Omari Spellman Headed To G League

The G League will be the next stop for center/power forward Omari Spellman, who started this season with the Knicks, tweets freelance journalist Adam Zagoria. Spellman will be in the “bubble” with the Erie BayHawks, the G League affiliate for the Pelicans, a source tells Zagoria.

The Timberwolves traded Spellman to New York in November and he remained on the Knicks’ roster until January 7, even though he didn’t appear in any games. He was waived so the team could sign Taj Gibson.

Spellman was a first-round pick by the Hawks in 2018 and spent his first NBA season in Atlanta. He was traded to the Warriors in the summer of 2019 and appeared in 49 games for Golden State last year, averaging 7.6 points and 4.5 rebounds per game. He was shipped to Minnesota at last February’s trade deadline, but never suited up for the Wolves before being sent to New York.

Spellman has experienced brief stays in the G League during the past two seasons, averaging 18.6 points and 9.0 rebounds in 10 total games.

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16 thoughts on “Omari Spellman Headed To G League

      • piechucker

        In my opinion Poole is potentially a better player than Spellman (which doesn’t necessarily mean he’ll be a decent NBA player). Every time he has got on to the court this season the Warriors commentators talk him up, about how well he did in the preseason camp this year. He got injured earlier this season so missed some time and came back a bit behind fitness wise. The other night vs the Spurs he hit 3 3pointers in less than a minute and a half and it was kind of like when Steph/Klay get hot and you just know it’s going in (albeit on a much much lesser scale)

        • Walladipo and Wood

          And Bruno Caboclo is potentially as good as Kevin Durant.

          What good is all that potential in a player if it’s never realized?

          • piechucker

            Walladipo you really have no idea how to talk to people. I said Poole is potentially better than Spellman (Spellman is a well below avg player so I’m not making a big statement) so in my opinion it’s better to keep Poole as opposed to Spellman. Then you come in and bring Durant type potential into this??? That’s not even comparable.

            Anyway remember how you said the Rockets and Warriors play the same style offence? Hahahahaha. Ok I no longer care about your above statement as you clearly don’t watch any NBA games and have zero idea

          • Howie415

            Are you trying to say that Spellman has realized his potential? Then why did the Knicks just dump him? They should have been able to get at least 2nd round draft pick.

    • You realize they play two different positions don’t you? You realize Jordan Poole has a guaranteed 3-year contract don’t you? They already had to get rid of Jacob Evans with the same type of deal and don’t worry I’m sure Jordan Poole’s name has been part of many phone/trade conversations.

      And Wall Wood, yeah seriously who isn’t… LOL !!

    • Howie415

      If Spellman is so much better, why is he with his 5th professional team at the age of 23.

    • andyhighroller

      I’d say Poole has a higher ceiling as a playmaking combo guard and has potential to be a solid bench scorer/possibly even a 6th man. He’s streaky for sure, but it’s not like he’s Jacob Evans. Do I think he should be playing over Wanamaker/Lee/Bazemore? No not quite yet.
      Spellman is a defensive liability at a position that too vulnerable, bigs can’t be turnstiles anymore, however a guard that doesn’t just stand there is fine on that end. Elite guards target big and slow bigs, and the 2013-2016 warriors made sure to exile those types of bigs.
      The baseline requirement for bigs is a lot higher than it was when the dubs began their small ball reign, and now the talent level of the average big man is just higher. Positional defense, pace, and IQ trumps being a big rebounder. Tyson Chandler and Nene played for so long not bc of a sudden 3pt shot, but because they weren’t just big, they were hard working athletes with height and that’s the new requirement. Omari Spellman can be good, he has the tools, however time and time again his weight is brought up as an issue. If you’re going to be a serious professional athlete, you’re going to need to be able to run up and down the court without quickly fatiguing and fading. The NBA height update showed he’s closer to 6’8 than 6’10 to 6’9 so that only makes it more important for him to lose body fat and gain muscle in order to be a factor under the rim and against the other bigs the league has to offer.
      Kyle O’Quin isn’t the guy to style your game off of, nor is Speights. There’s a reason Mo Buckets has been out of the league since his age 29 season. Teams want their superstar 25ppg guards to be their only real defensive liability, unless your big is KAT.
      Again, I’m surprised the Dubs didn’t try to grab him when he was sent to NYK as the Chriss injury provides an opening, however maybe they feel Smailagic has a better work ethic. After Wiseman’s recent injury I wouldn’t be surprised if they finally pulled the trigger on Demon, but perhaps there’s a reason he’s unsigned?
      I was hoping for Wilson Chandler in the off-season, but then he chose to play in China. Despite plying PF/SF most his career, at 6’9, he’d fit right in with our C group lol.
      The Jeremy Lin signing showed that it can be difficult to escape those China league deals, as I assume like any contract once they sign, the team expects them to fulfill the term-length. Ante Zizic is playing for Maccabi Tel Aviv, perhaps he’s worth a call. Even pulling Bogut from his podcast booth should be a nice vet to surround Wiseman with that wouldn’t be a dire liability. But if we’re talking Bogut, I supposed Larry Sanders, Nene, and Tyson Chandler’s availability should be checked upon? Wouldn’t it be nice if Jonas Valenciunas just declared he’s always wanted to play for GSW at the minimumXD
      Ahhh I’m sure Kerr is having a blast counting grey hairs this season.

  1. KnickerbockerAl

    Show n play that’s what it’s all about. He has potential to be a solid rotation guy. Time to work your way back. Wish him the best.

  2. GangGreen23

    Warriors should have brought him back. At least stashed him in Santa Cruz until he loses weight. I like his shooting ability for a Big man. Just hide the Buffet table from him.

    • Curtisrowe

      And he is only 23. The guy is skilled. Definitely could be a rotation player is he laid off the cheeseburgers.

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