New York Notes: Allen, Nets, Hampton, Nesmith, Knicks

While Joe Harris will be the Nets‘ top priority in free agency this fall, the team will also have to consider the possibility of a new deal for Jarrett Allen, who will become a restricted free agent in 2021 if he’s not extended before the start of the season.

As NetsDaily relays, ESPN’s Bobby Marks and Brian Windhorst discussed Allen on a recent episode of Windhorst’s Hoop Collective podcast, with Marks suggesting that the big man will be looking for “Clint Capela-type” money. The five-year contract Capela signed with Houston in 2018 had a base value of $80MM, with an extra $10MM in incentives, for an average annual value of $16-18MM.

If Allen is really seeking that kind of deal, Marks is skeptical he and the Nets will get anything done this year. An extension in the range of $12-14MM annually would be more palatable for Brooklyn, in Marks’ view.

Of course, it’s also worth noting that Allen would be a prime trade candidate if the Nets pursue a third star to complement Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving, so it’s possible they won’t even have to worry about the young center’s next contract.

Here’s more on the NBA’s two New York teams:

  • The Nets worked out combo guard RJ Hampton in Memphis within the last two weeks, reports Marc Berman of The New York Post. Berman previously said Brooklyn would be “extremely interested” in Hampton if he’s still available at No. 19.
  • In a separate story for The Post, Berman examines Aaron Nesmith‘s potential fit with the Knicks, weighing whether the Vanderbilt marksman would be an option for the team at No. 8 or if he’d only receive serious consideration in a trade-down scenario. Nesmith is the 13th-ranked prospect on ESPN’s big board.
  • After waiting for months for the NBA’s offseason to begin in earnest, the Knicks are now in position to significantly overhaul their roster in the span of a couple weeks, writes Mike Vorkunov of The Athletic.
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13 thoughts on “New York Notes: Allen, Nets, Hampton, Nesmith, Knicks

      • hiflew

        That’s why they should tell KD and Kyrie that it’s not their decision and they need to do as they are told. Either that or they retire and walk away from their money.

        • Black Ace57

          Sadly they gave in to them and made it their decision when they fired Atkinson.

        • Rocket32

          hiflew Goodluck with that plan. Star talent basically run the NBA. Sometimes you have to consider keeping them happy when thinking about certain moves. If the Nets were to upset KD and Kyrie to the point they decide they want out, it’s over. Generally when star players become unhappy enough, they don’t just retire. They force their way out.

      • When’s the last time the Nets put all their faith in aging vets to carry them to the promised land? That worked okay didn’t it?

        They learned their lesson to not give away draft picks in the process, mind you.

    • x_burner_X

      They be making biggest noises last 50 years. So much hype for the worst franchise in NBA

  1. Luckylefty2

    Jarrett Allen is literally the perfect modern NBA center and the nets are slowing down is development because of DJ. A guy who has been the same player sice he entered the league and a you cant even play him down the stretch(especially in the playoffs) smh!

    • hiflew

      It’s just a reminder of why players have never been the ones running teams before. The best fit for your team may not be the guy you are buddies with. People have forgotten that they are supposed to be PROFESSIONAL athletes. That means more than just getting paid. It means not pouting and complaining when you don’t get your way.

  2. KnickerbockerAl

    Nesmith is a great shooter. But that’s all he is. He is not worth a lottery pick. Does it bother, or does anyone care. That Berman has suggested more picks for Knicks. Than Sillyman has. I should have his job. The NY Post is atrocious, worst ever. NY writers main concern is selling papers. Not writing the truth. So stop eating the hype. espn got nothing on real fans. Believe your eyes not the hype.

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