Atlantic Notes: Drummond, Edwards, Walker, Morey

The Nets may be hoping for an Andre Drummond buyout in Cleveland to help solve their center woes, according to Brian Lewis of The New York Post. Brooklyn has been short-handed in the middle since parting with Jarrett Allen in the James Harden trade. Veteran DeAndre Jordan remains the starter, but depth at the position has become an issue as the Nets have fallen from 11th to 25th in defensive rating since the deal.

Allen and Drummond are part of a crowded frontcourt in Cleveland, along with JaVale McGee and Kevin Love, who have also been mentioned as potential targets for Brooklyn. The Nets parted with a significant amount of their draft capital in the Harden trade, so the buyout market would be ideal. Kevin O’Connor of the Ringer (video link) and Zach Harper of The Athletic both mentioned a possible Drummond buyout this week, with Harper suggesting it’s “just a matter of time.”

Lewis reports that Brooklyn general manager Sean Marks is expected to hold on to at least one of his two available exceptions so he can be aggressive when buyouts begins. Players can be waived as late as April 9 and still be eligible for the postseason with another team.

There’s more from the Atlantic Division:

  • Celtics guard Carsen Edwards confirmed that the four games his missed earlier this month were because he tested positive for COVID-19, writes Tom Westerholm of“I don’t know what I’m allowed to talk about,” Edwards said. “But I mean, I did test positive, and I had symptoms for a couple of days. But then after that, I was kind of just — I lost my taste and my smell, and then after that, I was quarantined. The first two nights were rough, but after that I was just kind of in quarantine just trying to stay out the way and be healthy and get healthy. But I’m fine now. I feel better.”
  • The Celtics likely won’t use Kemba Walker in back-to-back games for the rest of the season, relays Conor Roche of Appearing on a radio show this morning, coach Brad Stevens discussed his plans for Walker, who has been on a minutes limit since returning. “We’ll keep his minutes down. I’m not going to play him in the mid-30s (minutes wise) at any point here in the near future,” Stevens said. “It’s all part of a plan that’s not only for the best interest of this team, but also in the best interest of his career here moving forward. As the season goes on and we get into late April, early May, before the playoffs, we’ll ramp him up a little bit.”
  • Sixers president of basketball operations Daryl Morey is in quarantine for COVID-19 contact tracing unrelated to the team, according to Keith Pompey of The Philadelphia Inquirer.
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23 thoughts on “Atlantic Notes: Drummond, Edwards, Walker, Morey

  1. cavsarethebestever42

    I don’t want the Cavs to buy him out because I want the Cavs to trade him and get something. But if we do buy him out I think it will be good for our team.

    • I give no fox

      Who can absorb his salary and is also in need of a center rental? So then the cavs need to take back salary if they want to trade him. Seems unlikely as I doubt the Cavs want to take on future dollars. Buyout is the logical path

  2. wildboys

    Drummond still has some value, doubtful he gets waived. A contender with a need down low and some expendable expiring contracts will make a deal for him. Same with McGee. Cleveland has the makings of a quick rebuild . SexLand, Okoro, Allen, some tradable pieces, and an aging but serviceable Stretch 4 in Kevin Love,
    who may well become a trade asset himself once he’s healthy

    • Walladipo and Wood

      They would need to get rid of a lot of salary to match Drummond’s $29M salary and even then no one is going to give up a whole lot to get him.

      Maybe he could fetch a couple of 2nd round picks at most. More likely one.

      • mcmillankmm

        I would be okay with Celtics sending out two 2nds and a player or two to get that salary to fit into our trade exception.

        • No, you can not add salaries to a trade exception to get a match. The amount of the exception must be equal or more than the corresponding player’s or players’ salary. They can acquire more than one player that are equal or below the value of it, but they can not pool it with another asset to acquire a higher salary (with 100k of wiggle room above).

  3. Cap & Crunch

    Why wouldnt Cavs just hold Drummond for a playoff run ?

    The can get a 2nd for Mcgee and keep Drum/allen for the 21 run

  4. lovesexland

    Drummond on the Nets sounds like on-court chemistry problems.

    “Drummond is a difficult player to figure out because of how he wants to fit. He’s obviously better than the Kendrick Perkins option the [Oklahoma City] Thunder once had, but Drummond does require you to waste possessions throughout a game throwing it to him in the post. If you can get Drummond to run the floor, catch lobs, set screens, rebound the hell out of the ball and play defense, he’s a great option for someone like the Nets.

