Warriors Notes: Oubre, Wiseman, Lost Revenue

Earlier this week, a report from Shams Charania of The Athletic indicated that the Warriors and Pelicans had discussed a possible trade involving Kelly Oubre. Asked on Wednesday about that rumor, head coach Steve Kerr made it clear he didn’t appreciate the leak.

“It’s unfortunate,” Kerr said, per Anthony Slater of The Athletic (Twitter link). “Team called us and asked about him. Didn’t even make an offer, asked about Kelly. Next thing it’s online.”

Kerr spoke directly to Oubre about the report, and the veteran forward told reporters that he appreciated the transparency, as Slater tweets. At the end of the day, I’m a Warrior,” Oubre added.

Here’s more out of Golden State:

  • James Wiseman has adjusted smoothly to a bench role since being removed from the starting lineup earlier this week, averaging 19.0 PPG, 5.0 RPG, and 2.0 BPG on 68.4% shooting in two games (20.0 MPG) vs. Minnesota. “I’m more effective because I’m just studying (Kevon Looney) and how he can be able to guard the defense,” Wiseman said, according to Nick Friedell of ESPN.com. “And just trying to figure out the different coverages, so it’s really helping me out a lot. So most definitely coming off the bench is something that’s very effective so far.”
  • As Friedell details, Kerr reiterated on Wednesday that the Warriors envision Wiseman as their “long-term” starting center, but will play his current role by ear as they look to maximize his development.
  • While the Warriors project to have the NBA’s most expensive roster this season, team owner Joe Lacob estimates that the franchise is missing out on about 70% of its projected revenue as a result of not being able to get fans into the Chase Center, writes Eben Novy-Williams of Sportico.
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43 thoughts on “Warriors Notes: Oubre, Wiseman, Lost Revenue

  1. Marty McRae

    Forbes evaluated the Warriors at $3.5B hahah money will never matter to them, Curry merch alone will keep them afloat.

    • Nobody feels sorry for the owners. The already tripled their money in the last 10 years with the warriors.

      • KnickerbockerAl

        Now we root cause they are not going broke. OK
        I was looking forward to Warriors coming back strong this yr. This yr is starting to run out.

        • ABStract

          They’ve played 18 games dude!
          “…starting to run out”, what!?
          Not even at the quarter mark yet, relax

    • ABStract

      The article I saw said the Knicks, W’s and lakers are all worth over $5 billion, then everyone else at $3.5 and below…

    • andyhighroller

      It was just a solid plan paying for their own stadium, expecting to reap 100% of ticket revenue, not just basketball games but concerts and other events alike at the Chase Center. The pandemic definitely throws a monkey wrench in that plan, but you’re right- I don’t think anyone’s really shedding tears for the Dub’s ownership. Everyone at one point or another has had a plan that’s fallen apart due to no fault of their own, just part of life.

  2. Sillivan

    Warriors projected revenues $540 million this season
    Lost $378 million on revenue side
    Increase $147 million on expense side – luxury tax

    The time of projection 2019

    Sell playoffs tickets?

    • Walladipo and Wood

      Unfortunately for the Warriors, they have to make the playoffs to sell playoff tickets. And even if they manage to make it to the postseason it won’t be a deep run like it was during the days of their impressive, albeit brief dynasty.

      • Howie415

        Huh? They sold out when they weren’t making the playoffs, even during the Cohan years. I don’t see any reason why they wouldn’t sell out if they don’t make the playoffs.

      • SFGiantsFan09

        Is that why they took down the Lakers who, if I recall correctly, were the NBA champs last year?

        • ??? what does the lakers have to do with the warriors? Nobody asked who won last year. SMH

      • “albeit brief dynasty.”

        If 5 straight years going to the finals can be described as “brief” then, OK.

        • ABStract

          That’s what I was thinking…how old do you have to be to think a 5 year run is “brief”?

