Sixers, Heat, Clippers Considered Potential Suitors For Lowry

The Raptors have told point guard Kyle Lowry they’d be open to the possibility of trading him to a preferred destination as long as they can get something of value in return, sources tell Keith Pompey of The Philadelphia Inquirer.

According to one of Pompey’s sources, the Raptors want to reward Lowry for his long, decorated tenure with the franchise by giving him an opportunity to win another NBA championship. The Raptors, who have lost several key pieces from their 2019 title team and are just 16-17 so far this season, may not be in position to give him that opportunity themselves.

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Pompey reports that the Sixers, Heat, and Clippers would be among the possible suitors for Lowry if the Raptors make him available. One source tells The Inquirer that Lowry would have interest in playing in his hometown of Philadelphia; that source believes the 76ers and Raptors may be able to get something done.

Lowry is earning $30.5MM this season, so a team that wants to acquire him would have to send out at least $24.32MM in matching salary. Presumably, if the Sixers made a play for the veteran guard, they’d want to keep their veteran core of Joel Embiid, Ben Simmons, and Tobias Harris intact, meaning a package may have to start with Danny Green‘s and Mike Scott‘s expiring contracts for matching purposes.

The Heat have a few expiring contracts that could be used for matching. The Raptors would have to be willing to take on some multiyear money in order to make a deal with the Clippers.

Toronto would likely ask for some combination of draft assets and/or young players in exchange for Lowry, a six-time All-Star who continues to make a two-way impact on the court. Pompey suggests that any team acquiring the 34-year-old would probably have to be comfortable with re-signing him when his contract expires this offseason. Sources tell Pompey that Lowry wants to play at least two more seasons and may seek a salary similar to his current $30MM rate this summer.

Despite their sub-.500 record, the Raptors are currently the No. 5 seed in the East. If they hold steady or climb into the top four, they likely won’t be eager to be sellers at the trade deadline. However, they’ve played well even without Lowry in the lineup and could remain competitive if they acquire one or two players who are ready to contribute immediately. Based on Pompey’s report, it sounds like Toronto is open to working with the longtime face of the franchise if he prefers to join a team closer to title contention.

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135 thoughts on “Sixers, Heat, Clippers Considered Potential Suitors For Lowry

  1. I am guessing the heat since they are the team that needs the biggest push for the playoffs.

    • Northern Expansion 416

      Lowry doesn’t wanna go there. He’s the franchise for the raptors until he isn’t any longer. Wherever he wants to go is where Masai will send him…

      • Sillivan

        76ers send out $27 million proposal
        Raptors get Green Scott Ferguson Bradley and 2 Firsts
        76ers get Lowry and 2 players with minimum salary

        Lowry needs 2 years $60 million contract
        76ers would pay $25 million luxury tax next year

          • Sillivan

            Heat can do
            Kelly O, Leonard and Herro for Lowry
            Raptors save $5 million this year
            Raptors can use Herro to replace Lowry

            • Ironmonger835

              If the Heat did not want to give up Herro for James Harden, do you think they are giving him up for Lowry? Its not likely. Philly is a lot closer to a title than the Heat.

            • MarlinsFanBase

              As a Heat fan, I would be ticked off big time if they traded Herro for Lowry. I’d rather stay with Dragic and Nunn doing their thing.

        • osaegthong

          bruh sillivian calm down will u? why in the world will raptors accept green, scott, bradley,ferguson these are non-rotation players who are extremely inconsistent lmao we have enough guards and wings

          • PhillyPhan69

            For the pick…and to do a solid for a guy (Lowry) who has been a key in the Raptors franchise and helped them to win a title. The guys will likely get cut, but free up salary for next year…if they do it…that would be why though. But no way do they get 2 firsts lol

      • Clippers needs Kyle lowery more. Because they don’t have a true point guard to run their team

    • joshmorris

      Their main competition in the East literally went out and traded for James Harden.

    • Chief Two Hands

      All of Philadelphia always needs more help. Have you seen the way people treat each other there? Check out the documentary series “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.” It documents the true story of a group of standard Philadelphians. Reality TV at its finest, folks.

