Pacific Notes: Curry, Wiseman, Lakers, Bagley

Following the Warriors‘ loss to the Spurs on Monday night, head coach Steve Kerr said he wouldn’t be changing his approach to Stephen Curry‘s playing time, as Nick Friedell of ESPN writes. Curry, who scored 32 points on Monday and was a plus-three in a game Golden State lost by five points, has been limited to about 34 minutes per game this season in his return from a broken hand.

“I’m into the long game,” Kerr said after Monday’s loss. “We’re counting on having Steph here a long time, many years ahead. … For me, for (the Warriors’) organization, we’re not throwing Steph out there for 40 minutes to chase wins. We got another game (Tuesday). We want Steph to be playing at a high level for many years, so we’re going to stay very disciplined and try to keep him at that 34-, 35-minute mark.”

In the second game of the Warriors’ back-to-back set in San Antonio on Tuesday night, keeping Curry’s playing time in check wasn’t a problem. The former MVP scored 32 points in just 32 minutes en route to a comfortable 114-91 victory.

Here’s more from around the Pacific:

  • While injured Warriors rookie James Wiseman will be formally re-evaluated on Thursday, Kerr was talking on Tuesday night as if the team expects the young center to return from his wrist injury soon, tweets Anthony Slater of The Athletic.
  • The Lakers are only slightly over the luxury tax line this season, but their roster will likely get significantly more expensive in 2021/22. Eric Pincus of Bleacher Report examines how much the team figures to pay in salary and taxes next season, and where there may be opportunities to cut costs.
  • Marvin Bagley III‘s focus this season has been staying healthy and getting comfortable at the four, but the Kings‘ former No. 2 overall pick looked good when forced into action at center on Tuesday vs. Philadelphia, notes Jason Jones of The Athletic. With Richaun Holmes and Hassan Whiteside up for new deals in 2021 and Bagley eligible for an extension, Sacramento will want to determine this season whether having Bagley play more at the five should be part of the team’s long-term plan.
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26 thoughts on “Pacific Notes: Curry, Wiseman, Lakers, Bagley

  1. tedtheodorelogan

    5 additional minutes of playing time shouldn’t really be a problem for a world class athlete.

    • PutPeteRoseInTheHall

      That’s what I was thinking too, but Steph does tend to overplay and then gets hurt

    • I give no fox

      Those 5 minutes over the course of 72 games adds up. It’s the equivalent of playing 10 additional games at 35 minutes per

    • the way Curry plays all out running all over the court it would make a difference. What needs to be done is the other players picking up the offense when Curry is not on the court.

    • Marty McRae

      No one runs more than Curry. His time on the floor is not like Lebrons or any other players.

      • Lil_D_Top_3

        Lol what are you gonna do just stand under the basket? No way you’re running end-to-end on every possession with a bunch of professionals. You’d get injured in the first five minutes, and the fans would be apoplectic as you’d be a tremendous liability on defense.

  2. Sensitive Fanboy

    Sac definitely needs a long-term plan for Bagley, thats for sure. Thanks Divac. Choosing Bagley because he had a personal feud with Doncics’ dad. Divac sure showed them…

        • Lil_D_Top_3

          SAC 12-12, DAL 11-14…just sayin. Think about it before you react so hastily.

              • kingsforever 2

                Doncic is a future mvp. But I love Hali. His energy, Charakter, IQ, 3 point shooting…Doncic is a half galaxy better but Hali is the perfect fit for sactown

                • Lil_D_Top_3

                  All I’m saying is give it time. If you judge someone by their first couple years in the league, every rookie of the year would be a perennial MVP. Only time can know who will be the better player long term.

      • Sensitive Fanboy

        I’d rather have Fox, Haliburton, Doncic. Looks like a suitable backcourt to me? Possible too

  3. KnickerbockerAl

    Halliburton has a nice future. Luka is a future HOFer a lock. Get serious lol. And I’m a Halliburton guy.
    No need to push guys to play mins now. Maybe at end of season n playoffs yes. 36 mins is more than enough for the season.
    Like Bagley coming out of college. Yes he can play small ball C. He’s the closest thing to AD, give him time. His FT shooting is down I’d be more concerned about that. He’s capable of 20 n 10. Just coach him. Big mistake to give up on him now. He’s played the equivalent of one season (99 gms). Give him time.

  4. Bagley’s ability to play the 5 revolves around defense, not offense. His offensive skill set for a big is elite (other than his 3 pt shot, so far). But he lacks the length, strength and suddenness to be either a rim or paint protector.

    • kingsforever 2

      His three point shooting is in this Saison the best skill from Marvin. He have a good corner free. And the rest is not elite!! Maybe his scoring potential but in translation is her average don’t amazing.

      He have don’t a mid-range game and the dribblings ending in a offense foul or a to hard jumper. But I like the sky hook.

      Marvin’s defense brought time. Center or power forward? I think he brought a good ring protector on his side

  5. cryptonerd

    Pelinka shouldn’t have gave KCP a contract.
    THT and Matthews could fill that role and provide the same value.

    • Cap & Crunch

      KCP contract is probably just about right and easily tradeable; you very well might be onto something-

      1 of -Kcp Tht Kuzma Caruso Schroeder is probably going to have to be traded/not retained going into next year;

      Considering money, position, trade value KCP might very well be that guy wearing another uniform next year…. I know if given the option most poeple would easily say just move Kuzma but heres the problem….WHERES the height and rebounding after that? They surely arent going to be able to bring anybody outside in making any money……. Cant depend on Davis to board everything and the C position is void of talent for us on anything under the vet min next year…..

      Tough crunch might lead KCP somewhere else unless Lakers are willing to go all Lacob and spend 90-100 mill in tax next year which isnt likely probable. Genie and Rob has a tough job ahead of them before we tip the ball next year

  6. x%sure

    Bagley can really drive opponents out. Maybe this was a favor at first… pretenders like Labissiere & Giles, but now Bjelica, next Holmes. The investment in Bagley is still growing!

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