Rockets Trade James Harden To Nets

JANUARY 16: The Pacers/Rockets part of the trade is now official and has been folded back into the initial deal, formally making it a four-team trade once again. Details can be found right here.

JANUARY 14: The trade is now official, the Nets announced in a press release.

“Adding an All-NBA player such as James to our roster better positions our team to compete against the league’s best,” Brooklyn general manager Sean Marks said. “James is one of the most prolific scorers and playmakers in our game, and we are thrilled to bring his special talents to Brooklyn.

“While we are excited to welcome James and his family to the Nets, we also want to thank the players who are departing. Caris, Jarrett, Rodions and Taurean were instrumental to the team’s success and have made an enormous impact on our organization. It has been a pleasure watching them grow both as players and as people and they will always be part of our Nets family. We wish each of them and their families all the best in the future.”

In their press release announcing the deal, the Cavs noted that they also acquired the draft rights to 2017 second-round pick Aleksandar Vezenkov from the Nets. Vezenkov has remained overseas since being drafted.

Interestingly, the Nets, Cavs, and Rockets opted to complete this trade as a three-team deal, meaning the trade sending LeVert and a second-round pick to Indiana for Oladipo will be a separate move.

Separating the two trades will allow the Rockets to generate a larger trade exception in this initial deal — that exception will be worth $15,451,216.

JANUARY 13: The Nets will acquire star guard James Harden in a trade with the Rockets, sources tell ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski and Ramona Shelburne (Twitter link). Shams Charania of The Athletic confirms (via Twitter) that Harden will head to Brooklyn.

According to Wojnarowski and Shelburne (via Twitter) and Charania (Twitter link), it will be a multi-team trade that also involves the Cavaliers and Pacers, with the Rockets receiving Indiana guard Victor Oladipo in the deal.

The Rockets will acquire Oladipo from the Pacers; Rodions Kurucs, three first-round picks, and four pick swaps from the Nets; and Dante Exum and the Bucks’ unprotected 2022 first-round selection from the Cavs, per ESPN and The Athletic.

Cleveland will receive Jarrett Allen and Taurean Prince from Brooklyn, while the Pacers acquire Caris LeVert.

Charania reports (via Twitter) that the Pacers will also receive a second-round pick in the trade. That second-rounder is a 2023 selection from the Rockets, tweets Wojnarowski.

In addition to Harden, the Nets will receive a 2024 second-round pick from Cleveland, says Wojnarowski (Twitter link). The Cavaliers have traded away the more favorable of their own second-rounder and the Jazz’s second-rounder, so Brooklyn will presumably get the less favorable of those two picks.

This is a massive trade with a ton of moving parts to break down. Let’s start with the Nets’ side of the deal.

Nets’ perspective:

The draft picks the Nets are sending to Houston are their unprotected first-rounders in 2022, 2024, and 2026, according to Wojnarowski, who tweets that the Rockets will have the ability to swap first-round picks with the Nets in 2021, 2023, 2025, and 2027 (without protections, tweets Zach Lowe of ESPN).

That means the Nets won’t control any of their own first-round picks through 2027, making this a massive bet on the star trio of Harden, Kevin Durant, and Kyrie Irving. Irving is currently away from the team on personal leave and is something of a question mark for the time being, but with Durant and Harden leading the offense, the Nets should have more than enough offensive firepower to get by until he returns.

The move, which makes Brooklyn an immediate championship contender, reunites Harden with his former Thunder teammate and fellow former MVP Durant. Harden will also team up once again with ex-Rockets coach Mike D’Antoni, who is now a Nets assistant.

As a result of trading four players for one, the Nets will have three open roster spots to fill, notes ESPN’s Bobby Marks (Twitter link). Minimum-salary signings seem likely, since Brooklyn’s projected luxury tax bill will further increase as a result of taking on Harden’s $41MM+ salary.

However, the team also still has its $5.72MM taxpayer mid-level exception available and will likely be granted a disabled player exception worth about the same amount following Spencer Dinwiddie‘s ACL tear. As such, Brooklyn has the flexibility to sign players to deals worth more than the minimum.

Harden had a 15% trade kicker in his contract, but it will be voided since he’s already making the maximum salary.

While this blockbuster trade is probably a safe bet to work out better than the last time the Nets mortgaged their future by surrendering a series of first-round selections and pick swaps (for Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce), it’s worth noting that Harden is 31 years old and Durant is 32 — the Nets’ picks for the next couple years figure to fall near the end of the first round, but there’s no guarantee that will still be the case by 2025, 2026, or 2027.

Rockets’ perspective:

The Rockets are clearly betting that some of those draft assets will become valuable, opting for a package heavy on picks rather than pushing to complete a trade with the Sixers for Ben Simmons, as was rumored earlier today. Although Simmons was said to be on the table in talks with Philadelphia, it’s not clear what the rest of that deal might have looked like.

By choosing to trade with the Nets and Pacers, the Rockets landed a two-time All-Star (Oladipo) in addition to four draft picks and four draft swaps. Oladipo will be an unrestricted free agent at season’s end, so there’s no guarantee he’ll be a long-term Rocket. Houston will hold his Bird rights and could re-sign him in the offseason, but acquiring him this early in the season also gives the club the option of extracting further value by flipping him at the March 25 trade deadline.

Today’s trade agreement marks the end of a saga that began in November, when word first broke that Harden had turned down a two-year, $103MM extension offer and had requested a trade out of Houston. The Rockets didn’t move him in the offseason, prompting the superstar guard to express his displeasure by reporting late to training camp.

On Tuesday night, he accelerated his departure by telling reporters after a blowout loss that the Rockets were “just not good enough” and that he didn’t believe the situation could be fixed. Houston decided to keep Harden away from the team until a trade agreement could be reached, and ultimately took less than 24 hours to finalize a deal.

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Barring any additional imminent changes, the Rockets will have a fascinating roster in the short term, headlined by a trio of former stars who are coming back from major injuries. Oladipo, who missed a year from 2019-20 with a quad issue, joins John Wall and DeMarcus Cousins, who have looked good this season after long-term injury absences of their own.