    • Garett

      So the nets trade for Harden and Bucks trade for Drue Holliday in offseason and the comment is the sixers always need help? Every team needs help. If you don’t improve, then you fall behind in today’s nba.

  2. Northern Expansion 416

    Word is that Lowry wants to be in Philly…so! sixers recieve: Lowry & Stanley Johnson.

    Raptors recieve: Seth Curry,Danny Green,Mike Scott,2021 first round pick & 2023 first round pick!

    • osaegthong

      nah i would rather stick with trading for milton everyday over green and scott. a revised trade will be:
      76ers:lowry, johnson, davis
      raptors: milton, curry, two first rounders, and ofc scott and ferguson who they could just waive them.

    • beastdog

      I’d go Green,Scott and 2 #2s. I think that’s a fair deal. Remember Lowry is 34.

      • C-Daddy

        The Raptors have no incentive to trade Lowry if all they’re getting is Green, Scott, and two second round picks. You must have missed the sentence in the first paragraph where it says that’ll only move him if they get something of value in return.

        • El Don

          So you sayin’ TOR is not a very nice place, they don’t care about the players at all, just to get assets, right?
          Let the man walk for nothin’ if he wants to go, you got out everythin’ the man had to give, what else you want from him?

  3. C-Daddy

    The Clippers have no promising young players/draft picks to acquire Lowry. There’s also the issue of incorporating his $30MM salary. It ain’t happening.

    Trading Lowry to an eastern conference rival also seems unlikely when the Raptors are competing for a playoff spot.

    • Ironmonger835

      If the Raptors can get a good young player in the deal they will do it. They know they are not winning this year.

      • Chief Two Hands

        If the Raptors are serious about honoring Lowry’s wishes, and he wants to go to Philly, maybe they would like a couple of expiring contracts as is suggested in the article, with a package beginning with Green and Scott. I agree with others here that it’s tough to see him going to the Heat and the Clippers just seem like an unrealistic option.

    • Chief Two Hands

      Yeah, but including the Clippers in any trade speculation is required these days, so what can ya do?

    • DeathbyDeathwest

      Lowry is 34 years old, the Raptors won’t be serious contenders again while he’s still a starter-level player. This story is from Masai recognizing the situation.

      Otherwise, the headline would be “Lowry Agrees to Extension with Raptors,” and there would have been about a dozen comments here.

  4. Marty McRae

    Lowry and Curry in that backcourt gets GSW a ring. Would Oubre, Smiley and a couple second rounders do the trick?

    • Lowry is too expensive for the Warriors. Oubre fits the warriors better right now plus the raptors would want more than a couple 2nd rounders for him.

    • Vince 2

      Lowry is a PG, like Curry. They saw that issue before, and it didn’t workout. Besides, Lowry is 35. Where would Klay play when he comes back? The salaries wouldn’t come close to matching either.

    • Ironmonger835

      No and No. Golden State is not winning a title this year. They will be lucky to win one playoff series. Cannot do it without Klay.

      • Marty McRae

        Sure they can, the Raptors won a title based off the other teams injuries, that can absolutely happen. Curry is proving he CAN do it ALONE. Lebron can never.

  5. Jaysfan1981

    Raptors should try their best to pry Simmons out of Philly

    I know it’s a long shot, but putting Lowry on philly makes them the top east team and championship contenders for real.

    Trust in Massai

    • I give no fox

      The Sixers don’t have Jonathan Simmons anymore…looks like that trade is dead

    • DeathbyDeathwest

      Masai has to include Siakam or FVV as well if he wants the phone call to last more than 12 seconds.

    • beastdog

      For what? Lowry,Siakam, Fred and a #1 for Simmons, Scott and Green?
      Sixers are not trading Simmons,not in that deal anyway.
      Tobias stock is pretty high right now and I would only deal him because of the ridiculous contract,not his level if play.
      When the playoffs come and Embiid gets the double team as he got in the Toronto series ,they will need additional outside shooting that Ben refuses to provide. A Lowry deal would help them immensely.
      Like I said earlier…Green Scott and 2 #2s.

