James Harden Open To Trade Destinations Besides Brooklyn

Prior to the start of training camp, James Harden indicated to the Rockets that he’d be open to a trade to the Sixers or possibly another contending team, sources tell Tim MacMahon and Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN.

Most previous reports suggested that Harden was singularly focused on being dealt to the Nets, though Shams Charania of The Athletic has reported that Philadelphia was also believed to be near the top of his wish list. The 76ers’ front office is, of course, being run by former Rockets general manager Daryl Morey.

According to MacMahon and Wojnarowski, once it became clear there was no traction in talks between Houston and the Nets, Harden expressed to the Rockets that he’d be open to a move to Philadelphia. The eight-time All-Star also signaled that there may be other teams that fit his criteria, sources tell ESPN. Harden is said to be seeking a home where he can realistically contend for a championship.

Of course, Harden still has two years remaining on his contract, plus a player option for 2022/23, and he doesn’t have the ability to veto a deal, so the Rockets are free to move him to any team. Still, ESPN’s duo notes that few teams have the pieces necessary to meet Houston’s current asking price — plus, clubs will be reluctant to give up a massive trade package for Harden if they’re not confident that he’ll be willing to stick around beyond 2022.

The Rockets haven’t adjusted their reported asking price for Harden, per MacMahon and Wojnarowski. That asking price is believed to include a young All-Star caliber player, plus several first-round picks and/or promising players on rookie contracts, sources tell ESPN.

The Sixers are one of the few teams that have the kind of young player who could appeal to Houston as the centerpiece of a package — Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons have each made All-NBA teams and haven’t meshed perfectly in recent years. However, Morey has said he has no plans to break up that duo, and the 76ers and Rockets haven’t had any substantive talks about a Harden deal, sources tell MacMahon and Woj.

As of Monday, Harden had yet to report to the Rockets for training camp. We recapped the latest updates on his situation in a story earlier today.

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73 thoughts on “James Harden Open To Trade Destinations Besides Brooklyn

  1. bowserhound

    How many different ‘stars’ does Harden need if he thinks he is the best player in the world already?

    Realistically, Sixers make the most sense because it has been terribly obvious that Embiid and SImmons aren’t a great pairing. I could see Milwaukee trying to get creative to appease Giannis, perhaps the Pelicans. Nobody else stands out as that desperate to break up a current team for a cancer, or has the assets to do so.

    If I were Houston I would trade him to the Knicks out of spite.

    • Knicks lack the assets for Harden, or at the least it would be difficult to put together a package.

      • He’s not what the Knicks need right now. They need to stay the course and continue drafting while keeping a low and flexible cap. After next years draft I think they’ll make some noise in the FA market and look to build on Toppin, RJ, Robinson and whoever it is they draft. They’ll have room for two max contracts.

  2. stretch123

    Tobias Harris, Thybulle, Korkmaz, Bradley, and 3-5 future firsts for Harden.

    • Montezuma

      You’re kidding, right? One of the worst contracts in the league, a decent young player, two garbage players and a bunch of late round picks? Lol

      • stretch123

        I’m not kidding. Thybulle and the 3-5 future firsts are great young assets (no guarantee Harden stays in Philly after his current contract). Especially if the firsts are later on in the 2020s.. Harris is a bad contract but not the worst. He could be flipped for another young player and first round pick to a contender. Rockets need to rebuild. 4-6 picks, a young stud in Thybulle is a great start… Simmons and Embidd are not going anywhere.

        • Sillivan

          Rockets have only 2021 and 2023 Firsts available for trade

          2 future Firsts available only

          • Sillivan

            76ers have only 2021 and 2023 Firsts available for trade

            Rockets fans believe that Tobias Harris contract is $100 million overpaid

        • mcmillankmm

          If Embiid or Simmons aren’t included, Sixers better call up a 3rd team to facilitate, no way a deal between Philly and Houston gets done without either of those 2 involved

          • DeathbyDeathwest

            The Sixers would be fools to include Embiid or Simmons in a trade for James Harden.