With Christian Wood and P.J. Tucker in the frontcourt, Houston should be a competitive team this season, albeit probably not a legit contender. Today’s trade is more about the future. Having previously traded away a handful of their own future first-round picks and given up a pair of pick swaps in 2021 and 2025, the Rockets have replenished their stash of draft picks in recent months, first by trading Robert Covington and Russell Westbrook and now by moving Harden.

Houston, which had one open roster spot entering the day, will have to waive a player to complete the trade. The club will also generate an eight-figure trade exception in the deal.

All three of the players acquired in today’s trade by the Rockets – Oladipo, Kurucs, and Exum – can become free agents at season’s end (Kurucs has a team option for 2021/22).

It also shouldn’t be overlooked that moving Harden for three less expensive players will take the Rockets $3.65MM below the luxury tax line and $9.95MM below their hard cap, per ESPN’s Bobby Marks (Twitter link). Entering the day, Houston was over the tax and only about $1MM from the hard cap — the club should now have added financial and cap flexibility for the rest of the season.

Pacers’ perspective:

Oladipo has been the subject of trade rumors for the last year, since he has at times seemed lukewarm about the idea of remaining in Indiana after his current contract expires in 2021. While the Pacers had insisted they were comfortable hanging onto him and addressing his contract situation when free agency arrived, moving him for LeVert makes sense for the franchise.

While Oladipo is a stronger defender, LeVert is a talented scorer who is two years younger than Oladipo and is on a more favorable contract. LeVert is earning $16.2MM this season and is under contract for two additional years beyond 2020/21, at an affordable rate of $18.1MM per year.

As Eric Pincus of Bleacher Report observes (via Twitter), re-signing Oladipo at the price he was seeking would’ve been a challenge for the Pacers, who are already on the hook for lucrative multiyear contracts for Malcolm Brogdon, Domantas Sabonis, and Myles Turner. Locking in LeVert through 2022/23 should be much more financially manageable for Indiana.

In the short term, the Pacers will also slip under the luxury tax line as a result of swapping Oladipo ($21MM) for LeVert, tweets Marks.

Cavaliers’ perspective:

The Cavs are acquiring Prince and will send out Exum and a future second-round pick, but this trade is mostly about sending out the Bucks’ 2022 first-rounder in exchange for Allen, a promising young center who will be a restricted free agent during the coming offseason.

Cleveland already has a number of veteran options at the four and five, including Andre Drummond, Kevin Love, Larry Nance Jr., and JaVale McGee, so acquiring Allen will create more of a logjam in the short term.

In the long term though, you could make the case that none of the Cavs’ incumbent big men have more upside than Allen, who is averaging a double-double (11.2 PPG, 10.4 RPG) in a part-time role (26.7 MPG) so far this season.

If Allen starts at least five games for the Cavs during the rest of the 2020/21 season, he’ll meet the starter criteria and his qualifying offer in restricted free agency will be worth $7.7MM. He’d have the option of accepting that one-year offer, negotiating a longer-term deal with Cleveland, or signing an offer sheet with another team, which the Cavs could match.

In a pair of corresponding roster moves, the Cavs will waive Thon Maker and will end Yogi Ferrell‘s 10-day contract early, per Chris Fedor of

Photos courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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309 thoughts on “Rockets Trade James Harden To Nets

  1. thekayz

    WOW! I thought he was going to Philly…

    Rox be getting better… addition by subtraction (AND A WHOLE LOT OF OTHER ADDITION)!

      • Sillivan

        This season only

        Is Randle a better player than Ben Simmons?
        Randle stats
        22,11, 7
        PER 19.4
        13, 9, 7
        PER 15.2
        Assists are same
        Does the number lie?

        • andremets

          Any Knick fan would trade Randle for Simmons in a heartbeat. We would literally drive to Randle’s house, pick him up and drive him straight to the airport. One has good stats on a bad team. The other is an usual young talent on a playoff team with tons of trade value.

    • I didn’t, and the reason why is that every report of a Sixers/Rockets trade was coming directly from Houston. No one that covers Philly sports was even discussing a trade for Harden.

      Houston was trying to use Philly to get more from the Nets. Pretty simple.

    • Tatsumaki

      Surprised they went this route, those picks won’t be very good especially with nets playing in the East. Maybe the 26’ pick has a chance to be good if all of harden, kyrie and kd go to another team or retire….

    • Sillivan

      Rockets save $10 million on base salary
      Now Rockets total team salary $129 million

      Trade Tucker for 1 future First

      Total of 11 first round picks from other teams
      Only 8 Unprotected First from other teams

      • Adam37

        it’s not 8 picks lol – at least 2 of those swaps won’t mean anything and possibly all of them won’t

    • JonnyLucas

      Kyrie is NOT a fit. Harden and KD is a dream pair. I’m sure Kyrie will take being the third man super well……. only a matter of time before he wants out. Frankly, good riddance.

  2. Little_Dunker_45

    If they don’t win they will be laughed out the NBA. Hope they’re all ready.

    • Actually new rules don’t allow laughing out of the league anymore, you never know how someone’s feeling and they are gentle boys

    • Are people really expecting KD, James Harden, and Kyrie Irving to gel immediately and win the championship? Count me as someone who is not.

        • Marty McRae

          Wait, the Nets still have a stacked bench even after losing Lavert and Allen. If Harden puts his head down they will take the East for sure. KD is playing out of his mind right now.

          • Curtisrowe

            I was exaggerating, but the bench isn’t great now.

            Irving, Harden, Durant, Harris, Jordan.

            Means bench is Jeff Green, Brown, Claxton, Shamet and Cabarott. Not good.

            • Marty McRae

              Yeah, gotta admit they are going to have to get some reinforcements. Kyle Korver appearance in 5, 4,….

      • trout27

        The Nets have a solid team on paper but if Irving actually wants to play this season. He is a cancer in the locker room and play g with two big scorers will require that he becomes more of a facilitator, after all they can only play with one ball.