  6. rxbrgr

    Getting to Philly could be tough salary-matching wise for the Sixers. Unfortunately, they are literally just hundreds of dollars short of being able to use Green, Scott and Ferguson to bring in Lowry’s salary. So now they’d have to do a 4-for-1, which is hard to open that many roster spots.
    Now that Lowry was not selected to an All-Star spot, I’m guessing his likely incentive won’t change to unlikely until end of year?

    • Ironmonger835

      Include Maxey in the deal and it works. Raptors send back Bembry. Might not even have to include a future first rounder.

  7. Sillivan

    It makes sense to trade Lowry because he wants 2 years contract $60 million

    For fun only
    Clippers Nets Lakers should borrow 3 first round picks each from Thunder, then repay them with free agent superstars after 2024

    Let’s say Clippers sign a superstar then trade them to Thunder later on for a future Second as the repayment

  8. Ironmonger835

    Philly should definitely do the deal, Raptors can probably get Maxey back in the deal along with expiring contracts. I doubt Heat or Clippers can make a better offer. They can probably re-sing Lowry for not as much next season also. Maybe like 20 million a year. Their window for a title is now.

    • demmer19

      I see them sending him to philly, but they need a third team involved to get something they need.

      Would be nice to see him end up with kawhi again, could give the clippers the push they need to get by lakers!

      • Sillivan

        Agree, has to use third team

        Third team can help Raptors get what they want to compete for playoffs

        Scott, Ferguson Bradley and picks to Rockets for Tucker and House
        Raptors get Tucker and House

  9. Northern Expansion 416

    How is it tough for Philly??? I just posted the trade that makes sense!

    Sixers get: Lowry & Stanley Johnson

    Raptors get: Seth Curry,Danny Green,Mike Scott, 2021 first rounder & a 2023 first rounder.

    • PhillyPhan69

      You might get the 21 pick…I doubt seriously you would get the 23 pick as well for a 35 y/o on an expiring deal in all likelihood looking at a 2 year contract at 30 per year. Nah, you are not getting 2 firsts from anyone…not to mention the Clippers have no picks to trade and the heat don’t have any for a few years…nah not getting 2 lol

    • I give no fox

      Trading curry makes no sense. Trade all your 3 point shooters for Lowry…yea, that’s a great way to win a title. Then you have the Sixers from last year. No shooters, one and done in the playoffs

  10. stretch123

    LOL at the people saying Maxey will go to Lowry in a swap with Philadelphia. It’ll probably be Green, Scott and a 1st rounder or two for Lowry imo.

    As badly as I want Lowry on the Heat, I think he ends up in Philly. If I’m the Heat though, I take a shot. Since we don’t have a readily available first, maybe a package of Nunn, Strus, Leonard, Iggy and a couple seconds?

    • Ironmonger835

      Heat already traded all of their second rounders until 2030. Why is Maxey untouchable?

      • PhillyPhan69

        Not untouchable…just not likely to offer him in this type of a trade. Not even sure if they could hope to get Kork included but that is likely as good of a young player the Raptors could hope to get in return outside of the 21 first rounder and salary filler

        • Ironmonger835

          Idk. I think adding Lowry makes them the favorite in the East. No one on the Nets can stop Embiid and they would have a better roster than Milwaukee. Then it is just a matter of if they can beat the Lakers. I think they have the best shot at beating them.

      • beastdog

        Not untouchable but not in a deal for a 34 year old. Not Thybulle either.Maybe Furkman or Shake if it gets the deal done.

  11. phillyballers

    Why would the Sixers trade their cost controlled guys like Shake Thybulle and Maxey.

    It would be Green, Scott, Bradley, and Ferguson and a 1st. Maybe more draft compensation to beat out the Heat. Maybe add Porier to lessen the cap burden. Most of these dudes would be waived by Toronto.

    They would have to bring in someone like Roberson or Shumpert, that trade basically trades away their wing defenders.

    Embiid, Harris, Simmons, Curry, Lowry, Howard, Thybulle, Milton 8 man playoff rotation. Kork/Maxey as the potential 9th.

    Still would press more for LaVine or Buddy bc of multi yr control. Fournier and Powell are also a cheaper option.

