Warriors Granted Disabled Player Exception

The Warriors have been granted a disabled player exception due to Klay Thompson‘s season-ending Achilles injury, reports Shams Charania of The Athletic (via Twitter). The news comes in on the same day that Thompson underwent surgery to repair that torn Achilles.

The disabled player exception is a salary cap exception designed to allow teams to add a replacement for a player who suffers a major injury. It’s worth either half the injured player’s salary or the value of the non-taxpayer mid-level exception, whichever is lesser. Since Thompson is earning a $35MM+ salary, Golden State’s DPE will be worth $9,258,000, the amount of the MLE.

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The disabled player exception doesn’t give a team an extra roster spot, but it allows the club to add a player without using cap space to do so. It can be used to sign a free agent, to claim a player off waivers, or to acquire a player in a trade. However, it can only be used on one player and can only accommodate a player on a one-year deal. A free agent signee can’t get a multiyear contract, and any trade or waiver target must be in the final year of his contract.

The Warriors already face a mammoth projected luxury tax bill and any additional salary they take on will only increase their end-of-season tax penalties, so the front office won’t use it just for the sake of it.

With no top free agents left on the open market, the Warriors will likely hang onto their DPE for now and see if it can be used closer to the trade deadline — or even after the deadline, on the buyout market. It will expire on April 19 if it’s still unused by then, according to Charania.

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62 thoughts on “Warriors Granted Disabled Player Exception

  1. Sillivan

    TPE is reserved for claiming Only one waive player before April 9.
    or trade ……

  2. harden-westbrook-mvps

    Their luxury tax bill is already going to be over $99M so using this seems excessive.

    • macdaddy96

      Winning organizations pay whatever to compete. Can’t say the same for your rockets..

      • Col. Sanders

        Winning 15 games last season is competing by your standards? They must be pretty low then…

          • Col. Sanders

            By this logic – Bulls 6 chips in 8 years in the 90s, Celtics 9 chips in 10 years in the 60s and are they winning organizations now? When did they win their last chips, huh?

            Stop living in the past. It ain’t 2017 no more. It’s almost 2021.

            • KezarMike

              Colonel … Lay off the herbs and spices,looks like you’re overdosing … Combined with cheap fat, the results are bad for the brain …

            • Col@, you need to get your years straightened out in your head. The Warriors won it all in 2018 and they were in the finals in 2019. So ONE year removed, not 4 as you suggest with the 2017 to 2021.

            • Toddybaseball

              2018. Two years ago. Not 22 (Bulls) or 60 (Celtics). Two. When they still ruled basketball with motion, sharpshooting and straight-up basketball revolution. Look around. The Warriors were so good they changed the nature of the game.

              Your envious and desperate need for that not to be the case prompts you to downplay them. Says plenty about you and yet takes nothing away from them.

              Their dominance is over, but they’ll still be fun for us to watch. With three trophies in the case and plenty more wins on the horizon.

              • Col. Sanders

                Key word – were.
                It’s not like they are now.

                They dominated for few years, last year they sucked, this year they probably gonna be a decent team so where’s the problem?

                I’m not taking anything from them. They won their chips and that’s fine. But their done now. Why it’s so hard to accept it?

                GSW fans still need to write a poems about their team I see…

                • Toddybaseball

                  It’s not hard to accept at all. Why do you keep insisting it is? You’ve commented on this post what, 12 times? Your obsession is obvious: you’re butthurt about Golden State’s success and probably have been for like six years.

                  You can’t stop telling Warriors fans to move on, but really the only person who still needs to move on is you.

                  • Col. Sanders

                    Dr. Freud, your butt really does hurt… You just won’t move on.

                    I got nothing else to add.

                      • jkovalchek

                        Interesting thoughts. It’s hard to say with certainty that an organization is done. It’s likely the warriors won’t win again. But curry is a once in a generation type player. The synergistic relationship on the court, with draymond, gives them a lot of value. It’s feasible that they are able to formulate the right mix of role players to give them another shot. Their dominance is over but I also wouldn’t outright discount them

                • Toddybaseball

                  It’s not hard to accept at all. Why do you keep insisting it is? You’ve commented on this post, what, 12 times? Your obsession is clear: you’ve been anguished by Golden State’s success for like six years.

                  You keep telling Warriors fans to move on, but in reality the only one who still needs to move on is you.

        • Howie415

          Damn. You are one cranky gurl. I guess you still think Trump won. Is that you 27bitches?

            • Let me guess the Col jumped on the Lakers bandwagon last year. He changes his t-shirts from bulls to spurs now to lakers next up he will have Pelican shirts on.