            • PhillyPhan69

              @Death…correct! The sixers are not parting with either guy no matter how much people/media try to spin it

            • hiflew

              And the Rockets would be fools to NOT get Embiid or Simmons in a trade for James Harden.

              That’s why it likely won’t happen.

              • PhillyPhan69

                I agree! Houston will demand fair value…value that most teams will not rise to meet. So the dilemma becomes does he create so many issues that they lose him for dimes on the dollar? Keep an unhappy star who won’t thrive in the current climate of Houston? These are the 2 most likely scenarios. I don’t think they will get what they want or ask for. Not a knock on harden just a realistic look at the situation and likely outcomes.

                • hiflew

                  And then there is the opposite side of the equation. If Philly or Brooklyn or some other contender gets off to a poor start to the season, will they feel pressure to meet the high asking price of Harden? Houston has Harden under contract right now, so they really hold all the cards. Harden is not going to walk away from all that money, and I don’t believe he is going to hurt his image by playing poorly on purpose. Worst case scenario for the Rockets is a repeat of the Anthony Davis debacle with the team holding Harden out to maximize return.

        • The Human Rain Delay

          No,Harris has the worst contract in the NBA – It might take 3 first rd picks just to offload that….. Hou would laugh then hang up

      • Sillivan

        76ers have the best chance
        But Harden may walk for nothing in summer 2022

        We are almost in 2021

        • harden (mvp),wall, and wood

          Giannis may walk for nothing even sooner, but we all know that neither of them will.

      • PhillyPhan69

        Dude I wouldn’t trade Simmons straight up for Harden…no way would they get additional picks on top of that. This is why we post on forums rather than work as GM’s lol

        • KnickerbockerAl

          Neither would I. No way he stays in Houston now. He’s got 2 yrs on contract. Rockets get more if they trade him now. Bklyn is best offer imo. They will never win.

  3. Down with OBP

    Not sure what leverage the Rockets think they have here if they try to find a trade partner. Can always dream big I suppose.

  4. Lefty_Orioles_Fan

    Is Harden really going to help the Sixers

    If anything the Sixers should have kept Jimmy Butler!!!


  5. goastros123

    Where could he be traded to that would benefit both teams in the trade?

    • buttholesurfer69

      Philly for Simmons and that’s about it.

      And that’s only if your convinced Simmons isn’t developing a shot and needs to be the absolute centerpiece of a team (debatable).

      Houston gets out of this mess with a top 5 under 25 guy, a few decent vets, Wood, Wall’s awful contract. Maybe they can make a play for 8 but at least are a viable destination in the future for a second star if they clear cap

      • x%sure

        Simmons plays great defense, so no.

        Who cares what Harden'”criteria” are. Nobody with a plan wants him; so Atlanta.

  6. Sillivan

    Do not forget 2 Requirements

    Proven young star
    Rockets want a star better than Simmons

    massive draft pick package
    76ers have only 2021 and 2023 Firsts available

    • jpritch002

      The only young stars better than Simmons in the NBA is Luka and KAT…. so idk what you mean by “better young stars”

      • dust44

        I’d say Luka and Tatum. What’s KAT shown? His team is always bottom in the standings. If ur a STAR ur team wins no matter what else u got around him.

        • DrSeuss69

          lol u act like Tatum didnt have Kyrie,Hayward,Jaylen,Horford & Luka has Porzingis and good role players…KAT had a bust in Wiggins and who else

          • hiflew

            Wiggins is not a bust. Busts do not average 20 PPG in the NBA. He might not have lived up to his greatest ever hype, but he is far from a bust.

      • hiflew

        I’d take both Jamal Murray and Devin Booker over Simmons. Jayson Tatum and Donovan Mitchell for sure as well. Trae Young would be a maybe. Zion and Ja possible too, but may be too early to tell. Simmons is good, but he’s not THAT good.