  3. Hard for me to believe that there is still people out there that feel Ball would have been a better pick than Wiseman. Wiseman has a better shot than Ball has. Ball will turn out to be a good player but Wiseman will be a all star in 2 years. Not to far in the distant yesterday Ball brother was supposed to be the next Kobe now he is not worth a long term big contract with his own team.

    • RenoChris

      Thank you!! Ball, like his older brother is all hype. Good players but will never be able to live up to the hype.

      • andyhighroller

        I see it this way; there aren’t centers near Wiseman’s talent level in upcoming drafts, HOWEVER, there are several wings better than Edwards and at/near Ball’s level in the next few years. I don’t think Wiseman is Robertson or Bosh, as he’s bigger than Bosh and potentially a better defender, but not the offensive talent Bosh was IMO.

      • link to r.search.yahoo.com.;_ylu=Y29sbwNncTEEcG9zAzIEdnRpZAMEc2VjA3Ny/RV=2/RE=1611908550/RO=10/RU=https%3a%2f%2fwww.boxscoregeeks.com%2farticles%2fis-lonzo-ball-the-next-kobe-bryant/RK=2/RS=_UO76knDObUkzFLGCOhDj75Ugkc-

    • dubtastic

      Yeah its crazy..Ball, like his brother is all hype mainly because of their loud mouth dad! Who is just a big kook! Wiseman is even a better shooter than Ball! hahahaha!

      • ABStract

        I was soooo glad the W’s didn’t draft one of those overhyped ball kids
        Wiseman’s lookin like he’s gonna be scary good

  4. Cap & Crunch

    Ball Bros are not the same players, lazy comp

    Nobody compared him to Kobe, especially in LA

    GSW is not a top 6 team in the West this year. I really like Curry and Klay but they have an uphill battle ahead of them. GSW won 3 rings w Bogut and Mcgee , they are a motion offence that doesnt need to spend capital at the Center position Imo or dumping the ball down in the paint-

    Ball= Best version of Livingston ever; even before Clipper inj
    This years Wolves Pick= Iggy wing clone
    Sign cheap C off season and 22 would looking good and a more similar offence that Curry and Klay are accustomed too. Im not saying it all cant work (for 22 w healthy Klay) , I just think GSW is at its best playing small and in a fast paced motion offense where the ball doesnt get posted as much and gets moved on the perimeter

      • Cap & Crunch

        I’ve seen him play plenty. Theres no doubt his athletic prowess but my post mainly pertains to the half court offence that is key in playoff basketball (the only thing that matters) – Klay and Curry have never had to dump it down to anybody let alone some young buck learning on the job-

        Their whole run was based off motion in the half court with quick passes along with burying open shots…..Can they change their past winning system and still succeed …Sure……. Is it WISE to assume it will all happen so seamlessly…..I dont think so …. I think there is going to be growing/ stagnant pains that Klay/Curry just dont have time to deal with in their current career arc and I dont think Kerr being the guy to be able to X and O his way outta it

        • Howie415

          Again, you haven’t watched the Warriors that much. The team doesn’t sit around waiting for Klay, or Steph, to shoot a 3. They try to go to the basket everytime, unless Curry is feeling it. Right now, Kerr is more worried about their rebounding and defense, not who is going to shoot the ball.

        • dubtastic

          I tend to stay away from the “what if” or “if only”..but I always imagine how the team would look if Klay didn’t get hurt..I think that the fluid motion offense you mention would be classic Warriors but with a beast like Wiseman on the floor..but I believe that classic Dubs offense was beautifully played that way because of key pieces like Iggy, Bogut, Livingston high IQ type players that the team is missing too..it’s a whole new team on the floor that we’re witnessing, that’s still developing, or even still finding their identity.. I think there’s a possibility that the classic Dub brand offense would be gone even when Klay comes back next season..

