Bucks Lose 2022 Second-Round Pick For Early Pursuit Of Bogdanovic

The NBA has determined that the Bucks violated league rules in their offseason pursuit of Bogdan Bogdanovic, and will rescind Milwaukee’s 2022 second-round pick as a result, the league announced today.

According to the press release, the NBA investigated whether the Bucks had discussions with Bogdanovic and/or his agent prior to the start of the free agency period in November, and concluded that early discussions did, in fact, take place.

The league said that the decision to strip the Bucks of their 2022 second-round pick took into account the club’s cooperation with the investigation, the absence of any evidence of an early contract agreement between Bogdanovic and the Bucks, and the fact that he didn’t ultimately sign with the team. In other words, the franchise could have faced an even more severe penalty if the NBA had found proof of an early agreement or if Bogdanovic had ended up joining the Bucks.

A few days before the free agent period officially began last month, word broke that the Kings and Bucks had reached an agreement that would send Bogdanovic – a restricted free agent – and Justin James to Milwaukee for Donte DiVincenzo, D.J. Wilson, and Ersan Ilyasova. Such a deal would have required a new contract for Bogdanovic with the Bucks.

Two days after it was first reported, that deal fell apart amid rumors that Bogdanovic himself hadn’t agreed to sign with Milwaukee, and the league opened its investigation into the matter. Bogdanovic eventually signed an offer sheet with Atlanta and is now a member of the Hawks after the Kings opted not to match that offer.

The Bucks’ second-round pick in 2022 had been the next second-rounder the team had available. Milwaukee previously traded away its 2021 second-rounder in a 2018 deal for George Hill.

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34 thoughts on “Bucks Lose 2022 Second-Round Pick For Early Pursuit Of Bogdanovic

  1. Bc1219

    Probably not. But the nfl has been taking picks from teams for not wearing masks so nba likes this idea

  2. bdpecore

    They have both their 2021 and 2023 1st round picks although New Orleans has the right to swap picks both years. They also hold the rights to 2 future Indy’s 2nds (2022 and 2025) along with their own 2nds in 2023 and 2024.

    • Luke Adams

      The Pelicans’ swap rights are actually for 2024 and 2026, so the Bucks will have their own first-rounders in 2021 and 2023.

      • bdpecore

        Thank you for the correction. That makes more sense from the Pelicans’ perspective since the Bucks should have a better record over the next few years.

  3. Lakers1

    The lakers get fined for
    Magic winking on talk show about Paul George 500k but bucks blatantly tamper and get 2nd round pick removed..ok?

    • harden (mvp),wall, and wood

      Yep, the Lakers always get preferential treatment. So typical.

      • mcdusty49

        Talking about a player isn’t the same as talking to a player…if anything the Lakers got hit for doing far less and let’s not forget when the league stepped in and denied the Lakers from acquiring CP3 and then allowed him to be traded to the Clippers…but I guess when your home team is a stage 4 dumpster fire it’s easier to throw shade at the teams you aspire to be like lol

    • Massive double standard. Make the big market teams pay money and keep picks, meanwhile the third-smallest market in the league has to give up a second round pick. Likely in the late 50s, but still this is another bullet point for large-market bias the league perpetuates.

  4. Little_Dunker_45

    This in other words is the “stupid tax”. Everyone does it, bucks Stupid enough to get caught.

    • It was Woj who leaked it early. Without him, we likely never would have heard of this happening and the Bucks get off scott free. Woj is definitely complicit in all this.

      • Complicit? Woj isn’t bound by the same rules – he’s a reporter, not a team rep.

          • earmbrister

            This so called “reporter” has been inserting himself into NBA transactions for years. He’s pond scum. Screwed the Bucks in the draft a few years ago with his “prediction” of draft choices which cost the Bucks. Why does the NBA put up with his nonsense?

            The NFL draft has some integrity while the NBA draft is a circus act.

  5. DeathbyDeathwest

    The Lakers, through Lebron and his agent Rich Paul, are doing this exact thing every single day in broad daylight and the league doesn’t lift a finger.

