2021 NBA All-Star Reserves Revealed

The 2021 NBA All-Star reserves have been revealed. Below is the full rundown of the 14 players scheduled to join the previously announced 10 starters for the March 7 contest in Atlanta. All-Star reserves are selected by the league’s head coaches.

Eastern Conference Reserves:

Notable omissions this season include recent Heat All-Stars Jimmy Butler and Bam Adebayo, two-time Bucks All-Star Khris Middleton, recent Hawks All-Star point guard Trae Young, Raptors guard Fred VanVleet, recent Pacers All-Star big man Domantas Sabonis, and Sixers forward Tobias Harris.

Brown, LaVine, and Randle are making their All-Star debuts. Harden is the most decorated among the All-Star vets among the East reserves, as he will be appearing in his ninth All-Star contest.

Western Conference Reserves:

Lillard, who just barely missed out on a starting nod to Mavericks guard Luka Dončić, earns his sixth All-Star mention as he mounts a sleeper MVP campaign with the Trail Blazers. Paul will be playing in his 11th All-Star game, for a fourth different team (he did not earn an All-Star nod in either of his two Rockets seasons, but made it with the Clippers, New Orleans Hornets, and Thunder).

Snubs in the West include recent Suns All-Star shooting guard Devin Booker, Spurs guard DeMar DeRozan, and 33-year-old Jazz point guard Mike Conley, the latter of whom may go down in history as the best NBA player never to make an All-Star team. Williamson, the No. 1 pick in the 2019 draft, is a first-time All-Star. Last year, his teammate Brandon Ingram made his own All-Star debut.

Conley may still have his day in the sun, however. Kyle Goon of the Orange County Register notes that Lakers All-Star big man Davis, recovering from a right calf strain, will likely not be healthy in time to partake in the currently-planned All-Star game, and thus another Western Conference All-Star should eventually be named by NBA commissioner Adam Silver to replace the eight-time All-Star.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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86 thoughts on “2021 NBA All-Star Reserves Revealed

  1. Metsin7

    Pacers deserved to have Brogdom or Sabonis in the allstar game, vucevic and simmons shouldn’t of made it, would of swapped one for Bam as well

  2. C-Daddy

    I realize there are only so many roster spots but there are some pretty egregious snubs, especially in the east. I don’t understand how two teams in the top 5 (Raptors and Pacers) have zero all-stars but guys like Vucevic made the team.

    • Curtisrowe

      Indiana and Toronto have only won a couple more games than Orlando has.


      • C-Daddy

        Yeah, but you don’t have to be a particularly knowledgeable basketball fan to know that the Raptors and Pacers are decent teams whereas the Magic are trash. The standings this year are a mirage.

        • Some teams are more well-rounded and disperse their scoring more than others. Vucevic has been the 2nd best center in the East this year, no one from the Raps or Pacers deserves the nod more than him.

    • whoneedsfacts

      Vuc is the only one where it’s just obvious he shouldn’t have been picked.

    • x%sure

      It was so hard to narrow down who makes the East AS team that I did not post on that page. I can only complain about Chris Paul named over Mike Conley on the West team.

      • Agree Conley deserved it more than Paul, take Donovan Mitchell and Conley are driving the best record in the west,
        I’m not sure Paul even deserved it over booker let alone Conley

  3. Ironmonger835

    I guess Fox doesn’t have to worry about going to the All Star game now.

  4. rip_plymouth_whalers

    “may go down in history as the best NBA player never to make an All-Star team”- That’s a great discussion topic! I wonder if he is…

  5. Andy Mak

    Finally Zach gets recognition after last years snub! Really pleased for him and first time bull since Jimmy buckets.

  6. lovesexland

    Vucevic- 24.1-11.7-3.6 (Magic 12th in East)
    Sabonis-21.5-11.6-5.7 (Pacers 4th in East)

    Sabonis > Vucevic

    • Yeah I think Sabonis is the biggest snub in both leagues this year. Vuc And Lavine have good stats but team sucks. Think Ben made it bc of name recognition. Sab shoulda made it over any of those 3. Same with trae.

