Lakers Notes: Schroder, Davis, Dudley, Cap Room

Dennis Schröder expects to start with the Lakers, according to ESPN’s Dave McMenamin. Schroder, who was acquired from the Thunder, said that was addressed by his representatives before the trade was completed. “I think my agent talked to the organization (about starting) before they was trading me,” he said “So, that’s that.” Schroder served a sixth-man role with Oklahoma City. His main competition for a starting job would presumably be Alex Caruso, though LeBron James is the de facto point guard and led the league in assists last season.

We have more on the Lakers:

  • Anthony Davis, who remains an unrestricted free agent, will meet with the team on Tuesday, according to Broderick Turner of the Los Angeles Times. Davis, who will joined by agent Rich Paul, is widely expected to sign a max deal of undetermined length during training camp.
  • Davis might wait to see if Giannis Antetokounmpo signs an extension with Milwaukee before he decides how to structure his contract, Brian Windhorst of ESPN suggests (video link). The Lakers could have a significant amount of cap flexibility if Davis signs a two-year contract with a player option, which would help them pursue the two-time MVP.  However, Antekounmpo doesn’t have to make a decision until December 21 and it’s doubtful Davis will want to wait that long.
  • Jared Dudley has agreed to re-sign for one more season and he has the power to block a trade under the one-year Bird rule, Eric Pincus of Bleacher Report tweets.
  • Dudley’s veteran minimum deal will leave the Lakers $2.9MM below the hard cap, Bobby Marks of ESPN notes (Twitter link). That would allow the club to add a player in mid-January or in early April after buyouts are executed around the league.
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47 thoughts on “Lakers Notes: Schroder, Davis, Dudley, Cap Room

    • harden-westbrook-mvps

      I find it fascinating how Davis has yet to sign with the Lakers and training camp is starting tomorrow. Maybe he doesn’t feel like going through training camp? A two-year deal with a player option in the second year still sounds most likely. No point in committing long term for AD.

    • cleve1969

      I get tired of Lebron referring to himself as LBJ … his name is Lebron Raymone James which would make his initials “LRJ”. President Lyndon Baines Johnson has the first & correct rights to the initials “LBJ”. Even Wikipedia refers to the President as “LBJ” …

      • El Don

        Who cares about that dude!
        Hoops site not political!
        Ex-pres didn’t trademark the name, right?
        Well, if Wikipedia says so… that is the ultimate fact, right?

      • x%sure

        His logo only says ‘LJ’ but it also includes a crown… anyway… skip the B.

    • No I don’t think so. But it’ll help prolong his career. Plus it helps mainly the Lakers future going forward without James. So AD has a partner

  1. hiflew

    What would really be hilarious is if Davis ends up signing somewhere else because the Lakers are more concerned about Giannis. I really don’t know if any other team even has the cap space anymore, but it would be funny. Well, maybe not for Lakers fans, but I guarantee everyone else would be laughing.

    • hiflew

      I just looked it up. The two teams with more than $40 million available under the luxury tax are the Thunder and the Knicks. Obviously neither of those teams are ready built championship teams, but Davis already got his ring. Either one of those teams would be HIS, not him being LeBron’s sidekick. I’m not 100% sure it would be legal, but Davis signing a 1 year $39 million contract with one of those two with the intent of signing a supermax deal next year would be really great for the league.

    • implant

      @hiflew. Lets be clean. Its not the Lakers who are “concerned” about Giannis but everyone else from this site to Brian Windbag who have too much time on their hands

      • Black&Gold

        kowalski You do know that chump Davis is only there for EASY RINGS playing second fiddle, right? If you can’t beat bronny, cheat with him LA’ME style!!!! It’s a tradition over there from Expansion to now. Never liked Davis as a player/personality and am more than glad that Tatum isn’t in Nolia on account of sidekick brow’boy coming to Title Town.

          • Why are there so many LAKER haters here?? They don’t have a site or chat for their teams?? They have nothing positive to chat about their loser team who can’t win?? Guess so. Go Lakers going for #18

          • Why are there so many LAKER haters here?? They don’t have a site or chat for their teams?? They have nothing positive to chat about their loser team who can’t win?? Guess so. Go Lakers going for #18

      • hiflew

        And you are really naive if you thought that was a serious thought. I figured the words “hilarious, funny, and laughing” would give away the fact that I was joking, but I guess not.

