Warriors To Add Kaleb Wesson

The Warriors will sign undrafted free agent OSU power forward/center Kaleb Wesson to a training camp deal, Anthony Slater of The Athletic tweets.

The 6’9″, 270-pound rookie big man spent three seasons with the Buckeyes. The 21-year-old was awarded Second-Team All-Big Ten honors during his junior season with the club.

Through his three seasons with Ohio State, Wesson averaged 12.9 PPG, 7.0 RPG, 1.6 APG, 0.8 BPG and 0.8 SPG and started in 92 of 96 contests. In a Warriors-friendly stat, Wesson averaged 38.5% on his 2.0 three-point attempts per game during his OSU tenure. His three-point output got more frequent and accurate each season. By his seniors year, he was converting 42.5% of his 3.4 attempts a night.

John Hollinger of The Athletic had Wesson listed as his No. 62 favorite rookie prospect in an epic pre-draft rankings piece.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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27 thoughts on “Warriors To Add Kaleb Wesson

  1. Here Comes our new Victor Alexander. 6-9 270, this man’s going to have to work and work hard. Shot well from 3 last year but his overall field goal percentage crashed.

    • jump shot

      Good comparison!
      Columbus, OH kid – former Jump 25 All-Star… looking forward to seeing him continue to develop at the next level. Wouldn’t be surprised if his brother ended up on the GSW G-League team.

    • illowa

      bad comparison. his style of play in the league is gonna be like caleb swanigan, jared sullinger, or dajuan blair, it’s not gonna translate to the nba. plus he lacks 100% commitment.

      • brownscavsr4me

        I understand you saying his game wont translate, good chance he never plays an NBA minute…but lacks 100% commitment? What do you know that we don’t? He lost almost 40 pounds at one point in his career (weighed 254 at virtual combine, idk why they keep labeling him 270) and has become a much better shooter and rebounder each year

        • brownscavs@, yes and if he’s rated number 62 which is just two spots outside of the second round last pick, then he’s got to be pretty good. Very easily has the skill set and a chance to make it.

          • brownscavsr4me

            Agreed, he potential could take up the 14th or 15th roster spot, especially with the Warriors C/PF depth. I think their rosters big men include just Wiseman, Chriss, Green, Looney, and Smailagic. So even if he doesn’t make the final cut, they definitely keep an eye on him in the G-League

      • x%sure

        Good comparisons, but he directly follows Keta Bayes-Diop, who just got waived like yesterday. The issue remains: these guys like to be the big guy on the block. If they’re not the big bad, the adjustment isn’t always there. Pure Big Ten. Wesson though has been working on his 3 and is a good risk.

    • Howie415

      An unfair comparison. Victor was never in shape. This guy doesn’t look fat. He is undrafted. He probably won’t stick. He is more than likely just a training camp body.

      • It started out just as a comparison of size. 6-9 270. I wish the guy well and hope he does stick.

        • Howie415

          You are right. I just see how sometimes players get tagged with labels. I like to wait see how they actually pan out. Who knows where their careers will lead.

          • claude raymond

            I just enjoyed the flashback of Victor Alexander. I had completely forgotten him. And yes, he was large.

  2. Sillivan

    29 minutes
    9.3 rebounds
    42.5% 3 point fg

    Great paint base player
    Love to hit 3 pointer
    Compare to Bulls Carter Jr

  3. KezarMike

    Victor Alexander?

    Is that a name from 30+ years ago? (Or longer)

    Lewis Lloyd, Wesley Cox, such promise)

    • Howie415

      You remember Wesley Cox, but not Victor Alexander? Kinda odd. Cox was long gone before Alexander arrived. He was barely around long enough to get dinner.

    • harden-westbrook-mvps

      Why do you have to bring up Lewis Lloyd, who died last year at the young age of 60? That’s still a painful memory for us old Rockets fans who remember when Lloyd and Mitch Wiggins (father of Andrew Wiggins) back in 1986.

      • I remember watching Mitchell Wiggins in college live. He was a 20-point guy but when he came to the NBA he was more of a defensive player from what I remember. In college he wore those old school knee braces made of cloth that had the metal hinges on the sides. I used to hate bumping into those guys that had those on. But yeah Mitchell Wiggins, fond memories watching him play. And Lewis Lloyd kind of the same era right? Six six but Louis could score at will it seemed. Drake University? Instant offense.

        • Howie415

          Wiggins and Lloyd both got suspended for Cocaine use when they played for the Rockets.

          • That was the Go-Go 80s. I think that stuff was flowing everywhere. Hollywood, politicians, corporate parties..Etc.

  4. KezarMike

    Victor Alexander?

    Is that a name from 30+ years ago? (Or longer)

    Lewis Lloyd, Wesley Cox, such promise)

  5. brownscavsr4me

    ***Measured 6’10 255 at virtual combine.

    Not that big a deal, but thought it was worth sharing.

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