Lakers, Thunder Finalize Dennis Schröder, Danny Green Trade

NOVEMBER 18, 11:46pm: The deal is now official, the Lakers confirmed in a press release. The Lakers received Schröder in exchange for Green and the draft rights to No. 28 pick Jaden McDaniels, who will be flipped to Minnesota in a separate trade. Green will also be moved in another deal.

NOVEMBER 15, 10:56am: The teams have an agreement in principle on a deal, tweets Shams Charania of The Athletic.

NOVEMBER 15, 10:02am: The Lakers are expected to acquire guard Dennis Schröder from the Thunder when the trade moratorium lifts on Monday, tweets ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski. Oklahoma City will receive the 28th pick in Wednesday’s draft and guard Danny Green in return.

Woj adds that the trade is “well on course to be completed” and that other teams that were pursuing Schröder have moved on to different players.

L.A. owes a protected first-rounder in 2021 to the Pelicans, so the deal can’t be finalized until the Lakers make their draft pick Wednesday night, points out Bobby Marks of ESPN (Twitter link).

Schröder, 27, will make $15.5MM this season in the final year of his contract. He has spent two years in Oklahoma City and averaged 18.9 points and 4.0 assists off the bench last season. In Los Angeles, he’ll become a primary play-maker for the Lakers and could be the team’s third scoring option behind LeBron James and Anthony Davis.

Green, 33, will make $15.4MM in 2020/21, so the salaries match up for a deal. He signed with the Lakers last summer and averaged 8.0 PPG in 68 games. He has played for the last two NBA champions and will be a free agent again in 2021.

Schröder may be just the first of several veterans moved by Oklahoma City this fall — Chris Paul and Steven Adams are also considered trade candidates. Theoretically, the team could also immediately flip Green to a new team as well.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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105 thoughts on “Lakers, Thunder Finalize Dennis Schröder, Danny Green Trade

  1. Little_Dunker_45

    Reports are the Thunder are asking for Pig-Pen in return, a steep price

  2. raz427

    Solid pickup, if it happens. Schroeder would give them more instant offense off the bench. He seems to have a rough personality though. Can he coexist with a team with so many egos?

    • implant

      Lakers who’s wee non existent last season. They checked them at the door. Unlike many other teams

    • brewpackbuckbadg

      LeBron will put him in his place or they will trade him to Detroit or Alaska. He would probably prefer Alaska.

      • Little_Dunker_45

        Lol instead of driving to the hoop he’ll be driving a dogsled…in the Iditarod, that is

  3. 13Morgs13

    That trade would be a steal for Lakers. Green numbers dipped heavy last year. Schroeder is 26, and coming off one of his best seasons(FG/FT% were up) from his career numbers

  4. bowserhound

    His numbers are inflated by being on the Thunder. Lakers have many more scoring options.

    • raz427

      I think you’re downplaying Rondo. His basketball IQ, his savvy, his ability to get teammates involved and plays great defense is what makes Rondo a borderline HOF. Schroeder is a good player but he is no where near Rondo’s ability. Unless you’re talking about swapping Rondo for Schroeder based on age and same position, then the comparison is not even up for debate.

      • Kowalski

        celtics rondo, no comparison. but today’s rondo, yes, schroeder maybe equals or surpasses rondo, especially in the offensive end. Defense, maybe, they’re equal.

    • staycalm

      Sillivan – did you copy and paste young Rondo from this

      “In many ways, Schröder is a better and younger version of Rondo.”

      That quote is from Silver Screen & Roll.

  5. Excellent deal for the Lakers. Addressed their biggest roster weakness for #28 and a declining 3&D wing they can likely upgrade.

  6. Sillivan

    Lakers don’t stay put
    They want big change
    Warriors Clippers Nets are going to improve

  7. Dxit90a

    Hmmm it seems like a bad trade for the Lakers in my opinion. Schroeder Does not complement Lebron . He needs the ball and he is an awful three point shooter ( 33.7% career and shoot even worse in the postseason. He is average defender at best . Danny green and rondo fit the Lakers better. Let see what other moves they make .

