Lowe’s Latest: Beal, Celtics, Culver, Heat, Gordon, More

Teams with interest in Bradley Beal haven’t given up hope that the Wizards will consider trading him this fall, according to Zach Lowe of ESPN, who notes that multiple “strong playoff teams” have looked into what it would take to acquire a top-10 pick and may be seeking extra assets to swing a big trade for someone like Beal.

However, the Wizards have shown zero interest in trading Beal, even for the No. 1 or No. 2 pick in this year’s draft, sources tell ESPN. The Timberwolves (No. 1) and Warriors (No. 2) are both known to be hoping to trade their selections for an All-NBA caliber player like Beal (or Ben Simmons or Devin Booker), but it seems unlikely that such a deal will materialize, says Lowe.

For the Wizards to really consider the idea of moving Beal, he may have to tell the team he would prefer to play elsewhere, per Lowe. Perhaps that will happen down the road if Washington doesn’t bounce back from a second consecutive lottery finish, but it hasn’t to this point.

Here’s much more from Lowe:

  • Lowe confirms the Celtics have explored using their three first-round picks to trade up in the draft, but says Boston is considering a number of options with those picks, including trying to trade for a “solid veteran.” Since so many teams are in win-now mode, there aren’t many of those players available, according to Lowe, who says that Larry Nance Jr. and Dennis Schröder are among the players who could be under-the-radar targets for teams looking to upgrade their rotations.
  • Jarrett Culver‘s name has popped up in trade rumors, but Lowe thinks the Timberwolves would only move him in a package for a star, or for a draft pick that would help acquire a star. Lowe adds that he thinks Minnesota will dangle the No. 17 pick and James Johnson‘s expiring contract in search of a veteran contributor.
  • While Lowe thinks the Heat should be able to re-sign Goran Dragic on a big one-year deal, he expects it to be tougher for Miami to take the same approach with Jae Crowder, who will likely receive multiyear offers in the mid-level range.
  • Rival executives have pitched the idea of the Mavericks acquiring Rudy Gobert from the Jazz, but Lowe is skeptical there will be a match there and believes Dallas will have a tough time acquiring a third star via trade this offseason.
  • It’s unclear what sort of leaguewide interest there is in Magic forward Aaron Gordon. Lowe points to the Trail Blazers as a potential match, but says the two teams have never seriously discussed a swap involving Gordon and CJ McCollum and isn’t sure whether lesser assets like Zach Collins or Anfernee Simons would appeal to Orlando.
  • Lowe’s offseason preview is jam-packed with many more notes and is worth checking out in full. We relayed a number of Lowe’s other most intriguing tidbits in our stories earlier today, including items on the Bucks, Pistons, and Knicks.
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29 thoughts on “Lowe’s Latest: Beal, Celtics, Culver, Heat, Gordon, More

  1. hiflew

    No way should an All NBA talent be moved for the 1 or 2 this year. At least not just that pick. The last time a #1 pick was traded for a player like that was when Andrew Wiggins was dealt for Kevin Love right after the draft. And that required another overall #1 pick in Bennett along with Thaddeus Young in order to work.

    Minnesota is not getting Devin Booker or Ben Simmons or Bradley Beal for just the 1. They might get one of them for the 1, Jarrett Culver, and a future #1 and/or pick swap. And even that might not be enough.

    • fishy 9 dogs

      More likely they trade back and get a pick for next year, which will allow them to trade more picks in a potential deal. That way they don’t have to worry as much about trading picks in back to back years.

    • OhThatYoGirl

      Cleveland pulled off a heist with that trade lol. Got rid of two busts for an elite player who helped win them a chip.

      • hiflew

        Wiggins is not in the same conversation with Bennett. Wiggins is not an elite player, but he is far from a bust. The guy has been in the top 20 in scoring 3 times in his career. Plus, he is a very underrated defender as well.

        And I don’t think Kevin Love is the elite player that got Cleveland that chip. Great player, not elite though.

        • x%sure

          Considering the big picture, Love was crucial to the 4 EC titles, while Wiggins would do good things but tease more than he’s worth. He doesn’t put his team ahead for all the fuss. Getting Love completed Lebron’s deal with Gilbert and set the ship in the right direction… they messed with top teams in the playoffs instead of trying to get a dumb rookie situated. It’s not a game. Goals and methods should align.

          Bennett was certainly awful though. LJ did not want to mess with him either. Thad Young was on the Pacers or something.

  2. KnickerbockerAl

    Johnson (expiring 16 mill), Culver 6 mill, Beasley (expiring 4 mill), 2020 #1 pick (Wiseman), future #1 pick (2024). I do this

    • hiflew

      Beasley is not expiring, he is an RFA. He would have to be a sign and trade. Plus, with his legal troubles I don’t anyone will be clamoring for him right now.

      Either way, I don’t think that is the package Washington would take for Beal. It’s not a bad deal, but if they are really intent on moving him I would bet someone else could come up with a stronger package that would fit better with their team and not have as many red flags.

      • KnickerbockerAl

        Beasley has a player option. He’ll pick it up. Cause he might be in jail collecting.

  3. Little_Dunker_45

    Little Dunker here with an important question: who benefits most from recency bias and a weak FA class most, Jerami Grant or Jae Crowder? Trick question! It’s Dwight Howard.

  4. steve dolan

    Beal wants out of Washington.
    Hayward wants out of Boston.
    Celtics sign and trade Hayward to the Wizards for Beal, even swap.

  5. Jeff Zanghi

    Schroder is a good player but I’m not sure I see how he fits on the Celtics… what the Celtics really need is a big Center who can protect the rim and score in the post. Having said that, I realize Larry Nance Jr. is technically a PF/C but I’m not really sure he’d be much of a help to the Celtics either. They do already have Theis who’s great defensively – just really kind of undersized to be their main big. And then Robert Williams who could also become a solid defensive player (he’s got the shot blocking ability down)… but if they really want to take that “next step” and solidify themselves as a “true contender” they really need to get a difference maker at center. Not sure there’ll necessarily be ‘that guy’ out there for them to target — but that’s really what could potentially give them the edge they need to establish themselves as one of th surefire favorites in the East. They’ve clearly got the talent (as evidenced by reaching the Eastern Conference Finals and having a chance to beat the heat) so if they were to grab a big time Center… tthen they could really set themselves up for a serious championship run!

    • x%sure

      I saw Nance listed somewhere as 6-6. He might wind up a 3… if he is willing to put up 3s. Cavs have put Osman in trade talks to clear room. Pretty sure Altman wants Wiseman.

  6. El Don

    That is becoming a real issue I believe, there are too many teams in win now mode, I mean you can’t have so many teams pushing to win at once, there are too many teams failing as only one can win & skews the competition.

  7. KnickerbockerAl

    Win now mode means playoffs, contender, finals. Only a few have a real shot at Finals. Unless they make major trade. Then like Heat showed. You should always be ready to compete.
    The East ——-
    Celtics – if they get a real big. Finals contender
    Bucks – if they get a real PG. Finals contender
    Heat – have to resign players and get another big. Finals contender
    Sixers – if they make right trades. East Finals contender.
    The West —
    Lakers – defending champs. Need to resign players. Add a shooter
    Warriors – have to make right trade right pick. Finals contender
    Nuggets – need more depth to be a Finals contender. West finals contender
    Clippers – need a real PG. have to resign players. Finals contender. Or West Finals.
    Those only ones I see

  8. Hawk2916

    The idea of Portland trading McCollum for Gordon is crazy. If Im Portland I’d go try and get Christian Wood either by trading some salary to sign him outright or via sign and trade. Im keeping McCollum though

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