      • phillyballers

        Rockets are not trading Harden. Pacers are not trading PG. Thunder are not trading PG. Thunder are not trading Westbrook. Spurs are not trading Kwahi. 90% of the league is available for the right price.

        There are very few 100% untouchables are LeBron, KD, Curry, Embiid, Jokic, Mitchell, Giannis, Lillard, Tatum.

        Someone comes in offering 2 1sts and a young player + salary filler. I think Chicago is listening.

    • PhillyPhan69

      Agreed! I would also prefer Powell as a trade target. But at 35 on an expiring deal looking to get paid 30 mil per for 2 seasons does not get the Raptors 2 firsts or a solid young player like Maxey. Kork is likely the best young asset they would send out and I even doubt that.

      • Ironmonger835

        Just because he’s looking for 30 million a year doesn’t mean he will get it. I think he’ll be lucky to get 20.

  12. Heat and Clips get mentioned a lot for potential deals that don’t seem to fit. Here, they’re merely potential suitors. Clips are right up against the Hard Cap, so they’d basically have to send out dollar for dollar. Kennard is a PPP. I doubt the Heat would ever include Herro in a deal for a 35 year old PG, and they have no pick they can deal until 2025-27 at the earliest. Still they are more likely to put together a package than the Clips.

    • formerlyz

      As a Heat fan, depending on the deal, I would move Herro for him, but the deal wouldnt end up making sense b/c I would want Anunoby

      • Then you wouldn’t move Herro for Lowry; you’d do it for Anunoby. He’s a more valuable asset than Lowry, not a throw in.

        • formerlyz

          No I would do it for Lowry, but that wouldnt be enough to help the Heat’s issues, and it would obviously have to turn into a bigger trade to match salaries. I would do something like Herro, Okpala, Olynyk, Avery Bradley, Meyers Leonard and 1-2 picks (which they can only offer 2025 and 2027) for Lowry and Anunoby, but that wouldnt be enough, in my opinion, for Toronto to make a move like that.

          • OK. I’d trade Herro for TJ McConnell. So long as the deal expands to include Olynyk for Sabonis.

            • formerlyz

              That’s not really what I said though…how would you make Herro work straight up for Lowry? You would have to add pieces, and the pieces that would need to be added, wouldnt make much sense, with maybe a couple of exceptions, and then it’s back to the same issue with I dont think Toronto would do it. So i would trade Herro for Lowry, and if I need to move Herro, Olynyk, Bradley, Leonard to match salaries, I would do that, assuming the Heat would then sign a couple of FAs at the 4/5 spot, but I dont see Toronto doing it. For Iguodala instead of Bradley/Leonard, I would have to think about that, or someone like Stanley Johnson would at least have to come back, but then you still have issues to fill, so again, doesnt make much sense as the team is constructed b/c you’re filling one need and making another need even more glaring, which doesnt help. As for the original question then, 100% I’m trading Herro straight up for Lowry right now, if it was doable

              • OK. But I believe (could be wrong) that Raps consider Anunoby a foundation piece (just like Siakam and FVV); not a throw in. Following would work (no cuts, no tax, either side) and I’d be surprised if Toronto wouldn’t do it:

                Raps get: Olynyk, Leonard, Bradley and Herro
                Heat get: Lowry, Johnson and Davis

                Either team can cut the players if they like, but don’t need to.

                • formerlyz

                  As they should with Anunoby. He wouldnt be a throw in. It would take 1-2 young players plus the picks to make it even considerable, which is why I said I didnt think they would do that

                  So pretty much what I said. I just dont think Toronto would do it. Also I wouldnt see them adding Davis and Johnson there, and the deal works financially without them

                  • Without those two (Davis and Johnson), or others, the deal would put them in the luxury tax.

          • osaegthong

            nah it should be:
            Heat: lowry, powell, johnson, second rounder
            raptors: nunn, herro, opala, harkless,
            if ur heat include herro in the package, then the raps gotta trade powell.
            rotation for both tms:


  13. formerlyz

    Only in my dreams, as a Heat fan…philly makes no sense to me. Maxey reminds me of a remedial version of Lowry, so you wouldnt move him. I’m not sure they need guard help right now. Also not sure you would want to lose depth with Mike Scott at the 4, although Simmons just moves to that spot when Harris isnt in the game, and Danny Green has been inconsistent shooting the ball, but is still a needed defender on the wing…I dont like the idea of them messing with what they have. Maybe another shooter at the 2/3 spots?