      Sabonis has been the best player on a top 4 team in the East.

      • PhillyPhan69

        So you think Ben made it because other NBA coaches know his name but not the other guys??? Rather than the obvious idea that they coach against him and just realize he is a special player? That’s cool everyone is entitled to their opinion even if it does not add up.

        • I didn’t mean literally bc coaches know his name but not the other guys, sorry I didn’t spell that out for you lmao.

          Among the borderline players I thought Sabonis deserved the nod as I feel he’s been more impactful for his team. Yes, Ben is a great defender but Harris is having a career year and Embiid imo is MVP this year so that has contributed to much of their success along with much better shooting. I would have liked to see Simmons assists per game go up with the excess of shooting and improved play of the roster this year.

          And when it’s close ASG selections tend to (not always) favor bigger names/market as after all it is an event they want to draw viewers for.

    • buttholesurfer69

      Vuc – 5.9
      Sab – 3.4

      Vuc – 23.9
      Sab – 20.7

      IND is 4th but still only 15-14. Wouldn’t even be top 8 in West. I think Vuc deserves the nod.

  7. How in the world is the game in Atlanta and Trae Young not involved. Not watching one second of this joke of a game.

      • jimmyduz0523

        so if young was in the game u would watch it and wouldn’t be a joke of a game?? come on bro… Trae is not really like in the nba coaches circle.

        • The season is a joke as well. Name any other professional sport where you can guarantee only 3 or 4 teams are capable of making the Finals.

          • Jimmy Fitzsimmons

            College football is in the same boat…. you can go UNDEFEATED and have ZERO chance of making the playoffs let alone winning a championship

      • Players who are top 10 in scoring to not make an All Star game….Trae Young. End of list.

      • C-Daddy

        I’m not a 76ers fan but Simmons is one of only four players in the league average better than 15 points, 8+ rebounds, and 8+ assists a game. He’s also arguably the best defensive player in the league. He impacts winning a lot more than Young at this point in their respective careers.

        • mike.honcho

          Like I said, not to belittle Ben, but Trae carries a far bigger burden than Ben does, every game.

          Besides, Trae averages 27/10/4 (rounded-off) …….. mighty impressive for someone that size.

          Also, I might be alone on this ……. it does bother me a bit that an All-Star, can be a guard who can’t make, much less attempt, a jumpshot.

        • PhillyPhan69

          Your using facts, stats and logic…most of the posters on here will get confused now. Because points…

        • buttholesurfer69

          A lot of people have been on the Simmons DPOY tip, and honestly I haven’t watched enough of him to vehemently disagree.

          But—if you look at his Defensive BPM, he’s at 2.4. He was at 2.5 in 17-18. At 2.3 in 19-20. If he really jumped a level this year on D, wouldn’t it show on DBPM?

          It’s not fair, but it’s a reality that it’s just a lot tougher to make arguments for guys who are defense-first players, which, ironically, Simmons seems to have become this year.

          There just aren’t a lot of good metrics to measure this stuff—esp for perimeter guys. And we can all say “eye test, eye test” but honestly who’s watched more than half of his games this year (outside of Philly fans)?

  8. raz427

    I guess that means whoever wants Lavine, can’t just give up yesterday’s trash or tomorrow’s newspaper for him. Now that it’s settled Lavine is an all star and the 2nd or 3rd best player on most title teams, what is a legitimate offer for him?

    Ideally I’d love to trade him to Denver for MPJ, Gary Harris and 2 unprotected first round picks. Need a future asset who can insert on the wing, with multiple picks and expiring (matching) contract.

    • Is this a joke? Lol what makes you think he would be 2nd or 3rd best on most title teams, he’s lost everywhere he’s been. He puts up good stats bc he’s a volume shooter.