        • PhillyPhan69

          ROTY- Year 1
          All star- Year 2
          All defensive team and 3rd team all NBA-year 3

          Which of the guys you listed boast that resume? He is that good! That is why his name gets floated in this conversation…but not gonna happen!

          • Montezuma

            PhillyPhan69 you are clearly a homer. Luka, Tatum, KAT, Booker, Murray, and Mitchell are all better and have more value than Simmons. Ingram, Young and Brown are similar value to Simmons. And while he isn’t better at this point, every team in the league would take Zion over Simmons as well.

        • x%sure

          You’re overrating scoring ability. Both teams in a game get about the same possessions.

  7. I Beg To Differ

    Yesterday I suggested

    Oladipo, Turner, and picks for Harden from the Pacers.

    Today I think the Hornets would be a dark horse destination, although theyd need to include more picks and pick swaps.

    Rozier, Zeller, and Monk match the salary requirements to take on Hardens contract. Definitely think Rozier would do well in Houston, on a cheaper salary, Zeller and Monk are on 1 year deals with Monk in a show me year. Theyd need to include A LOT of pick swaps and 1sts.

    Houston could certainly find a better deal elsewhere but I see the Hornets as a dark horse destination.

  8. There aren’t a ton of teams who could offer them an appealing package & contend.

    One under the radar team could be ATL if ownership is willing to spend.

    They could offer Collins, huerter, reddish couple of 1’s. Plus harden is tight with the ATL rappers so that could help.

    Tre, harden, bogdonavic, Gallo, capela would arguably be the top starting unit in the league.

    The fit isn’t perfect but it doesn’t appear there are many options at this point.

    • Tatsumaki

      Uh that team still wouldn’t beat lakers, clippers or bucks. No defense and harden tends to shrink in playoffs lowering his offensive potential with another ball dominant guard in young. Lol lakers have 2 of the top 5 players in the league on one team and just added 2 6 man of the years to last years roster.

    • Dxit90a

      That team will do well in regular season but exit second round . They will have no defense in the perimeter and trae and harden need the ball .

      • x%sure

        So what, Tatsu & Dxit? If HOU likes that deal, they will go with it. Doesn’t matter what bugbeard Harden thinks. ATL is probably motivated so is a front-runner. Hello real world.

      • RyanO

        I never said ATL would win a title with that roster I just suggested they could make the most sense as a trade partner.

        I do think you can make an argument that ATL team would be most talented starting 5 but obv they would have to add some defense to win the whole thing.

  9. david-45

    sixers deal would be better than a nets deal imo. get some first rounders, get tobias harris, get the rookie maxey and get thybelle. if the rockets want to shed more salary they could also throw in eric gordon for danny green as well. gordon has 4 more years vs green expiring contract.

  10. frankm

    Harris Campazzo Hampton Barton Porter Nnaji 1st rd picks 2nd rd picks for Harden Clemons Mclemore

  11. julyn82001

    Harden also needs to shave that horrible beard. Just gross… Kids are watching, good parenting or otherwise…

  12. Well one thing is now apparently certain. James Harden will be traded very soon. He is not going to start the season with the Rockets. He may show up to camp, but he is absolutely out of there. I wonder what the price will be, and who’s going to end up with him.

  13. DynamiteAdams

    Idk if the Sixers trading Simmons or Embiid for Harden makes them that much better. Plus Houston wants picks. I agree with Morey not wanting to break them up unless it’s more straight up with less draft capital. If Houston is willing to accept anything less then those 2 (say tobias, contact filler and picks) then I say do it but I can’t see Houston doing that unless Harden gets really toxic.

    • PhillyPhan69

      Agreed, which is why he won’t be coming to Philly outside of a featured Tobias + picks and young asset package

  14. Wade Herbers

    Trade him to Siberia……screw him. Sick of all the NBA “stars” all wanting to get supergroups together……..

