Killian Hayes Out At Least Eight More Weeks

The right hip subluxation that has sidelined Pistons rookie lottery selection Killian Hayes since January 4 will keep him off the court for at least the next eight weeks, the club announced today in a press release. Detroit will re-evaluate the 19-year-old point guard and determine a return timeline after that period.

When he first incurred the injury, Hayes was originally projected to miss about four to six weeks should a specialist determine he would not require surgery.

The silver lining to this extended absence, however, is that Hayes will apparently not require a surgical procedure to address the injury, per David Aldridge of The Athletic (via Twitter).

Veteran point guards Derrick Rose and Delon Wright will continue to soak up most of Hayes’ minutes as the rookie continues to recover. Third-year point guard Frank Jackson may get additional run. Forwards Jerami Grant and Blake Griffin will be relied upon for supplemental ball-handling.

Across his first seven NBA games, Hayes especially struggled on offense. He sported an underwhelming slash line of .277/.250/.500.

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9 thoughts on “Killian Hayes Out At Least Eight More Weeks

  1. KnickerbockerAl

    Dumb move starting Hayes. He’s not ready and there’s no need to do it. He should be sitting till at least second half. Why would you want to push an 19 yr old. Who avg 27 mins in Europe last yr. At best he should be splitting time with Rose. So they can show and trade him.

  2. osaegthong

    i think i remeber during da virtual nba draft last year, they mentioned that he was an efficient playmaker. lol idk how he couldnt translate all those skills to da nba. his shooting line is a bit devastating compared to how solid rose has been off da bench

    • x%sure

      I don’t think Hayes was highly skilled. He just had a good makeup and solid physicality… “efficient playmaker” is not necessarily a compliment. Like a quarterback described as a good game manager, which is actually a good thing to be, but not compelling.

  3. udaman

    its actually Delon Wright not Derek Rose who took over Hayes minutes and spot in the starting lineup. Rose has the same 6th man role he’s been in all season

    • osaegthong

      im confused wut is delon wright’s role anyways? like i’ve seen him play sg against da cavs and then pg da next game. pretty sure hes a point guard who doesnt shoot well and mostly attacks da rim and play D.

  4. KnickerbockerAl

    He’s a scoring PG. But has big upside. Has size and is a playmaker. But this is not Denmark. I’m just saying why push him to start. Kid got a big future. Pistons overall had a great draft IMO.

  5. CallerBernard

    Don’t know that i would say the Pistons had a great draft i would use the word puzzling. Puzzling that they would
    Draft a guard that lacks NBA skill
    Draft a undersized center who cant shoot has limited mobility and is vertically challenged also on his way to being a target by refs and other teams ire for being excessive.
    a wasted pick in the 2nd round in Lee when there were more qualified players available Mason Jones jr Daniel Oturu Isaiah Joe Grant Riller all have potential to be upper level players in the NBA instead of a 6’1 player who looks very G league ish. Maybe Weaver thought his comparable was Donavon Mitchell sorry dude lightning don’t strike the same place twice.

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