Cuban Denies Mavs Gauging Trade Market For Porzingis

The Mavericks have “quietly gauged” the potential trade market for Kristaps Porzingis as they continue to evaluate whether he can be the team’s second star behind Luka Doncic, league sources tell Jake Fischer of Bleacher Report.

“They’ve kicked the tires on everybody on their roster that’s not named Luka,” a person with knowledge of the situation told Fischer. “You know (president of basketball operations) Donnie (Nelson); they’re always tinkering.”

Mavs owner Mark Cuban disputed the report, telling Tim Cato of The Athletic that his club has “not discussed (Porzingis) with anyone.” However, Ian Begley of backs up Fischer’s reporting, citing sources who say Dallas reached out to the Warriors to gauge their interest in the big man.

As Fischer explains, Porzingis’ ever-growing injury history and his struggles on defense are possible concerns for the Mavericks. Still, it sounds like if Dallas is discussing Porzingis at all, it’s more about the team doing its due diligence or considering hypothetical scenarios than actually looking to move on from the 25-year-old. Cato says it’s “incredibly unlikely” the former No. 4 overall pick will be traded this season or in the summer.

According to Fischer, the Mavericks are believed to be more interested adding a center who can complement Porzingis in the frontcourt, such as perhaps Andre Drummond. Dallas would like a big man with “physicality, rebounding, (and) toughness,” one source tells Bleacher Report.

While it’s not clear if Hawks big man John Collins will be a pre-deadline trade target for the Mavs, league sources believe the team would make a “significant offer” to him if he reaches restricted free agency in the offseason, per Fischer.

Dallas has also explored the trade market for additional shooting and perimeter defense, according to Fischer, who adds that the Mavs appear to have been one of the more active teams in the early stages of trade conversations around the league.

Porzingis’ injury issues and his defensive shortcomings have prevented him taking a major step toward stardom since arriving in Dallas, and he owns the most expensive contract on the Mavs’ books, with three years and $101MM+ left on his deal after this season. However, that contract isn’t interfering with Dallas’ ability to upgrade the roster, as the club still projects to have a significant chunk of cap room available in the summer of 2021.

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43 thoughts on “Cuban Denies Mavs Gauging Trade Market For Porzingis

  1. hiflew

    Porzingis is probably the most overrated asset in the NBA. It doesn’t matter how good you are or can be if you can’t stay on the court. This is not a case of a single catastrophic injury either. KP is likely going to be saddled with the dreaded term “injury prone.”

      • hiflew

        Thank you for that astute rebuttal to my comment. I’m humbled that you took a small portion of your limited time on this planet to post that piece of brilliance. Future students will no doubt look to your insightful words in their search for scholastic advancement.

        • cubs2016

          I agree with you. He and Lauri are very similar players. Health aspect wise and potential on Lauri’s end. To me both are highly overrated.

          • Sillivan

            Rank these guys remaining contract amount
            Westbrook 133 million
            Wall 133 million
            Porzingis 131 million
            Griffin 76 million

            Mavs need to attach 2 future Firsts for Iran man Wiggins thru the third team

            Warriors get Lavine and White
            Bulls get KP and Wolves pick and 2firsts from Mavs
            Mavs get Wiggins

            • Sillivan

              Defensive field goal, the lower the better
              Wiggins 39.4%
              Paul George 48.3%

              Cousins 48.5%
              Porzingis 48.7%
              Markenren 48.9%

              About 50% players, huge contract

          • osaegthong

            just like exum, hes a lottery pick who’s never been able to stay healthy. i heard that the Dubs r interested in taking on his contract via trade but thats wack especially when u got a future superstar in wisemen

        • It was a poor assessment, so much so that I don’t have the energy to respond with much thought.

          • hiflew

            I’m sorry you don’t have enough thought in your head to write a few sentences expressing what you feel. Maybe you should stop straining your fragile brain so much and avoid reading altogether. I hear adult coloring books are popular. Maybe that is more your speed. Have a nice day.

  2. RyanO

    I actually like the idea of KP for Collins. Mavs need another player who can create their own offense & I think Collins would thrive being their #2 option. He can also stretch floor to some degree, play outside too if they get a true big.

    KP could do well in ATL mostly playing a stretch 4 instead of the 5. Would have open shots and having capela there would help defensively.

    Maybe KP for Collins plus a salary filler such as gallinari, bogdan, or rondo. Think it could be a win win for both teams.

  3. Lil_D_Top_3

    Oh boo hoo. Anyone on an NBA team that doesn’t implicitly understand they could be traded at any time deserves to be a casualty of their own delusion.

    Don’t apologize for doing your job, Mr. Cuban!

    • mlbnyyfan

      Why not gauge interest especially if you can get a Beal or Booker

      • Yep it is

        Beal or Booker are you joking? For someone injury prone? The main reason he is so overrated is because he played in NY.

      • Walladipo and Wood

        I don’t think that the Wizards or the Suns are terribly interested in trading their best player for KP. Lower those expectations, a lot.

        • El Don

          D-Book is havin’ a very quite season, very disappointing, well below his usual greatness, so… who knows?

  4. arc89

    No Thanks from the warriors. KP is injury prone not worth his high salary price. Rather keep Wiggins than a guy who only plays half his games. Wiseman will be a better player for the Warriors in the long run.

    • Sillivan

      It’s pretty clear that Mavs contact Warriors to acquire Wiggins

      Wiggins is nba iron man, never gets injured
      Wiggins leads starters at defensive field goal percentage

      • rugrat907

        And given Kerr’s emphasis on defense, there is no way the Warriors would think about making a deal like that.

