Cavaliers Notes: Sexton, Garland, Thompson, Porter

The controversial Kyrie Irving trade in 2017 gave the Cavaliers a path toward rebuilding quickly after LeBron James left, writes Chris Fedor of The centerpiece of that deal was an unprotected first-round pick from Brooklyn that was used to draft Collin Sexton. Now in his third season, Sexton has developed into a prolific scorer, averaging 26.8 points per game and shooting 46.8% from 3-point range.

“He comes in every night with the mindset that you can’t stop him,” said backcourt partner Darius Garland. “And that’s what he shows the league, that’s what he shows the world and everybody that’s watching this basketball game. He’s getting wherever he wants. Getting teammates involved. I mean, a lot of people don’t do that.”

Cleveland used the other assets it acquired from the Celtics in that deal to gain valuable pieces, Fedor notes. Isaiah Thomas was sent to the Lakers in a deal for Larry Nance Jr. and Jordan Clarkson. The Cavs flipped Jae Crowder in a trade for George Hill and Rodney Hood, and Hill was sent to the Bucks in a deal that brought back John Henson and a future first-rounder. Henson was used to acquire Andre Drummond from the Pistons, while the pick was part of the price for Jarrett Allen.

There’s more from Cleveland:

  • While he’s with the Celtics now, Tristan Thompson continues to send messages of encouragement to Garland, Fedor adds in a separate story. Thompson adopted a mentorship role to Garland last year and helped him get through a difficult rookie season. “TT is like a big brother to me. He texts me before like almost every game.” Garland said. “He took me under his wing. TT has made his name in this league. He’s won a championship in this league. He knows what to do and how to get there. … Just hearing from him and having another guy I can talk to instead of my dad or some of my own teammates and coaches, it’s really cool having him there for me.”
  • Although his time in Cleveland was troubled, Kevin Porter Jr. posted a social media message thanking the Cavaliers after being traded to Houston Friday night, Fedor relays in another piece“Cleveland, thank you for giving me a chance to change not only my life but my family’s as well, and believing in me,” Porter wrote. “To the beloved city, the fans, my brothers I gained, the coaching staff and the entire organization, I appreciate you and won’t ever take the relationships we have for granted.”
  • Early-season injuries to their best shooters forced the Cavs to rely on defense, writes Kelsey Russo of The Athletic. That approach of “playing ugly” has become their calling card and has been reinforced by the trade that brought Allen and Taurean Prince from Brooklyn.
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27 thoughts on “Cavaliers Notes: Sexton, Garland, Thompson, Porter

  1. kingcong95

    The trade tree goes back farther when you recall that the Cavs traded Mo Williams for the Kyrie pick. They acquired Williams in a three team trade where they sent away Drew Gooden, Larry Hughes, and Donyell Marshall among others.

  2. cavsarethebestever42

    I love my Cleveland Cavaliers! Koby has really put together a deep team that goes out there and competes! JB is an excellent coach. Larry is showing that he can do EVERYTHING on the floor every night. Collin is an Allstar this year. Darius is having a good start to his sophomore year (even with the injury). Drummond can be VERY frustrating on the offensive end but his defense is why we have him! Okoro’ stats might not be much but he is doing an excellent job defending the opposing teams best player!!! And Jarrett Allen is the future center of our team! Not to mention we still have Kevin Love out who is a good passing center and can still get points. Oh and Dylan windier is going to be a sniper from 3 (if he can stay healthy).

  3. Sillivan

    Do you think Cavs and Knicks need top 10 picks this summer?

    If yes
    If no

    I think Knicks and Cavs really need first overall pick or …

  4. Noel1982

    Truth is lebron leaving cavs in 2018 was the second greatest thing to happen for the cavs in their history ! Right behind actually winning the title In 2016

    • Stilt Armstrong

      I can agree with that. Still need to draft a Shooting Guard, or buy one with the Drummond money. Oladipo would be nice, but a larger, Jrue Holiday, Brogdon, Shai Gilgeous, Alexander-Walker maybe?? type guard could really compliment the undersized Sexton on the defensive end of the floor. Simmons can’t shoot a lick, and Mitchell is too small, Beal is not likely headed to Cleveland. Worth position drafting in the case of the Cavs this season, not usually a proponent of that.

        • Stilt Armstrong

          Who said anything was wrong with Sexton, or more importantly said, or did anything to receive all caps in terms of frustrated, angry, yelling?

          Sexton is small. Move on from Garland, and whatever other Cavs positional occupant in the offseason, or TD, and get someone to “aid” Sexton & the Cavs, and his Elite skills, while also covering for his small stature.

          Calm down for god’s sake, its just entertainment. You only have one life!

  5. KnickerbockerAl

    Considering injuries and missing players. Cavs are doing good. Sexton is definitely showing he is lead guard. They can’t have two 6’ PGs in same backcourt. Eventually Garland should be moved. He can probably eventually start for another team. Cavs have Allen, Sexton, Okoro as solid young core. They should build around that IMO. They can get a lot of value for Love, Drummond, McGee, Garland. I mean a lot of value.

    • cavsarethebestever42

      They are proving this season that yes they can indeed use garland and Sexton together… They start with them together, then for 2 quarters they alternate one or the other on the court. Then they finish out games together.

      • Stilt Armstrong

        Jrue Holiday instead of Mike Conley with the Jazz would destroy the league, and definitely challenge the west. Same reasons I’d want to put that type of player next to Sexton VS Garland.

        Blazers have been trying for years to cover for McCollum & Lillard on defense. It just doesn’t work under current NBA officiating. Atlanta gets it!

        Cavs are better off moving Osman, Love, Garland. Sign, trade, and draft 3 & D wings. Make a solid move in a direction now that there is a core of Allen, Nance, Sexton. Cavs fans should be overjoyed Garland turned out to pay dividends where they expected Kevin Porter would. Even Steven! Hard to beat.

    • x%sure

      Same crap from K.Al as always. Worked once, good for every time. Except wrong… They’re not moving Garland or Love. Nobody wants Love at his figures. Fans want to see their team, not get held hostage. Shuttup Al.

  6. Walladipo and Wood

    They basically gave away Kevin Porter Jr. for nothing unless the Warriors are a top 5 team in 2024 (extremely unlikely). The only way the Cavs can get their 2nd round pick for Porter is if Golden State has one of the top 5 records in the NBA three seasons from now.

    They will be in rebuilding mode by then, and if John Lucas can help Porter get his head on straight the Rockets will have stolen him for absolutely nothing.

    • xxtremecubsguy89

      You do realize Cleveland Doesn’t care about the pick? They only traded him so they wouldn’t be responsible for his contract. Otherwise he was going to be released.

    • KnickerbockerAl

      Two 6’ guards is not working in the NBA. Garland is good enough to start. He won’t be happy coming off bench. It’s still early. You only get paid as a starter.

      • Sebch

        OKC is gonna have a top 5 juicy swap pick if HOU keeps rebulding before TD …

  7. formerlyz

    Cleveland didnt just choose to play defense lol. They have better defensive players now, led by Okoro

    • KnickerbockerAl

      Okoro is a great pick. Okoro, Allen, Sexton is a very good young core. They got trade assets, picks, money (FA). To build around them add to them. The future is bright. One more good draft. Cavs will be good for yrs lol.

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