Southeast Notes: Monk, Heat, Fultz, Bamba, Zeller

Hornets guard Malik Monk, who tested positive for the coronavirus, has now received medical clearance and could begin practicing with the team as soon as this weekend, writes Rick Bonnell of The Charlotte Observer.

According to Bonnell, Monk was scheduled to conduct individual workouts on Thursday and Friday. Hornets head coach James Borrego said that the former lottery pick should be able to participate in group workouts on Saturday and there’s still a chance he could play in the club’s second preseason game on Monday.

Here’s more from around the Southeast:

  • Barry Jackson of The Miami Herald, who says the Heat are expected to at least kick the tires on the possibility of a James Harden trade, examines what the team’s best possible offer for the Rockets star might look like. Removing the protections on the 2023 first-round pick previously sent to Oklahoma City would be important, Jackson notes, since it would allow Miami to move its ’25 and ’27 first-rounders without violating the Stepien rule.
  • Josh Robbins of The Athletic explains why the Magic remain bullish on Markelle Fultz‘s upside and says there’s “no doubt whatsoever” that the team will exercise its fourth-year option for 2021/22 on Mohamed Bamba this month.
  • Although Hornets fans view Terry Rozier and Cody Zeller as potential trade candidates, Rick Bonnell of The Charlotte Observer suggests in a mailbag that the odds of either players being dealt in the next few months aren’t particularly high. Of the two, Zeller is probably more likely to be moved in 2020/21, Bonnell adds.
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22 thoughts on “Southeast Notes: Monk, Heat, Fultz, Bamba, Zeller

  1. harden (mvp),wall, and wood

    Any trade Miami would make for Harden would have to include Butler.

    • Little_Dunker_45

      And more, and even then I don’t know if I’d do it. Butler seems to have hit his stride in Miami — specifically. Don’t forget just a year ago he was also an unhappy superstar.

    • phillyballers

      Why would a rebuilding Houston team want Butler?

      The moves they made dont even jive with a retool/rebuild. Lot of hopeful moves… like Wood hopefully is an actual stretch 4? Boogie and hopefully return to preinjury form.

      • goastros123

        Pass on Butler. Tyler Herro? Yes please. Are the Rockets gonna get him? Nope.

        • If I’m Miami I’m holding out for Giannis over chasing Harden. For a team full of young talent whose whole culture thing is built around conditioning/ defense and team oriented basketball I don’t like bringing in Harden

    • KnickerbockerAl

      Jimmy is from Houston, Humble area. They had a chance to get him when he was with Bulls and TWolves. Why would Heat give up their best player. Heat don’t need Harden. If anything they’ll go after a younger star. Their team is young and growing. No place for Harden.

    • Mjm117

      Heat would never trade Butler to get Harden. That’s just stupid.

      It’s going to take iggy, Oly, two 1st rounders( with OKC’s ok), Nunn or precious, and either Duncan or Herro.

      I would prefer Giannis but Harden would only strengthen the Heats championship chances for the next few years creating a new Big 3 with Bam and Butler.

      • formerlyz

        only way you even consider it, as a Heat fan, is if its Iguodala, Leonard, Bradley, Olynyk, Herro/Nunn, maybe Okpala if necessary, the 2nd round pick in 2022, and the 2025 1st

        for Harden, PJ Tucker, DeMarcus Cousins, and potentially Sterling Brown (if Okpala were included)

        But even then I’d personally be salty, and I doubt I would see something like that happen when dumb teams would potentially offer more

    • bravesfan88

      Umm…no it wouldn’t..They arent going to get any kind of equal value if they do trade Harden, so probably Herro, Dragic, Olynyk, and a couple firsts would likely be the best offer they’d get..

      If Houston says no, then Miami will likely just let them keep him and move on with what they’ve got..In my opinion, Miami is simply better off without him. They have a great thing going, and it was their team chemistry, defense, and unselfishness that got them so far last season..

      There is no reason to potentially ruin all that by bringing in Harden and his selfishness and immature ways

  2. formerlyz

    As a Heat fan, I never want to see James Harden anywhere near this organization. To match salaries, and make it close to worth doing, it would take about 6 guys, and the Heat would have to at least also get back PJ Tucker. I dont even want to consider it though b/c I dont want to have to watch James Harden play more than I already do

    • bravesfan88

      Exactly this!! Let him fade away into the abyss on a struggling Rockets team..Hardly anyone will miss him, maybe only avid Rockets fans, that’s about it…lol

      Anyone who truly loves the game of basketball, would be all for never having to see him play again..!!

      • El Don

        That’s just your opinion, dude!
        Lil’ bit arrogant to pretend to know what hoops fans like!
        I am a huge fan, been for more than 35 years, watch thousands of games on tv & life… & I absolutely love to watch Harden play, the guy is an absolute legend of the game!
        Sad so many so-called fans hate on him, but, hey, that’s your lost, right?

        • formerlyz

          In the history of sports, I have never seen someone that I dont enjoy watching, besides James Harden. I respect certain abilities he has, which maybe is why it bothers me even more that he plays the way he does, but ya I’ve given my opinion on him enough times in the past to not have to elaborate further

        • bravesfan88

          Feel free to continue watching him dribble for 20 seconds, complain about fouls, flop and flail to get fouls, and then consistently push off his opponents to create space…

          Then, you can enjoy watching him choke in the playoffs and continue to blame everyone else..Or wait did I say playoffs?…nevermind lol

          Besides, for the record, I did say hardly anyone..Unless you consider yourself no one, then I’m pretty sure there was room for you under my statement..

        • PhillyPhan69

          @el Don! Totally agree! I do not like Harden because he is not on my team lol. People hate greatness, we are indifferent to mediocrity. Harden is great and most (logical) fans can’t help but see it. I won’t give up Joel or Ben for him, but outside of that all fan bases would love him if he was on their team.

  3. x%sure

    Here’s something Harden could do if the FO will not give him up: a new look without a beard!— or a trim one.

  4. jeremyn

    Harden would NEVER fit in Heat culture. He’s always been me before we on and off the court. Spolstra would want to strangle him has he held the ball for 18 seconds just waiting to do something.. over and over. I can’t imagine Harden complying with the Heat’s physical program either. For example… Antoine Walker came to Miami in 2005 with a rep of being a lazy player who never played def…. by the time they reached the finals he had taken more charges than anyone in the NBA and may have been the Heat’s best player not named Wade in the playoffs. I could never see Harden doing something like that. I’d much rather build on Herro and Duncan Robinson.. players that would be required in that deal…. there will be a long list of players wanting to come to Miami next off season.

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