      Not to mention he’s close to FA and is one of the worst defenders in the NBA (literally dead last in defensive real +/- in entire NBA). I wouldn’t trade MPJ for him let alone give up 2 unprotected picks & Harris … this doesn’t make any sense.

      • raz427

        Um because he can create his own shot, shoot 50/40/ with 28 PPG. Not many players in NBA history have done that, only Bird Steph and KD. Defenders? Does ANYONE play defense anymore? Teams are averaging 115 PPG a game now. It’s all about when you make a defensive play now, not how many you make. You sound silly. +/-??? That’s the worst way to make your argument.

        “he’s lost everywhere he’s been” considering it’s been only In Minnesota and Chicago, usually when people use that phrase it’s 3-4 teams, not 2-3. Volume shooter, again I said 50/40/28 PPG. That’s a volume shooter? So what is Harden then? What was Allen Iverson then? The game has always been about volume shooters. There are very few people who shoot efficient. Steph/KD/Bird/Nash/Dirk were efficient. So yeah I would say MPJ and 2 firsts. You like to make fun of my offer, but fail to show me what offer would be realistic from your perspective?

        • I think LaVine is a good player but he’s also shooting 7% higher than his career FG avg and 5% higher than any season prior. Also 5% higher from 3 and 4.5% higher than any season prior in his career. Maybe he has just stepped his game up to the next level but I think he’ll regress.

          Real defensive +/- is commonly used among teams and is a pretty good indicator for defense, though I agree not many teams/players play a ton of D in this era.

          It is his 7th year in the league so the fact he has yet to even make the playoffs makes me question why he could be the 2nd option on a title contender. Yes, he hasn’t been on great teams but he has been on talented teams and if he’s that good he should elevate his team.

          I think a fair trade offer for him would be something like Gary Harris, Bol Bol or RJ Hampton and one maybe two top 8 protected picks as he’s a FA in ‘22.

          It’s very rare for teams to send unprotected 1s and even more so multiple.

          • raz427

            That’s a terrible offer. Lavine is signed thru 2022 with $19M cap hit. He instantly becomes Denver’s 3rd best player behind Joker and Murray. Protected picks? LOL that’s even worse. Nobody wants broken down Gary Harris and protected picks. Lavine is proven and he’s only 25. It’s not like he’s 29 like Beal will be. And Brooklyn (2012) proves to me there is a sucker born every minute, it just needs the right offer dangled in front of them to pull the trigger.

          • buttholesurfer69

            Agree with both here

            LaVine is putting up serious stats this year, regardless of the Bulls record

            But I’d like to see it translate to another season or 2 before I say he’s a 2nd guy on a title contender

      • stevep-4

        Actually I was not a Lavine supporter (check some of my prior comments here) but he has improved vastly this year. He is not an all-star defender, but he is no longer a pushover and he is starting to put in the same amount of effort on both sides. His shooting is not “volume”, dude, look at his stats. He is nearly a 52% shooter this year, 43% from distance. He also has improved in assists and rebounds, often taking boards away from opposing big men. He has taken over multiple games this year, but not many have seen the improvement because the Bulls had only 1 national TV game.
        Most important this year, Zach uses his ability to make his own shot to generate shots for others – he has learned that passing out of a double or triple team is no shame.

        So, you might prefer someone else, and that is understandable, but don’t knock Zach using outdated info. He has become very efficient as a scorer, and has made some acrobatic shots look easy.

        Do a stathead.com comparison of his 25 yr-old season and James Harden’s, he compares favorably, albeit with one more year of experience at his age:

        link to stathead.com

        • Rockets also had the 2nd best record in a loaded west that season with harden mostly carrying them so that has to count for something.

          Again, I think LaVine is good just not great.