    • Tatsumaki

      Shot 39 percent last year from 3 on 5 makes per game. Nice to see you lump his Career to water down his stats last year. From where I’m standing green couldn’t shoot either 17% in finals and under 30% in for entire playoffs.

      • Dxit90a

        And how much is his percentage in the postseason? Oh yea a miserable 28.9% and shoot Fg 40%. No question green is more valuable to the Lakers him.

    • Appalachian_Outlaw

      Green is kinda streaky, though. He’ll have a game where he’ll absolutely break an opponent’s back, then go three games almost cold. Have to see what else the Lakers do before I judge it.

  8. Noel1982

    Lakers did this bc they will have Dennis running the point with high usage on the games lebron sits due to load management

  9. lakers continue to get older and going all out next year is a big gamble. Their future looks very weak with so little draft picks in the near future.

      • Drafting a young 21 Y O with your first round is getting younger. Denis is a FA end of next year which means Lakers will probably not be able to afford him.

        • Greens 34 and both have expiring contract. Plus the Lakers will probably purchase a 2nd round pick! It’s a win.

        • x%sure

          Keep fishing, arc89. There is no gamble in “going all out”. That is widespread but done best by teams NOT relying on rookies.

    • bowserhound

      lol, nothing you said is even remotely accurate. Getting the 28th pick for the next few years is a hindrance.

      • How is it a hinderance? How do you know it will be a pick way down? LeBron or AD go out and they are struggling to make the playoffs.

    • GoLandCrabs

      Typical Warrior homer. The 28th pick in an NBA draft does nothing. You would be lucky to draft a decent bench player with that selection. Lakers getting “older” is meaningless. Once AD stays they will have a other title lmao so keep harping on “future”.

      • Typical laker fan thinks LeBron is not getting older and will get better. The lay off helped Lakers more than any team. Looking at the West next year it will be a all out battle for the top spot. There is 5 teams that could be the top team in the west. Lakers will need to get by healthy teams this year and stay healthy themselves.

        • GoLandCrabs

          You just love to spew out nonsense. LeBron may be turning 36 but his performance next season is much more of a sure thing than Curry and Klay both over 30 coming off major injuries. Lakers had the 1 seed on lock before the shutdown. Its cute how much Warrior fans try and diminish LeBrons 4th ring because they know that puts him ahead of Steph for good. Lakers are by far better than any team in the west so keep telling yourself its gonna be a dogfight. They wiped the floor with the west including the team that beat the Clippers. Warriors ain’t stopping LeBron and AD. You’re gonna tell me how Draymond and his 4 buckets on a good game can haha.

        • KnickerbockerAl

          That’s actually a very good point. Lakers showed up though. I agree next yr it’s not going to be the same.

        • Danieley3

          The Lakers aren’t stressing over the top seed going into the playoffs next season. They could finish anywhere from 1-6 & feel very comfortable… Once the rest of this short offseason shakes out (only 6 players currently under contract, if inc. AD & Schröder) they’ll be built for the postseason, most importantly.

    • jmac70

      The Lakers have Lebron of course they are trying to win now. Other than the Warriors and even they picked up Durant. Who has really won with guys they drafted?

  10. Tatsumaki

    Now lakers need to sign Jerami grant! He signs a 1 plus 1 for 20million per, and sign Ibaka and it’s a wrap. Bring cousins back as a bench piece, trade mcgee, kuzma and cook for additional depth. Lakers roster will be better this year than last.

    • Curtisrowe

      You want to sign Jerami Grant for 2o million per AND sign Ibaka? What the what? You gotta take a salaries 101 class man.

      • Tatsumaki

        Guess you must not be able to count

        Bradley opting out 5 million
        Rondo opting out 3 million
        Kcp opting out at 9 million

        Also noting that lakers are looking to rid themselves of dengs 5 million hit.

