Kyrie Irving Remains Out For Monday’s Game

JANUARY 18: The Nets have listed Irving as out for Monday’s game. The point guard continues to ramp up his conditioning following his absence and seems likely to return for Brooklyn’s next contest on Wednesday, per Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN (Twitter links).

JANUARY 17: Nets star Kyrie Irving has been upgraded to questionable for Monday’s marquee game against the Bucks on TNT, Malika Andrews of ESPN tweets.

Irving has missed the team’s last six games due to personal reasons and the league’s health and safety protocols. Should the 28-year-old become available for Monday, it could be the first time he, James Harden and Kevin Durant share the floor since last week’s massive multi-team trade was finalized.

Harden and Durant combined for 74 points in the team’s win over Orlando on Saturday without Irving, shooting an impressive 24-for-44 from the floor.

“We didn’t even have 11 (Kyrie Irving) tonight. Scary hours wow!!!” Harden wrote on social media postgame.

Brooklyn (8-6) has one of the league’s most formidable offensive rosters, while Milwaukee (9-4) is known for having one of the top defenses. Both clubs will have plenty of time to develop their chemistry as the season progresses.

Irving, a six-time All-Star, was recently fined $50K for violating the league’s COVID-19 protocols. The violation also cost him in excess of $800K in salary.

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29 thoughts on “Kyrie Irving Remains Out For Monday’s Game

    • washington_bonercats

      You’re right! The Nets would be infinitely better if the guy they landed to change their franchise just up and walked out of town. Good thinking!

      • They will win it all. Same people can laugh at me as the ones 2 years ago when i said Toronto would win and the same that laughed when i said maimi win the east last year. Way too talented for the nba. Will be a bloodbath when it matters.. no one else can score 100 with 3 players, not to mention other players are good as well

        • shawn hemp

          You should be a millionaire with all sports knowledge. I bet u called buster douglas knocking out Mike Tyson too

        • Chief Two Hands

          You predicted Durant and Thompson would get injured? That’s what it took for Toronto to win.

        • Lakers1

          Not if lakers have a say and they definately do.. here’s the thing.. come playoff time, defenses tighten up and it’s easier to game plan for a 7 game series.. lebron and Ad are winning players.. The nets they may be able to score but can they defend? What about rebounding? Harden crumbles when the stakes get bigger.. lakers in 5

    • julyn82001

      Why sports management allows some these athletes unprofessional behavior? Guess it’s a big business after all. Joke!

  1. KnickerbockerAl

    Didn’t know Claxton is out for a long time, could be. Nets should sign a big. Dedmond is out there. Nets should fill 2 of the 3 roster spots they have open, D players. Save the other for a player who gets bought out or trade. I believe they have two 5 mill slots open.

  2. nsideindy

    I know $850K isn’t much to him…but it seems like therapy would have been a lot less expensive.

  3. KnickerbockerAl

    Kyrie is Questionable ????
    Kyrie questions life ?? To be or not to be. To play or not play.

  4. JonnyLucas

    Trade him. KD and The Beard pair together like peanut butter and jelly. Kyrie is like adding mustard to the mix.

  5. JonnyLucas

    I’d rather have a couple draft picks and a couple nice role players than Kyrie. Harden can do almost everything Kyrie can and more. Much more.

  6. C-Daddy

    Honestly they might be better off trading him for bench depth and draft picks.

    • El Don

      Why on earth would BRK wanna trade KD when they are trying to win a ring?
      Just don’t get your point, dude!

      • Curtisrowe

        He isn’t talking about KD. You gotta actually read the articles first, then comment on them.

        • C-Daddy

          At the very least he has to read the title of the article before commenting.

      • osaegthong

        ikr. dam how do u misintepret wut someone is commenting bout when they r literally referring to da post above. yea think before u talk

  7. Chief Two Hands

    The headline should be “Kylie Irving Remains Out of Touch With Reality.”

    Wouldn’t be much in the way of breaking news, though…

  8. KnickerbockerAl

    Wether you like his gm or not. Harden got game. But this union is not working. If he controls the ball. Kyrie is the PG. And he shared with Bron. So he can share with Harden. So Harden will have to play more SG with Kyrie. And will have to play D. This can not be IsoHarden under DAntoni. Kyrie is ball dominant. Harden is ball dominant. Personally I don’t care what happens. As a basketball fan. They will have issues on D. They will have issues on offense. In the end I don’t see them winning this yr. East is not weak.

    • x%sure

      Harden has to have the ball. That’s why people doubt his value and stats, not that he has no game.
      The guard defense may be funny… prob depends on mood… good thing Dinwiddie is still around for mood!

  9. The Howler

    Remember Kyrie’s media statement where he said that his work on and off the court would speak for itself…

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