Kevin Porter Jr. Arrested On Firearms Charge

11:52am: The Cavaliers have released a statement on Porter’s arrest: “We are aware of the situation involving Kevin Porter Jr. and are in the process of gathering information. We have spoken with Kevin and will continue to address this privately with him as the related process evolves.”

11:01am: Cavaliers swingman Kevin Porter Jr. faces charges of improperly handling firearms in a motor vehicle after being arrested early Sunday morning, writes Chris Fedor of Porter was booked around 7:30am and released three hours later on $4K bond. Further details about the incident were not available.

The team is aware of the arrest, but wants to get more details before issuing a formal statement, Fedor adds.

Porter, 20, was a first-round pick in 2019. He averaged 10.0 points, 3.2 rebounds and 2.2 assists in 50 games as a rookie and is considered part of the Cavaliers’ foundation for the future. He posted a troubling message on social media last month, but the team determined the matter wasn’t serious and he was warned not to do it again.

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20 thoughts on “Kevin Porter Jr. Arrested On Firearms Charge

  1. Little_Dunker_45

    Very sad story. I hope like Beasley this young man can get some help. I expect more out of the Cavaliers organization this time round

    • east333

      You’re thinking of Delonte West who didn’t even end his career with the Cavs, not Michael Beasley.

      • wagner13

        Wrong Beasley. I believe he is referring to Malik, formerly of the Nuggets

        • Little_Dunker_45

          Yes. Malik – another player in trouble with guns in the last few weeks. Cavaliers this time around meaning, last trouble with Mr. Porter he was given “warning”. I’m not behind the scenes but please just care about these young men. They are not helpless, but when they need we should give.

          • x%sure

            The charge said “handling” firearms, not “brandishing”, so it’s probably self-harm related, like the deleted message. Incident details NA so far so I’m guessing.

            Malik Beasley was angry on his offense and has never been on the Cavs.

            • east333

              Yeah, I was just confused by the comment. Like, Cavs never had anything to do with any Beasley lmao

  2. Not a player you want to build around if he is posting trouble stuff and running around with guns.

  3. Strike Four

    Once again American pro sports has no idea how to transition teenagers into professional athletes, coddling them every day and giving them unlimited money and luxury items. There’s better on-boarding new worker methods used at gas stations.

    • NBA does have a program in place to educate young players coming into the NBA. Problem is they do not listen to their peer. They get all that money and think they are immune to temptation and bad friends. Don’t forget that many are the meal ticket for their family.

  4. DeathbyDeathwest

    Kevin is a very young man who should count himself fortunate that no one, including himself, was injured in this incident. Otherwise he may not have been given a second chance he probably deserves.

    That said, he clearly needs help and guidance. If the Cavs can’t be the support he needs, they need to deal him to a franchise that will.

  5. brewpackbuckbadg

    I read the article by Fedor but I am still not sure what Porter did. Did he have a loaded weapon in the car? That is totally legal in some states, correct? Is it nt in Ohio?

    • brewpackbuckbadg

      I am not a huge pro gun person. If there was more to it (which I can understand) then I can understand being upset. For me, if I get pulled over, its yes sir/mame and so on. Hands on steering wheel and so on.

      • Little_Dunker_45

        Unfortunately the situation is not that straightforward for everyone…different people in different parts of the country have different, oftentimes complicated relationships with law enforcement.

        • brewpackbuckbadg

          I get that. I understand it is not that “easy” for some and or that “easy” for some law enforcement. Scary world we live in.

  6. I'm a starboy not a Dr...

    These guys want to improve their lives, get the opportunity they potentially blow it??? Oh my gosh!

  7. Black Ace57

    This title and post can read as being much worse than it may actually be, especially if you do not understand firearms or firearm law.

    Here in Ohio if you have a handgun in your car there are 2 legal methods of doing so:

    1. If it is unloaded it can be anywhere pretty much in your car.

    2. If it is loaded, it must either be in a compartment where the owner must leave the vehicle in order to access it. for example the trunk. Otherwise it must be in an approved type of box or container that meets certain criteria.

    This is kind of a simple explanation of the law and the legal code is much more in depth, but if he made a mistake or even made a technicality error then he has violated the law. While every responsible gun owner should know and follow all laws I would like to hear more about what exactly happened before I judge him on his actions.

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