NBA Reveals Second-Half Schedule For 2020/21

The NBA has officially unveiled its schedule for the second half of the 2020/21 regular season, which will get underway on March 10 and will run through May 16. The regular season will be followed by a play-in tournament from May 18-21, with the postseason getting underway on May 22.

The league intentionally put off finalizing the second-half schedule until now in order to account for the many postponements that have occurred during the first half due to the coronavirus and a weather-related emergency in Texas. A total of 33 games originally scheduled for the first half had to be postponed, though two of those contests were incorporated into the later part of the first-half schedule.

The plan for now is for all 30 teams to play a full 72-game schedule, which means the teams hit hardest by postponements in the first half will face a rigorous second-half slate. The Grizzlies, for instance, have to make up six first-half games and are scheduled to play 40 games in 68 days in the second half, including 11 back-to-back sets.

The full day-by-day schedule for the second half can be found right here.

Listed below are links to the rest-of-season 2020/21 schedules for each NBA team, organized by conference and division:


Atlantic Division

Central Division

Southeast Division


Northwest Division

Pacific Division

Southwest Division

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9 thoughts on “NBA Reveals Second-Half Schedule For 2020/21

  1. Cap & Crunch

    Brutal April for Lakers-

    Another 7 game mostly east coast road trip then Bos Utah Utah Dallas Dallas after they get back in a row

      • Marty McRae

        GSW schedule nice and breezy, they should easily end up in the top 4, especially if they use their trade exemption on a high IQ veteran.

    • Didn’t I warn laker fans they would have a brutal second half schedule? You knew it would happen because the first half was easy. Just like how the warriors have a easy second half after having a very tough first half schedule.

      • El Don

        Who cares about the schedule anyway, each team have to play 72 games against the same teams, so the final standing is the right one… havin’ said that for teams like LAL it makes no difference to end #1 or #6 in the conference, for much lesser teams like GSW, LAC, POR or UTA it really can be vital the positioning!

        • Yes it does matter where you finish in the division. Home court is big in the playoffs. Looks like Utah will be the #1 seed so 2 through 8 is up for grabs.

      • Cap & Crunch

        arc I think we all knew Lakes schedule would be harder but a 2nd 7 game east coast trip is nothing to sneeze about….then those next 5 are brutal too…

        No complaining Im just saying the sequencing is rough. Last 3 weeks it lightens up considerably; outta the break isnt as bad either which could help booast some confidence getting in the right side of the W/L bracket

        Typically Id say seeding does have some effect, but looking at all the variables with this LAL team for 21 Im not as concerned as long as they can hold onto the 6 seed like Don said & ofc be healthy

        Its not going to be pretty but when all is said and done not as huge of a detriment as some might think

        • Lakers have a lot of bandwagon fans like the warriors. To many here was hating on the warriors and when I said they had one of the toughest schedules they said not a factor. As a Laker fan you should be more worried about AD. That is not a easy injury to come back from. Its going to take a long time for him to get back in shape. The west is way to competitive and anyone can beat anyone on any given night.

    • WallyWood

      Cry me a river, the Rockets have 10 pairs of back-to-backs in the second half.

      Let’s see how much better the Lakers fare without Davis than Houston has without Wood. So far the Rockets are 3-10 this season without him.

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