        This puts them at 22 million without even using mle. Trading kuzma, and mcgee frees up another 7.5 million and if you buyout cook that another 2 million.

        Ibaka is willing to take less and would fit in with the mle for 10 million, add that with opt outs and potential for deng contract wiped grant could be possible.

        • Curtisrowe

          Guess you have no idea how to value players if you think Grant is getting 2o million. That’s what I was talking about. Not nerding out on salary caps.

          • Curtisrowe

            Espn Projects Grant at 12-14M

            The highest I have seen him projected is 16.

            • Tatsumaki

              Obviously you didn’t see how rob managed to sign kcp to a large balloon type deal to resign him last year at a reduced rate. Teams do this to get under cap and maintain flexibility going forward.

          • Tatsumaki

            Liking you own comments is sad, context is that lakers sign him for 1 year larger salary over multi year he will likely get, this maintains lakers flexibility to sign giannis while also having grants bird rights. Easy to understand if you had a brain.

              • Curtisrowe

                You can get back to me when the Lakers sign Grant for 20 million and Ibaka…and Cousins.

                  • Tatsumaki

                    Never said we would definately get giannis but it’s been in the back of robs mind hence when he is only doing 1 year deals to offer flexibility should they sign him. Sorry your team isn’t close to being a real championship caliber team, tatum is still only 23!

                  • KnickerbockerAl

                    He failed math bro. Maybe he can surf and find out salary cap is 109 mill. Lakers right now with those thee opting out are at 106 mill. Sunami got no sense only homer mentality. He got Sillymans connection to numbers lol

                    • Danieley3

                      For a team like the Lakers, the real cap (hard tax cap) is really $136 million. They’ll push closer to that number after AD gets his new deal & half a roster left to fill out… You’re definitely not wrong, just pointing it out. They kinda have to get into the luxury tax, which is fine for their organization.

                • Tatsumaki

                  Again your a toxic Boston Stan adding little value to any conversation you have. Still haven’t stated one fact yet!

        • x%sure

          This is typical LA rubbish. Lakers cannot have everyone wished for and they just lost their main trade piece. They did well getting Schroder but they will be lucky to return an equivalent team.

          So you’re not counting Deng’s hit, just because you don’t like it.

          Pelinka is too smart to go after stat-obssessed Ibaka.

          That claim about the KCP contract makes no sense. He signed for $8.1 & $8.5 million… where is the balloon payment?— Not there.

    • Kowalski

      jerami grant is a long shot, imo. as reported, 3 more capable teams (than the lakers) are pursuing him.

  11. Simmons>Russ

    Huge win for the Lakers

    Dennis is a great fit cause of his ability to space the floor and facilitate an offence. He can be used as a starter or off the bench.

    Interesting that the Thunder accepted a washed up 3 and D SG and very late first round pick. I’d have thought they could’ve got more for him.

    • afsooner02

      It’s for one year. I doubt he spends any more time than that here. The draft pick is what we are after. Giving up one year of Schroeder before he walked in FA was worth it. I expect the thunder to move up this draft with all of their picks they’re acquiring.

  12. Sports guy 2005

    Good trade for both. OKC is going to keep getting picks and Lakers get a younger Rondo

  13. uneasymeech

    I’ll miss Dennis in OKC but I’m excited to see what the rebuild has in store with all of these picks in the coming years.

    • mlbnyyfan

      Why do other teams continue to help LBJ teams? They should should be done with him winning and shouldn’t continue with it.

      • Sports guy 2005

        The Thunder are stocking up picks, and giving Schroder an opportunity on a winning team.

        Right now this looks like OKC just giving LA a good player, but really this is the Thunder just loading up on picks they can use to swing for the fences and acquire all the young talent they can, or it can be used in trade discussion for the next disgruntled star player. The Lakers window of winning goes as long as LeBron is there, which won’t be for much longer I would think. OKC is going to be the team of the future while

        • uneasymeech

          Exactly. OKC making moves for their future and not LeBron’s lol. I’m fairly certain when every team makes a trade, they do so with the intent of it being best for their franchise moving forward and not the other team/player.