  3. DeathbyDeathwest

    Yup. Houston was never getting Ben Simmons for Harden.

    Better luck next time.

    Which I guess means the Simmons for Beal rumors that are due to start riiiight about….

    • Tatsumaki

      Goodluck with Simmons and not winning a title for the next 4/5 seasons. Better luck next time

      • DeathbyDeathwest

        I’m a Bucks fan up and down this board, so, better luck next time.

      • hiflew

        You do realize that at a minimum, 25 out of the 30 teams won’t win a title for the next 5 seasons, right? With 30 teams in the league, if you win one championship in a generation, you are doing pretty good.

    • Im a wizards fan I cant imagine Simmons and westbrook. Beal is loyal so maybe he will stay if he gets Giannis improvement around him

  4. goastros123

    Bye Harden! I was really hoping Houston would reach a deal with Philly.

    • Harden Durant (mvps) and Irving

      Nah sixers aren’t going anywhere and needed Harden. My Nets will take the East now. Game over.

      • buttholesurfer69

        facts i think if simmons was on the table harden would be on a flight to philly rn

      • PhillyPhan69

        I doubt Simmons was offered either lol. I would
        To trade Ben straight up let alone include assets and picks. Nah

  5. Loren Polonsky

    Drummond may be the next shoe to drop. No sense in keeping him around while his stock is relatively high.

  6. jjd002

    Maybe someone can help me out with the draft swaps. When can they use them? They can’t on the four they traded to Houston for Harden, right?

    • thekayz

      They’ll be in the off years. You can trade every other pick for 7 years. The swaps are for the years where BRK keeps their pick. Brooklyn probably feels like they’re pointless as they’re expecting to have a better record (worse pick) than HOU for those four years.

  7. dtrainriotmaker

    Only problem with that is Allen is going to the cavs to back up Drummond

  8. LeDunkDeLaMort

    Nets trading 8 years worth of draft picks to pair 3 older stars together, what could go wrong?

    • AshamedMethGoat

      See 2004 Lakers, at least as far as the “old guy” super team is concerned.

      • Malone was 40, Payton 35, Horace Grant was 35. Only Durant (32) is older than even Shaq (31) was. Apples and oranges.

    • seamaholic

      To be fair, they’re only giving up 4 draft picks. The swaps are unlikely to be exercised and if they are, it will amount to a few positions in the draft.

      • buttholesurfer69

        4 picks is still a lot tho – championship or not u can bet the nets in 5 years will suck just as much as the nets of 5 years ago did

      • hiflew

        It’s a bit early to assume that. Durant and Harden are both in their 30s. Who knows how good those picks in 2025 and 2027 will be? Both will likely be on the significant decline by then, if they are even still on the Nets. Those later swaps could be really good, much like the later swaps in the KG/Pierce deal.

      • Special Agent

        If you know how to draft, those are valuable. If you don’t know how to draft, you can have a high lottery pick and always fail.

  9. hook316

    Allen to Cavs???!! Whaaaa?? Don’t they already have the best center named Andre Drummond?

    • brownscavsr4me

      No he is offensively the worst player on the team and one of the worst in the league. He jacks up shots and turns the ball over like crazy. To further my point, he is 4th worst in the league (out of 460 players) in offensive win shares. Cavs will trade him or let him walk

      • FunkyTime

        I tried to warn you guys after we (Detroit) traded him there. Piston fans were universally happy to just dump his contract, despite us pinning our hopes for the franchise on him for years before that.

        It’s a shame. He’s an all-time great rebounder and has world class athletic ability. But he has a 2-cent head.

    • brownscavsr4me

      He is shooting 46% as a center, and for some reason he loves to iso in the high-post, face up, and try two/three crossovers to get to the basket. He either turns it over, or throws up wild layups. So aggravating to watch. No wonder pistons gave him up for nothing.

      • FunkyTime

        This is the same guy that chose to take part in the all-star dribbling competition. He just has no idea what his limitations are.

    • Marty McRae

      The dominoes that are about to fall today/tomorrow/this week are going to be plentiful. Half the league will cake off this trade.

    • seamaholic

      He’s alright. He’ll be a star for the rest of this year then run from Cleveland as a free agent.

      • Little_Dunker_45

        De facto starter in NY. Now he is behind drummond in…cleveland lol. Hes pissed bro trust me

  10. Rangers29

    I normally stick to baseball, but I want to ask. If this trade was translated into baseball terms, who would James Harden be, and what does that return look like in baseball terms? James Harden = Wilson Contreras?

    • goastros123

      Imagine a “me, me, me, my way, get me some help (later) get rid him, this isn’t working” player who is also very, very, talented in baseball.

    • Marty McRae

      Yikes. No. Harden is universally known as a top 10 player in the game and it’s leading volume scorer. Think Tatis Jr.-level superstar.

      • Rangers29

        Ok, so he’s “me, me, me” and also a top ten player… If he’s overpaid then you’re describing Bryce Harper lol.

            • FunkyTime

              Alex Rodriguez if he wasn’t good at defense but still insisted on playing SS. That’s a good comparison.

          • Cap & Crunch

            Bryce Harper if he was demanding out would be my comp –

            But mind you the money plays a lot different in NBA than MLB – So it would be like Bryce Harper on a cheaper contract so to speak as Hardens monies really arent a factor here

        • Marty McRae

          Harper has actually never been like that, he gets a really bad rap and has always just been a fiery team player. He’s never put himself over team.

          I’m trying to think who the biggest actual prima donna in MLB is, who is actually still an elite superstar – MLB kind of doesnt have anyone like Harden tbh. Machado is hated but he’s never quit on his team. I’m thinking Bumgarner in his prime lands close.

          • Rangers29

            All the fighting Harper has done is what gives him a bad rap imo. I don’t hate Harper; he just gets fiery at times.

            There isn’t really a good hated player in baseball right now. Nyjer Morgan always comes to mind for stuff like that though.

            • Marty McRae

              Ooh good call, the real prima donnas all end up in Korea or Japan.