        • raz427

          I’m curious, I’ve never heard of this site before. How often would you say you use it? It looks pretty interesting to me that you used Harden age 25 comparison to LaVine. I can see some sort of conviction and accuracy behind those statements you made. Always a good poster man. Glad to have another realistic Bulls fan on here and not just nostalgic Rose Noah Deng and coach overdrive supporters.

          • stevep-4

            Thanks for the compliment.

            I found it when people make statements with no data to back them up. This was the first time I felt it necessary to point out the data. And who knows, perhaps Lavine will lead the Bulls to a very good season this year. After a bad start, Donovan has them moving the ball enough to literally make me stand up and cheer.

            They asked Lavine after his best-except-for-MJ streak what he thinks of Donovan and he said hard to say when you hardly know someone but he challenges me. I liked that mix of respect and skepticism, Bulls are headed in the right direction now, finally.

            • raz427

              I love the hiring of Donovan. He brings instant credibility. Nobody in the league took us seriously with Boylen. He is a matchup coach. Ideally I’d keep Lavine and see if he is going to keep the trajectory towards a top 15-20 player, but it’s awfully hard if someone dangles picks and a young wing athletic player.

  9. mike.honcho

    Not to belittle Simmons, Vucevic, but Trae, Sabonis or Bam are more deserving of those spots.

    The West reserves looks to be okay though.

    • PhillyPhan69

      You need to watch more of Ben. Top 5 defender easy and leading/facilitating at a top level for the best team in the east

  10. DeathbyDeathwest

    I’d replace LaVine and Vučević with Butler and Harris/Sabonis/Bam in the East.

    • mike.honcho

      Everyone loves Jimmy ……… but his lack of games and general passiveness on some played games, just makes him short of a spot IMO.

      Though Bam/Sabonis easily over Vucevic.

      • DeathbyDeathwest

        That’s a fair point on Jimmy, but the Heat just aren’t the Heat without him.

        Not to cry NBA-conspiracy, but LaVine and Vuc as All Stars feels like a favor to the Bulls and Magic.

        Randle getting named was a nice tip-of-the-cap to a player who clearly put in more effort and transformed his game for this season.

        • Sillivan

          All stars select offensive players

          In defensive stats
          Wiggins are far better than any of all stars guard starters

          Wiggins >>> Irving Beal Curry Luka

        • mike.honcho

          @DeathbyDeath ……. Agreed, Jimmy’s the obvious leader of the HEAT, even if he openly defers to Goran, Bam, UD during interviews.

          Those early passive games from Jimmy, this guy was practically limping off the media stage that post Game 5 interview, during the Finals a few months ago …….. he (Lebron, Goran, etc) should’ve gotten a few more weeks rest before opening day.

          I agree, Randle (and the KNICKS) is the obvious feel-good story this ASG, affirms his taking charge and carrying the load for his team.

        • Tom Emansk1

          I don’t think there’s any argument for Jimmy over Lavine this year. And I think Jimmy is the better overall player. But between the missed time, the underperformance of the Heat, and Zach’s insane scoring efficiency, he’s a clear choice over Jimmy if you’re going solely on this year’s performance (which you should). And everything you just said about Randle applies to Zach too. In another year Jimmy would make it, but this year the field was too strong to overlook the flaws in Jimmy’s case. Nonetheless, we’ll see Jimmy back in this game soon.

  11. paindonthurt

    Every year it’s snub city. Always deserving guys left out. I’d like to see them open a couple more spots.

  12. Sillivan

    In West
    If you put Booker in , you have to take Paul out

    In East
    If you put Harris in, you have to take Simmons out

  13. Lil D MVC aka Uno

    Love people on here complaining about the results of a popularity contest. How many of you even voted? Smh smdh

      • Lil D MVC aka Uno

        Well if you voted for them to make the starting 5 the bench takes care of itself. Any more brain busters? I didn’t think so.
        Lil d dunks again…

        • Did you just refer to yourself in the 3rd person? That’s pretty pathetic, ngl

        • x%sure

          An opinion does not require the support of voting for it if voting for it was not possible. Complaining doesn’t really require that anyway, although it is good form to try.