    Not saying the Bucks are “innocent,” but these rules need to be reworked.

  6. giannisandyelich123

    First of all you can buy 2nd round picks for cheap so who cares. Second of all everyone talks to free agents early! How did Wes Mathews already have a contract in place with the Lakers?! Whatever. At least it wasn’t taking something important

    • HailRodgers12$

      I think the difference between matthews and bogdonavich is that wes was unrestricted and could talk about a deal, just couldn’t sign one.

      The part I dont get with the bucks/kings/bogdonavich mess, is it seems like he didn’t know the specifics (salary, number of years) until the tentative deal was leaked..unless I’m still missing something which is entirely possible

  7. hiflew

    Everyone sees this as a punishment for the Bucks, but it is really a punishment for the draft class of 2022 because now only 59 of them will be picked, not 60. I know UDFAs exist, but players that get drafted have a lot more leverage to get signed to guaranteed deals.

    • brewpackbuckbadg

      But some of those players get two-way deals so it really is not as good of a deal.

    • KnickerbockerAl

      Only 1st rd picks have guaranteed contracts. 2nd rd can have one. If team wants to give them a guarantee. Like you found a very good player. So you lock him up for a few yrs.

      • hiflew

        True, but a good 2nd rounder can reach unrestricted free agency a lot sooner than a 1st rounder as well. And they would have a proven NBA track record as well. That’s why Malcolm Brogdon got paid big money before the 1st rounders in his draft.

        If it was me, I would rather have the 1st round guaranteed money, but there is an advantage to being a 2nd rounder IF you can perform in the league.

  8. I'm a starboy not a Dr...

    Bucks don’t have an enforcer huh? Someone off the bench should throw Bogdanovic into the scorer’s table or someone other then Giannis can head butt him…

  9. KnickerbockerAl

    Bogd was a restricted FA. So what if they talked to him. There was no agreement. And then the agreement was made with team. In the trade. So where is the collusion or harm. Bron does worse than this. Kyrie and KD both talked about Nets before FA. I would fight this. Plus then he gets traded by team. So how do you agree to trade to Bucks. Then agree to trade with Hawks. The Thing that always bothered me. Why didn’t Bucks just offer ME to Bogdanovic. I believe they had 9.5 mill to offer. Never got how they just gave up. I get he got more money. But you sign two yrs. And second yr they give you a new contract. There are ways around salary cap. With Bogdanovic they are favorites. That’s gotta be worth more than nice contract. Or rework the trade.

    • hiflew

      But he wasn’t a restricted FA when the deal was announced because free agency had not yet begun. He was GOING to be one, but the Bucks jumped the gun.

      • lambeau gang

        *Woj jumped the gun. The Bucks front office only did what has become the industry standard, which is what Knick was saying. Without Woj’s leak, it’s likely the Bogdan-to-MKE deal goes through without much complaint. Because of the evidence Woj leaked, the league likely had to penalize the Bucks to cover their own butt. The Clippers-Kawhi investigation being opened just now is likely a product of the league’s attempt to save face as well.

        • hiflew

          Fair point, but it is his job to report the facts. The argument could easily be made that reporters in general worry far too much about being first, but that is what the industry expects right now. You can’t blame Woj because if he didn’t report it, someone else would have. The fact is that the Bucks broke the rules. Everyone else does it too is not really a good excuse. Lots of people speed on the Interstate, but the police will give you a ticket regardless.

        • KnickerbockerAl

          It’s like you think Bron doesn’t to talk his Buddy about his clients. Like Bron doesn’t bring him clients. My point is even if they did talk. What does that have to do with trade. Bogdanovic didn’t make trade. I just see double standard here. I’m glad it was only a 2nd rounder.
          And dude no 2nd rounder is getting big money. Cause 98% of them at best are rotation players. Brogdon got his money after 3 yrs. 20 in first yr. By this time the 25th pick has made 10 mill and is ready to get a new contract after yr 4. Plus most get sneaker and apparel money too. Brogdon is one in a few. Good for him though.

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