              Harper is all energy and sometimes he will get in peoples faces, its all dumb “unwritten rule” stuff. Harper is one of the nicest guys in person and loves the fans a lot. I understand his mindset, I dont understand Hardens.

      • seamaholic

        Trout’s the best player in the game. Harden’s … not. Think of a great hitter who plays no D, tends to be a sourpuss, and makes monster money. Maybe Giancarlo Stanton when he was traded?

          • DeathbyDeathwest

            @thekayz agree on ManRam, but, also, if ManRam had consistently struck out in clutch spots costing the RedSox their rings.

          • Curtisrowe

            Except Martinez has a ring. And hit 300 in the playoffs that year with a .923 OPs

            You aren’t great at this.

              • Appalachian_Outlaw

                Roy Oswalt maybe? Back when he said there was no point in playing because his team stinks?

                It’s hard to find a good comp. You need someone overrated, self-centered, out of shape, egotistical, delusional, incapable of self reflection and fickle. Oh, and a quitter. They must be a worthless quitter.

                • Shannon Wolfe

                  What I mean by this is, Harden wanted more playing time and was traded to Houston. After several seasons of failed attempts to win a championship, demanded a trade. Now traded to a NY team and never gave Houston his 100% this season.

                  Now, Gerrit Cole’s story but in reverse. Wanted out of Pittsburgh because he couldn’t work with Searage and never gave his 100 % after AJ Burnett retired. Traded to Houston and couldn’t win a Championship with a really good team (like Harden in Houston or OKC). Left Houston to join a NY team.

      • Harden is not like Trout. Only Lebron is analogous to Trout. Trout is the best player since Bonds and, along with Bonds and pre-injury Griffey, one of the best players since Ted Williams. You cannot say anything similar about Harden.

        • dejota

          Harden is like Trout in the sense they both put up some of the craziest stats in history of their respective sports but they contribute relatively nothing towards a title.

          The issue with the comparison is we can’t say with certainty Trout’s stats are as hollow as Harden’s. Trout hasn’t been in enough big games to get the baggage of shying away from the moment. It’s a good comparison that isn’t fair to Trout.

          I can’t think of any other baseball player that puts up those type of stats that hasn’t actively contributed to a post season or even a run at the title. Can you?

          Edit – Just saw another comment with Giancarlo Stanton and I think that’s probably more apropros.

          • @dejota: “Harden is like Trout in the sense they both put up some of the craziest stats in history of their respective sports but they contribute relatively nothing towards a title.”

            Totally disagree. Baseball is much more of a team sport. Trout cannot help the fact that the rest of the team is not good and their pitching is garbage.

            Trout’s numbers contribute a *ton* towards winning a title. To say otherwise is to hold him accountable for his teammates not being any good, which is quite unfair. I’ll stick with saying that the Trout-Harden comparison is not a good one. It’s not to diminish Harden, either. Trout is just the best, bar none. His current stat trajectory could place him among the top 5 players of all time.

    • dejota

      Rockets Trade:
      Giancarlo Stanton (Edit – Was Mike Trout)
      A Curse That Means They’ll Never Win A Title

      Rockets Get:
      4x 2nd Round Draft Picks
      3 options to swap 2nd and 3rd round picks
      Wilson Contreras

      The key here is the fact that Harden is championship cancer and due to baseball’s nature it’d be unfair to say Stanton will never win. Technically the rockets are getting 75 cents on the dollar but the hope that comes with it is worth more than the 25 cents left on the table imo.

    • slund24

      They traded Manny Machado for Marcus Semiem and 4 prospects ranked between 15-30 in a teams organization.

  11. Marty McRae

    Now Jarrett Allen is on the Cavs they have no need for JaVale, who’s contract just happens to fall under the injured player exemption GSW got for Klay. GSW also needs a big man like yesterday…can’t wait for the rest of the dominoes to fall!

    • mlbnyyfan

      Both Lindor and Mookie didn’t make Boston or Cleveland miserable to trade them.

    • Tatsumaki

      Thinking javale makes gsw better is a laughable statement. You were high on wiseman all winter and are now hoping mcgee comes to save the day???? Ahahahahahahaha

      • Marty McRae

        I love Wiseman but he’s 19 and played like 5 minutes of pro ball before this year. He’s flashing extreme elite skills but he’s still 19, he needs the minutes. LeBron looked the same way at 19. I want GSW to win the title this year, and they are missing a big man like whoa. They literally are guard heavy and need a big man. Are you arguing Wiseman should be playing 35 minutes at game at 19 with no prior season or college experience? Impossible. If you’re so smart, who should they get using the IPE?

        By the way, Jarrett Allen’s contract ALSO falls under the IPE…hoo boy are you about to be crushed with the inevitable happens…LOL

        • Tatsumaki

          Might want to check the standings we are in 1st place….where are the warriors? Probably the 8/9th best team in league right now even with mcgee ahahahahahahaha best chance you could have had was trading wiseman and wolves pick for harden and maybe then would you have had a chance to win in the near future

          • Marty McRae

            The Warriors are right now 3 games behind the Lakers, but you speak as if its night and day. But keep being arrogant, karma will never come back to bite ya!

            Keep on disrespecting, we never did get to beat you down during those 5 years of absolute dominance now, did we? Lakers were massively irrelevant the whole time, huh? Warriors were only irrelevant for the * season, that you got your half a chip* in.

            • Tatsumaki

              And beyond, right now suns look better than warriors this year and next year lol. Sorry we blew by you over 2 years once kd dipped so did warriors chances of winning another ring. remember curry is 1 and 1 without kd. We have lebron and ad and excellent role players in harrell and schroder who have beefed up are already stacked team. With youngsters like talen tucker, and kuzma waiting in wings. We just a won a ring and are the favorites with likely the nets to be there again this year.

              • Marty McRae

                lol all this is just disrespect by a hater, not one word of actual truth. I’d break each of your lies down and really show everyone just how shook you deep down are about the Warriors these upcoming playoffs and beyond, but I’m just too happy watching #joyinbuckets tbh!

