Hornets Draft LaMelo Ball With No. 3 Pick

The Hornets have used the No. 3 overall pick in the 2020 NBA draft to select guard LaMelo Ball.

President of basketball operations Mitch Kupchak had long vowed to select the best player available in the draft, and the Ball pick reflects that. The Hornets’ backcourt is one of the team’s strengths, with Terry Rozier and Devonte’ Graham having led the team in scoring in 2019/20.

There was a belief that Charlotte may prefer a big man in the draft, but James Wiseman came off the board at No. 2 and the Hornets decided not to use the No. 3 pick on USC’s Onyeka Okongwu. The Hornets will have cap room available and may look to address their frontcourt in free agency later this week.

A report earlier today indicated that Hornets owner Michael Jordan had given the team the “stamp of approval” to draft Ball.

Ball will be in line for a $7.8MM salary in his first NBA season.

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14 thoughts on “Hornets Draft LaMelo Ball With No. 3 Pick

  1. Pudge49902

    We are finally gonna get the most anticipated one on one…lavar vs jordan

    • joeyrocafella

      What makes you say that exactly? Like, what do you base that on?

      As a Hornets fan, I think this pick has a chance to be good. He seems to be a good ball handler and a good passer which can make Devonte Graham, PJ Washington and Miles Bridges better players. If they can swing a deal for Westbrook then this pick will be even better.

      Just because you don’t like the guy or his dad doesn’t automatically mean he’s gonna be a bust. Grow up

      • Can’t shoot and is overhyped, just like his brother, who is a bust. He has bust pedigree. I wish him the best, but he’ll be a scrub in no time.

        • Little_Dunker_45

          Seems everyone raves about his playmaking except you…care to share this inside info?

        • As someone who actually follows the ANBL regularly and saw LaMelo play – I can confirm he has playmaking ability. It’s not as hot of a take as yours, but still, at least one is based on having watched games.

      • Little_Dunker_45

        People need a villain. NBA is entertainment after all. Still dont understand why anyone would wish for a player to fail. Dont you want to watch the highest level of play possible?

        • Who is wishing for him to fail? I literally said I wish him the best. Part of what I said is tongue-in-cheek/hyperbolic, however I do think he won’t pan out and is overhyped.

  2. x%sure

    So all these posters and more, will have to find excuses for why they did not see, despite experts & pros ranking him #1 or at least near the top of the talents. Lets just say, the pass went whizzing by your ear and you could just flail. Pudge… his daddy don’t matter… yamsi1912… passing is his main thing.

    There’s a new style of ball movement coming, initiated big-time by Doncic setting aside Carlisle, an amplified version of what has happened internationally, with several practitioners in the draft at PG.

    Unfortunately you probably heard it here first. There is no sports journalism, just a lot of repeats of the TNT crew, sprinkling humor, saying of course we get it.

    • x%sure

      One-handed passes on the move, forced spontenaeity, coaching cliches ignored, and I guess “positionless basketball”, which is not really but that’s the name it got.

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