Knicks Trade DSJ, Second-Rounder To Pistons For Derrick Rose

FEBRUARY 8: The deal is official, the Knicks announced (via Twitter).

FEBRUARY 7, 2:50pm: The two teams are in agreement, per Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN (Twitter link). The Knicks are acquiring Rose from the Pistons in exchange for Smith and Charlotte’s 2021 second-rounder.

12:11pm: Derrick Rose is set to be reunited with the Knicks and with his former Bulls and Timberwolves head coach Tom Thibodeau. New York is nearing an agreement to acquire Rose from the Pistons in exchange for Dennis Smith Jr. and future draft equity, per James Edwards III and Shams Charania of The Athletic (Twitter link).

Steve Popper of Newsday tweets that the draft pick being sent to the Pistons in the Rose deal will not be the Pistons’ own 2021 second-round pick that the Knicks possess, but could be the 2021 second-round pick that the Hornets owe the Knicks.

News on the exact terms of the trade have yet to be announced. How adding Rose, a savvy veteran scoring point guard with a defined ceiling, will impact the still-developing Knicks’ rotation will be interesting to see. Fan favorite rookie Immanuel Quickley and off-guard Austin Rivers may be especially liable to feel the squeeze, but whether Thibodeau opts to start Rose in place of the more defensively-oriented Elfrid Payton is unclear.

The upstart Knicks are currently the No. 7 seed in the Eastern Conference with an 11-13 record. Offloading future draft picks for a 32-year-old veteran in a move to improve the current on-court product is a curious decision for a club that had very much been prioritizing young players this season. Even All-Star hopeful Julius Randle is only 26.

The Knicks were not the only team in the market for Rose’s services this season. The Clippers, Heat, Bucks, and Nets were apparently all interested in dealing for Rose, per Vincent Goodwill of Yahoo Sports (Twitter link).

Charania adds (via Twitter) that Rose and the Pistons mutually agreed a trade was in both sides’ best interests. The Knicks had been floated as Rose’s “preferred destination” due to his familiarity with Thibodeau and his tenure with the team in 2016/17, his last season as a full-time starter.

Rose is in the final season of a two-year, $15MM contract he inked with Detroit in the summer of 2019. Across 22.8 MPG, Rose has been averaging 14.2 PPG, 4.2 APG, and 1.9 RPG in 15 games for the 5-18 Pistons, the worst team in the Eastern Conference.

Smith, meanwhile, has dropped out of the Knicks’ rotation. He has appeared in just three games for the Knicks this season, but could be counted on to play a bigger role for the Pistons. With 2020 No. 7 lottery pick Killian Hayes injured for the immediate future, Delon Wright has assumed Detroit’s starting point guard duties. In the absence of Hayes, two-way rookie Saben Lee had emerged as the the third pure point guard option behind Rose.

Both Rose and Smith will be free agents at season’s end — Smith is eligible for restricted free agency, though it would require a $7MM qualifying offer from Detroit. The Pistons will have his full Bird rights, while the Knicks will have Rose’s Early Bird rights.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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69 thoughts on “Knicks Trade DSJ, Second-Rounder To Pistons For Derrick Rose

  1. phillyballers

    Plural? Thibs did a bang up job influencing trades or making them before, why should Knick fans expect otherwise.

    • Sillivan

      Fake First is fine

      Pistons get Knicks top 20 protected First or 2025 top 45 protected pick

      Pistons have traded away 2021 top 20 protected First to Rockets 3 months ago

      Rockets expected that Pistons would be top 10 best team this season

      • Walladipo and Wood

        I’m sure the Rockets actually think Detroit is a top 10 team. You do realize that trades for protected picks like that don’t just disappear if they aren’t made right away. The criteria lessen over time, they are not “fake”.

  2. Picks – I’d guess second rounders. Knicks had been stacking them up for moments like this I assume.

    Rose – familiar with Thibs and can show Quickley the ropes.

    Payton – ouch. He’s done well, and most likely gone. I’d guess they’d collect some of those picks back in moving him.

  3. Jason Lancaster

    Quickley will be the big loser here, as Thibs would rather play a vet than a rookie.

    Once more, Thibs and the Knicks demonstrate their inability to develop young players.

    • jimmyduz0523

      you couldn’t be more wrong man. there is no way IQ gets stuck on the bench.