                This GSW team isn’t complete, but your Lakers one is. GSW will be adding players, including getting a short term replacement for Klay via the IPE. Pretty interesting that we both know this, but you talk big like it doesn’t exist.

                See you in the WCF, buddy :)

  12. Lakers1

    Nets repeating their history with kg and Paul pierce trade.. giving up young players and foreseeable future of picks..

    • Tatsumaki

      Right?!! Nets suck with kyrie and kd and now 6-6 and you add harden who was 3-6 by himself on rockets???? Ahahahaha nets just cost themselves a chance at a ring with this move

  13. What in the hell? Houston can pay Oladipo the contract he wants now. Still shocking.

  14. Trickpony

    Not only did the Rockets fleece the Nets but I can’t wait for the trainwreck of primadonna hijinxs that will ensue with Irving and Harden on the same team. the NBA really is must see TV.

    • seamaholic

      Not really. Nets didn’t give up that much. LaVert is the only one that hurts. Allen is in his walk year. The pick swaps will never be used. The draft picks will mostly be in the (very) late 20’s. And then the Rockets were dumb enough to trade LaVert for a dude coming off a major injury who’s looked bad so far this year. I think Houston did as well as they could with the Nets side of the deal, but it ain’t much unless they get super lucky with those picks.

      Big winner of this deal? The Pacers. Cavs did alright too.

      • traverave

        The Nets are going to be competitive in 2025-27? I highly doubt that. Even assuming that those three will gel and stick together for more than a couple years. By 2025 we will likely be talking mid round to lottery picks.

      • You can’t necessarily say that the pick swaps won’t be used or that all of the firsts will be late first round. For starters, Kyrie is currently not playing, and no one really knows definitively why. What if he never comes back? Second, what if they all don’t complement each other well or play poorly or get injured? KD has one serious injury already.

  15. Marty McRae

    Hoo boy, half the league will be involved with this trade before the day is done.

    • macdaddy96

      “Harden’s Rockets tenure concludes with 18,365 points, 8 All-Star selections, 1 MVP trophy, and 4 playoff eliminations by the Golden State Warriors.”

      • FunkyTime

        Really. I’m stunned they got so many firsts. Doesn’t look like his trade value was hurt at all by his actions this year.

        The Nets are taking a huge gamble, just as they did with the Garnett trade back in the day that sank their franchise for a long time.

        • El Don

          Man can’t compare Harden with scrubs, right?
          Now they are getting a generational talent, that is worthy the sacrifice with KG, he wasn’t worth even one 2nd rounder at all!

  16. joeyrocafella

    I really thought Philly would snag him… Geez Brooklyn is mortgaging the next 7 drafts for a championship run

  17. Loren Polonsky

    Irving, Harden and Durant – sounds like a banana boat to crazy town

  18. Cavs did well for themselves. Prince might be unwanted salary, or not, but Allen is certainly worth more than the Bucks 2022 pick.

    • seamaholic

      Depends if he stays or not. He’s likely gone after this year and the Cavs already have two centers.

      • You mean Drummond and McGee? They’re likely gone after this year. Allen is a DPOY level talent and he has yet to turn 23.

        • formerlyz

          ya not gonna lie, after their rookie season, as a Heat fan, it could have been argued you would potentially consider Jarrett Allen slightly ahead of Bam. I’m surprised Brooklyn didnt make more of an effort to keep him.

  19. As a Nets fan, I am so angry right now. Caris Levert and Jarrett Allen are two of the most hard-working, team-first young players we’ve had in the past decade. Marks and Atkinson put so much time and work into building a strong culture, and Marks has dismantled it in the course of a year and a half. Rooting for my dudes in Houston.

    • dtrainriotmaker

      They were very solid young players , and they were what the nets needed Z but man neither are with the rockets . Allen went to the cavs and Levert to the pacers

      • Yeah, I was so annoyed, I didn’t read properly. Either way, still pulling for those guys.

  20. dtrainriotmaker

    On NBA Draft night in 2013, the Boston Celtics and Brooklyn Nets agreed to one of the most significant trades in recent memory, with the Celtics sending Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett and Jason Terry to the Nets for Gerald Wallace, Kris Humphries, MarShon Brooks, Keith Bogans, Kris Joseph and three unprotected first-round draft picks. How did that work out for the nets ?

  21. Northern Expansion 416

    Pacers didn’t fall off, rockets are still very good, cavs got a good young center and a decent wing defender, and of course the nets got who they wanted… Will Oladipo remain in H town is the question?????

  22. stretch123

    In my opinion, Cleveland and Indiana won this trade by far. At least in the short term. If the Nets are lucky, they make the ECF a few times before one of these guys get disgruntled… Rockets did the best they could in terms of draft picks but no guarantee those picks become high picks until 2025 at least… Oladipo on the other hand, is a borderline all star talent. I fear for Brooklyn though. They now have three players that want to be option No 1.

    • formerlyz

      you might make sense for Brooklyn, needing some defense at the 4/3…RHJ could make sense going back there as well, or maybe a MKG…someone along those lines

      They could also use a big that can defend pick and roll, like a Noah Vonleh

  23. formerlyz

    amazing deal for Cleveland and Houston, and not too bad for Indiana, although they maybe could have got another asset

    as for the Nets…ROFL

    • seamaholic

      Rockets really ended up with very little besides cap space (which was the point of the trade … that and getting rid of Harden). Dipo and Exum are both on expiring contracts and will be free agents this Summer. The pick swaps will likely never be used, and if they are it will be insigificant until the very end of the window. The Nets picks will be in the 25-30 range (the kind that are worse than 2nd rounders) until 2024 or something. It adds up to a pupu platter.

      • clubber_lang84

        2-3 seasons of not winning and these guys will be leaving for other teams and the Nets will have nothing. Kyrie is half gone already. Dude not even showing up for games

      • formerlyz

        ya let me know who defends on that team, besides KD and Bruce Brown…and Kyrie and Harden on the same team rofl

  24. Otogar

    This is a bad trade for the two main teams involved and a good to great trade for the two teams that facilitated it.

