Marc Gasol Receiving Interest From Lakers, Raptors, Warriors

NOVEMBER 22, 11:11am: The Lakers have emerged as a “serious” suitor for Gasol, according to Shams Charania of The Athletic (Twitter link).

As Charania explains, the opportunity to play in Los Angeles and chase another title appeal to Gasol, though he’d likely have to accept a minimum-salary deal. Marc Stein of The New York Times reported the Lakers’ interest in Gasol on Friday.

NOVEMBER 21, 11:37pm: In the wake of Serge Ibaka‘s contract agreement with the Clippers, the Raptors are working to convince their other center – Marc Gasol – to sign a new deal with the club, reports ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski (Twitter link). However, according to Wojnarowski (Twitter link), Gasol is receiving interest from other teams, including the Warriors.

The Raptors hold Gasol’s Bird rights and are well positioned to offer him a lucrative one-year deal for 2020/21, especially now that Ibaka is no longer in play. Toronto’s reluctance to offer multiple years and eat into its 2021 cap room may have hindered the team’s ability to re-sign Ibaka, but it seems unlikely to be a major handicap in the Gasol sweepstakes, since the 35-year-old probably won’t receive many multiyear offers.

Whether or not they re-sign Gasol, the Raptors will have the full $9.3MM mid-level exception available to seek additional frontcourt help.

Golden State’s resources to offer Gasol a contract are somewhat limited, especially if the team is dedicating part of its $5.7MM mid-level exception to Brad Wanamaker, as has been rumored. Following Klay Thompson‘s Achilles tear, the Warriors have sought a $9.3MM disabled player exception that would allow the club to sign a free agent to a one-year contract, but it’s not clear how long it might take for the NBA to approve that request.

Even if the Warriors get that DPE soon, making a $9MM offer to a free agent would increase the club’s already-massive projected tax bill exponentially, and it’s not clear just how much team ownership is willing to pay for this season’s roster — especially with Thompson’s injury compromising Golden State’s championship chances.

While the Warriors are in the market for a center like Gasol, they’re not limiting their free agent search to traditional bigs, according to Monte Poole of NBC Sports Bay Area, who says (via Twitter) that wing-type players are also being considered.

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39 thoughts on “Marc Gasol Receiving Interest From Lakers, Raptors, Warriors

  1. Simmons>Russ

    Marc Gasol at 9mil using Klays DPE would be a good move.

    Marc being a former defensive player off the year, 3 time all star and two time all nba team player would be great vet for James Wiseman to develop his game from.

    Plus just to give the GSW 20 mins per night as a stretch 5 that’s good defensively would be a huge bonus.

    I think GSW make the playoffs even without Klay, they still have Steph Curry, Green, Wiggins, Oubre, Wiseman and not to mention one of the best coaches and front offices in the league

      • Simmons>Russ

        They don’t need much they are GSW but if your going for a title you’ll take everything you can get.

        That’s kinda how basketball works, look at the Lakers they got Harrell they didn’t need him but he makes them better

        • macwebb

          Warriors not winning anything this year…It would be more likely that Toronto or Lakers would win before Warriors would, espectially without Klay

      • jkoms57

        Depends on how ready Wiseman is after only playing 2 games against division ii opponents the past year and a half

      • I think it’s only the Bucks and Rockets who believe they can contend without many tall athletic players. Pretty much everyone else believes size is still an important trait.

        • x%sure

          I think you mean Celtics who just signed a 6-9 center to add oomph… the Rockets are filling up with trad.5s, and the Bucks already start two towers.

          *Dionis alert!*

    • Col. Sanders

      And if not Baynes could be even cheaper but reliable stretch 5 for them.

      Besides that I’d love to se Laker Gasol 2.0.

    • totoiv

      I think Gasol can be a great mentor for Wiseman. Remember, in the pre-KD Warriors they had Bogut (he as more in his prime). He played a key role in protecting the rim. In fact in the 73 win season while I do think Green’s suspension played a role in their series loss to the Cavs. I think it was Bogut breaking is leg in game 3 (?) that hurt the most. With Bogut out the Cavs change their offensive philosophy and started driving the lane which the Warriors could not stop.

    • macwebb

      Not sure why he would go to the Warriors unless he just wanted to get another decent check before he retires…Although the Lakers would only be able to pay him the vet min, he would have a chance to win another ring (maybe cementing him in HOF) ending his career where he started…

      • El Don

        Marc Gasol was selected by LAL but never played for them as he was traded for his bro PAU that he did play for LAL… so anyway the Gasol in this article from TOR has never ever played for LAL, but hopefully this changes now…
        BTW he is already a lock to the HoF whatever he does!