      • hiflew

        I hate that phrase. Of course he could be more wrong. If he said Quickley will give up basketball and join a traveling circus, that would be more wrong.

        Well I assume so anyway. But I don’t really know him, so I could be a better lion tamer than point guard.

        • Chief Two Hands

          Joining a traveling circus is never wrong! Think of the wonder! The elephants and bearded ladies! Finally understanding the magic involved in packing so many clowns into such a tiny car!

    • Lil_D_Top_3

      Why does a rookie have to “start” to be developed? Do you have some grudge against Thibs? What does it do to a vets confidence to give up his role to someone brand new? You need both of them.

    • Once again, you’re here to bash the Knicks player development when Barrett, Robinson, Quickley, and potentially Toppin are doing just fine. It’s a new FO and coach. They’ll be fine.

      Rose is only here for the remainder of the season, then he’s gone. Quickley learning from Rose instead of just Payton helps his development. If you think Quickley is going to now ride the pine, then you clearly don’t follow the Knicks.

      • KnickerbockerAl

        Jason gas something against Thibs lol. Probably blames him for Rose injury.

      • buttholesurfer69

        To me they should move Payton now

        He’s played well enough to flip for maybe a 2nd rounder or 2 – remember they still have Rivers

    • buttholesurfer69

      On the one hand Rose is a useful player they got more or less for nothing

      On the other – yeah it does seem like a crowded backcourt with Quickley Payton Rivers and Rose

      I’d be interested to see if they move Payton now

      • x%sure

        Nix have the same number of PGs.
        To a tanking fan they will never have lost enough games to be ready to win.

  4. Northern Expansion 416

    Thibs couldn’t let D Rose go I guess… For DSJ at least he will get playing time now… I really thought the clippers would have traded for Rose but oh well… Knicks to trade for Blake Griffin too¿¿¿

  5. Dxit90a

    Not a bad trade . A second rounder Nd smith . I believe Austin rivers will loose playing time and Payton some. Even with this trade it will not guarantee NYK a playoff spot . Rose is an average defender and below average shooter. A good play maker and attacks the rim well. I Wonder how he would mesh with RJ . Worth a shot I guess

    • Norm Chouinard

      “An average defender and below average shooter. A good playmaker and attacks the rim well.” Describes Elfrid Payton pretty well.

  6. caseystengel is alive21

    This seems to be a move they didn’t need to make but only did to make Tibs happy being he really likes D-Roses game. The team won’t be any better for making this move so I think they shouldn’t have not done anything and ride the kids to develop them further.

    • x%sure

      DRose is way better than Smith and a low second is almost nothing so Yes the Knicks are better, and they would be willing to finish 7th with a 32yo, or at least not blow it. A team could spend too many years at 7th but that is not a problem now!
      Not everyone on the roster should be the same age.

      Rose is legit NBA quality and Smith is rubbish. Nix fans may say that but may not want it to be so because of the Zinger trade. Big win for NY. GM Weaver may still believe in Smith due to his physical potential/build.

      I suspect Detroit did this as a favor to Rose to willingly be their bench points instead of a starter, and he did well for them. Rose determined where he was going to, not Weaver getting the best offer.
      Rose was not willing or able with the Cavs but that was understandable as it was an odd situation and he had to change his mindset on the fly… or try to. He may tend to sacrifice stability.

      • Sillivan

        I agree
        Knicks get a better deal
        Hornets second has little value

        The best trade for Knicks would be
        Pistons get Smith and Frank NT and get back Pistons pick
        Knicks get Rose and McGruder

        Young future goods Smith and Frank were top 10 college superstars

    • Agree with you. DRose is a FA as soon as the season ends. So DRose may only be a Knick for 47 games.

      • x%sure

        I think it will depend on who they draft. Begley wrote that it depends on what they gave up to get him.
        But they didn’t give up much!

  7. Sillivan

    I really like the naked first round pick from bad team
    14th seed Mavs sent Naked First to Knicks

    Oladipo is only worth second round pick Pistons sent to Knicks

  8. hiflew

    I like the move for the Knicks. All they are giving up is a second rounder probably around the early 40s along with Dennis Smith, who had no future in NY. Smith is the biggest loser here because he has to give up his G League dreams now since Detroit’s team opted out of the bubble.