    • dejota

      As a Rockets fan this trade is way more than I expected to get for Harden. I feel like we just stole something tbh. I understand from a strictly value perspective we likely only got 75 cents on the dollar for him but he will NEVER win a title. The hope that comes with him simply being gone is worth much more than any value left on the table.

      • Chris_Favreau

        It’s really one for one, seeing as CL will be hurt for 2/3rds of his deal.

    • LaVert is a stud. He may even be better than Oladipo post injury and is on a great contract with 3 more years and Dipo was a free agent and leaving. I like if for the Pacers a lot

    • siggers84

      Yeah his salary is the issue for resigning him and he is injury prone now. It’s a good trade for Pacers

  25. giannisandyelich123

    Wtf?! So pacers basically traded oladipo for lavert to allow the nets to get harden? That’s bs. Can the bucks get Steph curry now for Zack Lavine(bulls) and a bunch of New Orleans draft picks. We’ll throw in Dj Augustin to sweeten the pot lol

    • seamaholic

      LaVert’s better than Oladipo (at least the post injury Dipo). And Dipo is on an expiring contract. The Rockets don’t even want him.

  26. Cap & Crunch

    Love what Indy did here getting 3 yrs of LaVert for 1 of Ola !

    Nice fit and if your Indy this is exactly how you do business. Way to jump in

      • Cap & Crunch

        True but the cap and picks are pretty amazing gets-

        I think Hou has done an A+ job from the day before they traded Westbrook till today

        2021 might not be soo much fun but they have so much flexibility and assets moving forward now to build with- They can still trade Ola and Tucker this year as well

        • Tatsumaki

          Cap the picks that houston received are trash late round picks especially in East. Hard to like this deal more than sixers offer of 3 young cost controlled players and picks when harden wouldn’t even be on team….

          • Cap & Crunch

            We dont know if that deal was ever on the table

            I Agree if so but who knows maybe Hou just isnt big on Simmons – Seems many have polar views on him already

        • clubber_lang84

          I think Houston actually got better in this trade because these guys can actually all buy in and play. Boogie and Wall have a chip on their shoulders and something to prove. Oli is in a contract year. Not saying they get far in the playoffs, but I bet they win some games

  27. GangGreen23

    Are the Cavaliers now gonna make Andre Drummond and Javale McGee available now that they have a young and cheap stud Center in Jarrett Allen?

    • Marty McRae

      Allen can and probably will bounce from that team though. He’s not locked up in a team and can leave.

      Cavs should put all of them on the table, tbh. They’re better trade assets. Allen is great, but if you want to rebuild fast, getting as many 1st rounders in next years draft would be the way to do it.

      I’d do Allen for any 1st round pick in next years draft right now if I was CLE.

  28. Kowalski

    How they (kyrie, harden, kd) can share the ball is the question… The best scenario i think is let harden have it.

    • My guess is the Rockets know they can deal Dipo for a 1st rounder to Boston or someone else.

  29. phillyballers

    Cool. Not bad for everyone involved. Nets gave up a lot if picks but whatever.

  30. SFGiantsFan09

    Harden isn’t worth that much, and I know I’m making an arguable(keyword here) point. Harden as a person doesn’t fit in Brooklyn. They already have a me-me-me player (Kyrie), they don’t need another. Harden as a person also doesn’t equal the package they gave away. Brooklyn should’ve kept their players and kept going, although Harden has a great shot and really scores a good number often. The TYPE of player he is makes the deal lopsided(in favor of Houston)

  31. julyn82001

    Great. Hopefully, they will convince Harden to get rid of that beard too! Just utterly gross!!!

  32. natsfan3437

    Really like the deal for Indy Cadis and a second is a really good return for Depo

  33. The Howler

    The Nets will have 1-3 Superstars and Collaborative Coaches on the court at all times if the dudes can play to past form. There are oft repeated possible problems that could manifest or may already be in motion (e.g., Kyrie). I’m just excited to see if everyone gets what they deserve.

    • Marty McRae

      Um, there’s only one Collaborative Coach in the NBA, and that’s Draymond Green.

  34. This is really crazy. What a trade I didn’t expect the pacers to be involved but they did have to trade Oladipo because he was going to walk in free agency anyway. Very smart move by the rockets to get victor from them replacing harden in the backcourt. Meanwhile Indiana received Caris Levert who keep getting better and will make them better. While the nets reunite James harden with Kevin Durant and now has a great chance to go far in the east. There are still issues going on with kyrie Irving that need be fixed. Also I don’t like James and Irving playing together. That an odd fit.

    • bigeasye

      The poor wood at the Barclays center is going to get worn down early without how much Irving and Harden pound the rock

  35. Appalachian_Outlaw

    Brooklyn has lost their minds. They gave up 7 years of their draft in one form or another for another headache? Kyrie wasn’t enough?!

    Harden isn’t a guy you win Championships with. Brooklyn deserves what they get though, they asked to hold the grenade.

    Trade Winner- Philly for not being part of it.

    • Marty McRae

      KD+Harden = no chance you say?

      I mean cmon. It’s ok to hate a guy and admit he’s a elite player.

      • Appalachian_Outlaw

        No chance. It’s going to take them this year to try to figure out how that works, and by next year KD will probably want far, far away from that sideshow after dealing with Harden and Kyrie together.

  36. sayhaykid

    He and Kyrie should have about 2 assists a game, poor KD…. This is not a Walt Frazier and Earl Monroe backcourt

    • mlbnyyfan

      Definitely hard to be a Yankees and Knicks fan while the Mets and Nets are going all in and doing whatever it takes to win.

      • Courtside

        I came to comments only to see what his new name is. I was banking on what you just said. But could also see him changing teams and his new name being KD, Harden MVPs & Kyrie

    • Sleeper

      I’m sure it’s deflating to watch this entire saga unfold with your favorite player, but I’m also sure even you saw the writing on the wall the way this trended. At least there’s a chance now the team you root for can get on the same page to some degree.