    Clippers dont feel like they have enough, without other assets, although maybe Toronto can squeeze Kabengele out of them, since they already declined his option for some reason

    I personally would like to see Lowry stay with them, so hopefully they dont move him for a lesser deal

  14. Simmons>Russ

    Why’s everyone proposing deals like 3 players and 2 firsts round picks.

    We are talking about Kyle Lowry here people. He’s 34 and on an expiring contract. He’s born in Philly so obviously he wants to finish his career in his home town with the chance to win a ring with Doc Rivers, Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons.

    I’d propose two ideas, start low in trade talks and try not give up much and if it starts getting to expensive just wait until FA.

    Danny Green, Mike Scott, Tony Bradley, Terrance Ferguson and 2 second round picks for Lowry.
    And if they do like it, I’d go as far as offering Thybulle, Poirer or an extra second round pick.

    Do not give up Seth Curry, Tyrese Maxey or any first round picks. If they don’t like our offer we can wait for FA hopefully

    • Simmons>Russ

      But how good would Lowry Curry Simmons Harris Embid be as a starting 5. Then Milton Maxey Korkmaz Howard

    • Ironmonger835

      How does waiting for next year help them win a title this year? The goal is to win a title.

      • Simmons>Russ

        Goal is to win a title but with a core of Simmons Embiid Maxey etc you shouldn’t give up 2 firsts plus good role players for a vet that likely has 2/3 years of being good and is really expensive.
        You need to think what makes you better now but doesn’t cost you a part of your future. Sixers want to be competing for the next 10+ years not just be really good for 1 year

    • Northern Expansion 416

      Well hey y’all are crying for more help. If you want Lowry, you better include Curry. You don’t wanna deal Tobias(whom raps wouldn’t want any way) plus you don’t want to deal Curry??? Just 2 expiring players and a scrub??? Go somewhere with that nonsense… Go that way⏩⏩⏩⏩⏩⏩

      • Simmons>Russ

        Your not the GM and I doubt you find much of a better option.
        Ferguson and Bradley plus some picks would be a decent return. And like I said I’d even give up Thybulle who is a great defender and would be a good fit with FVV Siakim Agunoby and Boucher.
        Miami isn’t going to give up Herro, and have no picks. Celtics if they are interested which I doubt would mean Trade Exception and a first but you really value a Boston first over Thybulle Ferguson Bradley and some seconds..

        If you don’t trade Lowry he’s definitely leaving in FA and you get nothing in return and he comes home to Philly. So like I said, we should start low in trade talks and just bank on the fact that if he hits FA he’s coming here

        • osaegthong

          tf u honestly think ferg and bradley’s gunna do it the raps just signed donta hall to 10 day and we’ve got two other 5s plus having siakam as a 5 in small ball situations ferguson is practically useless, like wut is he good anyways? throwing in someone like milton in there will also be reasonable that will give maxey more mins

          • Simmons>Russ

            There’s a reason I didn’t reply to your first comment. I really disagree with you and can’t be bothered trying to change/open up your point of view. Ferguson is worth taking a shot on he was a good defender and that’s what Nick Nurse likes. He’s so sole to Stanley Johnson. Thybulle would be a great for the future. At centre I like Siakim in small ball line ups, Baynes is average better as a trade piece at the deadline. Boucher is nice but Bradley offers something you don’t have. Strength, toughness, he will get after it on the boards, plays physical and wants to earn the respect of the coaches. He’s a solid get and then some picks.
            Like I said what else are you getting in the trade market? Miami will offer Kendrick Nunn, Meyers Leonard and another expiring deal with no picks. Celtics have a trade exception and I doubt they are actually interested. Clippers don’t have many contracts to match with for starters and no picks. Then if you hold Lowry he hits FA and walks for nothing.
            Thybulle Bradley Ferguson expiring deal and picks is the best offer available

    • PhillyPhan69

      I think your trade is more realistic than most getting floated on here. I like the thought of 2 2nds rather than a first…I just think the first would be necessary (but not 2 of them lol) because neither LAC or the Heat can match that.

