Eastern Notes: Oladipo, Celtics, Heat, Beal, Cavs

Victor Oladipo turned down a contract extension offer from the Pacers that started at over $25MM, league sources tell former NBA executive Ryan McDonough of Radio.com (Twitter link). NBA rules would have allowed Indiana to go up to a starting salary of $25.2MM on an extension for Oladipo, and it sounds like the team was willing to go that high, based on McDonough’s report.

With Oladipo seeking a more lucrative contract in free agency, where he’ll be eligible for a starting salary worth up to $33.7MM, the Pacers realized they would likely lose him during the summer of 2021, McDonough explains. That’s why Indiana was willing to move him in a deal for Caris LeVert this week. That trade between the Rockets and Pacers – which was separated from the rest of the James Harden blockbuster – isn’t yet official, but should be soon.

Here’s more from around the Eastern Conference:

  • After dealing with a roster shortage for much of the week, the Celtics will have some reinforcements for Friday night’s contest vs. Orlando, their first game since last Friday. Jaylen Brown, Daniel Theis, Semi Ojeleye, and Javonte Green are all out of the NBA’s health and safety protocols and are available tonight, tweets Gary Washburn of The Boston Globe.
  • With Harden off the market, Barry Jackson of The Miami Herald revisits the Heat‘s potential trade options if they want to make a splash before the March 25 deadline. As Jackson has mentioned multiple times in the past, Miami would be very interested in Bradley Beal if the Wizards were to make him available.
  • The Cavaliers will carry approximately $309K in dead money for Thon Maker after waiving his non-guaranteed contract to accommodate their Jarrett Allen and Taurean Prince acquisitions, tweets Bobby Marks of ESPN. Maker was paid about $11.9K per day for 26 days of service.
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40 thoughts on “Eastern Notes: Oladipo, Celtics, Heat, Beal, Cavs

  1. Sillivan

    Two questions Rockets fans need to think about
    Why did Rockets trade LaVert for Oladipo?
    Ben Simmons and Oladipo don’t want to play for Rockets
    Why did Rockets trade Jarrett Allen to Cavs for Bucks 2021 first round pick?
    Rockets fans are talking about “compete”

    • Simmons>Russ

      Firstly Oladipo never said he didn’t want to play for the Rockets. Secondly they didn’t get Jarrett Allen in the deal so therefore they didn’t trade him for a first. They need the Cavs apart of the deal to make the cap situation work and in part the Cavs got Jarrett Allen and the Rockets got a first.

      • sportsfreak52

        Oladipo wants over $33 million a year on a multi-year deal, one reason why they traded Harden; money!
        2nd- Oladipo is going where the money is and he DID say he wants to stay in the Eastern Conference long-term !
        3rd, he’s still timid after the horrible knee injury and still can’t play in back to back days/games!
        So yea, Houston bit the big one on Oladipo, and being from Indianapolis, I’m glad we got Levert for two more years at a max of $18.1 million over paying a 30+ year old timid ball player $34+ million over 3-4 years!!

    • The Rockets correctly IMO guessed that either trading Oladipo again or letting him hit FA and getting the cap space was better than banking on Caris LeVert to ever be an efficient NBA player

    • Black Ace57

      They say they want to compete, but they won’t really. The difference between Levert and Oladipo is that Levert makes more and could have cost the Rockers luxury tax money and Fertitta never has wanted to go into the luxury tax.

    • mlbnyyfan

      What makes Houston think that they can convince Olidipo to stay. They should of kept Lavert

      • Sillivan

        Rockets asset collection
        Exum – so much injury
        Oladipo – quad
        Eric Gordon – so much injury

        • I think by letting Oladipo expire they’ll have more cap room take take on salary dumps which come with draft picks, plus trade/unload some of their heavier unwanted salaries. It’s basically a reset sooner vs later

          • Simmons>Russ

            Exactly win now with Wall Oladipo Wood and once Oladipo expires clear that 20mil quicker and can take on bad deals for picks.

            They got 8 picks from the deal, will deal Tucker for pick/s, and probably same with Eric Gordon.

          • Sillivan

            Rockets are different because of owner cost saving program
            Cost saving is everything
            It just doesn’t work in that way for Rockets
            This summer
            Knicks have $73 million cap space
            Thunder have $72 million cap space

      • CamFrost

        They obviously would rather take the $ flexibility with the draft picks they accumulated. They just think they can flip Oladipo for more than Levert if he comes in and plays well. But I’m not sure how realistic that is.

        • Sillivan

          11 years
          Rockets have traded away their 9 first round picks

          You have a good point
          Dollar sign
          Trade Oladipo to Celtics for TPE

      • Tatsumaki

        They have the cap space to do? They just rid themselves of 42 million from harden trade, they can easily sign oladipo for 33.7 and still save money from harden

        • sportsfreak52

          A 30+ year old who wants to be in the Eastern Conference with a history of quad injuries and a horrible knee injury that he timid in his play and can’t play in back to back days…thanks for doing business with you Houston!
          Being from Indianapolis we have heard nothing but how nobody wanted Oladipo because he’s injury prone and wanting around $34 million + for 3-4 years…so thanks for keeping us from losing Oladipo for nothing!!