  14. phillyballers

    Good move by the Lakers. They probably got no where on Dipo, LaVine, Beal, and Fournier.

    Gotta move quick before the cost goes up due to scarcity.

    Schroder and an increased role of Caruso, coupled with Bradley will be sufficient to manage the point/SG.

    Pope, Rondo, Morris, Waiters, Jr, Dudley, and Howard are gone imo. I think they’d have to keep Cook to include him in a Kuzma trade if it involved a player? Only 10.7M left to work with if McGee is included.

    They have the MLE to use on a front court player.

    • Tatsumaki

      My guess is kcp is brought back at an increased rate, then bring in someone like Ibaka/Danilo with the mle. I’m guessing bradley will be back and both kcp and bradley will share time with caruso and Schröder. Then flesh out roster with vets mins. I’d move mcgee easily and sign Howard or cousins to backup Ibaka.

      • phillyballers

        I think Ibaka and Galo get more money and years elsewhere.

        KCP could have priced himself out of LAL. And Howard might get more $ than you think, don’t see him on a vet min deal.

        • Tatsumaki

          I doubt it both have expressed taking less and winning as more important. Both are over 30 and starting decline.

  15. DynamiteAdams

    Wow Thunder got robbed. Unless they got another trade coming, that’s a week haul for Schroeder

    • Depends on what happens with that pick and Green. They could try to package that pick to move up in the draft or help convince a team to take on CP3’s contract. And on the chance they keep Green, maybe he rebuilds some value in a no pressure situation. He’s still a 3-and-D wing which are super valuable. If he plays at least passable defense and can shoot like 35% from three (and his expiring contract will help), some contender will trade for him. Big “IF” but if that happens, wouldn’t surprise me if they end up getting more than what they’re getting for Schroder.

      • hiflew

        Exactly. Green pairs better with Paul and SGA than Schroder. Plus the pick gives them move up options or they can use it to draft a young PG to replace Schroder. There is a lot of PGs that are ranked anywhere from 21-35 that should be available for both their picks. Now they won’t be forced to choose whether to take a PG or a much needed big man and can do both at 25 and 28.

  16. raz427

    I think they’ll probably buyout Green, and attach that 28th pick with CP3 to get a future unprotected 1st for whoever deals for CP3. That’s the only possibility I see.

    • hiflew

      There are a lot more possibilities than that. They could use Green next season and make a selection at 28. They could use Green next season and trade 28 + more to move up in this draft. They could hold onto Green and trade him at the deadline to a team looking for cap space as an expiring deal for a multi year contract and a 1st. The last thing they will need to do is attach any picks to Chris Paul.

      • raz427

        Reports are they are looking to trade Green ASAP. He won’t be on the roster to begin the season.

  17. Curtisrowe

    Good trade for Lakers. Schroeder is nasty.

    Interestingly enough, he and Rondo ALWAYS mess with each other when they play.

  18. davethemailman

    Happy Lakers fan here. I have always liked Schroeder. Now what other moves will they make?

  19. I'm a starboy not a Dr...

    My guess is lakers are trying to attain a roster of much needed depth. Schroder definitely is a great x factor to have.

  20. mike.honcho

    Lebron replaces Rondo with the German Rondo, while dealing absolute fan-favorite Danny Green in the process.

    This is a nice deal for the LAKERS, only because Schroder is just about to hit his prime years.

    Surely Lebron would want to replace Green’s 3-point shooting with someone else.

    The thing with Danny Green, as he gets older, he gets streakier with his 3-point shooting ……. but that corner 3-point still seems to be money, most of the time.

    This is a sad day for LAKERS fans everywhere, Danny Green is easily the most revered and beloved among last seasons line-up.

