Pistons, LiAngelo Ball Agree To Exhibit 10 Deal

LiAngelo Ball, the younger brother of Lonzo Ball and the older brother of LaMelo Ball, has agreed to sign a one-year, non-guaranteed contract with the Pistons, reports Shams Charania of The Athletic (Twitter link).

Ball’s deal will contain an Exhibit 10 clause, per Charania (Twitter link). He’s extremely unlikely to make the Pistons’ regular season roster, but will be eligible to receive a $50K bonus if he plays in the G League.

As NBAGL guru Adam Johnson notes (via Twitter), Detroit’s affiliate – the Grand Rapids Drive – would need to acquire Ball’s rights from the Oklahoma City Blue. The 22-year-old signed a G League contract to join the Thunder’s affiliate back in March, just before the league went on hiatus due to the coronavirus. Current Pistons general manager Troy Weaver worked in the Thunder’s front office at the time.

Ball, a 6’5″ swingman, isn’t considered to have the same upside as his brothers, but has some experience playing professional ball in Lithuania and earned Finals MVP honors for the Los Angeles Ballers of the Junior Basketball Association in 2018.

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30 thoughts on “Pistons, LiAngelo Ball Agree To Exhibit 10 Deal

  1. Tatsumaki

    Dude has no athletic ability, easily the worst of the 3 and has no place in the nba

    • The most cringeworthy family in America, but I like Lonzos game and I think melo will be a fine player, they will just always be way more popular than their play has ever earned them being due to their old man exploiting them for everything he can get from their okish abilities

      • windmill_noise_causes_cancer

        I can think of a MUCH more cringeworthy family in America.

        • I'm a starboy not a Dr...

          Windmill noisecausescancer well you hate cause you lack ambition. You just roam the streets for cigarette buds with your 3 puppies…persons that are successful in life don’t have time to hate other men, that’s some primary school crap…

          • kzoobrewcrew

            Cigarette butts. If you gonna throw shade…. throw correct spelling too.

            • hiflew

              I remember when I was a kid strolling through the woods and picking cigarette buds off the Marlboro bushes. It was a simpler time.

  2. brownscavsr4me

    He was a practice player….for the OKC Blue G-League team….So much disrespect to all the other G-League players that worked their ass off on that team and actually have talent

    • x%sure

      Did you see that team? Wiki says he went so-called regular “by waiver claim” before covid shut it down.
      Anyway I don’t think a player is obliged to turn down an improved but still menial contract even if a brother is the ultimate reason.

  3. Otogar

    The entire Pistons’ offseason has been head-scratching, but this is the last straw.

  4. jimmyv31

    Screw it!! Sign lavar ball to a 2 way deal too!! Let’s get down and dirty!!

  5. mrshyguy99

    im actually shock someone gave him a shot. how much did the dad pay to get this shot

    • Pretty sure the Pistons did this just for the marketing value of causing people to talk about the Pistons.

    • bumpy93

      I don’t think it’s necessarily how much he paid them for them to sign him I think it’s more long lines of telling the general manager hey remember to back in the day when we used to kick it I still have some of those pictures what you did that night so how about a exhibit 10 deal for my son and it all goes away type of s***

  6. the dude

    I want to see Giannis, Thanasis, Kostas & Alex vs. THE BALLS & their dad, 3 on 3 rules.

    • seattlesuperfan

      With giannis guarding lavar and postering him cause everyone in America has been waiting for it lol

      • hiflew

        Easy now, Lavar can beat Michael Jordan 1 on 1, so he obviously can handle Giannis.

  7. Curtisrowe

    Whatever Lavar is doing, it’s working. People lining up to comment on Liangelo’s exhibit 10 deal.

    • hiflew

      That’s true. How many other kids kicked out of school for shoplifting are getting signed in the NBA?

  8. I'm a starboy not a Dr...

    Here comes these living on their parents couch haters… LiAngelo may impress…

  9. Detroit must’ve gotten the Ball brothers confused when Lavar said he wanted Lamelo in Detroit. Does this still count as “speaking it into existence”?

  10. “Finals MVP” in his dad’s failed “Junior Basketball Association” is not something he should put on his resume.

    • x%sure

      A resume for someone that age should account for what one was doing to limit the major blank eras. Hopefully things that can tie to leadership, character, etc.
      And be an iceblocker. There was likely a story there! Must discuss.

  11. calihoops1

    Haven’t seen the kid for play. But every report says he didn’t have the athletic ability to play fir UCLA never mind the NBA. So, this is most likely a favor for the agent. The agent must represent some significant free agents, possibly for next year? Follow the $

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