      • AD wanting to continue to win long term. That means bringing in another star to pair with him for when Lj retires. This league is a superstar league, you need 2 to WIN

    • Black&Gold

      The fakers are a JOKE. Would be REALLY hilarious to see them RELOCATE as is their history as an EXPANSION team. That would have me ROTFLMFAO. 5 Titles are from Minnesota, so may I suggest going back to Minny, Canada or…. Mexico. LOL. Either way, they aren’t TOUCHING Boston’s record. At least NOT UNTIL they cheated again like they did in 2009-10 flopping to 60 FT opportunities in a Game 7 at home. HA HA

      • Lakers1

        2009 they beat magic.. no game 7.. 2010 they beat Boston and had 37 free throw attempts.. missed 12 of 37..what are you even talking about?

  2. Little_Dunker_45

    I really hope not a serious injury but Giannis just gets diarea for a month and people just stop talking about hin. How can so much energy he focused on some guy who didnt even sniff a title yet. Focus on winning games this year…not maybe having a player 2 years from now who might be out for a month with diarrhea

    • Black&Gold

      Must be what the LA fakers have had since the expansion team move from minny….. Cheating for FRAUD Banners.

      • Lakers1

        Boston won the majority of their banners when the nba was diluted.. 4 rings in last 41 years.. lakers 11 rings in same time..

    • hiflew

      Getting diarrhea for a month would probably kill you. Or at least put in intensive care with severe dehydration. It’s a funny disease, but it can be a serious one too.

      • Little_Dunker_45

        I dont mean literal diarrhea for a month straight just enough that he is too troubled for games. My point really is these teams that rank or save cap room is embarrassing. What happens when he signs somewhere else? Suck again until another potential good player might be available. That’s not basketball. Not to mention what if you sign him then he gets a real injury. Then what. All eggs in one very expensive basket. Just stupid way to run a team and very sad for the fans that support you, and sad for people who want to watch good basketball not skeleton teams with a bunch of drier lint

    • puigpower

      The comments over here on the NBA forum are quite sad. Crazy coming from MLB

      • Actually we’re pretty good over here. We just have one newcomer or new username lighting firecrackers.

  3. Lakers can acquire a thanos like team and everyone ok with it and turn a blind eye, but when the warriors draft and develop players and sign ONE star everybody thinks they ruin the league smh

  4. It’s hilarious that so many people are absolutely obsessed with hating the Lakers. You guys are both threatened by and jealous of that franchise.

    • Little_Dunker_45

      When you are at the top people come for your crown. This is not specific even to the NBA.

      • Nah, it’s fairly constant. Certainly not only after they win a championship.

        • Little_Dunker_45

          Ya they are 2nd winningest team in basketball. They will be at the top for a while…championship year or not. So there will be people gunning for them. It’s not rocket science hon

          • They are tied for the winningest franchise, btw. Nevertheless, these trolls obsess over them even when they aren’t’ the at the top. I didn’t say I did not understand it, just that it is hilarious. Reading comprehension isn’t rocket science, either.

    • bowserhound

      Right? LBJ + anyone with a pulse = superteam

      Every other team that may look better on paper and goes to the playoffs are just plain good teams.

      Jealousy is great.

    • BadBoyBull

      Only loser hate and we have a lot at least 71 million of them. Truly shows people character in basketball and in life.

      Appreciate greatness in players, coaches and general managers. Be kind and help teach the future.

  5. hoosierhysteria

    Ramone James….I like it. Does he like tacos? Giannis should go to Dallas. Tax free….Luka is what he needs to get a ring.

  6. Coach Jenkins 2

    Giannis isn’t signing with the Lakers. Miami and Milwaukee Unless he goes to Utah

  7. KnickerbockerAl

    Really AD and Giannis is the topic?? The season is starting. They are defending champs with new rotation players. Harrell can start on small ball lineup. AD has said he doesn’t want to play C. But of course he will at times. So when they play big teams with real centers. They will miss Howard and McGee. Will this be an issue. Maybe not major. Gasol is a very good pickup for this loss. But they will miss the rim protection imo. Schroeder wanting to start probably nothing. But he is a FA to be. So probably wants to play for a new nice contract. Personally I think he could start with Bron. Take some of the playing load. Keep Bron fresher for playoffs. As you know he will be 36 (Dec 30). AD is not going anywhere. But he learned from Bron to keep his options open. Bron could retire in yr or two. Go out on top. He’s not and doesn’t need to hang around and look bad. If I’m a Laker fan I’m focused on this yr. It’s not guaranteed. If you are thinking AD long term. Then Kuzma needs to have an awakening like Ingram did.

  8. I'm a starboy not a Dr...

    AD is acting like a spoiled brat. He said he will re up with the lakers, but has yet to, when training camp is tomorrow???

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