Pacific Notes: Schröder, Lakers, Suns, Warriors, Kings

New Lakers point guard Dennis Schröder left Wednesday’s preseason game with what was referred to after the game by head coach Frank Vogel as a “mild” ankle sprain, tweets Kyle Goon of The South California News Group (Twitter link).

While the Lakers will continue to check on Schröder’s ankle today and tomorrow, he told reporters that the injury is “nothing to worry about,” per Bill Oram of The Athletic (Twitter link). It sounds like he should be ready to go for L.A.’s regular season opener next week and may even be available for the team’s preseason finale on Friday.

Here’s more from around the Pacific:

  • John Hollinger of The Athletic generally liked the offseason moves made by the Lakers and Suns, but questioned each team’s approach to its center spot. He isn’t sure Montrezl Harrell is a great fit in a lineup with LeBron James and Anthony Davis, given his defensive shortcomings and his inability to stretch the floor. Hollinger also wondered if Jalen Smith was a bit of a reach at No. 10 and didn’t love Phoenix’s signing of Damian Jones, calling him one of the NBA’s worst rotation players last season.
  • With Klay Thompson out for the season, the Warriors will need to consider how to add extra shooting to their lineup, writes Ethan Strauss of The Athletic. Strauss suggests that keeping Mychal Mulder on the roster and playing some three-guard lineups would help, and notes that Golden State also still has a disabled player exception worth $9.3MM that could be used to add a shooter at some point.
  • The Kings have promoted Rico Hines, announcing in a press release that they’ve named him an assistant coach and the club’s director of player development. Hines was the head coach of the G League’s Stockton Kings before joining Sacramento’s staff as a player development coach a year ago.
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24 thoughts on “Pacific Notes: Schröder, Lakers, Suns, Warriors, Kings

  1. 13Morgs13

    One of the most improved teams is the sixers. Once the new guys build chemistry with Embiid and Simmons Sixers will be a tough team to beat in a 7 game series.

    • Sillivan

      76ers got worse
      Danny Green stats

      I predict that Richardson improving and Curry declining

      • Freddy H

        Ya but Danny Green fits a need and brings good perimeter D.

        Horford came off the bench and was never much of a fit.

        They’re both coming off bad years. Green definitely has more potential to bounce back

      • DVail1979

        Completely agree on Richardson .. I think he is going to find his game again in Dallas since they’re not asking him to be something he’s not and he should really take off especially while KP is out … Teams could do a whole lot worse behind their big two than Richardson

  2. harden (mvp),wall, and wood

    Is Golden State really going to add another player with their $9.3M DPE? Isn’t their luxury tax bill already projected to be higher than most teams’ payrolls? The small market teams will benefit when they divide up all that luxury tax money they receive from the Warriors, Nets, and Sixers.

    • Marty McRae

      “Is Golden State really going to add another player with their $9.3M DPE?”

      Yes, the Warriors are going to add PJ Tucker, D Rose or JaVale McGee. Here is the entire list of players for GSW to pick from, if the other team doesn’t want to pay these players this money (and yes, I am aware a bunch of these players teams do not want to get rid of them):

      GSW TPE Targets:
      Lou Williams $8.0
      P.J. Tucker $7.9
      Derrick Rose $7.7
      Doug McDermott $7.3
      Nemanja Bjelica $7.1
      Daniel Theis $5.0
      Nerlens Noel $5.0
      JaVale McGee $4.2
      Jarrett Allen $3.9
      Tony Bradley $3.5
      TJ McConnell $3.5
      Josh Hart $3.5
      Derrick White $3.5
      Hassan Whiteside $2.3
      Ben McLemore $2.3
      Langston Galloway $2.0
      Monte Morris $1.7
      Devonte’ Graham $1.7
      Duncan Robinson $1.7

      Team option would be declined early, could play for GSW for 1 year only:
      Ja Morant $9.1
      Jaxson Hayes $5.1
      Brandon Clarke $2.6
      Mitchell Robinson $1.7

      “Isn’t their luxury tax bill already projected to be higher than most teams’ payrolls?”

      Yes, team owner Joe Lacob should be viewed as the model for all pro sports team ownership, never once insulting everyone by saying “money is tight” when everyone knows you are billionaire. You win absolutely nothing for saving money.

      “The small market teams will benefit when they divide up all that luxury tax money they receive from the Warriors, Nets, and Sixers.”

