Wolves Notes: Rubio, Beasley, Rosas, Hernangomez

Ricky Rubio didn’t want to go through rebuilding with the Thunder and he doesn’t believe that’s what he’s headed for with the Timberwolves, writes Chris Hine of The Star Tribune. After Phoenix sent him to Oklahoma City in the Chris Paul trade, Rubio asked his agent to find a new destination. The result was a return to Minnesota, the team that drafted him 11 years ago.

The Wolves were just 19-45 last season and were among eight teams not invited to restart the season in Orlando. But Rubio believes the organization has enough quality pieces already in place to make a quick turnaround.

“I don’t feel like we’re in a rebuilding process,” he said. “We’re a couple steps ahead. We’re already making things happen. With [D’Angelo Russell] and [Karl-Anthony Towns] hitting their five years in the league, they still have a lot of room to improve, but I feel like they learned a lot. It’s not like a young corps where they don’t know how this league goes.”

Rubio expressed a willingness to accept a starting or reserve position in Minnesota. He credits the outlook to his time in Utah watching Derrick Favors, who handled both roles without complaining.

“He didn’t say a word,” Rubio said. “He kept working and … at the end of the day we won. That’s what you care about. You have to sacrifice something for the best, for the team. If it’s coming off the bench, would I like it? No. I wouldn’t like it, I will be honest. But I will be willing to do it for the best of the team.”

There’s more from Minnesota:

  • Malik Beasley held his first session with reporters today since being arrested in September for drug possession and threats of violence, but he refused to discuss specifics of the case, Hine adds in a separate story. “It’s a legal issue,” he said. “I cannot really comment on that right now, but I appreciate the Timberwolves’ support and I’m 100% focused on the court this year and doing what we have to do.”
  • The Wolves have only four players remaining from last season’s opening-night roster, notes Jon Krawczynski of The Athletic. President of basketball operations Gersson Rosas has remade the team to add more shooting, playmaking and versatility, giving coach Ryan Saunders more options with his rotation. Krawcyznski examines several potential starting lineups that lean on experience, athleticism and ball-handling.
  • The new three-year, $21MM contract for Juancho Hernangomez includes a team option for the third year and contains $387,500 in incentives, Krawczynski tweets. The fifth-year power forward will make $6.493MM this season and $7,012,440 in 2021/22. His $7,531,880 salary for 2022/23 becomes fully guaranteed on June 30, 2022.
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21 thoughts on “Wolves Notes: Rubio, Beasley, Rosas, Hernangomez

  1. mnsportsfan

    Alright wolves here we go, let’s just take a step forward this year, no steps back.

    We obviously can’t compete for the title yet, but we just need to improve each year.

  2. Sillivan

    Edwards team needs 7 defenders

    He needs ball to be effective

    Trade 3 offensive players for two top tier defenders like Covington ……

    • I'm a starboy not a Dr...

      Wolves already had Covington and traded him to the rox… Roco has recently been traded to the blazers.

      • masisk33

        Covington would fit like a glove with this roster. Imagine the starting 5:
        PG- Russell
        SG- Edwards
        SF- Covington
        PF- Juancho
        C- KAT
        6th – Rubio

        • alonzobass

          I agree but i dont think Edwards can play thats why they signed beasley to that deal,he will get his chance but Edwards is wiggins all over again i think,i he starts slow then by tradedeadline he is gone or beasley is gone by then

          • masisk33

            I think Edwards has a chance to be better than Wiggins just bc of his build and background in football. But yes, the 40%/29% at Georgia was less than appealing. Again, he had to carry that team at times which took its toll on his overall shooting numbers. There is an awesome video on youtube about why Edwards will be better than Wiggins. A scouting report of some kind. Edwards will probably turn out more like Donovan Mitchell it sounds like. Which would be better than Wiggins. Also, the Dewayne Wade comp is still relevant until proven otherwise

            Wiggins is built to run the 100m at the Olympics, but he making much more $$$$ playing basketball.

    • masisk33

      Yes, start with shipping Beasley OUT. I’m not liking the baggage he is bringing. The cannabis isn’t the issue, either. It’s the AR-15 being pointed at an innocent family, and the 46-yr old side chick. Dude! You’re a 24-yr old multi millionaire, what in the faaack are you thinking?????

  3. KnickerbockerAl

    Rubio is not starting. So he better get use to it. Minny has a deep guard rotation. Beasley better hope he’s good. Cause it seems he could do time lol. I would start Edwards and get him acclimated quick. He’s got NBA size so should be able to hold his own. Minny should make the playoffs. The west is going to be competitive for those last seeds.

    • I'm a starboy not a Dr...

      Rubio will always be the guy drafted before Curry, whom isn’t better than Curry.

      • masisk33

        Well, let’s remember Flynn was the guy that wasn;t NBA quality (for very long). Rubio has proven to be worthy a #5 pick in any draft. Steph obviously should have went higher in that draft, but hindsight is 20/20

  4. Sillivan

    Today Las Vegas betting line
    Kings 28.5 wins for the season
    Wolves 27.5 wins

    I disagree
    Both teams won’t win 22 games

  5. Wade Herbers

    LOL WTH do they want Beasley to say??? “I love sweet sticky weed and putting my baby and baby momma in danger with my wicked weapons”?????????

    HE got paid so he don’t care….He went straight home and lit up a huge 6 paper joint and practiced quick draws with his 6 shooter!!!!!!!!

    Waaaaay to many of these NBA players are million dollar athletes with 10 cent brains.

    • Wade Herbers

      Beasley had WRITTEN INSTRUCTIONS as to where he wanted weed smoked and what rooms were off limits!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Who does that????? For the love of god for stupid.
      Bob Marley and Snoop Dog probably don’t have/ had written instructions as to where the doobie was to be smoked…..Cheech and Chong prolly didnt……lol

  6. alonzobass

    Wolves make the playoffs there are good teams in the west not great teams,lakers Clippers nuggets utah Portland dallas timberwolves golden state yes the wolves are better than memphis,Sacramento and new orleans and Phoenix they have better coaching but saunders is on a short leash this year because towns has 1 foot out the door and is ready to move on if they do not win ,i am talking about maybe 2 series or western conference if not towns is going to be requesting a trade,demanding a trade ala anthony davis did new orleans.

  7. masisk33

    Beasley can’t be a good influence on Edwards, Okogie, Culver, McDaniels, etc.

  8. alonzobass

    Beasley is better than all of them so far,if Edwards can play which we will see then beasley is headed to a playoff team that needs more scoring like the lakers or milwaukee ,by the trade deadline

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