Cavs Expected To Trade Or Release Porter Following Locker Room Incident

The Cavaliers are expected to either trade or release second-year wing Kevin Porter Jr. following an incident in the team’s locker room on Friday, multiple sources tell Jason Lloyd, Joe Vardon, Kelsey Russo, and Shams Charania of The Athletic.

According to The Athletic’s report, Porter became angry when he entered the locker room and found that the club had given his old locker to newly-acquired forward Taurean Prince. Sources tell The Athletic that Porter’s locker had been moved to a wall where the “younger, end-of-bench players reside.”

Porter began yelling and at one point threw food, according to The Athletic’s reporters, who say that the 20-year-old remained combative when confronted by general manager Koby Altman. Head coach J.B. Bickerstaff also entered the locker room during the outburst, having heard the commotion from his office, and was “shocked and disgusted by what he heard,” per The Athletic.

Cleveland spent the weekend attempting to trade Porter, according to Lloyd, Vardon, Russo, and Charania.

Porter, the 30th overall pick in the 2019 draft, had a promising rookie season, averaging 10.0 PPG and 3.2 RPG on .442/.335/.723 shooting in 50 games (23.2 MPG). However, he has yet to play for the Cavs this season for personal reasons.

The former USC swingman was arrested in November after flipping his Mercedes SUV. He was charged with improper handling of a firearm in a motor vehicle, a felony, in addition to misdemeanors for driving without a license and marijuana possession. All charges were dropped in December by a grand jury.

Porter is earning $1.72MM this season and $1.78MM in 2021/22, with a $3.22MM team option for ’22/23. If he plays out the contract, he’d be extension-eligible in 2022 and RFA-eligible in 2023.

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92 thoughts on “Cavs Expected To Trade Or Release Porter Following Locker Room Incident

  1. jpritch002

    Cavs loss… they shouldn’t have given his locker to an overpaid player that won’t be with the team longer than this year. TBH the Cavs are gonna lose a very good young asset over making him give up his locker lol

    • afsooner02

      Or the dude could try acting like an adult for a change….especially in front of his boss…..

      • stevep-4

        This has to stop. Hollywood entertainer contracts typically have a clause related to unbecomig public behavior which can terminate their contract with significant penalties. The new CBA needs to include something to restrain these baby millionaires. They are grown men, and should be expected to behave like it.

        • DaBlow216

          Agreed, I say suspending him or JR Smith him, where he gets paid because he will get paid anyway but can’t go where he wants to.
          We could trade him to the expansion Seattle next year.

    • tjbarnaba

      He isn’t even remotely worth building around if he can’t have his locker moved with throwing a tantrum. Would hate to be on a team you built if this is the kind of guy you want leading lol

      • brownscavsr4me

        Agreed. While he might be a little pissy that the Cavs haven’t let him play, there is a reason for that and that isn’t a type of culture any franchise wants to have on their team. Even if he becomes a star, why would you want a selfish (who happens to be a ball dominant shoot-first player) and immature player to build around. It really sucks because everyone including myself feels that he has star potential, but Cavs are building around a culture right now, not a player.

      • brownscavsr4me

        Hope they can trade him for a solid asset rather than give him up for nothing, especially since we all know he will be on another NBA team eventually.

      • brownscavsr4me

        Also, for people saying you’d be mad that your locker was moved so would I. But there is a difference between a mature and immature response. A mature response would include verbal communication of your dissatisfaction, followed by hard work to earn it back. There are plenty of 20 year olds in the NBA understand this. I guess this is why all 29 other teams passed on him in the first round of the draft

        • stevep-4

          Frankly, this is b.s.
          Have you never been moved to a new desk at work? Did you shout and throw things and if you did, how long was it before they escorted you from the building and fired you for cause?

    • Michael Chaney

      You’re not more concerned about the fact that a player reacted like that to something as small as a locker? If he can’t control himself over something like that, he’s not someone to build around anyway.

      • GangGreen23

        +1. Agree. Employers tend to give your cube to someone else if you don’t show up for work. He’s not injured, he’s not playing because of his own personal issues and not the team’s issues. I have no problem with the team swapping out his Locker to someone they can RELY on.

        In the meantime, he could work towards earning it back, but no, he chose the “ I played AAU so I’m entitled “ Route.

        He’s young, he’ll learn from this.

      • Northern Expansion 416

        He does have a firearm and seems to be a headcase so… Bad combination…

        • smallball

          He was cleared of firearm charges as it did not belong to him. Read the article first, comment second.

  2. freerusneycastillo

    I don’t blame him why would you just do that out of the blue. Could he have handled it more professionally, yes, but I don’t blame him.

