James Harden Arrives In Houston, Undergoes COVID-19 Test

After not reporting to the Rockets for individual workouts or for the start of training camp, star guard James Harden has arrived back in Houston, per ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski (Twitter link).

According to Wojnarowski, Harden received a coronavirus test today in accordance with the NBA’s protocol, the first step toward him being cleared to join the team for group workouts. He underwent his test at the Rockets’ Toyota Center, a league source tells ESPN (Twitter link).

Harden’s arrival in Houston doesn’t mean the issues between him and the Rockets have been ironed out. A report earlier today indicated that the 31-year-old has expanded his list of preferred trade destinations beyond just Brooklyn, which suggests he’d still prefer to be dealt.

However, the fact that Harden is apparently no longer AWOL is a step in the right direction for the Rockets, who have reportedly been adamant that they won’t be rushed into trading the former MVP.

Even if they eventually have to move Harden, the Rockets will have more leverage to demand a substantial package in return for the superstar if he’s with the team and performing at his usual level, rather than holding out in an effort to force Houston’s hand.

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43 thoughts on “James Harden Arrives In Houston, Undergoes COVID-19 Test

  1. The Howler

    Somebody needs to write a book of case studies about what happens to disgruntled stars getting paid out the a** not doing what they are paid to do. Include what happens to the team they eventually leave and the team they end up going to. I honestly don’t know what the true consequences of acting this way are to all involved.

    Many examples in all pro sports available for analysis.

    • The Howler

      Possible title: Deluded, Disgruntled, and Degrading: How Player Trade Demands Destroy a Team

        • phnxdark23

          There has never been a time where LeBron threatened a holdout or didn’t perform for the team he was on. I realize you’re the worst troll on this site and are mad that the Rockets will be even more terrible than usual this year, but try better than this.

          • Curtisrowe

            He isn’t the worst troll, he is the best one. I am not even convinced he is a Rockets fan.

        • Lakers1

          When did lebron request a trade.. he just left when his contract was up.. didn’t pout, didn’t abandon team just left when his contractual obligation was up.. seems to like being a laker

          • buttholesurfer69

            He didnt request a trade but oooohhhhh he pouted plenty

            he also played gm like harden and then got disgruntled at his own moves

            • x%sure

              LJ apparently did not tickle your happy-bone but that’s your inadequacy. And he did not get major friends on his team. He got smalltime players like a finished Zydrunas, Mike Miller, Dahntay Jones… backups. No Melo, no Bledsoe. He sought DWade himself and got Davis after waiting a year and on his 4th team.

              BHS69 is well named… he and houston can surf each other’s BHs

              • buttholesurfer69

                Hey pal let’s leave my happy bone out of this, ok?

                Fact: LeBron has cherrypicked his situations since his rookie contracted ended and has been surrounded by creme-de-l-creme All-NBA talent (Wade, Bosh, Kyrie, Love, Davis), with the exception of the one year you note since.

                Again, that’s been of his own maneuvering, which has included pouting, and championships. Good for him.

                The fact you ignore all of that to highlight Zydrunas Ilgauskas in 2007 is perhaps your own inadequacy.

                • x%sure

                  Fact: all free agents cherrypick. It’s what free agency is: a rough imitation of the real world, at least in America, where people can do mostly what they want. Freedom, like whatever degeneracy you pride yourself on practicing.

                  Zydrunas’ move was the best example of what you say LJ does.

                  • buttholesurfer69

                    Ah, of course. “Freedom like America.” I hope you were wearing a jean jacket and a MAGA hat when you typed that out. We’re talking about the country where Bill Russell had to use a separate bathroom from Bob Cousy because of the color of his skin, right?

                    My friend, you should really brush up on American history, as well as the last 10 years of the NBA, before continuing to comment on these issues.

                    I like America and I respect LBJ. But there are legitimate critiques that should be levied against both if we’re to live in a healthy society and HoopsRumors comment section.

                    • x%sure

                      You can have those issues. I am not against them. But in pro basketball, players should have as much freedom as possible, including living in the city where you want to and working with who you want to: “cherrypicking”. To find that a flaw is fascist. Think about what you think you stand for. Might help to get your head out of someone else’s butt.

                      You talk about legitimate critiques of LJ but there you were, not doing that, just being the usual idiot, jealous of his success and judgemental of his face & mood, matching to your ideals not how he was raised. “pouted”, right.

                      True I am not favoring Harden’s movement like that of LJ, Jimmy Butler, or ADavis that I can think of, but Harden signed a rich contract and had everything his way including childhood friends. LJ did not get friends.

                      • buttholesurfer69

                        A) I think you were the one who started linking LeBron’s free agency history with American freedom.

                        B) I’ve already listed the litany of All NBA players LeBron CHOSE to play with when his situations in CLE MIA and CLE began to sour.

                        C) In my eyes, saying a guy pouted when he didn’t get his way isn’t some mortal sin. The majority of NBA stars pout, and in today’s NBA they almost all cherrypick the most advantageous situations (except maybe Dame). If me saying that about LeBron wounds your fandom to this degree then I guess maybe we can’t be friends on HoopsRumors.com. We’ll both get over it eventually.

