Start Of Warriors’ Camp Delayed By Two Positive COVID-19 Tests

The Warriors have delayed the start of their training camp by one day after two players tested positive for COVID-19, president of basketball operations Bob Myers said today (Twitter link via Anthony Slater of The Athletic).

Rather than beginning individual workouts today and group workouts on Sunday, those start dates will be pushed to Wednesday and Monday, respectively, per Myers. The Warriors’ executive didn’t identify the two players who tested positive for the coronavirus.

The Warriors likely won’t be the only team with at least one or two COVID-19 cases to deal with this week. Players are reporting to their home markets from all over the country – or from overseas, in some cases – and haven’t necessarily been tested regularly during the offseason.

As was the case during the summer when the league began its Walt Disney World bubble, the hope will be that those cases can be identified now, with opening night still a few weeks away. The goal will be to prevent the virus from spreading, swiftly moving any affected players into quarantine until they’re medically cleared.

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11 thoughts on “Start Of Warriors’ Camp Delayed By Two Positive COVID-19 Tests

  1. hiflew

    And here we go. If they don’t “bubble up” immediately, it is going to be as big a disaster as the NFL or college football seasons. Baseball is played outdoors in warm weather without close contact and they still had a couple of major outbreaks. Without a bubble cutting off the outside world, basketball being an indoor, close-contact, cold weather sport is just the trifecta for a huge disaster.

  2. Black Ace57

    Does anyone know if the Warriors will be allowed to play at home? I know that the 49ers play in a different county, but orders made it so they weren’t allowed to play or practice and are going to play now in Arizona. Does anyone know if the Warriors are setting up a plan B?

    • The only thing I heard is that officials kicked back Lacob’s idea of testing fans upon entrance and going to 50% capacity. City officials or whoever it was said, “um no.” But that was just concerning fans and that’s all I’ve heard so far.

    • tedtheodorelogan

      They better be working on a plan B. The counties around here always follow each other when one county decides to enforce another draconian, totally arbitrary rule. Not that the county thing is really going to matter in a few weeks when Newsom shuts the whole state down again and all 4 CA teams will have to find another state to play in.

  3. KnickerbockerAl

    These are kids that can’t follow protocol. I just don’t get it. Teams need to start fining players. The vaccine is here for the playoffs. We are so close and they can’t just sit home in their mansions. Geez

    • hiflew

      Why is it that whenever these guys want to skip college and enter the NBA at 18 it is because they are “grown men” that deserve to make a living? But when they can’t follow rules that every other adult has to they are just “kids” that are being mischievous?

      PS, if I were you, I wouldn’t be among the first to test out the vaccine.

  4. harden-westbrook-mvps

    And so begins yet another disappointing season for the Warriors…..

    • Another disappointing season? 5 straight finals out of the last 6 years. After the futility of the previous three decades I would say that I’m as high as a kite and excited about the squad. Sure they’re older. Sure some guys have moved on. But the system is in place, Curry’s back, Green’s back, they got two 25 year old studs on the wing with lots of potential. Things are looking up.

      But what you said reminds me of a funny Cubs story. Way back in the day in the first inning of the first game the opposing pitcher throws a strike right down the middle for a strike out of the first Cubs batter, and the home announcer sadly confesses, “oh well.., there’s always next year.”

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