    • qbert1996

      you don’t blame him for throwing a tantrum like a toddler over a locker? Dude wasnt even playing because of personal reasons. Porter clearly has issues he needs to sort out before he plays again for any team.

    • frozeninneohio

      Why would you do it out of the blue? Seriously? The guy hasn’t been with the team because of his behavior. You bring in a veteran player and want him to be integrated into the team as quickly as possible and you think Porter should keep his locker? Oh wait, yeah, you’re right. The team that’s paying him, assigns the lockers, and has bent over backward to help and protect him from himself should have treated a more established veteran who WILL be playing like the outcast that Porter made himself. Attention, attention: Kevin Porter, Jr. please pickup your binky and don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

    • whodat37

      Doubt someone trades for him but someone will pick him up after he’s released

    • He might get another chance. But we knew this going in with this guy. Isn’t that why he was drafted so low because he can play.. it’s just his attitude held him back. Remember the old adage,

      “When a person shows you who they are, believe them.”
      -Gary 1:18

  3. whodat37

    I’d be pissed too tbh. That’s some passive aggressive bulls**t. He’s a promising young player, why drive him out of town like that?

    • jaash5

      yeah thats a dumb move, especially with ir being his first game on the bench this season…. also wonder if they knew or if it was just a locker room manager than did it

      • tjbarnaba

        Clearly you both have never been on a team. If he’s willing to act like that, he’s a culture cancer and he needs to be removed immediately.

    • Ironmonger835

      Its a locker. He shouldn’t get all butt hurt about it. You ever had your desk moved for no reason? Big deal.

      • Little_Dunker_45

        Maybe his locker is near a vent and he prefers some cool air to kind of cool down after a tense game. We need photos of the locker room (without players, just like a blueprint) to really understand the implications, ya know?

        • Dumbest thing I’ve ever read, maybe his locker is by a vent, he acted like a tiny baby over nothing, no team will give up a thing for him, you don’t pay to bring a chemistry killer to a team, dude cried over a locker, I feel bad for how much of a pathetic loser he is

    • The difference is, what do you do with that anger? Do you Channel it into hard work and Improvement and spending more time in the gym? Or is it manifest a different way? That’s the difference.

      If they change my locker out and put me with the scrubs I’m going to prove them wrong on the court or at practice. Not by throwing chicken wings at guys.

      • Little_Dunker_45

        Technically chicken wings are meant to fly thru the air so what he did was not that out of line

    • GangGreen23

      Most of us would have handled it professionally and said, “Hey Koby, do you have a couple of Minutes to talk in your Office … “ and then told him, “I’m not happy about my Locker being moved, how can I earn it back?”

      People – can’t chew out your Boss, out in the open, in front of fellow co-workers. It’s a sure way to get a call from the HR Dept. Best to voice your displeasure in the privacy of an office.

  4. talkingjunky

    Kind of get that it’s annoying to have your locker moved, but maybe an overreaction?

  5. tjbarnaba

    Children children children, it doesn’t matter if you’re averaging 80 points per game… if you act selfishly on a TEAM, you don’t show up for training camp or the entire season to this point, you’re going to be out of work. His locker was moved and you’re all showing compassion for him like he’s was in the right to act like a little child in a mans game? I feel bad for all of you that are saying he was right to act this way, it just shows that none of you would ever be successful in a team atmosphere.

    • ChillFly

      You don’t know the backstory about the situation apart from what’s being reported here. So your comment is irrelevant

      • Curtisrowe

        Yours is too.
        So is mine.
        Actually, I don’t think anything any of us time on here matters a whole lot.
        I mean life doesn’t even matter all that much when you think about it. Pretty soon we will all be dead.

        Even Kevin Porter.

  6. dfree123

    Isn’t this guy a “younger, end of bench type of player”? He’s currently untradeable because of the poor choices he’s recently made off the court. Sounds to me like they put his locker exactly where it belongs and he threw a temper tantrum just like my 5 year old would do when something doesn’t go his way.

  7. donniebaseball23

    For that much money they could put my locker in the shower. Maybe he should grow up before he blackballs himself from every team in the league…if he hasn’t already.

  8. Little_Dunker_45

    This guy needs some help. Hope he gets it before something worse happens…away from the league and any semblance of structure or direction.

    • Jason Lancaster

      This is the right answer. Obviously this kid made a huge mistake, and obviously he’s losing his job because if multiple mistakes.

      But the answer here isn’t too dunk on his misfortune. It’s too recognize he is really young, doesn’t have a great set of tools to deal with setbacks like this, and is going to blow up a very good thing because of it.

      I’d like to see the Cavs take some ownership here and help him get counseling. I’d also like to see the league take a more active role when young players do what a lot of young people do and screw up.