      • Simmons>Russ

        Exactly they don’t have picks.

        I mean realistically the deal would be more like
        Danny Green, Mike Scott, Mattise Thybulle, Tony Bradley and 2 seconds for Kyle Lowry and Stanley Johnson.

        And I think for us it would be great having Kyle return home and help teach Simmons Milton and Maxey some veteran tips. Plus he’s still a really nice leader, secondary playmaker, little bit of a floor spacer, decent defender for his position and so on.
        For the Raptors Thybulle would be nice long term with FVV Agunoby Siakim and Boucher. FVV is undersized and got great in defence so Thybulle would be really helpful. Bradley as a back up centre would be a good pick up, Green as someone to help the second unit and help the likes of Terrance Davis and Malachi Flynn. Plus some picks. Raptors have to realise they aren’t getting anything better and if he hits FA he’s coming here anyways. He’s been such a loyal player to that club it would be good on them to send him here to where he wants to be.

        • osaegthong

          lol thybulle and green are bad shooters if i were raptors i would rather sign another shooter or wing in free agency

          • Simmons>Russ

            They can do that in FA with the expiring deals they get in the offer but for 2mil or whatever it is. Thybulle is a great defender and with his age he will only get better in all areas. I can see him becoming a Marcus Smart type but for now he’s still a great defender, team player and his fit next to FVV would be nice. Plus I like said you get picks, Bradley and extras. No one else will offer anything better

    • osaegthong

      all that is garbage lmao other than green, those trade assets are possible buyout canidates u gotta offer better assets in order to get lowry like milton, korkmaz green, and the garbage for lowry and possibly powell as well

  15. hiflew

    If I am the raptors, there is no way Lowry goes to Philly without Maxey coming back. And even then, I probably wouldn’t do it. They are a division rival, I don’t want to help them win a title. If I traded Lowry, it would be out West or maybe to Miami. But there would be a big conference rival surcharge on Miami as well. I don’t think the Clippers have enough quality assets to really be a contender.

    If I am Toronto I am looking at Dallas and New Orleans as the best returns.

    Raptors get
    Lonzo Ball
    J.J. Redick
    Jaxson Hayes

    Pelicans get
    Kyle Lowry
    Terence Davis

    It would be an interesting deal, but maybe NO would rather pick up future assets instead of trying for the playoffs this year.

    Raptors get
    Tim Hardaway
    Dwight Powell
    Jalen Brunson
    2021 2nd round pick DAL

    Mavericks get
    Kyle Lowry
    Terence Davis

    I included Davis in both deals because he needs a change of scenery and it enabled TOR to get back another prospect.

    Either deal feasible to you? Which is better? I like the NO deal better for the Raptors, but I think the Dallas deal would be more likely to actually happen.

      • hiflew

        They likely wouldn’t. That’s why I said the Dallas deal would be more likely to happen. But NO are right on the cusp of the playoff race. So if they were convinced that Lonzo was leaving and Hayes is not really a huge part of the future, then maybe they make a play for a spot.

    • Northern Expansion 416

      Who are you trying to fleece??? If Seth Curry is not included then no deal period!

      • I give no fox

        Hard pass. The Sixers need shooters and curry is affordable. Lowry is a rental. You get expirings and some draft picks, that’s the going rate. You don’t get promising young cost controlled rotation players for a rental

    • Regi Green

      Lowry to the 6ers would help the 6ers in the immediate future.But taking the 6ers draft picks could hurt the 6ers down the line.Depth has been an issue for them since they started contending,and if you add another 30m contract to their books,they’d also have limitations with signing anyone.

  16. cheftay

    I think you would need a 3rd team for a trade to any of the 3 teams on the list. The Thunder would make sense as they have picks and players that would match up. Maybe Horford and Hill plus picks for Lowry and Baynes. Lowry to Philly/Miami/LAC and expiring contracts/picks back to Thunder.