      • thekayz

        The HOU franchise is in better shape today than they were yesterday. In my opinion, it would have been better with a cost controlled LeVert and an additional 2nd rounder rather than Oladipo, but that’s just me…

        • goastros123

          Houston should have a good amount of cap space next season. I think Oladipo is an expiring contract.

    • Lakers1

      Time to Change your handle again and with 0 mvp in the name..Oladipo, wall and wood? Stupidest thing rockets did was trade lavert.. much younger and much cheaper than Oladipo.. rockets are a dumpster fire created by hardens toxic culture.. they were exposed last 2 games by lakers.. wood is nothing but a stat chaser guy.. doesn’t affect winning in any Way.. wall is poor man westbrook..

    • siggers84

      They got a great trade with all those picks but surely this is the most injury prone team ever I think it was a good outcome for Houston

    • near anonymity

      i’m glad harden’s gone. and it’s got to get better than three wins. :)

  37. fba0017

    Lol Nets don’t get it. Gonna be same as when they got Garnett and Pierce mortgages their future and didn’t win. Same thing again.

  38. Marty McRae

    For James Harden, Houston gets: Oladipo, Kurucs, Exum, three first-round picks, and four pick swaps from the Nets; the Bucks’ 2022 first-round selection from the Cavs.


    • DeathbyDeathwest

      “Do you even watch basketball?”
      “James Harden is a top five player!”
      “Two young proven stars and all the draft picks!”
      “CP3 and Russ kept Harden back!”

      I’m looking forward to the Rockets irrelevancy.

      • Lakers1

        Harden isn’t a top 5 player.. in fact I wouldn’t put him top 20.. lebron and ad are top 5 players.. kawhi, Kd, giannis.

  39. deuceball

    Celtics still have that 28mil trade exception I wouldn’t be surprised if oladipo gets flipped there for more draft capital. Nets make a win now move that will backfire quickly.

    • Yeah, I’m guessing Dipo goes to Boston for a first rounder at some point soon. The Pacers probably didn’t want to deal with Boston directly to help them out too.

  40. thekayz

    HOU: We’ll trade you LeVert for Oladipo.
    IND: Okay.
    HOU: LeVert has been better than Oladipo since his injury.
    IND: Sure, let’s do it.
    HOU: LeVert is also younger…
    IND: We said ‘yes’.
    HOU: …and cheaper…
    HOU: …and you’ve got him on a team friendly contract for the next two seasons.
    IND: …..get us a 2nd rounder.
    HOU: WILL DO!!!

    • Lol. Yeah, I don’t get it from Houston’s perspective. I feel like LaVert has more value then Dipo considering his team friendly deal the next few yrs. Maybe Houston knows they can deal Dipo for a 1st rounder to Boston and the Pacers probably didn’t want to deal with Boston after the Heyward jerk around.

  41. whiplash

    So is “Harden MVP, Wood and Wall” gonna change his name to “Wall, Cousins, Oladipo All-stars and Wood?”

  42. Sillivan

    LaVert has two times more trade value than Oladipo

    Allen is worth a lottery pick, not Bucks pick

    Allen is 3 times more value than 2022 Bucks pick

  43. Simmons>Russ

    Rockets really getting back 4 firsts and 4 pick swaps for Harden….. that’s crazy.

    Pacers swap Oladipo for LeVert and a second that’s also a really good deal for them.

    Cavs get a bunch of decent young talent and trade away the injured Exum and a first. The Bucks first tho so it’s probably a bottom 5 pick in the first. So in all I’d say they get a great deal too.

    Then the poor Nets just traded away their future and LeVert, Allen, Prince and whatever else for Harden. Really guys 7 picksss. Dam. Reminds me of the other big Brooklyn trade of Garnett Allen and Peirce in the past.
    Kyrie Harden and KD is a strange mix. Kyrie just refuses to play if he doesn’t want to, thinks the earth is flat and whatever. Harden is fat, and a diva. Would rather be parting and at the strip clubs. Then KD is trying hard to hold everything together and have fun but it will take a toll.
    On the court it could be amazing but as they all are about 30 and flakes, I can see this being a terrible deal.

    Time will tell for Brooklyn but everyone else did good

  44. I can’t imagine a worse combination of players then Kyrie and Harden. They’re both extremely ball dominant, shoot first guys, and horrific on D. Just a dumb deal for the Nets, and poor KD. He’ll be lucky to average 20.

  45. KnickerbockerAl

    Gonna be entertaining watching the Nets implode. Have you seen Har en. He’s not even in shape. His own teammates dogged him on way out. Har en and Kyrie will be fighting over the ball in about 10 gms. Really don’t t see this working. Really don’t care.
    Rockets did well in trade. Pacers did well. And Cavs did well. With Allen there they will move Drummond and get younger. They probably move Love now too. Nets picks aren’t going to be good till that 2024 maybe. 2026 yes is a good pick, maybe a lottery pick. Swaps aren’t a worth it till 2025 maybe. Still 1st rd picks can be traded. Overall considering they had to do it. They got a good deal. Time to move on for Rockets. How can you support Har en is beyond me.

  46. KnickerbockerAl

    Now Nets can sign two players. They have 5 mill from their mid level exception. And 5 mill from injury exception. They can wait till players get bought out at TD. They can also trade Dinwiddie for help now. They need bench guys. So they could be making another move. I doubt this will work for Nets. But it’ll be fun watching. I’ll give them credit for pulling trigger. Har en has two yrs left. With NYC nightlife. Har en might not make it thru his contract lols.

  47. Simmons>Russ

    So glad as a Sixers fan that we didn’t get anywhere near this deal.
    We look really good this season, Embiid is playing at an excellent level. Simmons is looking better with some real shooters and Harris has also started strong. Not to mention our wealth of good young talent.

    I wouldn’t mind giving up some of our young players (Thybulle, Ferguson, Bradley, Korkmaz) for an upgrade. Just make sure we keep Milton and Maxey. But I wouldn’t make any huge moves.