      • mike.honcho

        Caruso is dirt, he’s absolutely nothing compared to Danny Green, when it comes to love from LAKERS fans everywhere ……… I’d say Green’s a close second to Kobe, that’s how much Green meant to the LAKERS and to the community.

        Just ask Snoop Dogg if you don’t believe me.

        • x%sure

          All I heard is that they wanted Green gone and that he wasn’t keeping pace. Meanwhile Caruso has had popular highlight videos.
          If that post is “reporting from LA”, It’s more possible than convincing.

  21. KnickerbockerAl

    Good move for Lakers. Pick is not going to help next yr. OKC will flip Green later by trade deadline. OKC has way too many picks. They will have to flip those to move up drafts. Still have Paul and Adams to move too. Lakers ME is only at 5.5 mill. Ibaka is not coming for that. He could go to Heat for 9.5 mill ME. Seems there are trades and rumors for most teams except Bucks. They need to do something.
    Doesn’t seem like Lakers will resign Howard. So they will need a stretch 5. McGee is their rim protector. Lakers did good to win it. I’m still not convinced of them. They can be beaten. Let’s see what else they do. Even they know they have to be better.

    • Tatsumaki

      Dude what are you even talking about lakers mle is worth 10 million lol. Seriously your posts are so poorly written, do you even think before you post?

      • KnickerbockerAl

        Yeah I think your a twit . The tax threshold is 130 mill. Right now Lakers have player options and are under. My bad but they are close. AD n Pope opt in and they don’t resign Rondo. It’s 9.5 not 10. Still can reach 130 mill. So what exactly is your point. You think Ibaka is coming for 9.5 mill. I would say that is poorly thought out. But that’s what Homers do. DOH

  22. Sports guy 2005

    The Thunder are stocking up picks, and giving Schroder an opportunity on a winning team.

    Right now this looks like OKC just giving LA a good player, but really this is the Thunder just loading up on picks they can use to swing for the fences and acquire all the young talent they can, or it can be used in trade discussion for the next disgruntled star player. The Lakers window of winning goes as long as LeBron is there, which won’t be for much longer I would think. OKC is going to be the team of the future while the LA squads, GSW, Houston eventually rebuild.

    • hiflew

      Schroder just left a winning team. They were the #5 seed in the West, not a team at the top of the lottery.

    • implant

      Dude what “star player wants to call OKC home? Westbrook left. Garden left. Paul left. Durant left. I can’t think of one star player that signed there. Its not a destination for the young, talented and rich.

      • hiflew

        Of those players, only Durant “left.” The other three were all sent away in trades.

    • Chief Two Hands

      OKC is going to be the team of the future? What color is the sky in your world?

  23. formerlyz

    Love this deal for OKC. They finally get a wing shooter they’ve desperately needed for several years, with Danny Green, and get a shot at adding another piece in the draft at the end of the 1st round, where there should be multiple options for them…Meanwhile, they lose Schroder, but that isnt really much of a loss for them in my opinion

    Lakers add a scoring guard they could use, probably at more expense than necessary, but also lose Danny Green, who is extremely important as a 3 and D wing. I also think they could have easily added a catch and shoot/third playmaking guard at 28 in the draft, which would have been helpful in their roster building, considering it would be a rookie deal

  24. Danieley3

    Great play by Pelinka… Getting a very good player who’s been improving every year, before popping last year under the tutelage of CP3. He has everything needed to become a star in LA & it’s his raw athleticism that makes even more appealing than what they’re getting on paper; those type of players can become GREAT defensively, where he’s already no slouch. Offense is clearly there. Will do a lot of lead ball handling, w/ both the very short offseason & age being reason’s Vogel will want to take it easy w/ LBJ, esp bringing it up each possession… Green was a great glue/locker room vet, but as long & strong as his arms are, his legs aren’t there anymore, causing him to struggle on defense. Very clunky. Next to nonexistent offensively w/ the Lakers.

  25. bigguccisosa300

    Schroder is a massive upgrade for the Lakers, I think he will be amazing there.

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