Pelicans Receiving Trade Calls On Lonzo Ball, J.J. Redick

The Pelicans are receiving trade calls on Lonzo Ball and J.J. Redick, according to a report from Shams Charania of The Athletic.

New Orleans has shown a willingness to discuss the two guards with interested teams, Charania writes, and rival executives believe the Pelicans will be prominent in the trade market this season.

The news isn’t exactly surprising — the team has opened the 2020/21 season with a 5-10 record and both Ball and Redick didn’t suddenly become available. A move for either player would likely result in more playing time for young guards Nickeil Alexander-Walker and/or Kira Lewis.

The Pelicans have briefly discussed a potential deal involving Kelly Oubre Jr. with the Warriors, according to Charania, though it hasn’t gained any traction. It’s unclear whether Golden State would’ve been targeting Ball or Redick in such a deal.

Teams typically begin ramping up dialogue in the weeks prior to the trade deadline, which is scheduled for March 25 this season.

In addition to Ball, Redick, Alexander-Walker and Lewis, the Pelicans also have point guard Eric Bledsoe on their roster. Bledsoe, 31, has started in 13 of 14 games this season.

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56 thoughts on “Pelicans Receiving Trade Calls On Lonzo Ball, J.J. Redick

  1. Sillivan

    Ball wants market value contract
    He has little trade value now

    Let’s say you are Knicks, you don’t trade Mavs a first round pick for him

    Ball trade value = 25th to 30th pick

    • Lil_D_Top_3

      If I were Knicks i wouldn’t be looking to add someone who can’t shoot. I’d take Reddick over Ball from Pelicans

      • osaegthong

        knicks got plenty of shooting in bullock, rivers and burks. no need for another shooter. they just need another pg who can score and playmake. could trade DSJ, Payton and knox for dinwiddie yet nets wont accept bad shooters and offensive liabilities.
        plenty of pgs left on the market if they wanna move on from payton, DSJ, and nntikinla:
        napier, isaiah thomas, knight, ferell, and muiday.

        • Nets wouldn’t take that deal because it is a really bad one. They’re not going to give away Dinwiddie for the Knick’s trash.

          • KnickerbockerAl

            You get robbed in NY or something. I sense hostilities towards Knicks lol. How can anyone be trash on the #1 Defense in the NBA.
            Your trash is another team’s treasure. They called Randle trash last yr too.

          • jmoney26

            Dinwiddie done for the season and is an unrestricted FA that will get +20m a year this offseason. No way he’s returning to the Nets who already have around 140 mil guaranteed to KD, Harden, Kyrie, Joe Harris, and DJ next season. Another 20 mil contact would cost the Nets an addition +100 mil in luxury taxes for 1 signing……Not to mention, if they can get a piece like Payton that they actually really need, someone who can “turn the faucet off” against opposing guards, i don’t see why they wouldn’t pull the trigger. Especially after trading all that draft capital, it would be enticing to bring in a kid like Knox would can learn and grow under the tutelage of Kevin Durant. The real question is why the Knicks would trade assets for a player who is done for the season and will become an unrestricted FA in the summer???? Knicks will have plenty of cap space to sign him outright if they want him that bad…..

      • SheaGoodbye

        The team needs playmaking as much as it needs shooting. And last season Ball was a good enough shooter. I’d take the chance at a low enough cost.

        Also, Lonzo would still be a shooting upgrade from the likes of Payton.

        • How would Lonzo be a shooting upgrade over Payton? Lonzo shoots 39% from the field, 29% from 3. Payton is 43.5% and 28%. Seems like a lateral move at best.

          • SheaGoodbye

            …do you not realize volume is a big component of being a shooter? Pretty basic basketball stuff.

            And you’re cherry picking a small sample size. Lonzo has been a clearly better shooter than Payton over the last few years. Not a good one, but a better one.

    • the dude

      Only the Knicks would offer a pick to the Mavs for Ball, a team that Ball doesnt even play for.

    • mlbnyyfan

      Knicks don’t need Reddick maybe 5 years ago not now. Knicks need to be all in on Beal or Lillard.

      • Lil_D_Top_3

        I agree I think Lillard would be perfect fit. Guess Dame would make any team a lot better…but Knicks with a guard that does everything could def win some games. Not a bad team just not enough “special”…yet

  2. Ball is just Elfrid Payton with an obnoxious Dad. Knicks would have no reason to pursue him.

    • Haha most unnecessary hype over this guy ever, he’s a good player who could have use on a championship team but he’s never goin to be better than a good player

    • SheaGoodbye

      The only person who would say this is someone who doesn’t know anything about either player. Both operate totally differently.

      • Wrong. They actually “operate” with substantially similar deficiencies, most of which are largely immutable. There’s no optic (of an educated eye) or metric that will separate these two by very much for very long.

        • SheaGoodbye

          And the way they run their respective offenses is completely different. Someone only quoting the stats obviously has not watched them actually play the game of basketball.

          Payton dribbles the air out of the ball, tends to look for his own shot, and doesn’t spread the ball around. He’s also a bad defender. Lonzo at least is a good passer, will get guys involved, and is a better defender. None of this is even remotely up for debate.

          So both are subpar shooters. How does that make them the same type of players?

          • LOL. A perimeter player’s (particularly a PG’s) shot impacts the effectiveness of all elements of his offensive game, and thus, if he’s coherent, the way he plays. If there’s a path to high end starting PG when a guy is a poor shooter, Ball is walking in the opposite direction. No leadership, no judgement, no grit, etc. He’s not just a subpar shooter, he’s a double minus at L2 and L3, and even worse (comical really) at the FT line. The mechanics on what he calls a jump shot are so bad he can’t even get it off unless he’s wide open (worse than missing in some ways), and even when he is wide open he can’t hit a high %. He scores only at the basket, unless of course he’s fouled, then we get to see him embarrass his profession. He may pass well, and get some assists, but he’s not a reliable facilitator, and easy to shut down late in games. Of course, he’s really unplayable late in games based on his FT % and not needing to be checked.