          “The bench takes care of itself”… Yes but properly?

  14. KnickerbockerAl

    In the east you can make a case for Bam and Harris. In the west I’d say Booker. I’m good with it. Congrats to Randle man has really worked for it this yr. Gitta give him credit. Shows you how at 26 you can still improve significantly.

    • Very Barry

      The NBA continues to try and ram Zion Williamson down our throats. Good player but does not impact games defensively, nor is he someone to fear in the last five minutes of games. He also doesn’t have a jump shot. Adam Silver and the NBA have tried to make him into the next face of the league for the past two years. He just doesn’t have street cred with true fans like that. It is a crime that he is on the All-Star team. There are at least five players more deserving than Zion.

      • broski

        nah name me 5 players putting up 25 7 and 3 while shooting 35 from 3 and 61 from the field and you don’t need a jump shot to succeed in the league you should know that from ben simmons. Plus he is somebody to fear defense wise and offense wise sorry man 19 and 7 shooting 20 from 3 zion shooting better then ja and “he doesn’t have a jump shot”

      • buttholesurfer69

        Have you seen him at point yet?

        Looks like he’s worth the hype and then some when he’s not playing in the post next to Adams, imo.

  15. JonnyLucas

    Booker is getting all of the attention, but his numbers just aren’t that good. He’s been a solid scorer this year. So has B.I. So are a lot of other guys. His peripheral numbers are mediocre and his defense still isnt up to par.

    This isn’t a snub.

      • broski

        Bro what do you mean this is his most efficient year and plus putting up 25 this is one of his best years defensively as well I got book over paul

  16. El Don

    Young & Sabonis are the real snubs in the EC, they truly deserve it, can’t say exactly who I would take out but maybe 2 of ZLV, JB or JT…
    KAT is the real snub of the WC, few games I know, but man he is beasting it & when you add the year he has had, well… the one out would have to be CP3 or Mitchell…
    BTW can’t see how D-Book is a snub, yes he has played the last 2-3 years at ASG level & it was a snub when he wasn’t there, but this year he is down, not quite at his level, so he has been passed deservedly, he needs to play much better.
    Sooo glad Zion made it, he truly deserves it, he has been unstoppable this season, unlike overhyped dudes like Morant, I mean Ja is good… but at the moment is far from deserving an ASG, Zion was an absolute lock for it!

    • icecreamsocialist

      “this year he is down, not quite at his level, so he has been passed deservedly, he needs to play much better.“

      What, he needs to be as good as he was the years he wasn’t picked, rather than just be the high scorer on the 4th best team?

      @ TermineRadio on Twitter:
      Coaches last year: Devin Booker is putting up big numbers but needs to win more.
      Coaches this year: Devin Booker is winning but needs to put up bigger numbers.

      • El Don

        As we are talking ’bout an individual award, I value his individual performance, winning is nothin’ to do with him, he played better the last 2/3 years as a matter of fact… I would rather he plays better than he playin’ below his level & the team winning, ain’t doin’ no nothin’ for me, as I am a big D-Book fan, but I am not a PHO fan, right?

  17. jesset-4

    This is why I hate fan voting. People only look at 2 months of the season instead of the full calendar year like they should. Anyone who would take Lavine or Vucevic over players like Lowry, VanVleet and Siakam are morons.

    • buttholesurfer69

      It’s a game based on this season. Not the back half of last season the playoffs and this season.

      Van Vleet has a case. Siakam and Lowry prob not.

  18. osaegthong

    what happened to middleton and harris lol bruh how in the world did randle make the all star team

  19. Goingyard16

    This happens every year. There are simply too many good players now. Expand the rosters, or a novel idea , have 4 All Star Teams. They would face off on Saturday and the winning two teams would play the next game. This would allow 24 more good players to take part in it. This would be more exciting than those dumb competitions they have every year.

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