    However, if he wants to be hyper-involved as a scoring option on a team with KD, Kyrie and Harden, then that’s going to be a problem. He’s better than Jordan at this point, but how much better when you consider how he’ll want to be used?”

    -Zach Harper of the Athletic

    • osaegthong

      well one thing for sure is that hes a dominant rebounder with more than 13 rpg. but he could run the floor pretty well and brings more size in the paint. even better hes a consistent shot maker unlike jordan.

      • lovesexland

        He is shooting 47%…as a center. He shot 9-24 last night. He is 50th out of 54 centers in true shooting percentage. Consistent point-getter, not a consistent shot-maker.

      • lovesexland

        Consistent shot-taker***, not a consistent shot-maker

        That sounds better

  5. kingsforever 2

    I don’t understand a Drummond Buyout. He, have a big year contract but he and Allen are a good, center rotation for attack the play in tunier. Drummond dreams for a new big contract and the netz don’t have enough cap space

  6. Northern Expansion 416

    Hornets should trade for Drummond(Zeller,Monk,Bridges)…

  7. KnickerbockerAl

    It’s a big contract to make a trade for. Don’t seem too realistic for contenders. Maybe a rebuilding who believes in Drummond. And thinks they can resign him for reasonable contract. Might offer some value in a trade. Like Hornets or Wizards and get in on a three way deal. Or something like that. But it seems as TD approaches. That a buyout can happen. Then it will be interesting to see where he chooses to go.

    • ABknows

      There are so many bad contracts in nba. It take 2x $10-$14 mil players. Cle will take bad deals on for draft picks! Or Cle could just sign him to 5 yr 90 mil extension. Clint Capella $. Dre ain’t getting $30 mil a year. So he gets bought out to go to nets to sign $5 mid exception to be role player? Then what in FA? He be better off putting up 20 & 20 each night in CLE if he wants paid. DeAndre Jordan would get start bc he’s friends w KD. Lol he be a bench player.

  8. osaegthong

    the raptors could trade for drummond but we dont have much valuable assets other than washed up baynes and wings in davis and johnson.

  9. No reason for Cavs to buy him out except to accommodate him. Even without a viable trade, keeping him, and his Bird rights, into the off season is better for the team. They might try to resign him short term (if Allen’s situation become tricky) or maybe facilitate a S&T. Top teams, his natural destinations, won’t have a great deal of cap space or space below the tax line.

    • ABknows

      Agreed. I think its KY & KD trying to circumvent CBA telling Dre take a buyout! Sign with us we got 5 mil spot. Cle buyouts for 23 mil would be a huge Red Flag to the Harden Allen deal. The $$ couldn’t work in CBA so they secretly agreed to buy Dre out later on. That’s illegal and needs to be investigated. Dre and CLE just beat nets 2x and if refs weren’t awful they could of beat LAL. CLE is on pace to make playoffs this year especially with new wild card ! So CLE would be doing their fans dirty to buyout Dre for nothing. If Nets send over Spencer Dinwiddie and Joe Harris and 3x future 2nd rd picks then sure we can Trade. But cavs will keep Dre unless a 1st rd pick or young asset is offered. Plus they get his bird rights for FA. No1 paying Dre $30 mil a year. He may get 5x yr 90 mil capella type deal! Cle should try to resign him. It’s not like FA goto CLE! They would have 48 mins of Defense Anchors with Dre & Allen. And the 2x.can play together! Put Dre at the 4. But if they buy him out it’s rigged and needs investigated!

  10. ABknows

    If Cavs Buyout Drummond NBA commissioner Adam Silver will open investigation in illegal tampering and circumventing CBA. Harden J.Allen Trade can NOT contain secret agreement where Dre is bought out to sign with Nets. Sounds like KD & KY trying to play GM and do shady deals behind the scenes. Drummond is under contract with CLE for 28 mil. He is top Rebounder in league and CLE best big atm and reason CLE is .500 and looking at playoffs. CLE is not the NETS farm team. Drummond is on expiring deal where CLE can take bad contracts on for 1st Rd pick or A playoff team needs a big. They can trade Dinwiddie and Harris for Drummond if contracts work within CBA but any buyout of Drummond for say 23mil so he can sign for 5mil with Nets is ILLEGAL AND WOULD NEED TO BE DECLINED BY NBA! The fans of CLE deserve better. CLE can not BUYOUT Drummond and get nothing with them looking at making the playoffs. If they want to buyout anyone it should be K love but he’s not gonna agree to losing 90 mil dollars over 3 yrs. Drummond plays Defense and best Rebounder in league! Makes no sense at all for CLE to buyout!

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