  15. How about Harden just retires so we don’t ever have to watch him ruin a game again?

  16. The Human Rain Delay

    Open? Just hardball this man and sit him out if he doesnt want to play….the value wont drop off a cliff his game will always be there…take the best offer YOU want later Hou…thats cute he’s sending out his desires but your going to go wherever WE say and WHEN

  17. Sillivan

    Rockets have traded their own 5 Firsts or swap
    They want to make playoffs

    Simmons and Two picks goes to Third team

    With Simmons, Rockets are as bad as Wolves

  18. Rockets are just in a tough spot. Harden doesn’t want to be there and there’s no AD type package out there a teams gonna give up for him. Can’t trade him for just role players since they traded their future firsts to put a contender around him

  19. PhillyPhan69

    Depends on how much of a headache Harden will be for the Rockets? And how much he tries to force his way out. He is great and while I am not a fan, I am tired of seeing people dump on a top 5-10 player at worst. But if he wants out Houston has little leverage…teams won’t trade for him if he does not want to join them..and the teams that he wants to join have all the leverage because they/we do not have to make a move at all. My guess is he plays in Houston and the trade deadline talks get real interesting

    • dead3ball

      I agree. I would not trade for James Harden or any of these players that are trying to force a trade because they want to play with there guys. It is hard enough for a GM to build a team. Harden is too ISO for the Nets and Sixers. Stay put and try to win with his ISO moves.

  20. buttholesurfer69

    Here’s one:

    Harden to Brooklyn

    Kyrie to Denver

    Porter + picks + contracts to Houston

    • The Human Rain Delay

      Denver would be interesting but why not just cut the middle man out here-

      Salaries are hard to match with Denver; would probably have to be a deadline deal when newly signed free agents like Green and Millsap could be inc but I think it could be a logical punch to pull for Den at some time shortly in the future

  21. The Human Rain Delay

    Still think Pelicans have the best (albeit less likely) package to obtain him if they wanted to-

    Ball Hart Hayes Kira Melli -All Young pieces to pick thru-

    Reddick- nice expiring

    *Bledsoe- If needed for salary/or 3 team deal (although Hou prolly wouldnt want him)

    And then of course the most 1st rd picks of anybody outside OKC (whoes not interested)

    At the end of this you probably have a starting 5 of Harden Ingram Zion Adams and one of Kira or Ball….Bn be dammned

  22. mike.honcho

    CAVS get Harden
    ROCKETS get Love, Kevin Porter Jr., Osman (or Exum for cap-relief, if needed) + whatever available future picks

    ** Trade assumes everyone is healthy and out of jail
    ** ROCKETS: Love get’s his freedom, fits better with Wall’s timeline and forms a nice frontline with Wood. Silas gets the more traditional roster and gameplay he seems to want.

    They also get KPJ, could be a nice developing piece for them. Besides, something tells me that KPJ will gravitate towards Wall, due to their common likes.

    Osman, decent rotational guy …….. future picks (I don’t know what’s in the CAVS picks jar).

    ** CAVS get their new superstar, with Harden they have a better shot at making the playoffs (not that they will make the playoffs).

    The CAVS somehow clear-up the Love/Drummond/Nance overlaps and they get out from any current and future mess with KPJ.

    Harden can chuck up all the shots he wants and is far away as possible from being a contender – something he deserves as this point.

  23. KnickerbockerAl

    Harden sucks I take any star over him. He’s a one man show who plays one way in a two way sport. I hope Nets get him. So NY can kill them.

    • x%sure

      Harden & his salary is something to wish upon an enemy.

      I hope nobody bails out the Rockets.

  24. KnickerbockerAl

    Now that it’s come out how Morey. Bent in every way to please Harden. Will Philly really accept Harden there. Unless they give him away. The city will crucifix Morey for killing team. If it doesn’t work. There’s other ways to make Sixers better. Moving Horford for shooters. Bringing in Doc. Is going in the right direction. Harden could blow it all up. Especially after all that’s come out about him. Under his GM Morey.

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