                      • buttholesurfer69

                        One last thought:

                        If you were a franchise owner what would you rather have:

                        A) Superstar signing 1+1’s, demanding a contender around him, and then leaving for nothing when your team slips (largely because of years of win now moves to keep him)?

                        or: B) Superstar signs long term, demands a contender then asks for a trade when the team slips for the same reasons?

                        LeBron is A. Harden is B.

                        At least in scenario B the team will get SOMETHING in return for the litany of win now moves they made.

                        In scenario A the team is Dan Gilbert writing manifestos in Comic Sans because they were left with their d*** in their hands

          • illowa

            saw lebron’s media session. he said he’s grateful to be in his 18th training camp and would never take it for granted. to me he’s taking shots at guys that do what harden’s doing.

        • KnickerbockerAl

          When was he disgruntled lol. He never asked out of anywhere. He went where he wanted as a FA. And always let his team know. Get your hate right please

        • KnicksFanCavsFan

          Big difference is, like him or not, LBJ honored every single contract he signed.

        • Lakers1

          Harden is a loser.. he’s had prime howard, Chris paul and Westbrook.. none of them worked out.. none of them wanted to play with harden.. he’s had ariza, Gordon.. harden is just a loser.. Will never win a ring.. going to those strip clubs, he has better chance of getting herpes than a ring

    • julyn82001

      Not only Harden is disgruntled but that beard thing needs to go. Just utterly gross. Kids are watching good parenting or otherwise…

      • KnicksFanCavsFan

        Omg what does a beard have to do with anyone’s character? Shut up already.

        • x%sure

          It’s haggard; not sure character matters or how to define it.

          Good to see you back. Warming up your posting hand for the long ones?

    • Little_Dunker_45

      Tell em Wade! We need more good soldiers like you to keep these entitled brats in line. Thank you for your service.

      • x%sure

        Harden has 2or3 years left and the employer has made the gift of sending away his rival. His convos with referees may not go as favorably as they used to.
        No wonder you rely on sarcasm.

  2. fuchholz

    yikes. listen to how you all sound! this guy wants to win the NBA title. he knows, like the rest of us, that the Houston Rockets will NOT accomplish that goal as presently constructed with the current coaching staff. they’re a tough out for a team that will go on to win it all. nothing more, nothing less. i dont blame him for wanting out, especially after the front office said that theyre willing to let things get uncomfortable. his prime is ending and he hasnt really come close to the finals. trade that man

    • El Don

      @fuchholz… you are sooo right!
      People getting mad at a guy that wants to win… so awful of him!
      HOU will never win a ring, they have failed big time to provide a winning team for him for the last 8 years, so how can he believe they will now!
      Harden has a couple of great years left, if that much, really can’t waste time in HOU!
      Hoops fans know that Harden is right & doing the right thing in all of this, all the fault lies with HOU!

      • Lakers1

        He’s the main reason they don’t win.. his style doesn’t win titles.. they cater the team to him and he still can’t win.. they bring in hall of famer side kicks and can’t win.. Howard, Paul and Westbrook.. all hall of famers..

    • HubcapDiamondStarHalo

      Well, since winning is what’s important to him… think he’s willing to take a cut in pay so wherever he winds up, they would have more money to surround him with a better team?

    • phnxdark23

      No one is blaming someone for wanting out of a bad situation, but no one forced Harden to sign a long-term deal. This is the NBA, there are plenty of ways to make big money without sacrificing their long-term flexibility; he chose not to in order to get the most money possible. He has to take the responsibility that comes with that.

    • JFactor

      If he wasn’t under contract, then sure. But he has a contract for this season and this behavior is unacceptable for a player under terms he agreed to.

    • Richdanna

      If that’s the case, either do your research on the organization that you are going to before you sign a 4-year deal, or sign one year deals every season.

      Otherwise shut your hole and play out the CONTRACT that you signed and now want to break.



    • specialfriedrice

      wow just wow…you seem to have left out the part about Houston’s teams being built around Harden…meaning he was their guy…meaning they failed because he failed…meaning he just couldn’t cut it…and you could go on and on…the modern world perspective is truly astonishing.

  3. Loren Polonsky

    I could be wrong about this, but it seems like players simply don’t want to play with the Beard. He dominates possessions while the other four guys are watching. He wants to win, but perhaps he needs to change his game a bit to allow others to get more of a piece of the action.

    • buttholesurfer69

      That and he doesnt seem to want to play with them either

      he’s this generation’s iverson in that regard. astounding singular talent but will most likely never win a thing

  4. DeathbyDeathwest

    Attention all teams: who wants to give up their ticket to the 2021 free agenty lottery for the right to James Harden?

    But first, you’ll have to flip your current roster upside down either 2 weeks before the season start, or after it begins.

    What, no takers? Here I thought Westbrook was the untradable Rocket..

  5. KnickerbockerAl

    Who gives a shot about Harden or Rockets. He signed on they gave him everything he asked for. Then he ran everyone out. Who cares they deserve each other.

      • KnickerbockerAl

        You must be a street psychologist. Maybe you can tell us why everyone runs away from Harden.

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