  9. I think Detroit would’ve been smarter to wait and see the market pick up closer to the deadline (unless the future pick(s) is being decided as a second rounder(s) or future first, which I’d venture to guess is why they haven’t announced the pick (s ) included). I can also see the Knicks moving him if they’re out of playoff contention and someone needs an experienced PG due to injury, etc. for the playoffs. Otherwise Quickley and Rose down the road isn’t bad.

    • "Stons" Fan

      Why wait and risk him getting injured? He can’t just sit out for a month.

      • Valid point, but it’s his walk season and I’m sure he’ll want to do something to get that last decent contract before his basketball career sunsets and consists of one year contracts. The pick they got in the deal is worth rolling the dice on holding out closer to the deadline.

  10. washington_bonercats

    The Knicks finally have a season where the dont start 11 games behind the 8 seed and Tibs doesn’t know what to do. Awful trade

  11. I don’t love this deal, but it appears to be another reasonable move by the Knicks new FO. It upgrades and balances out the PG depth chart. Previously, we had 4 PGs, only 1 of which was a starting capable veteran where we knew pretty much what we were going to get. Now, they have 2, swapping one of the other 3. This isn’t the move I would have made to add a veteran PG to the roster, but it’s a reasonable one, and adding one was needed. I don’t see this affecting IQ regarding the minutes he has earned and may hereafter earn. He’s not ready for the starting job, and would only have gotten it – to the detriment of his development – by default. Now that’s less likely.

  12. Marty McRae

    I don’t understand how it moves the needle for the Knicks. They aren’t making any noise in the playoffs before or after this move.

    There’s only 5 teams over .500 in the east, being in 6th place doesn’t mean you are worthy of a playoff berth. The East conference will always be trash.

    • KnickerbockerAl

      Always good for hard laugh lol.
      NBA came to be in 1949-50 after two leagues merged. Since then an east coast team has won 42 times. Your phone has a calculator. Do the math. Since conferences were introduced in 1970-71. West has won 27 the east 23. You do understand that all history of major sports come from N East. Get informed bro.

      • Curtisrowe

        Yeah all time it’s 38 championships East, 34 West. But I guess from now on East is trash forever. Who knew?

    • Curtisrowe

      “The east conference will always be trash” Yeah, totally man. Forever. Until the end of days.

  13. Sillivan

    It’s about vision
    Frank NT and Smith has no future with Knicks
    Knicks can resign Rose

    It is about vision?
    Rockets traded away 4 protected First and an all time great for 100 million overpaid contract Westbrook

  14. DeathbyDeathwest

    So the Athletic’s reporting on the Knicks interest in Rose was accurate, for those of you hating on that source of sports journalism.

  15. Kowalski

    My heart drops everytime drose goes up for a layup. I hope he stays healthy.

    • KnickerbockerAl

      Dude they shout out more trades than Fansided , well almost as much. Gotta get some right. Rose rumors have been out since beginning of season.

  16. KnickerbockerAl

    Does everyone know that Rose was youngest MVP in the history of the sport. Under coach Thibs. Rose has familiarity with system. And he’s a scoring PG who can close out gms. Most of you just don’t understand what REBUILDING means. It’s always a good move to have a solid vet mentor your youth. Especially a vet who knows system n coach. It’s a 2nd rd pick, Hornets most likely. But you are not even talking about most important asset. Smith will flourish away from NYC. He will get his mins and finally become a player. He’s at worst a solid backup. Just give him time. Don’t believe me. Bron called him best PG in his draft class. This is his shot, he better come and take it. It’s good for Pistons. They did Rose right. Sent where he wanted to go. I said if they go thru with Rose they would have to move guards. Well Smith is gone, the one everyone here said was trash and unmovable. I see Nttilikina going. Burks, Payton, Bullock all have expiring contracts. Rose (21 mins) is here to mentor Quickly and back him up eventually. He probably gets resigned and retires here, he’s 32. More important to me is what happens with Randle and Toppin. If we can go thru rebuild and make playoffs. It just means the rebuilding is working right. Big picture Big Picture folks.

    • buttholesurfer69

      Here’s my qualm with this move: given this draft class, does it make sense to make a push for the playoffs?

      Why not try and add one more lottery pick before making win now moves? Barrett looks solid but isn’t exactly projecting to be a franchise cornerstone at this point

      • KnickerbockerAl

        This not a push. It’s to mentor Quickly. Payton has one yr, he could be moved next. It’s only a late 2nd rd pick. Making the playoffs while rebuilding is a good thing bro. We still have Dallas pick and ours will be 15-20 still a good pick.

