John Wall Opens Up About Being Traded By Wizards

John Wall isn’t hiding his desire to prove something to the Wizards when he faces them tonight for the first time since being traded, writes Chase Hughes of NBC Sports. Wall, who spent 10 seasons in Washington before the December 2 deal that sent him to Houston, believes the organization lost confidence after injuries sidelined him for the past two years.

“Just seeing everybody that’s over there, a lot of people that’s on that side that probably didn’t believe I could come back to be the person I am. And probably some people that had a little say so into me being traded,” Wall said. “I feel like it was a whole process and it wasn’t just something that happened overnight. I think this was in the works. That’s my motivation. Who wouldn’t want to beat the team that traded them and felt like I was done?”

Wall has shown flashes of his old self during the first month of the season. He has played in eight of the Rockets‘ first 15 games and is averaging 17.1 points, 4.3 rebounds and 5.5 assists per night. He has also adopted a leadership role and was one of the team’s most vocal players when James Harden was forcing his way out of Houston.

Wall’s comments are from an in-depth interview with Chris Miller that NBC Sports Washington will air before tonight’s game. Wall admits he considers the contest to be personal.

“I feel like it is. I definitely feel so because, I know I had my say so and my responsibilities with what I did off the court and things I (did), but I owned up to those. I said my apologies and that’s the best I can do,” Wall said. “Nobody’s perfect. We all live and learn from our mistakes. I wish it would have never happened, but it happened, yes. I moved forward from it. My mindset was to come back and compete at a high level in the one jersey I only knew for 10 years.”

Wall’s is likely referring to an offseason video of him at a party where he allegedly displayed gang signs.

“I just wish I would have known up front and not have to beat around the bush to figure things out,” he continued. “That’s just my motivation there. They thought I was done. Basically, that’s how I feel. This is my opportunity to show them that I’m not done. But the most important thing for me is get the win. I don’t care how many numbers I have, it’s about getting the win. That’s the most important thing because if I get 40 and then we lose, the trade don’t look as bad from their aspect because they beat us that one game they did play us. So my ultimate goal is to try to get a win for my team.”

Wall adds that he would have appreciated more honesty from the Wizards heading into the deal, which sent him and and a protected first-round pick to Houston in exchange for Russell Westbrook. Hughes notes that rumors of the trade began a week before it happened, and that it was the first time in his career that Wall’s name has been floated in trade talks.

“Most importantly, all I really wanted from the start of all of it was just to be told the truth,” Wall said. “That’s the most important thing and what made it so hard for me to understand what was going on because I wasn’t told the truth. I understand it’s a business and things go on and people move on and you get traded, organizations in different ways. When I heard the rumors, I called and asked are these true or are these something not to worry about? From that day forward, all I heard was ‘no, those rumors aren’t true, don’t worry about it.’ In all reality, it was true.”

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11 thoughts on “John Wall Opens Up About Being Traded By Wizards

  1. Cap & Crunch

    Next article-

    Wizards open up how disappointed they were about handing out 171 million and then having to ship out a first to rid themselves of Wall

    Just me but I think that article has more bones to it

    Not a rip on HR jus sayin if I was Wall Id be quite as a church mouse about now

    • Walladipo and Wood

      Westbrook’s outlook is far worse than Wall’s right now. The Rockets have more than enough depth to rest Wall whenever they need to, but the Wizards can only rest Russ on B2B’s because he’s the only other player they can rely on to score besides Beal. Westbrook is having the worst season of his career so far making it clear how terrible the trade was for Washington.

      • Cap & Crunch

        Indeed so, but that was only caused by the 4/171 that said Wall was inked too and that was my point

        I feel bad for the Wiz…it seems 1 step forward 2 steps back for them for quite a while (Since MJ2 well 3 really lol)-
        I really like Beal, I wish he would stay forever but the Wall/Westy anchor contracts will probably be the driver for the door in the end

        Im not a Wizard fan, but If I was, I think Id be looking at this headline like “What, the hell w You Wall”….hence my post

    • Jason Lancaster

      If I was offered $171 million to be the starting PG for the Wizards, I’d sign the contracts and cash the checks and giggle the whole time. You would too.

      It’s not Wall’s fault the team gave him too much.

  2. bigguccisosa300

    “Wall has shown flashes of his old self”
    Haha yeah, he got injured…

    Jokes aside it’s good to see him back. I’ve always liked him and he used to be cold af in 2k haha.

    Side note @hardenWESTBROOK_mvps you are the worst type of fan. You were on Russ’ jock so had him in your screen name. Now you take literally every opportunity to trash the guy. Grow up. Would hate to be a friend of yours in real life

    • Walladipo and Wood

      My opinion of Westbrook is exactly the same as it was before he was with the Rockets. I hated having to root for him then, but I am so glad that Houston got rid of him. And believe me, the feeling is mutual my “friend”.

  3. Stilt Armstrong

    Wall ended up in a better situation in HOU, even though HOU is also in flux. WAS has been similar to the Wolves situation for some time. (other than being for sale)

  4. Jason Lancaster

    Where are all the comments about how the Wizards signed a contract with Wall and should have honored it?

    Or does that criticism only go one way?

    Also, is it Wall’s fault that the Wizards offered him a truckload of cash? Because anyone would sign that deal – how can we hate on the guy for getting paid?

    A lot of NBA fans are so anti-player it’s amazing.

    • Cap & Crunch

      Certainly not, but whys he calling a revenge game out? Revenge for what? What did Wash ever do to Wall?

      I think Wizard fans have more to be upset about than Wall……

      And whats with all the dramatic speech “making it back to what I am” …. Hes missed half the games this year and shooting 40% fg and 33% from 3 . I wouldnt say hes made it anywhere yet

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