        • El Don

          So you really like for GSW to have their first ever superstar, ‘course you do!!!
          But it ain’t not happening, not now, not ever!!!

          • arc89

            GSW already have had a few super stars. When did you start watching the NBA? 2 days ago?

            • El Don

              @arc89… Just for you to know, I have been watchin’ the NBA for the last 35 years at least, right?
              GSW had very good players like Run TMC, Spree, C-Webb & so on… actually, you right, they are stars… but superstar I can only thing of KD!
              Anyway I was givin’ a reasonable & civilized answer to a dumb comment, so really it wasn’t meant to be taken seriously… sorry if I have offended you, as I said I did love the GSW teams of the 80’s & 90’s, real fun to watch, not so much for the last 20 years, but hey I am not a homie so it doesn’t really matter as long as you happy with your team, I can’t care any less!

              • @El Don: Steph is a ‘superstar’ whether you want to admit it or not. Two MVPs, three rings.

        • @Marty: That’s one of the most delusional trades I’ve ever seen on this site. Bravo.

            • osaegthong

              ikr its like saying the rockets should trade wood for griffin. thats the most dumbest trade ive ever heard lmao.

            • I would guess he wasn’t joking. He constantly proposes trades and free agents signings that only seem to benefit the Warriors, who he loves. He recently said the Warriors would sign KD *and* Kawhi this coming offseason.

  5. Sillivan

    How about

    Hawks get Edwards and Reid
    Wolves get Collins and Huerter

    I read that Hawks like wolves future First

  6. Sillivan

    After dumping Powell salary, Mavs can give Collins max

    Have to let Hardaway walk

  7. Buckman

    Two types of players in the NBA:

    The Man: The team builds around you to win a championship and the only way you leave is through age, injury, or you demand a trade.

    Not The Man: Not “The Man”

  8. Lefty_Orioles_Fan

    Ben Simmons for Kristaps Porzingis
    Solve all problems
    To quote Michael Corleone:
    There are negotiations being made that are going to answer all of your questions and solve all of your problems. That’s all I can tell you right now.

  9. KnickerbockerAl

    Well well oh well well ….. so where are all the KP trade geniuses now. I’m like an elephant of the NBA. So Knicks haters “where art thou” . Knicks in playoffs KP getting moved. Stick to criticism hating comes back at you. I’m just loving this …. it’s a good day
    So a lot of us real fans. Have always said KP needs 45 LBs. He’s 7’3” in sneakers and 240. He’s too brittle this way. And when you run around as a stretch 4. You put your legs in more jeopardy. After being hurt more than a few times. He’s now scared of contact. It’s why his D gas gotten worse. Players with long skinny legs all have issues with contact. Cause smaller players naturally bang their legs. And they have lower center of gravity. So are stronger and can push him around. Only way to fight back is to get thicker and stronger. 240lbs is not going to work. His shot will not be affected by gaining weight. He needs to play C, not run around while guarding 4s. Rudy is 7’ 260 LBs. McGee who is thin and also has contact issues. Is 7’ 270LBs. 7’ 3” and 240lbs won’t work for a star in NBA. At C he will be more flat footed. Less chance of injury, but needs weight. Having a big4 who is Physical next to him also helps. Like Oakley did for Ewing. KP is gifted offensively. So you need to find a way if you are going to sign him. Especially to a max contract. Which is probably dumbest thing you can do at this weight. Not a hater just a realist. We (NYK) will be thinking of you KP when we draft in lottery this yr. Thanks bro.

    • Walladipo and Wood

      So you’re saying it’s KP’s fault that the Knicks are in the lottery every year? That seems to be the point of this diatribe.

      • KnickerbockerAl

        Is that what I said. You need English 101 again.
        As I recall you are part of the KP trade haters on this board. We don’t need a re-education of the facts do we Homer. KP was a Knick for 2 yrs. I’m good with this outcome. Unlike you hating players who walked from Rockets (of course except Harden). I never hate, just point out ALL facts. Something you should familiarize yourself with more.
        So again Thank U KP. Rebuilding is sweet thanks to you.

  10. david-45

    Carlise doesn’t use KP right. Hell you can replace KP with kelly olynyk and have the same type of production… you need to play KP in the paint.

    • KnickerbockerAl

      He won’t play in paint. Especially after being hurt. It’s why I say he needs weight, plenty of it.

      • x%sure

        More weight would just make him more injury-prone. Zinger is doing what every GM and agent says they want him to do: space the floor and shoot threes and don’t be one of those dinosaurs. This principle is off to begin with. Not that Zinger is mentally solid or ever has been.

        • KnickerbockerAl

          More weight means more girth. It means more strength. You think he’ll lose his shot. More weight means he can protect himself more. He is never going to play inside. Cause he’s never been that. Try and open your mind and think of what’s best for him. Cause at 240 he is destined to get hurt again. 7’ 3” and 240 is a skinny guy who can shoot. When he runs, you get in front of him. And it’s major injury time. That’s what chasing 4s on D gets him too, running into picks. At center and heavier, stronger. He can dictate the contact so can protect himself better. You have to be able to play some D. Or you can’t be on the floor. The proof is in front of your eyes if you watch him at all or ever. This is his 5th yr in the league. And he’s been out almost as much as he’s played. It’s not working bro.
          More weight more injury prone. That’s hilarious, he should get lighter according to you. Look at every guy 7’ 3” who played in NBA.

  11. Sillivan

    Celtics proposed Smart for Wiseman deal
    I’d guess Warriors counter offer Wiseman and Wiggins for Brown and Daniel Theis

    There is no counter offer for KP

    • Lil_D_Top_3

      Why trade for Wiseman? They already have a better version in Rob Williams.

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