minny trades down for Okongwu. He fills biggest need a D PF. Who is a great team player. Think another Bam here. His offense doesn’t get talked about. But he has potential there. Considering Beasley and Culver work out. Okongwu is a great fit for TWolves.

      • I’m not either. But I really don’t like the fit with Edwards, KAT and DR. Edwards will the one that suffers. He’s not a 3&D wing, and DR isn’t enough of a facilitator for trio to succeed.

        I agree that Okongwu is a good fit with the Wolves. He’s Bam with more vertical, and he’s ahead of Bam as a shooter at a similar stage. No evidence (yet) that he has Bam’s vision and feel for the game. But even if his perimeter game doesn’t develop, he would look good next to KAT.

  8. jessaumodesto

    Would the Lakers trade Lebron James for James Wiseman and have the twin towers of offense?

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