    • Wrong Lonzo was compared to Kobe when he was drafted. All the hype as the best player in the last 10 years.
      The entire west is up for grabs this year. Warriors played the toughest schedule to start the season so to come out a little above .500 is a advantage over the other teams. The small ball doesn’t work against all teams. Most teams has adjusted to the small ball. You are not getting past Utah, LA, or Portland playing small ball.
      Ball is no liningston since Livingston had a much better shot. Best Ball could be is another jason kidd. Great passer but not a outside shooter. Wiseman looks more like Embiid a big man that can shoot the outside shot.

      • Cap & Crunch

        Well small ball worked for you guys 3 times using very little C capital- Lakers just won last year with zero C capital (6 mill for both total)

        Who compared him to Kobe? And how does this “who” pertain to La? Was it Snoop Dog again?

        “Best Ball could be is another Jason Kidd”

        Was that suppose to be an insult?

        • Teams adjust to winning teams. The small ball stop working as well as in the past. NBA is all about match ups so the warriors struggled against much taller teams. By the way the lakers had Howard and McGeee= last year plus with AD who can play center so what does money have to do with it when AD is a center?? Ball was over hyped as the best player in the last 10 years coming before he was drafted. Don’t pretend he wasn’t. Comparing Limo Ball to Jason is not a insult but a fact. Great passer but doesn’t have a great shot. So who do you think he compares to? Let me guess you think he is another Magic Johnson?

          • Cap & Crunch

            Id {hope} he could be 80% of Kidd, although I dont think you have a proper grasp on Kidd the player in the grand scheme of things

            McGee & Howard could be had by anyone for 6.5 mill…thats my point. Ida rather they focused at what they do best rather than try to adapt to Wiseman on the fly.

            But as I always said get 6th or higher this year you’ll have my respect, if that bars too high than what are we really even talking about in the end?

            • Your point that could be had for 6.5 million has NOTHING to do with what was being said. that is called changing the goal post. Gee like the warriors are worried about your respect. Jackson said it best last night there is not 1 dominating team in the west that is better than all the rest. It will be a free for all in the west because any of the top ten could beat any other team in the playoffs.

              • Cap & Crunch

                Well Im at least glad your not claiming them to be a top 6 seed like Marty-

                You have no clue what your talking about with Kidd. Im assuming you never watched him play

                • I watched kidd play in high school. yes I am that old and seen him play in small high school tournaments. Problem is saying anyone if the top 10 ever at a position is almost impossible. Basketball is always evolving and to say someone is GOAT is a joke. To say that in over 70 years of the NBA this person is a top 10 of all time is only a opinion since nobody has seen every player that has played those 70 years.

          • takeitback

            @arc89 Jason Kidd is one of the top 5-10 point guards of all time. To say Ball can’t be Shaun Livingston but can be Jason Kidd, is both insulting and ignorant.

            • Jason Kidd is not a top 10 point guard of all time. Maybe top 50 but not top 10. Comparing his passing ability to Jason Kidd but is how they are compared in the same type of game. Livingston is a different type of player he could shot which neither Kidd or Ball can do.

              • takeitback

                So much wrong with this argument. I realized I was arguing with a casual when you said Livingston could shoot though. You are probably 1 of 3-4 people in the entire world that would even attempt to argue that Livingston could shoot.

  5. Sillivan

    On draft night

    Wolves submit a trade proposal to Warriors
    Warriors get 1st pick
    Wolves get 2nd pick and Wolves get 2021 pick back from Warriors

    Warriors think 2021 Wolves pick is more valuable than 2020 first overall

      • ABStract

        Pretty sure Sillivan is an AI that has recently gained consciousness and is learning how to communicate with humans through internet comments sections
        It’s cool though, good luck-and may I be the first here to humbly welcome our robotic overlords!
        We anxiously await your inevitable domination and enslavement of mankind

  6. KnickerbockerAl

    Warriors need a backup C. Best move they could make is move Obrue. Unless there is something major with Wiggins. But Obrues value is down now. He’s young and could be a good pickup for a team on the rise or rebuilding. But best case is he plays better and they move him by TD. To me Gordon’s a guy who fits Warriors system like a glove. Rockets been trying to dump his salary.

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