    As for the Rockets they will have Wall Oladipo Wood and 8 picks and can still use Tucker and Gordon as trade pieces.

    Rockets should try 1 of these 3.

    1. Eric Gordon, PJ Tucker and Ben McLemore for Derrick Jones Jr, Rodney Hood, Zach Collins and Nas Little.

    2. Eric Gordon, PJ Tucker and a first for Myles Turner, Jeremy Lamb and a second round pick

    3. Eric Gordon, PJ Tucker and a first round pick for Tobias Harris, Mattise Tyhbulle and Tony Bradley.

    • Simmons>Russ

      The first deal would give the Rockets a bunch of young players for the rebuild. DJJ, Collins and Little could be develop and get good minutes and for Portland Tucker and Gordon would be great additions for a playoff run.

      The second deal you could add to the existing deal. Turner and Wood would be an interning fit but both are big men that get blocks and can stretch the floor. Pacers would get some vets and a first for a possibly playoff push.

      The third is my fav as a Sixers fan. Tucker would be another good defender and corner specialist. And Eric Gordon would be a nice addition as a SF/SG that can either start or play off the bench for impact. Rockets would get Harris and with Wall Oladipo and Wood they could till be a decent playoff team and Thybulle and Bradley add depth and youth

  48. Dxit90a

    Now is the time for Harden to prove that he wants to share the ball and win . He needs to play more off the ball and defend like his days in okc . Houston should of kept Allen and Lavar. Let’s see how this play out .

  49. El Don

    Finally The Beard is Free!
    IND are the clear winners & ain’t even close!
    BRK & CLE done ok… depending on fits!
    HOU lost by far, got nothing for Harden… but they don’t deserve no nothing… so it is fitting!

    • Simmons>Russ

      Got nothing? They got an all star in Oladipo and 8 first round picks and a 10mil expiring contract.

      That’s a huge win for Harden a 30 year old diva who had spent the best years of his career trying to win but couldn’t ever get there. Now they can rebuild off a very solid start

      • El Don

        Draft capital ain’t worth much for sure!
        HOU must keep on winning during the rebuilt ’cause if they loose their top picks going to other teams meanwhile they stuck with bad picks from other teams!
        Harden is much better than what they got!
        VO had 1 good year in his whole career, Caris is sooo much better than him as a matter of fact!
        HOU has been relevant for the last 9 years thanks to Harden & no one else.
        Actually you right a few mil cap relief is the only good thing they got, probably only they care about by the cheap frittata owner, right?

    • KnickerbockerAl

      Pacers did great, I agree. LeVert is basically a younger Oladipo. Healthy and getting better. Now he can just play and grow as player. He’s bigger than Oladipo and better defender. He’s also signed for next 3 yrs. Plus they got a 2nd rd pick. Pacers are going to be a tough playoff team. Keep an eye on them.

    • KnickerbockerAl

      And the Bucks 1st rd pick, they gave up. Cavs did well. Allen is their C of future now. They can move Drummond by TD.

  50. parkers

    Harden and Irving together. Wow this should be a disaster. Poor Durant, he is going to be begging to get the ball. Can Brooklyn survive two me first players fighting for the headlines? Brooklyn didn’t learn a thing from their previous involvement in cap space roulette. It took them some 5 years to dig out of that mess. Between injury possibility, mental instability and the fact that there is nay one ball to share they are truly pushing their luck.

  51. MarlinsFanBase

    If by some chance this works out for Brooklyn, Giannis may regret signing that extension with Milwaukee. He isn’t likely to beat those 3, and this move may push Miami to move on Bradley Beal.

  52. Simmons>Russ

    If you combine this with the Russ deal, they traded Harden and Russ for Wall, Oladipo, 9 first round picks, and a 10mil expiring deal.

    That’s a huge win for Houston especially considering the free agent signing of Christian Wood who has been impressive and they can continue to get picks by trading Tucker and Gordon

    • sportsfreak52

      You must not know the specifics on Oladipo- he can’t even play in back to back days yet, plays timid and wants a max contract at seasons end; darn we lost Oladipo!

      • sportsfreak52

        20.0 ppg is good for Oladipo, if you’re not playing games in back to back days.

      • Simmons>Russ

        He’s coming back from a huge injury. If I’m a Rockets fan I’d rather they kept LeVert but Oladipo is still fine. His numbers so far are just below his career best year. So if he can continue to regain fitness and confidence he’s going to be good. As for a max deal, I haven’t seen anywhere about his requesting that.

        Still Russ and Harden for 9 first and all star player and a 10 mil expiring deal that’s pretty darn good.
        Thunder got 7 first and CP3 for Russ, PG and Melo

  53. kingsforever 2

    Pacers trade oladipo-levert

    Why don’t trade new jersey oladipo for LeVert?

    Oladipo is the better star part for Jersey than Harden.

    And Allen, Prince and Picks would be by the netz

  54. sportsfreak52

    Oladipo can’t even play in back to back days yet and plays timid at times following the bad knee injury AND wants a max contract?….welcome to Indiana Mr. Levert!

  55. KnickerbockerAl

    Let’s face it. DAntoni, KD, Kyrie all had to sign off on this. So they obviously feel he will fit in. Or they will be able to control him. Considering how out of shape he is. And his love for nightlife. I’d say they got their work cut out for them. MVP Harden makes this team legit contender. Nets got 2 yrs to see. It’s the old saying
    “be careful what you wish for”. I would of gone after Beal.

  56. frozeninneohio

    And in other news, Wilson Sporting Goods has advised the NBA that there is now a shortage of basketballs to supply to the Nets.

  57. Harden Durant (mvps) and Irving

    East is all wrapped up now! Welcome to Brooklyn, NY James Harden!

    • KnickerbockerAl

      Houstonmvp has now begun to troll the Nets.
      How many handles you got on this board lol ??
      Life must be boring lol

  58. Meadowlark

    The key to all these machinations is the eventual destination of Yogi Ferrell. Obviously this is a key move for whomever gets him in the end.
    Yogi! Yogi! Yogi!

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