        • tward09

          That’s what happens when you have one or two returning players, the rest of the guys were rookies or no names

      • mike.honcho

        Have to agree with the Colonel a bit, last season’s WARRIORS was garbage. I repeat, last season.

        They lost key guys to injury, but they still had 2 all-stars at some point of last season. They looked horrible and seemed to pack it in (read: tank) quite early. Could’ve shown some more fight …….. most games they seem to just be going through the motions.

        Let’s call a spade a spade – we give them their due props when they dominated the field, won championships …….. when they stink, it’s fair to call it such.

        • Also be fair there is no team in the NBA could have won losing most of their team. GSW also traded away their bench for future draft picks. They wanted to lose to get a higher draft pick its better than having the 10th pick.

          • Col. Sanders

            So what? I wrote up there that they weren’t competing and as you wrote – they wanted to lose == they were tanking. Tanking ain’t competing. Plain & simple.

            • tward09

              It was part of the plan. Now look at them. They took James Wiseman mumber 2 overall, picked up Kelly Oubre Jr., and Curry is back and healthy, plus we get a full season of Wiggins. Looks pretty good to me

              • Col. Sanders

                And it’s cool. They might be good. Probably not gonna win anything soon but will be better than last year.

        • Howie415

          Umm…Ok? Do you realize how long a basketball season is? Having 2 all-stars at some point doesn’t mean much. The whole starting lineup from the team that played in the championship was gone for most of the season. The starting lineup was filled with 1st & 2nd year players. So of course they sucked last year. That’s the fact that Col. Sanders, and his 50 aliases, like to avoid. The dude is just bitter. He does this all the time. It doesn’t change the fact that the franchise wants to win, and will do what takes. They didn’t tank last year.

          • mike.honcho

            Main point is …….. being down to 2 all-stars on your team, is still 2 more than most NBA teams have.

            My big gripe about last season’s team, wasn’t so much the losing, but the way they lost (their average point differential was double the next worst West team). They packed it in early in the season.

            Any other team doing that would probably be called-out for tanking, DUBS seemed to get a pass owing to their 5-year run.

            Like I said, we give them their due props when they dominate, it’s only fair that we call stink when it does.

            I’m not aware of the Colonel’s other aliases. All I know is, his chicken and biscuits are dope. Lol.

            • Col. Sanders

              And that’s my point. They had good five-year run & it’s over now. That’s it. No excuses. No advocating. They sucked last year. Period.

              But blind GSW fans live in denial…

              • Co@, last year is last year. We’ve all moved on from that. Whole new season here buddy. Quit living in the past. LOL.

            • drdd123

              They didn’t have two Allstars though. They had Steph for like 5 games total and Draymond was missing a lot of games also.

              • mike.honcho

                @drdd123 ………. you seemed to have forgotten about D’Angelo Russell was with the WARRIORS at some point last season (33 games).

                • Howie415

                  @mike.honcho And they traded away D’Angelo Russell for a player who is better fit and draft choice. Russell was never a fit for the Warriors. Everybody knew he was going to be traded. Everybody in the Bay Area knew he was being showcased. The got a player that can help them in the short term, and draft pick that can help them in the longterm. Brilliant management.

                  • mike.honcho

                    @Howie ……… A fit or not, the fact doesn’t change that DLo was still an All-Star the year before.

                    Like I said, 2 All-Star caliber players are still 2 more than most teams in the NBA …….. those are 2 tools most other teams would want to have.

                    Yet, WARRIORS had the worst record, with their average point differential more than double the next worst team.

                    I’m not a big fan of the WARRIORS, but I can’t deny their dominance the past 5 years – I had to give them their props for the championships, even the runner-up finishes and that they were fun to watch.

                    But on the flipside, it’s only fair that when they stink, and they stunk horribly last season, we call out the stink as well. It’s simple really.

                    Yes, anytime you get an asset when your star leaves, it’s a win …….. Danny Ainge is being panned nowadays for losing 3 stars (in the last 2 years) without getting anything in return.

                    • Howie415

                      @mike.honcho Dude. Get over it. What is it with you and @col sanders. D’Angelo Russell was not a STAR on the Warriors. Everybody, except for, seemingly you, knew, he was going to get flipped. He was never a fit. He is also not known for his Defense, there’s your point differential issue. The team added 4 significant players and will be different next season. Get over the past.

                      • mike.honcho

                        @Howie ………. get over what dude?

                        You don’t seem to be the sharpest tool in the shed, when even the clearest of things you don’t get. You must be 12 or something.

                        What does DLo getting flipped have to do with their horrible season? The point is, he was an all-star and it was up to Kerr on how best to use him, in the 33 games he played with the team (DLo did average 23.6/3.7/6.2).