  2. C-Daddy

    Remember when Kevin Garnett said he expected Thon Maker to be NBA MVP one day? That comment hasn’t aged well.

    • osaegthong

      yup he ended up being an MVP for getting posterized da most lol. how tf r u 7 ft but u cant grab more than 5 rebs??? sure hes an excellent three point shooter and floor spacer but his defense is overall garbage. if he doesnt improve one day, hes gunna end up like anthony bennet.

  3. Shannon Wolfe

    Rockets fans, those draft picks will be trade bait for the “next Harden”. Rockets have never been good in drafts and always seek trades that involves draft picks. Maybe it will be different with a new GM, but I think the owner is more opt to trade those draft picks for a superstar to build around. Maybe Booker from the Suns or someone similar to him, will potentially head to Houston in March. I can for see a PG or PF being the piece to build around. Booker came to mind immediately with 2 draft picks, PJ Tucker, and potentially another player.

      • Sillivan

        It makes more sense to trade Chris $85 million remaining contract to Rockets than Booker

      • Shannon Wolfe

        @chris it was a name I threw out that will be looked for by the Rockets. 5 first round picks sitting there to be added to try and pull away from any team. I only named Booker as example. But one of the 76ers or a young gun in Washington, would be logical trade partner for the Rockets. 1st round picks can make a rebuilding team thinking about finding the next James or Curry.

      • formerlyz

        2 years ago, it would have been because he wasnt a good player, but last year was his first decent year. He has improved in his decision making, and on defense, although part of that is what he has around him now

  4. julyn82001

    Glad Houston new management can now have the flexibility to make the decisions they need to make without answering to one specific star player! It’s ludicrous what one player can do to a culture no matter prior management allowing such erratic unprofessional behavior coming from that star player!

  5. KnickerbockerAl

    Oladipo is not worth 34 mill. He wasn’t worth that when healthy. There’s not a team in NBA that’s going to offer him that. He will have to sign a 1-2 yr contract. To prove he is a max player. Cause right now he only gets maxed out in China. If you have watched him play. He is not 100%. He might be closer at end of yr. Seems like he just wants to make it thru this yr.

    • When he was healthy he was 3rd team All NBA and 3 years younger so he was definitely worth it. Now? He should’ve taken the Indy deal

      • KnickerbockerAl

        He had one all star yr, one. After Magic giving up on him. And bouncing from OKC to Pacers as decent solid player. That might be worth it to you. It’s not worth it to me. I don’t sign anyone to max contracts. Especially with only one very good yr. I thought he was a solid player probably making that next step. Just didn’t happen unfortunately. Now he has to prove himself all over again.

  6. mcmillankmm

    Still think Indiana did the best in the trade….they dealt Oladipo who was scheduled to be free agent in offseason so they ensured they got something for him….but also dealt him quick enough before he demanded a trade like Harden and others have done

    • Buster79

      Indiana made a shrewd move. Oladipo rejected their best offer so they got a good player on a good contract. They have a young team full of good contracts and should win a lot of games for the next couple years.

  7. KnickerbockerAl

    Pacers did well to avoid a contract dispute. And probably lose Oladipo to FA. Truth is he is not same player. He might be one day or even better. I just don’t see it till end of yr or next yr. I wouldn’t gamble on that. This is a business. Pacers got a bigger Oladipo in LeVert. And he’s under contract. He’s younger and has true potential to be as good or better. Plus they got a 2nd rd pick. It was a wise business and basketball decision. I got nothing against Oladipo. I hope he gets healthy and thrives.

  8. formerlyz

    Kendrick Nunn/Tyler Herro, Kelly Olynyk, Andre Iguodala, KZ Okpala, and potentially their 1-2 draft picks they can move

    for Beal, Isaac Bonga, Troy Brown jr, and Moritz Wagner

    If after February 6, that would give the Heat more options, potentially to include Avery Bradley and Meyers Leonard instead of Iguodala, but if the Heat were to make a deal for Beal, I would assume it would have to look somewhat like this to get it done financially

  9. Northern Expansion 416

    That rockets fan has been MIA since the Harden trade…maybe he will bandwagon the nets now… Rox indeed wanted to save money & in all honesty I recon that they will look to flip Oladipo by the deadline, Indy won overall with Levert for sure…

  10. hoosierhysteria

    Pacers are better without VO. He is not same dominant player. Not worth 25 or 33. Levert can ball. Pacers will still be fun to watch.

  11. matt Trump

    if I was Miami I might call up the bulls an offer igudola olynk and Nunn and some draft compensation for young lavine and Gafford. it gives Miami another scorer and helps there interior defense

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