Sixers Officially Announce Coaching Staff

The Sixers have officially announced Doc Rivers‘ new coaching staff, confirming today in a press release that Dave Joerger, Sam Cassell, Dan Burke, Popeye Jones, and Brian Adams have been hired as assistants. All five assistant coach additions were reported in the past few weeks.

In addition to those five hirings, the 76ers are retaining Eric Hughes as an assistant, hiring Pete Dominguez as a coaching associate, and giving Todor Pandov the role of assistant coach/performance director.

“After taking this job, one of my top priorities was forming the best staff in the NBA,” Rivers said in a statement. “I’m thrilled with the way it came together as this group boasts years of valuable NBA experience, both playing and coaching, and each member brings a championship-level mindset to the table. I’m confident in my staff’s ability to best support our players and look forward to getting into the lab with our team as soon as we get the green light.”

Joerger, Cassell, and Burke are the most notable additions to Rivers’ staff. Joerger is a former NBA head coach, having compiled a 245-247 (.498) record with the Kings and Grizzlies from 2013-19; Cassell is a veteran assistant who was a member of Rivers’ staff in Los Angeles and received some head coaching buzz this year; and Burke is a highly respected defensive specialist who spent the last two-plus decades in Indiana.

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17 thoughts on “Sixers Officially Announce Coaching Staff

  1. Sillivan

    8 Coach Assistants

    Big Thing is to turn Al Horford Contract into another player.

    • Little_Dunker_45

      I really have to disagree. Sixers have more talent than know what to do with. Why do they need more. Manage the talent you have better, that’s the ticket.

        • Little_Dunker_45

          The Philadelphia sixers are not one player away from being a great team. They are two players away. And there names are joel Embiid and ben Simmons

            • Little_Dunker_45

              My point. Until you fix the 2, the team will be held back from any significant achievement

            • El Don

              Really? Embiid averages 24/12/3 for his career, I mean if he stinks that means that apart of 5 guys or so all the league stinks, right?
              Also tell me how many players in history have averaged 30/12 in the playoffs, if that stinks…
              Also last year Embiid was All-NBA & All-defensive, this year Simmons was both as well, if that stinks…
              BTW don’t think anyone in BOS has done that since Larry, right?

  2. mike.honcho

    A team with a point guard who doesn’t take 3-point shots & a center who regularly does ……. Doc and his 8 assistant coaches have their work cut out for them.

    • PhillyPhan69

      Yet, their point guard leads the NBA on 3 pt assists, and when you factor in that we don’t have good 3 pt shooters lol, those numbers become even more impressive. Add in the most versatile defender 1-5 in the NBA and The best post up big (conditioning is a major concern) in the NBA and yeah Doc has his work cut out for him but also has some great talent and potential to work with as well.

      • bigguccisosa300

        Bro if they are so good why do they always lose? Your team sucks get over it.

        • PhillyPhan69

          It’s pretty simple and since you seem to be as well perhaps you will get it? Or not?

          Ben Simmons 50+ wins his first 2 seasons losing in the 2nd rd. Injured in postseason this year so they went out in the first.

          The reason again is simply…they are young. Young teams and young stars usually take a few years. It really isn’t complicated.

          • Thuggababyy

            Why are you using “losing in the second round” as success lmao

            Makes sense Philly fans gravitate to Embiid and Simmons, couple crybaby losers y’all can relate to. It’s not like they’re rookies bro we’ve seen what they can do. Embiid can’t play a full season and Simmons can’t shoot.

  3. bumpy93

    the 76ers always seem to trip over their own feet they can’t get out of their own way when it comes to doing stuff correctly but it seems for some reason this off-season they’ve got it right very respected and head coach well respected GM and Daryl Morley you got some really good you know assistant coaches I’m actually believe it or not getting really excited for the sixers and that’s saying a lot

    • harden-westbrook-mvps

      So many people here think the Rockets are a mess, but Daryl Morey has a much bigger mess to deal with in Philadelphia.

      • Sillivan

        Morey and Doc Rivers traded away 12 first round picks last year
        They both want to win now
        They can traded away all 4 First round picks for 76ers this month

    • Colangelo screwed up the process pretty damn good, and Brett Brown wasn’t the right coach for this current roster.

      Doc Rivers is the right guy for this job. He will unlock the offensive potential of this offense with the pick and roll (which Brown ran sparingly).

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