      I remember how I was at 19 or 20, and I’m glad I wasn’t under a microscope like this kid.

      • "Stons" Fan

        @jason lancaster that is a nice sentiment and all for misguided youth in the community and school kids and teens. But when you become a professional you are expected to behave with a certain standard regardless of personal issues. Especially in a highly priviledged position as an NBA player.

        • Jason Lancaster

          @stonsfan The NBA owners and league officials should be setting an example for corporate America just like NBA athletes are setting an example for America’s youth. I’d argue the NBA should be schooling every big organization on how to onboard young workers, and to support all staff in general. They can certainly afford it.

          But, in all honesty, I’d guess Cleveland went above and beyond in a few ways with this kid. I’d just like to see the league manage this themselves instead of leaving it up to each team to do the right thing.

    • nsideindy

      This guy needs help (which he might)…but you don’t think kyrie does? I guess it would have been OK for Porter to just walk away from the team and not tell his coach, team or teammates and you would have been OK with it? Some days you just don’t make much sense.

  9. raiders

    It’s amazing to me all of the people saying they side with Porter. Ridiculous response by Porter and those saying it was justified.

    • Ironmonger835

      They probably don’t have jobs. lol. Its like your boss moving your desk or something. Might be annoying but are you gonna start yelling and throwing stuff? It was probably moved like 8 feet away…

      • No Iron Monger I would be pissed off. Big time. It’s not right at all, but it’s a respect thing. They move my locker that’s a sign of disrespect so I’ve got to earn it back, or even earn it in the first place. You don’t move a person’s locker without letting them know first unless you don’t have a place on the team, which is something KP doesn’t realize. Of course another angle is you set them up for blow up like this then you can cut his assets. Justified.

        • Yep it is

          Gary – agreed. No matter who he is or why he is on the bench you tell him first and then do it. As an organization if you spent your money Pre draft time and did your job you would know he had issues. Maybe they have worked with him but being 20 Years old and always pampered they should of known better as an organization.

          • hiflew

            You can’t blame the organization because this guy wanted to be paid like a man before he was ready to act like a man. You can blame them for not seeing it beforehand, I suppose.

            This type of thing is only going to get worse when they let 18 year olds enter the draft. They might be ready physically, but most are not ready emotionally or socially.

        • donniebaseball23

          Porter getting arrested and not being able to play because of personal reasons could also be viewed as a sign of disrespect to an employer who is paying him quite a bit of money. A lot of employers have clauses with their employees where they can terminate their employment for acts that reflect negatively on the employer. If he wants to be respected, perhaps he should grow up and start acting like a responsible adult. Then maybe people will respect him.

  10. Simmons>Russ

    Dudes going to get released and then teams aren’t going to want to hire him straight away.
    Obviously he needs to learn how to handle himself and grow up a little. Got arrested, hasn’t come back for personal reasons and now throwing a tantrum over his locker being moved.

    Even if teams like him and he would be a good fit, they won’t sign him if he’s going to act so poorly off the court

  11. Northern Expansion 416

    Didn’t know he already had charges… Oh well who needs a headcase on the roster, release him or trade him…


    Lame…how about prove yourself mature and capable, outside of a good rookie season? Taurean prince has been in league longer and is playing, so he should take your locker.
    Sad, porter has talent but seems entitled and undisciplined.

  13. cwr_12

    He’s making enough money . So why does he have to act like a brat for goodness sakes besides it’s just a locker for crying loud

    • Little_Dunker_45

      Maybe he had some stuff in there he didn’t want staff to touch like valuable necklace or sentimental jewelry or picture of his grandmom

      Money cannot purchase a memory…

      • hiflew

        And in your opinion, throwing food is an acceptable tactic to employ in that situation?

        • Little_Dunker_45

          So youd be cool with some rando janitor creeping on pics of your grandma doing who knows what with them and possibly putting them on the internet or sharing with the other staff? I’ll wait…

          • frozeninneohio

            What? Quit making excuses for this guy. Same actions caused this problem. Coddle him and then when something doesn’t happen the way he likes it he pouts and throws a tantrum. They didn’t give his locker to someone on a 10-day contract. With the adjustments made to locker rooms due to COVID a lot of players aren’t where they’d like to be. They gave it to someone that will be playing. Porter hasn’t done anything to indicate he’s even going to be on the floor this year.

    • hiflew

      Because he is immature and money cannot buy maturity. In most cases, money hurts maturity growth. If you aren’t mature without money, you definitely won’t be with it.

  14. DarkSide830

    seems like a headcase and this is a silly issue, but having lockers ordered by a player’s importance to the team seems like an easy way to harm the lockerroom dynamic.