                        WARRIORS had a point differential of almost 9pts per game ……. and according to you, this was because of DLo – Jesus Christ, I never knew one single player can be that bad in defense that he causes his team to loss by an average of 9 points.

                        The simple fact is that the WARRIORS, as a team, were horrible last season. The whole team tanked, Kerr tanked and packed it in. They could have competed more, but they clearly went into tank mode early into the season.

                        And yes, they will improve this coming season, Steph is back and they got a good rookie.

                        • Howie415

                          @mike Do you realize that teams are limited to how many players they can have on their roster? Tanking is something teams do purposely to upgrade their team in the future. Due to injuries, were at the limit for minimum number of players. A lot times those players were on 10 day contracts. How do you expect a team to compete under conditions like that? Do you really believe that players were purposely getting injured so that the team would tank? Russell was a Semi-All Star that doesn’t play defense. His presence wasn’t going to turn the team into a title contender.

                          • mike.honcho

                            @Howie …….. You’re comprehension of things is too low for my taste.

                            My posts have been clear, consistent and basically says the same things over and over again. Can’t help if things go way pass your head.

                            Go on hug your Steph pillows tight and rub your Draymond bobblehead …….. WARRIROS are gonna need all the luck they can get this season.

          • Col. Sanders

            And which franchise doesn’t want to win, huh? You don’t even have arguments – just excuses and best you can do is throwing names on my adres? Wow, you’re an expert I see…

            GSW were tanking (as your comrade stated earlier) because they wanted high picks & that’s ok by me but why you’re in denial? Face the facts.

            • Howie415

              You truly believe that the starting lineup from the team that went to championship series purposely injured themselves to get a better draft pick in a weak draft? Really? That’s bizarre.

                • Howie415

                  You are the one saying that the Warriors went out of their way to lose. They lost because their best players were injured. Half the season they barely had enough players to meet the minimum number of required players. That’s the facts.

                  • Col. Sanders

                    You’re funny little fella… Why won’t you accept the fact that your team sucked last year and just move on? It happens all the time to others but it can’t to GSW? Now they need somebody to advocate them?

                    I’m done talking with you because it’s pointless.

                    • Howie415

                      I actually said they sucked last year. How they turn out this year is completely different story. They could be very good with the players they have added. The starters from last season will becoming off the bench.

  3. mike.honcho

    No one left to sign this offseason.

    Tough luck for Hassan Whiteside, he missed this DPE by mere hours.

    The WARRIORS could have gotten Whiteside and his incredible motor and work-ethic.

    • Sillivan

      DPE is for someone like Spurs Aldridge
      Can’t make playoffs and tank for pick

    • harden-westbrook-mvps

      They could do a lot worse than Whiteside, despite all of the problems he would bring. Does anyone honestly expect Wiseman to be a plug and play starter from day 1 after playing 3 whole games of college ball? He will be a long-term project for them, and probably won’t play at a high level for years (if ever). By then Curry and Klay will be gone or at the very least be nearing retirement.

  4. The Human Rain Delay

    There gonna need it, and with those tax wizards up there they will probably somehow find a way to have a 200 mill payroll

    My question is; at what point do they use it….. if they look destined to be a 7,8,9,10 playoff play in team with a diminishing Green and Not ready yet Wiseman do they even use it…Have to Imagine that 10 will really be 30 mill after the tax

    • harden-westbrook-mvps

      Maybe if a good center becomes available after the buyout then they can use it. Wiseman will struggle this season, he hardly played at all last season with Memphis. Something like 40 minutes total in his entire college “career”. It could easily take 3 or 4 years for him to become acclimated to the NBA.

      • Howie415

        Dude. Seriously. You nothing about Basketball. Pete Newell, the dean big men, said it takes them 3 years. The Warriors didn’t draft Wiseman to be a starter. They started a rebuild. Learn something about basketball before you comment.

  5. 4thinfsgt

    The Warriors sucked this past season. They sucked really bad. But, no one seemed to care that the team pretty much had to play rookies, G-leaguers, cast offs, and also the fact the players they lost from retirement, trades and free agency. Even the self proclaimed chosen one and king couldn’t get his team to the playoffs. He gave up on his team, hardly played because of an “injury.” The AD factor was crucial for his team’s success. The rockets couldn’t win with Harden-Paul, Harden Westbrook; Cavs lost with james-love-Irving; the heat won some with Bosh-james- Wade but not exactly how it was predicted by james. My point is, teams lose and teams win and it is because of underlying factors, circumstances and luck or lack, there off. Are there guarantees that it will be the lakers winning a championship this year? The george-leonard team?

  6. Rockydaballer

    Big move will happen to help warriors in playoffs. A lot of players will be waived or they can make a trade that can help.

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