Jazz Trade Ed Davis To Knicks

NOVEMBER 23: The Jazz have issued a press release officially confirming that they’ve sent Davis and two future second-rounders to New York in exchange for cash considerations.

Now that the move is official, it clears the path for the Knicks to flip Davis to Minnesota in an agreed-upon deal with the Timberwolves.

NOVEMBER 19: The Jazz have reached an agreement to trade veteran big man Ed Davis to the Knicks, league sources tell Tony Jones of The Athletic (Twitter link). New York will also receive a pair of 2023 second-round pick in the deal, per Adrian Wojnarowski and Brian Windhorst of ESPN (Twitter link).

Davis, who signed a two-year, $9.8MM deal with the Jazz a year ago, didn’t end up being relied upon as a regular part of the club’s rotation. He appeared in just 28 contests, logging 10.8 MPG and establishing new career lows in PPG (1.8) and RPG (3.8).

Davis is owed a guaranteed $5MM salary for the 2020/21 season, so this is essentially a salary dump for the Jazz, who are hoping to re-sign Jordan Clarkson and maintain enough cap flexibility to utilize their full $9.3MM mid-level exception. The Knicks will have upwards of $40MM in cap room in free agency, so they’ll have no problem taking on Davis’ contract.

After acquiring the Pistons’ 2023 second-round in last night’s draft, the Knicks will pick up two more second-rounders for that draft in this swap. It seems the team’s focus on ’23 is no accident — Marc Berman of The New York Post suggested earlier today (via Twitter) that the Knicks “really love” the 2023 draft, which they believe will be the first without the one-and-done rule in place, allowing high-schoolers to enter.

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25 thoughts on “Jazz Trade Ed Davis To Knicks

  1. mnsportsfan

    would have liked to see the wolves nab this guy. he’d be a good bench piece after KAT

  2. Sillivan

    Not good.

    Which means to me that Knicks are not able to sign 2 of the top 4 free agents.

  3. Solid vet to back up Mitch and a pair of seconds to take on a small single year contract, I call that good business for the Knicks.

  4. Not that hard after all. Sell 5 mm of cap space (assuming they release him); get two 2nd round picks. 35 mm to go.

    • mlbnyyfan

      Why trade for a another big man. They need to try and unload Randle first. I would of rather the Knicks bring back Portis

      • hiflew

        This way they can add the 50th pick in a draft 3 years from now that could probably be acquire 3 years from now for very little. You all saw how much late 1sts and early 2nds moved last night and it has nothing to do with it being a weak draft. Picks after the lottery are fairly easy to get and fairly cheap to get.

  5. hiflew

    So they are tanking and collecting 2023 picks because those will be high school players and they will probably require another 3-4 years to actually become even decent NBA players. So I guess Knicks fans are okay with nothing happening other than collecting until 2027 or so. It’s one thing for a small market team to think that way, they sort of have to. But when arguably the most valuable franchise in the NBA is tanking for nearly a decade, it’s just a shame. And even then, those HS talents are not guaranteed by any means. For every LeBron or Kobe, there were 25 or so Andray Blatches or Martell Websters or Gerald Greens or any number of other players that didn’t move the needle for anyone.

  6. Dtownwarrior78

    The Knicks are a joke of a team and have been for soooooo long! Ownership knows NOTHING about basketball or how to create a team that will be successful. I can’t believe they actually get fans to go to the Garden and watch this team!

  7. djc1877

    It isn’t about them drafting the high school guys in the 2nd round… it’s that those high school guys will push a lot of would be first round college guys into the 2nd round.

    • 4Quarters

      sshhh, you’re making too much sense.

      This is a place for fake pundits to prognosticate loudly in an echo chamber

  8. Cowboy Dan

    If Spurs or any other media liked franchise turn this move and acquire 3 2nd rounders it’s heralded as a savvy move. Let the Knicks hate continue. Yall cant help yourselves

  9. KnickerbockerAl

    Knicks deserve the grief. For me it’s hilarious how it just sounds like an echo chamber of espn and talking heads. The same ones who glorified the Mello trade. That made Knicks give up their future. Of course after the Isiah fiasco yrs. Real fans don’t care about the past. You can only fix what you got. We are here finally doing a rebuild right. It’s only been one yr. RJ was a Rookie last yr. And Thibs just got here after another Fizdale fiasco. The time table is RJ, Mitch, Toppin. All else are assets or movable parts. We are the youngest team in NBA. WTF is the rush. Rushing is what has put us here since Ewing retired. Thibs is the right man for the job. We aren’t going to win a title in 5 yrs. But we will build a playoff team in 2. And hopefully a contender after that. It’s baby steps there’s no need to rush the process. By the end of this or next. Knicks will make their big move. In next draft and 2021 FA. Rebuilding a team from bottom thru draft. Is one of best fan experiences you can have. To see them blossom into a real contending team. Real fans will enjoy the ride. Don t panic and do nothing stupid. We’ll be fine.

  10. Meadowlark

    Hooray for the Knicks. A solid guy. Poor Ed Davis, but think of the improved cuisine.

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