  15. KnickerbockerAl

    He’s a kid and kids make mistakes. He better learn from this. At 20 he’s got his whole life in front of him. Instead of flipping over SUVs flip your life bro. Never too late.

    • hiflew

      Except he is NOT a kid. He is 20 years old. That is a grown man. I am sick of people constantly harping about guys leaving school early because they are grown men and should be able to earn a living and then excusing their behavior as just being a kid. Grown men make mistakes too, but they have to pay serious consequences for them. That’s a big reason why both prisons and unemployment lines are so full.

      • Little_Dunker_45

        20 for one person is not 20 for another. Bruh u a dreamer lol must be nice living in an alternate reality

      • Jason Lancaster

        Eh. Lots and lots of brain science says male brains aren’t fully formed until age 25 (on average). We all know 18 year olds who are mature, and 18 year olds who act like they’re in middle school.

        I don’t think a 20 year old should get a pass on bad behavior, and the consequences should be the same that an adult would experience. But he’s probably more child-like than we realize.

        • I can attest to that Jason. In all seriousness I didn’t get my stuff together until about age 27. I was a big-time knucklehead in my so-called adult years 18 to 27. Not to mention of course, some say I’m a knucklehead now LOL.

  16. hiflew

    What this reminds me of more and more is the case of Leon Smith. Smith was a prep to pro guy that was the final pick of the first round by the Spurs in 1999 then traded to Dallas. He was committed to a mental institution before he ever played for Dallas. He ended up playing a handful of games a couple of years later, but never made a real impact. And the guy had talent too.

    It just amazes me that these teams will continue to commit millions of dollars to these players that are teetering on such a thin psychological line. Hopefully, full psychological evaluations will become a major part of the pre-draft interview process in the future, but I highly doubt it.

    • Little_Dunker_45

      Full psych evals? Sure. Next they’ll only recruit kids with a 4.0 GPA who went to all their classes lol

      • hiflew

        Yeah because that is what I was talking about. Maybe you should get one of those psych evals if they are passing them out in your area. Couldn’t hurt.

        • Little_Dunker_45

          Yes, next time they’re “passing out” psych evals in my area I’ll definitely sign up lol. Maybe I’ll even ask the doctor to transcribe some of the delusional nonsense you post on here.

          When you grow up you’ll (hopefully) learn how the world really operates. Until then leave the tough decisions to the adults.

          • hiflew

            To the moderators, I don’t want tho see anyone banned, but if we could possibly get some kind of mute function for certain members that we would prefer to no longer see on the forum. I don’t know if it is possible, but it would just make things a lot more pleasant if we didn’t have to read the drivel of some people in order to read the keen observations of others.

            • hiflew, the little dunker was originally the number 3 poster on this site. Then within 20 minutes of signing up he was dropped down to number 45. It’s in his username in fact.

              Out of 1,048 annual posters and 616 monthly posters, 45 seems middle of the road for an hourly contributor. Also, the entertainment Factor makes up for some of the unneccessary personal Jabs he sends out, so moderators May see the value in extending his probation time.

    • Jason Lancaster

      I think there’s a reason he was the last player picked in the first round, as all teams have psychologists on staff or on retainer.

  17. jump shot

    Coming out, his red flags had red flags. Shouldn’t have ever drafted him in the first place. If a kid is a knucklehead with a bad attitude broke, he’s gonna still be a knucklehead with a bad attitude when you give him millions.
    Cut bait!

  18. jhatrix

    The CAVS are making a big mistake. Ron Harper much? Let cooler heads prevail and make a real effort to help KPJ.

  19. DaBlow216

    At some point KPJr is going to average 18, 4 and 4 while making less that 3 million. It could have been this year or the next for the Cavs but unfortunately it seems like it will be for somebody else.

    I can’t find it on the internet but I remember him asking for a trade awhile back to bubble time. It must be more going on then just that episode.

  20. DaBlow216

    At some point KPJr is going to average 18, 4 and 4 while making less that 3 million. It could have been this year or the next for the Cavs but unfortunately it seems like it will be for somebody else.

    I can’t find it on the internet but I remember him asking for a trade awhile back to bubble time. It must be more going on then just that episode.

  21. ThirdEyeSharp

    Let’s remember that the only reason Kevin Porter Jr was not playing was because the Cavs did not bring him back, they were holding him out from playing because of his off-court issues. That wasn’t his decision, then his locker gets moved and he has a bit of a meltdown. Not acceptable behavior, but understandable for a 20 year old kid going through hard times.

    Malik Beasley recently pleaded guilty to a felony, and he is playing in the NBA right now and that story has completely fizzled out.

    How are you gonna trade him for anything when you let this story get out that you’re gonna “Release or Trade Him” no matter what?

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