Free Agent Rumors: Batum, Thomas, Mudiay, Ferrell, Briscoe

The Hornets plan to waive Nicolas Batum and use the stretch provision on his $27.1MM contract for the upcoming season in order to sign Gordon Hayward, unless they can figure out a sign-and-trade deal that would save them from stretching Batum.

Assuming he’s released, Batum shouldn’t have trouble finding a new home. His agent, Jeremy Medjana, told Basket Session that the Warriors, Jazz, Clippers, Bucks and Raptors are interested in signing him once he clears waivers (hat tip to Frank Urbina of HoopsHype). Batum, who has played for Charlotte the past five seasons, only appeared in 22 games last season.

Here are more free agency notes and rumors:

  • Former MVP candidate Isaiah Thomas said his latest hip procedure was a success and he’s eager to prove it, the Boston Globe’s Adam Himmelsbach reports. Thomas says he feels like his former self in workouts. “I was blowing by people,” he said. “I haven’t blown by anybody since I had a Celtics uniform on.” Thomas was waived after the Wizards traded him to the Clippers in February and remains unsigned.
  • Reserve point guards Emmanuel Mudiay and Yogi Ferrell are generating some interest on the free agent market, Chris Haynes of Yahoo Sports tweets. Both players could likely be had for the veteran’s minimum.
  • Point guard Isaiah Briscoe hopes to return to the NBA, according to Hoops Rumors’ JD Shaw (Twitter link). Briscoe went undrafted out of Kentucky in 2017, but made it onto the Magic’s roster for the 2018/19 season. He spent the 2019/20 season in Poland playing for King Szczecin. In 39 games with Orlando, Briscoe averaged 3.5 PPG, 2.2 APG, and 1.9 RPG, across 14.3 MPG.

Alex Kirschenbaum contributed to this post.

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26 thoughts on “Free Agent Rumors: Batum, Thomas, Mudiay, Ferrell, Briscoe

  1. OrienGreene

    I’ve never heard a basketball player try, and fail, to convince people how good he is more than Thomas.

    • OrienGreene

      “Hey Everybody, I swear I am just as good as I used to be! No, really”

      • heartbrokentexassportsfan

        I still believe. If he could play some D, he would really help his case.

        • x%sure

          Hipless can’t play D if he wanted to and he doesn’t.
          Ainge must have laughed when he offered him for Irving and Gilbert got all excited about it. Couldn’t even jog but turned down all therapies.

  2. stubby66

    Heck Bucks go for both Thomas and Batum what you got to lose other then the Greek Freek

    • Sports guy 2005

      Houston would be a good fit with Covington and Green gone. He would be useful off the bench there.

    • Is there a fair explanation why his numbers of why his numbers have cratered over past few seasons? Lack of motivation rather than lack of physical ability to get it done? Depending on the reason, I’d be surprised he gets more than 10 day contract offers to prove his worth.

      • I agree Neo good point. I was leaning on the side of Batum being done. But you’re right it could be motivation. Watch him be a stud this season because he’s only 31. He could have one last hurrah. I’m not aware of any injuries that would hold him back. I really don’t like him on the Warriors. I think they should take a pass on Batum.

  3. hill

    Did CHA just grossly overpay Hayward without having the space to do it? Stretching Nic is a terrible idea, that’ll cost $9m per year for 3 years! That’s worse than trading for miles Plumlee

    • Jason Lancaster

      Unless you’re selling the team. Then, why not? Sell enough tickets for the upcoming season, win some games, and cash out.

      Team might be worth a billion, as insane as that sounds to me.

    • OrienGreene

      I hear you on Whiteside. I get the feeling he is getting nothing but lowball offers.

    • DynamiteAdams

      Chances are he’s not getting any good multi-year offers so he’ll probably take the MLE from a competitive team to rebuild value. I can see him going back to Miami. I think he still lives in Florida so Orlando or Toronto/Tampa may also be options.

      • Jason Lancaster

        He’ll be lucky to get the veterans minimum I think. Getting sideways with Miami management is one thing, but defensive lapses and inconsistent effort from a guy that expects offensive touches? Not a great market for that guy, no matter how good he is at blocking shots.

      • Luckylefty2

        you really thinks GMs give a crap where he lives? Lol. Whiteside expected to Cashout, but teams know every contract year he turns into tim Thomas ahaha.

      • Otogar

        Chances are he’s not getting any offers at all (at least not beyond the minimum).

  4. Jeff Zanghi

    I feel bad for Isaiah Thomas, he looked like he was on top of the world in his final season in Boston. And then the injury seemed to nag on and on and now he finds himself constantly fighting for even just a roster spot. He had some obvious offensive talent and really led the Celtics in his final season way beyond what they’re ceiling should have been. But now I’m just not sure he’s got enough left to give. I wish him the best though and hope maybe he does find a fit somewhere and makes a ‘comeback’ so to speak. It would be nice to see for a guy who plays as hard and with as much heart as he does.

    • Veneaussie

      He should play overseas. Sadly there i no more chance in the NBA for him. There are too many good PGs in the league

    • Don’t feel bad for Thomas. He had his time in the Limelight. I would give my left nut for five minutes of what Isaiah Thomas had four a whole season. Okay maybe 10 minutes.

      • El Don

        What about your right one?
        Or do you favor your right over your left?
        Just messing dude!

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