Raptors Still Hoping To Play In Toronto

The Raptors have plenty of options if they need to find a temporary home in the United States, but team officials are optimistic that they will be able to play the upcoming season in Toronto, according to Marc Berman of The New York Post.

Sources tell Berman that the NBA is working with the U.S. and Canadian governments to develop new guidelines regarding visiting teams coming into Toronto. Canada currently has restrictions on travel from the United States to protect against the spread of COVID-19.

The Raptors believe they can find a safe way to resume playing at their home court at Scotiabank Arena, Berman adds, although it’s unlikely that fans will be allowed in the facility when NBA games resume next month. Government-sponsored coronavirus tests may be required for all visiting teams when they arrive at the Toronto airport, according to sources.

Kansas City, Seattle, Nashville, Buffalo and Tampa Bay have been mentioned as potential locations for the Raptors this season if Canadian travel restrictions remain in place. The Nets’ former arena in Newark has also been floated as a possibility considering the league’s intent to cut down on travel, but sources tell Berman all those cities should be considered “long shots.”

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14 thoughts on “Raptors Still Hoping To Play In Toronto

  1. mgomrjsurf

    Then what cities not a long shot because Kansas City,St. Louis near lot of cities that have a NBA Team so they shouldn’t be on long shots?

    • seth3120

      I know if fans are allowed St. Louis would come to see some games. They turn out well for the ncaa tournament. But plenty of places they could play and perhaps make more sense geographically.

    • x%sure

      This article makes it sound good for the house.
      I would be surprised… At some point they would have to let a lot of Americans in… And it’s not the team’s choice.

      • Chief Two Hands

        Yeah the Raptors, an Eastern Conference team, will not be based in Los Angeles.

        • Chief Two Hands

          I don’t buy Seattle as a realistic option, either, unless some reconfiguration occurs to move the Raptors to the Western Conference. One of the NBA’s stated goals is to reduce travel, so I think it is highly unlikely an Eastern Conference team would be based anywhere near the West Coast.

  2. Tatsumaki

    Imagine a city not wanting there team there. Can we just move the raptors to Seattle and stop dealing with Canada all together? How’s this gonna work in nhl with like half the teams being from canada

  3. KnickerbockerAl

    NHL is not the NBA. The Pandemic ain’t going away anytime soon. Raptors can settle in East somewhere. Might take a few months to get a clearer picture. But I would think it’s easier to monitor one team. So I can see Raptors going back to Toronto. After a couple months. Doing this in inside stadiums. Is more difficult than outside stadiums. First this country has to get on same page. To fight this thing. New leadership will help there. You can’t have a season in a Bubble.

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