    • Northern Expansion 416

      Raptors are a team with a plan. Why would they unload Lowry only to take on Horford and his dinosaur butt with a longer contract???

    • osaegthong

      lmao hill??????? if this dude had a broken nail, he’d rather sit out treats minor injuries and sores like an acl tore or something.

  17. Jason Lancaster

    I gotta think Lowry wants to reunite with DeRozan. I can’t think of an easy way to make that happen, but I’d bet that the team that has one is in the running to sign the other this summer.

    • formerlyz

      A few years back when Lowry was going to be a FA, I thought the Spurs were the best fit for him, but that was before they lost Kawhi and everything

    • KnickerbockerAl

      DeRozan to me is a guy who can help someone. I wonder what happens with him. He’d look good back in Toronto, next to VanVleet.

    • hiflew

      What about this deal

      Spurs get
      Kyle Lowry
      Aron Baynes
      1st round pick swap with TOR in 2021

      Raptors get
      LaMarcus Aldridge
      Dejounte Murray

      Spurs would have Bird Rights on Lowry and DeRozan to keep them together if they chose. The Raptors get a needed big man and a young guard on a long term deal that hasn’t had a great year, but has some upside.

      Probably would never happen, but it would be good to see Lowry and DeRozan playing together again.

      • osaegthong

        i mean murray is a solid pg rn, he’s improved his shooting a bit, is a solid playmaker and is a excellent defender as well, having him next to VVT will be an interesting duo. aldridge is past his prime and not as productive as before but he could still provide some scoring and defense. nah they could sign another center in free agency or pluck one off the buyout market rn

  18. KnickerbockerAl

    I have always liked Lowry going home to end his career. Also him playing PG and letting Ben go to wing. I strongly believe in Ben as a wing. Considering the article saying he wants 2 more yrs at 30 mill. I’m sorry but I don’t do that. So if he’s not going to resign. Why would you give up much for him. Definitely don’t give up Maxey. At 35 I could go for 40-45 mill. But I would have to know he’ll do it. Then Scott, Green, young player (not Milton) and a future pick. Would be fair to me. Raptors are not resigning him. Nobody is paying him 30 mill in FA. Playing in front of Hm crowd can set him up for after NBA. That’s worth plenty in itself. Moving that contract will be tough for other teams too. I just don’t see at this point, expiring contract and 35 yrs old. Raptors can expect too much.

    • osaegthong

      green and scott are useless if raptors wanna dump lowry they gotta get an all star caliber player or something

      • KnickerbockerAl

        Why he’s a 35 yr old FA. Why would any team give Raptors real value. He’s walking for nothing. Teams will wait out Raptors.

        • osaegthong

          i mean they need valuable assets as well not just expiring contracts someone like korkmaz can be included if 76ers wanna hang onto curry, milton, and maxey

  19. GruffMuncher67

    Maxey isn’t 1/14 the player Lowry is. If I have Masai I would trade Lowry for the best bench player in the league Lou Will.

    • El Don

      I will take Maxey every day of the week & twice on Sundays above K-Low right now, Maxey has future, K-Low is just puttering towards the end of his career & instead of been happy playin’ the next couple of years for the vets min he wants a massive salary to be an overprice way too old PG…. No waaay!!!
      Havin’ said that I just don’t see his fit in PHI like at all it would be a terrible addition for PHI!

    • Simmons>Russ

      Also I’d take Maxey everyday of the weekend and twice on Sunday over Lou Will. Maxey on a rookie deal worth something like 2mil a year for the next 4 years. Whereas Lou is what 36? On a contract which lets him leave soon.
      You’d be an idiot to take Will over Maxey

  20. Just have a feeling it’ll be a 3 team trade w/ the Cavs and Philly.

    Toronto gets: Drummond, Bradley, Scott
    Philly gets: Lowry
    Cleveland gets: Green, Ferguson, Philly 1st

    • x%sure

      Speaking for CLE, a low first and Paul Reed or MalachiF for Drummond would be great. Or just Shake Milton, set back by Lowry incoming.

      Best would include KLove for THarris. Tobias is making a lot more than Love and for one more year.

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