NBA Reports 48 Positive COVID-19 Tests

The first round of the NBA’s coronavirus testing produced 48 positive results out of 546 tests, tweets Shams Charania of The Athletic. The initial testing phase was November 24-30.

The league expected to encounter some COVID-19 cases as players return to their team’s city and re-enter the NBA’s cohesive health and safety protocol, Charania adds (Twitter link). Positive results were also reported at the same stage leading up to the restart in Orlando, though the positive rate this time (8.8%) is higher.

All players who tested positive will have to be isolated, according to a tweet from the National Basketball Players Association. They can’t be cleared until they meet the rules established by the league and the NBPA under guidance from the CDC.

We know two of those positive tests came from the Warriors who announced Tuesday that they will delay the start of training camp activities for a day because of two cases of COVID-19.

The league distributed a 134-page “Health and Safety Protocol Guide” last week to help teams mitigate the dangers from the virus and prepare for the disruptions that positive tests might cause.

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19 thoughts on “NBA Reports 48 Positive COVID-19 Tests

    • PhillyPhan69

      Yeah, I don’t know how they can pull this off as is? When you get 2-4+ guys who have to sit for 2 weeks apx 7-8 games this could push or knock some teams from the playoffs or positioning. I hope so…I just don’t see it happening.

    • colonthegoat40

      Totally agree, we don’t want this to end up like the NFL and MLB where entire teams were getting sick. Don’t start the season until it’s safe.

  1. Sillivan

    As I said before each team needs a small bubble

    Some players have girlfriends and chick friends

    Some chicks tested positive

    • I thought all NBA players were devoutly religious and practiced celibacy for life…

  2. Josip Tomic

    Can you fix the spelling on the wordbetween ‘until’ & ‘meet’ and can you remove one of the word ‘help between ‘last week to’ & ‘team’, you put “help” twice?

    They can’t be cleared until ‘the’ meet the rules established by the league and the NBPA under guidance from the CDC.

    “The league distributed a 134-page “Health and Safety Protocol Guide” last week to ‘help help’ teams mitigate the dangers from the virus and prepare for the disruptions that positive tests might cause”.

    • HubcapDiamondStarHalo

      You forgot a to put a space where it belongs in “wordbetween.”

      • And he failed to make “word” plural. Talk about throwing rocks at glass houses.

    • Josip, I can imagine you have a total conniption fit when someone texts you on your phone.

      C U L8ter.

  3. Luckylefty2

    Let’s not overreact here they just came back from their “offseason”. Now that the season is about to start I believe the NBA will force a strict protocol(everyday test, cant leave hotel during away games). I guess being home is risky, but to get into the arena I believe you must test first, so if that’s the case they will find out if they’re positive before they can spread it to there teammates.

  4. Little_Dunker_45

    Not looking good…NFL can swing it because 1 game per week. Shuffle around and plow through. Majority of people (not spefici to nba players.. all sports players, and regular Joe and Joanne’s) not taking this seriously. Until they take it seriously guess what positive tests. This season is going to be a mess…I hope I’m wrong. Bubble too expensive and not practical for regular season. They are already losing too much money. Those r the facts. I’m gonna go cry now UGH!

    • Luckylefty2

      NFL is actually worse. They have a bigger roster and staff. The league has the macho “we dont need to wear masks” attitude. Havent you been paying attention?(Denver, Baltimore,plus more). NBA has already said that teans will be playing each other twice and less travel. Obviously some teans will have setbacks, but it will be easier to control a spread on a 17 man roster.

  5. Meadowlark

    “hooping cough” .. Excellent .. OUTSTANDING even NENTWIGS! … and never forget, when your mom told you to cover your mouth when you coughed or sneezed, she was a progenitor of this current CONSPIRACY. :)

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