        • macwebb

          Yes, I know he never played for the Lakers, I meant that was his first connection to the NBA…as far as Hall of Fame, I would say yes, but not everyone agrees…especially considering his play outside of the NBA…Thankfully it is the Naismith Basketball of Hall of Fame and not the NBA Hall of Fame…There are many players that he has more accomplishments than on his resume…

  2. Sillivan

    Warriors have 4 Athletic Young Guys in the team, average 23 years old.

    need one more to make a team.

    Raptors will sign Gasol easily.

  3. Bet he resigns. Same with Hollis Jefferson. And then the Raptors fill out their backcourt with Biyombo and Kyle Alexander. That would be solid w/ Siakam+Boucher starting.

    • If the Raptors resign Gasol they will start him. When he gets injured however, Boucher might get a crack to see what he can do.

  4. He should sign with the Sacramento Kings at least he’ll be guaranteed to start there and play a prominent role with a core of Fox,Hield, and Bagley. The Raptors are treadmilling with the two midgets Kyle and Fred in the same backcourt.

    The West is wide open, with a healthy Bagley and a locked in Fox the Kings are going to be scary. Gasol and Bagley’s skillsets compliment each other rather well and we could get a glimpse of Divac in a Kings uniform again with Marc.

    • I'm a starboy not a Dr...

      Nobody is beating the lakers the way they have loaded up. Denver didn’t make a move to add that third piece… They couldn’t even keep Grant.

      • Dxit90a

        Lakers are weaker this year. The player they signed are below average defenders , not good shooters, and are unproven in the playoffs. I can go on and on . Lakers are still a top three team in the west but are not overwhelming favorites.

    • macwebb

      With all due respect, how is the West wide open? The Lakers are already the favorite to repeat and with the Clippers after signing Ibaka, Denver close behind as well as a retooled Phoenix, a new challenger after signing Chris Paul…

  5. KnickerbockerAl

    9 mill is too much. Plus I doubt Raptors let him walk after losing Ibaka. Amazing how injuries can damage a team. Warriors are healthy. Plenty players come here take less. To ring chase for 2-3 yrs. I know this. Kelly always plays big in contract yr. And Wiggins has a lot to prove. Wiseman is young, if he plays big. Warriors still a threat. They should be looking at Dedmond.

          • x%sure

            Not when you look at team results. Clippers will find out, and they are already unstable.
            Actually I’m not sure of a lot of teams’rosters at this point.

    • macwebb

      No. The best they could probably do is get the 6-8 seed and a 1st or 2nd round exist…Without Klay, they are not going very far…Klay is ultra efficient…Oubre and Wiggins are talented, but they are not consistent like Klay…and with no bigs to challenge Anthony Davis, AD and Harrell, I wouldn’t bet on it…

  6. I'm a starboy not a Dr...

    Raptors probably should sign Baynes and still keep Gasol…

  7. OrienGreene

    He is going to be 36 in a few months. His game went WAY downhill last year. He has lost a step and he was slow in the first place.

  8. If Gasol was willing to sign a minimum deal he would have signed already. Almost every contender would have offered him a minimum deal.

    • macwebb

      Not necessarily…For many teams, bigs were the last player to be considered because initially there was more selection…some more useful than Gasol…Harrell, Ibaka, Noel, Thompson, Howard…all signed before Gasol…Also, there was limited money available this year…and there is Gosol’s age and health to consider…he is going to be 36 so this is not out of the ordinary…

  9. Dxit90a

    He would be a decent bench player for any team who signs him. Might fit well with the Lakers for his pick and pop potential with Lebron and Schneider and AD. But I believe he would want more than the vet minimum. Maybe sign and trade can be worked out.

  10. goldenmisfit

    Everyone remember how most fans saw the Clippers as the best team in the NBA One year ago? My how things have changed LOL. Gasol has one thing on his mind it’s not to start it’s not money it’s trying to win another championship. Whether people want to admit it or not as of right now that spot is with the Lakers.

  11. x%sure

    GSW are not worth such an investment. The personnel is just not that scary anymore. Curry, Wiggins, Oubre, Green, center not established… Criss, Looney, Wiseman with few skills so far. T he two new guys have never driven winning in their past. This is not even mediocre!

    Gasol is more of a finishing piece, not a carrying piece.

  12. macwebb

    Yes, I know he never played for the Lakers, I meant that was his first connection to the NBA…as far as Hall of Fame, I would say yes, but not everyone agrees…especially considering his play outside of the NBA…Thankfully it is the Naismith Basketball of Hall of Fame and not the NBA Hall of Fame…There are many players that he has more accomplishments than on his resume…

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