      Yes! Glad you can see how the Warriors spending money is good for the entire NBA, and just how important the Warriors are to the game and how important it is to get Steph Curry as many rings as possible.

        • Marty McRae

          Tucker, McGee and Rose all fit a need and are the most likely to be traded. After watching the first couple games, it’s clear GSW is lacking big man depth so I think a big bruiser like JaVale is the guy they need this year to really make noise in the playoffs. Tucker and then Rose also would be solid pickups. I’d like to see free agent Kyle Korver come on board too, as they are lacking true shooters.

    • DeathbyDeathwest

      Well, Harden-mvp, when your owner is a successful sophistocated businessman who knows how to swing himself, as is the case with GSW, the money isnt really an issue like it is with other teams.

      On the other-hand, when your owner is a cheapskate hotelier, real estate investor, and owner of crummy overpriced seafood chain based on a 35 year old movie, yeah, the tax is a real issue, especially when your buddies cant politically engineer a luxury tax break like they gave Fertitta massive taxbreaks on the industries he depends on.

      Fertitta is bad for the Rockets. Fertitta is bad for the NBA. Fertitta turns bright red when he lies through his teeth on CNBC on the future of the Rockets.

      • Lakers1

        The best is when fertitta gives commentary on Chris pauls contract being the worst but proceeds to trade for Westbrook.. obviously knows basketball.. the way he’s ruining the rockets, he’s the new frank mccourt of the nba..

    • macdaddy96

      Maybe, maybe not. Championship organizations don’t fret over money like your cheapskate owner.

    • claude raymond

      Hardenmvp, I think that gsw doesn’t really care about the tax BUT I don’t they just want to spend to spend either. So I believe they’ll wait until later in the season when teams that have high expectations NOW later realize their expectations are failing. And when those teams start contemplating addition by subtraction, that’s when gsw and other teams will start looking for deals.

      Why pay taxes now to get lesser players with DPE? Anyway, harden, thats my $.02

  3. Little_Dunker_45

    I doubt the injury is anything serious. Best not to make a do of it. There you have it…

  4. Cap & Crunch

    As a Laker fan I am a bit concerned on the Trez fit…. sure he will be gangbusters on the bn mob and provide that great energy in the regular season but yea I have questions in a playoff half court set w him Ad and LBJ in the lineup no doubt-

    Not so hot take- Marc Gasol will mean a lot more to the Lakers than Trez by years end if he can stay healthy

      • Cap & Crunch

        I dont want DEnnis in the starting 5 either so I agree (at least not handed to him )

        Him speaking out (pretty vehemently) has me a little concerned at this moment- I hope they can smooth this over bc LAL owe Dennis nothing-

        Yea my 5 would actually be Kcp Caruso Gasol LBJ AD

        I know the Caruso play will off put some people but its not a matter of talent rather fit – Dennis Trez on 2nd unit work well togethr imo ;egos withstanding

  5. davethemailman

    I’ve liked Schroeder for a long time, but in limited pre-season viewing I’m really excited about what Marc Gasol can bring to the Lakers!

    • Cap & Crunch

      Yea it does look like a very good fit indeed- The passing display has been a treat to watch-

      Last year you couldnt even have the center touch the ball outside a lob, now the center not only spaces the floor better but moves it so well on top-

      Its a much more exciting offence to watch this year imo, defence we shall see

    • Cap & Crunch

      He sure does look lost right now, might take DS 20+games to catch his footing on this team-

      I like him too but am a little concerned on the “I want to start” talk so far….His best role might be off the bn….Hes not a big enough dog to be barking yet imo

  6. Kowalski

    Well the most important thing of all, schroeder can shoot the 3.Harrell cannot shoot it right there but needs to develop/perfect at least a mid-range shot to fit well with AD & lbj!

  7. x%sure

    Hollinger pointed out that acquiring Harrell and Schroder for the second team gives the Lakers a PnR offense, and they increase the value of each other. Playoff Rondo was offered too much to match. Of course so was Pope; I realize his agent is powerful but $40mil?
    Anyway Caruso was never mentioned seriously. Just give him a starting job already! LJ is the pointman.

    Jalen Smith picked too high at #10? Maybe the Suns read my posts ha. Hollinger says his thinness and poor perimeter defense will keep him off the court. Cam Johnson was also picked too soon last year, but paid off. Smith is similar.
    Saric will be more crucial than his 3/$25; probably why he signed late. Baynes & Kaminsky is gone.

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