Pacific Notes: LeBron, Davis, Fox, Bogdanovic, Clippers

LeBron James‘ decision to sign a contract extension with the Lakers isn’t related to Anthony Davis‘ free agency, sources tell ESPN’s Brian Windhorst. As Windhorst explains, if James hadn’t negotiated an extension and Davis signed a one-plus-one deal in free agency, the two superstars could’ve reached the open market together in 2021 and the Lakers could’ve explored ways to re-sign both players will adding another star.

However, James wasn’t interested in going that route, according to Windhorst, who says the reigning Finals MVP is confident the team will continue to spend and attract top talent. LeBron prioritized his own long-term earnings over helping the Lakers remain as flexible as possible.

Davis, meanwhile, is still mulling how to structure his contract and is making his decision independent of James, writes Windhorst. The star big man is also looking to maximize his future earnings and is researching scenarios and possible cap increases as he considers the best way to do so.

Here’s more from around the Pacific:

  • After signing a maximum-salary extension with the Kings last week, De’Aaron Fox said on Tuesday that he loves playing in Sacramento and wants to help turn the team into a contender, says James Ham of NBC Sports California. “I want to be able to bring wins to this city, bring wins to this franchise,” Fox said. “I’m very happy that we have that commitment and we have that trust in each other. But now, it’s about winning. I think that’s what it’s always been about.”
  • In a separate story for NBC Sports California, Ham writes that the Kings‘ relatively quiet offseason was one factor that motivated Bogdan Bogdanovic to leave Sacramento. “Since (the Kings) didn’t do any moves in the offseason, I was like, ‘OK, I’m ready to leave,'” Bogdanovic told reporters today. “And I was really excited about Atlanta.”
  • Asked about the possibility of signing Paul George and Luke Kennard to extensions, Clippers president of basketball operations Lawrence Frank didn’t offer any info on possible contract talks, but said the team views both players as “long-term Clippers,” according to Andrew Greif of The Los Angeles Times (Twitter link).
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18 thoughts on “Pacific Notes: LeBron, Davis, Fox, Bogdanovic, Clippers

  1. Curtisrowe

    “LeBron prioritized his own long-term earnings over helping the Lakers remain as flexible as possible.”

    The dude has always been a mercenary. A great one though.

      • Tatsumaki

        Crypto sad fact is just like Kobe bloated deal this won’t age well. Lebrons decline has been gradual but still is occurring, similar to Kobe it takes one serious injury to fast forward into irrelevant. Lebron clearly prioritizes himself over his teammates and build a strong foundation.

      • Funny, last week people were complaining LeBron was collecting superstars for championships. Now he’s too greedy to collect superstars. People will just find any reason to hate on him.

      • brownscavsr4me

        People forget he wasn’t the highest player on his team until Miami 7-8 years into career. Even then was tied w/ Bosh/Wade for 1st in 2010-14, making only $14m, $16m, 17m, $19m those years respectively. He is somewhere in top 5 ever, he deserves him money. Also, if he can lead the Cavs to finals with one other star and very solid player (Irving and Love) then he doesn’t need nor want Giannis since he has Davis and Schroeder

    • harden-westbrook-mvps

      He is leaving, just not this year. Could be 2021. Could be 2022.

      • GoLandCrabs

        I’m glad you feel that way since you have the George Costanza opposite effect on everything. Where is he going the Bulls? Knicks? Rockets? LOL dude wants to win titles.

  2. Tatsumaki

    Goes to show lebrons selfish me first nature. It’s probably being worked out that AD sacrifice his salary to attract another star. AD seems to prioritize winning over financial gains, bosh and wade both had to cater to lebron so what else is new? Can’t wait for lebron to be gone from nba!

    • yogineely

      Bosh made the same as lebron in Miami, the only one that sacrificed money was Wade and it was like .5 mill a year or something

      • I'm a starboy not a Dr...

        That was 2011 though. AD should get nothing less than 30 mil, especially since guys like Wiggins,Tobias,Horford & Middlechild are extremely overpaid.

  3. Rewane

    Can someone explain to me how much flexibility there really is if AD and LBJ both become FAs next year. Unless Lakers are letting one of them walk, their large cap holds would still be there if Lakers are going over the cap to resign them.

    • Tatsumaki

      Most of there contracts are expiring contracts meaning they hold bird rights, should they forfeit those rights those holds disappear. Theoretically, if lebron took less as did Davis they could fit say another max under the salary and then use vet mins to flesh out the roster under those 3. Say both lebron and ad took 30-35 million that leaves an additional cap hold of 40-49 million with players on 1 year deals that frees up once you waive those holds (meaning you can’t resign)

  4. wright0525

    Tomorrow is not promised, but NBA contracts are promised. I can’t fault anyone for getting their chicken, especially at this point of his career. There are other ways to get another star. I’m sure there are plenty of sign and trade options, especially if the Bucks stand to get nothing if GA leaves on his own. No matter what he does, people will hate. MJ’s last two years were +30 million each year, I’m sure no one called him greedy.

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