  17. Sensitive Fanboy

    Rose is low risk. If he’s injured again, they haven’t spent much. Also his long term fit as an every other game player could be an asset for NY long term with seasoning Immanuel Quickley.

    I’d rather have the 2nd in 2021, but picks are not sure things, and Rose is solid, knows Thibs.

    Its not likely, but Rose is also eligible to be dealt again before the deadline if NY wants. Lots of flexibility.

  18. fredweis

    Knicks are 18m under the cap they have to add salary or pay a penalty, trades this season were inevitable.

    Knicks add 2m in salary swapping DSJ for Rose and add much needed dribble penetration offense to their rotation.

    Knicks still have 16m in salary cap to add (and offers relief to revenue starved teams) and the 2 Dallas 1st rounders from the KP trade. Austin Rivers 3 yr contract is only guaranteed for 2021. That’s an additional 3.5m in outgoing salary.

    Frank Ntilikina is still only 21 and makes 6m with a team option for 21-22.

    Kevin Knox is also a trade candidate but the Knicks will be hard pressed to give up on him as his 3 pt shooting has improved dramatically this year and he isn’t up for an extension until 22-23z

    Reggie Bullock is a current starter but has a 3.5m expiring they can add to a trade as the player returning would be taking his starting role.

    All together that’s 29m. Two players who have team options (can pick them up and trade them), an expiring contract in Bullock and 2 Dallas 1st rounders.

    Knicks can go go big game hunting for a SG/SF who can open the floor to pair with RJ Barrett with that haul to offer.

    The Bulls are paying Zach LaVine 19.5m and he doesn’t seem like a part of their future. The Bulls can get LaVine’s 19.5m for 21-22 off the books, bring back Rivers and 2 first round picks.

    Trading LaVine allows the Bulls to more easily extend Lauri Markannen.

    Evan Fournier is another player the Knicks could target but he’s a FA next season. Orlando is 10th in 21-22 NBA salary and not a top 10 team. They should be sellers. Terrence Ross can start for Fournier.

    LaVine gives the Knicks 1 & 1/2 seasons to see how he fits before extending him while Fournier puts pressure on the Knicks to resign him this summer.

    The Knicks would be smartest to add a player via trade now and sign Fournier as a FA in the off-season with their multitude of cap space and ability to absorb contracts despite loosing revenue since they own so many assets.

    LaVine is 25, Fournier 27. Both fit the Knicks roster in need and age.

    The Kings are another team whose salary is greater than the sum of its parts.

    Kings would like to move Buddy Hield but might be happy to relieve themselves of Harrison Barnes contract which runs through 22-23.

    Barnes seems like he’s been around forever but is only 28 – same age as Hield – and would be a great vet fit for Coach Thibs.

    LaVine seems the most likely player the Knicks target but Barnes may be the better fit.

    Barnes likely cost less to acquire than LaVine or Fournier – both players that they would have opportunities to add in the off-season.

  19. KnickerbockerAl

    Knick guards —. RJ, Burkes, Quickly, Harper, Nttilikina, Rivers, Payton …… now Rose.
    Payton is having a solid yr under Thibs. He and Nttilikina, Burkes, and Bullock and Randle. Could all be moved by TD. Thibs is building a core. IMO Rose is here to stay. RJ, Quickly, Rose, Rivers, Burkes is a solid backcourt to have. Big picture brothers

    • 5-8center

      hope payton will be the odd man out e get moved by TD. i like rivers and his contract, imo he should stay over payton

      • buttholesurfer69

        Agreed – Thibs seems to have favored Payton to date, but I think he makes most sense as odd man out here.

        Obviously Quickley isn’t going anywhere, and they just signed Rivers to a reasonable contract like you said.

        Having said that, I wouldn’t be shocked if he’s still starting come TD.

        • Chief Two Hands

          Besides, Thibs is too old to date someone like Payton. It would be too weird.

  20. If the NYKs are smart (hypothetical), they would flip Rose to a contender for a 1st rd pick.

  21. osaegthong

    lmao wuts the future for DSJ then. the pistons’ roster now has a bunch of busts and past their prime vets who dont seem to work well on contending for the playoffs. i pretty sure they were just tanking. griffin is prob next on the list to trade

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