            BTW, every NBA coach Payton has had (and opponents, commentators and others who know the game) would debate you on whether he’s good defender. Maybe you’re thinking of his NBA 2k rating. Seems like that’s your forte.

          • osaegthong

            lmao lonzo averages 30 mpg and averages backup pg like stats. if he’s a better passer then how r they still losing? all he does well is finish at the basket.

  3. Very Barry

    J.J. Redick and Giannis are both shooting exactly 30% from behind the 3-point arc this season. Lonzo Ball is shooting 29% from 3-pt range and for some odd reason taking 7.2 3-pt shot attempts per contest. Yikes! However, Lonzo is managing to shoot better from behind the arc than Luka Doncic who is shooting 28% on 3-pt shots on 7.3 attempts per night. A tip of the cap to Trae Young who is outshooting all these dudes from distance with a robust 34% accuracy rate from the 3. I thought this league was now all about 3-point shooting.

    • the dude

      The league is, doesnt mean its gonna sink all those threes though haha

    • justinkm19

      Luka started the year 1 of 20 something. It’s been a long climb back up. He also takes too many difficult ones. He’s not a “jump shooter” so they are all step back and contested 3’s

    • Curtisrowe

      I mean, wouldn’t you take Reddicks career numbers over a 15 game sample?

  4. Sillivan

    Ball and Redick for Oladipo

    Rockets would say no

    Because Rockets don’t pay Ball market value

  5. Omarj

    I think the suns could use Ball. He’ll up the pace and be a nice backup and get a quick study under Paul. Portland needs another ball handler.

    Reddick could be a good add to Dallas.

  6. SFGiantsFan09

    Please do not pick up Ball for Oubre. The Ball family is straight trouble, specifically Lonzo’s dad. I do not want him anywhere near San Francisco unless it’s to play against Steph and Co.

  7. Stilt Armstrong



    Protected 1st, that expires into 2 2nd’s.

    • hiflew

      Why would any team want to trade for both Ball and Bledsoe after seeing that they don’t play particularly well together in NO?

  8. Sillivan

    Oubre for Ball and salary

    It does not make sense for Pelicans

    It needs the third team

  9. giannisandyelich123

    Jj back in a bucks uni cause he owes us for sucking b***s the first time we traded for him lol

  10. Simmons>Russ

    2 three team deals

    Pelicans: Lauri Markeneen + 2nd Boston
    Boston: JJ Reddick (using TPE)
    Bulls: Lonzo Ball

    Pelicans: Zach LaVine
    Boston: JJ Reddick + Jaxson Hayes (using TPE)
    Bulls: Lonzo Ball + Josh Hart + 1st (Boston)

    I really like the second deal for all teams. Pelicans get Zach LaVine who is playing at an all star level and would be a great fit with Zion Williamson for the long term. Plus your defence should be good enough to cover for LaVine with Bledsloe Ingram Zion and Adams.
    Boston gets JJ for its bench and playoff run. He’s an experienced shooter and will be a great locker room vet for the likes of Nesmith and Langford. They also get Hayes who was a former top 10 pick that plays centre, he could have a future alongside Tatum and Brown.
    Bulls get Lonzo who adds to their defence and playmaking, they get Josh Hart who adds some depth and potential and they get a first. It would have to be a unprotected first or a pick Boston owns from someone else to give it some value. Maybe they need to give up more for the Bulls but it could be worked out.

    The first deal is more simple, Pelicans probably don’t get the best return for two players but it saves them some money and it gets them Lauri who could have a long term future in New Orleans as a floor space for Zion and Ingram.

  11. Simmons>Russ

    Or 3 team trade with Mavs and GSW

    Pelicans: Josh Richardson + 1st Mavs
    Mavs: Kelly Oubre + Josh Hart
    GSW: Lonzo Ball

    Pelicans get another first plus Richardson who isn’t actually much different to ball tbh. Mavs get Oubre which is a shooting upgrade for them plus Josh Hart for some depth and impact off the bench. GSW get Lonzo.

    Only problems GSW probably aren’t that interested and Mavs probably don’t want to give up a first to move sideways and get Hart

    • specialfriedrice

      Could you imagine the bricks being thrown up every night with Green and Ball on the same team…not even Steph could bring that % up.

    • osaegthong

      why will they want lonzo??? they already got brick shooters in green and oubre

  12. formerlyz

    Portland, Denver, GS, Washington off the top of my head would make a lot of sense for Ball if they move him.

    Personally I just think Ball and Bledsoe shouldnt start next to each other, at least not while they have a big like Steven Adams next to Zion. Their spacing is poor at times, and they could use at least another defender on the wing.
    I feel like its financially a little weird to match salaries for all of those teams, but the fit is there…that being said there are still a couple of FAs that would help those teams similarly, so not sure how that weighs next to a trade for Ball

    • formerlyz

      …Atlanta, Chicago, Minnesota, and Milwaukee also arguably make a little bit of sense in some way

  13. Lilducci

    Not a great deal for the Warriors. JJ is washed. Ball is a backup PG in the NBA plain and simple. I would love to get Hart and Ball for Oubre, Poole, and a 2nd Rounder.

    I would have loved to sign Oubre for next year to come off the bench, but not at his price range.

  14. Lilducci

    Not a great deal for the Warriors. JJ is washed. Ball is a backup PG in the NBA plain and simple. I would love to get Hart and Ball for Oubre, Poole, and a 2nd Rounder.

    I would have loved to sign Kelly for next year to come off the bench, but not at his price range.

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