No New Positive COVID-19 Tests Among Players Since Dec. 24

The NBA and National Basketball Players Association shared some encouraging news today, announcing in a press release that there have been no new positive COVID-19 tests among the league’s 495 players during the most recent testing period.

Before today, the most recent update from the league and the players union was provided on December 24. At that time, there had been two new positive tests in the last eight days.

Today’s update is the latest sign that the health and safety protocols put into place by the league have been relatively effective. When the NBA and NBPA announced the results of its first (pre-camp) round of coronavirus testing on December 2, there were 48 positives.

So far, just one game – the December 23 contest between the Rockets and Thunder – has had to be postponed due to the coronavirus. And even in that case, only two Houston players had actually tested positive — most of the Rockets who were unavailable for that contest were tied up in the league’s contact-tracing protocols.

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