Lakers Explored Trade For Eric Bledsoe

The Lakers looked into a trade for Bucks guard Eric Bledsoe prior to their agreed-upon deal for Dennis Schroder, Chris Mannix of Sports Illustrated tweets.

The Lakers are giving up the 28th pick in Wednesday’s draft and guard Danny Green to the Thunder in return for Schroder, who could be the defending champions’ lead point guard or sixth man.

Bledsoe could have filled the same role for the Lakers but he’s coming off a disappointing season and has multiple years left on his deal. Bledsoe will make nearly $17MM next season and $18.1MM in 2021/22. He has a non-guaranteed $19.4MM salary for the 2022/23 season, the final year of his extension.

Milwaukee has reportedly been trying to shed Bledsoe’s contract in order to upgrade its roster after its disappointing playoff performance. Bledsoe averaged 14.9 PPG, his lowest since the 2012/13 campaign, and 5.4 APG in 61 regular-season starts. He was then held to 11.7 PPG on 38.8% shooting during the playoffs.

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29 thoughts on “Lakers Explored Trade For Eric Bledsoe

    • Curtisrowe

      Have always liked Schroeder. He made 5 3s game last year. Onc the Lakers sign Grant for 20 million as well as Ibaka, and Cousins they will be unbeatable.

      • earmbrister

        No one is unbeatable, and every team is just one bad injury away from disaster

    • KnickerbockerAl

      Schröder is better actually. You might want to get educated on the salary cap. So you can stop blowing empty air.
      link to
      With AD signed they are at cap. But we all know Giannis is coming just for you and Rob.

  1. jimknows

    Another first round pick – pretty soon the Thunder can claim the entire first round!
    Good for Dennis!

      • hiflew I think they got a couple pics in the Paul George trade, and they got a couple pics in the Chris Paul trade. They’re stocking up.

        • hiflew

          I know they have a ton in the future. But unless they are planning on trading them for picks this year, they aren’t really applicable to owning the entire first round this year.

      • Sports guy 2005

        We are a probable lottery team next season and we have a bunch of picks up until 2026.

    • Yes and hopefully they play it better than the Celtics have the last 7 years with all those pics. I mean seriously, come out of it with just two All Stars and no finals appearances? That’s not good enough for all the efforts to get a thousand draft picks.

  2. No way bucks taking Bledsoe for Green and crap pick. Surprised OKC took the deal. They must think they can flip Green for another pick before the deadline or late season deadline

    Would Warriors use the Andre Igulada trade exception and second round pick for Green?? I doubt it.

    Very surprised no body offered more for Schroder. Would have thought heaps of teams are after a good combo guard in his prime.

    Good deal for Lakers.

    • Tatsumaki

      You forget that Bledsoe ain’t very good and is injury prone and owed a ton of money, it would be to dump his salary to sign other pieces to keep giannis(much more important) If the trade was as bad as you make it out to be okc wouldn’t have done the trade. Watch okc flip Danny either before start of season or at deadline for an additional asset. Presti isn’t dumb.

  3. Bled is an elite defender and would have been a great fit in LAL. Shroeder gives them a weapon, very very different player. Prolly means the end of Kuzma

      • hiflew

        At least as a Laker, but I think Rondo will stick around at least a couple more years in the league. I think he might fit well in Philly if they would give up on the ridiculous notion of Ben Simmons being a PG.

        • I should have said end of Rondo in LA. I was just saying it’s not kuzma that’s gone but rather Rondo from the Lakers. He’s off to greener pastures so to speak $$.

    • x%sure

      Why the end of Kuzma? Because he’s the third star? Lol he’s not, just a second-unit scorer, and good for depth if they can’t return Markeiff, etc.

  4. Thronson5

    Yea I like the trade the Lakers made better. Schroeder is only 27, if he plays as good as he is in OKC or better he could be there playing with AD for a while.

  5. KnickerbockerAl

    Lakers window is now. It’s a solid move. They still need a few pieces. As of now they are very close to tax area. And you can’t use 9.5 MLE if your in tax bracket. Pope can’t be resigned. He was a big part last yr. to fill out a 15 man roster. It seems pretty clear Lakers will be in cap tax. Their best way to upgrade might be a sign n trade with Pope. Cause they own his Bird rights. Either way it’s not going to be easy to repeat.

  6. x%sure

    Proposed Green + Caruso for Bledsoe, no first. But apparently there was no pull from Lebron for him, or his pull got used up even proposing. Bled’s contract is for longer than Schroder’s, but the latter will need to be re -signed, probably for not much less. Avery Bradley may stay and start. Schroder does not qualify as a star, so, so much for using Green to get a third star. But it was not very likely that they would.

    Bledsoe was maybe the best chance but he had bad playoffs and is 30. Schroder, 26, could see his PER equal Bledsoe’s next year, but does not play the defense. Easily he had his best year last year but was only the third PG.

    I think Rondo is better but he was doing some odd hollering in the finals. Schroder was clownlike in ATL a few years ago. The sources did not say what the Lakers offered or what the Bucks would have taken.

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