Southeast Notes: Martin Brothers, MCW, Hawks, Collins

Caleb Martin and Cody Martin remain out for the Hornets today due to coronavirus-related issues, and starting power forward P.J. Washington has been categorized as doubtful ahead of today’s contest against the Spurs, according to Rick Bonnell of the Charlotte Observer (Twitter link).

When the Martins and Washington initially were held out Friday, Bonnell was unable to provide any additional info (in another piece) on whether either Martin brother or Washington had actually yielded a positive or inconclusive test for COVID-19 or had entered the league’s contact tracing protocols.

There’s more out of the Southeast:

  • After a 19-game injury absence, point guard Michael Carter-Williams provided an ample boost for an injury-plagued Magic squad, per Roy Parry of the Orlando Sentinel“I’m always ready to go play the point,” Carter-Williams said. “Coach has me do it in practice sometimes. I’m always staying sharp in that area for moments like this, so we can go out there and not skip a beat and still be successful.”
  • The Hawks have struggled to preserve leads in the fourth quarter, having gone just 9-7 this season when they’ve been ahead entering the final frame, according to Chris Kirschner of The Athletic. “I don’t know if it’s always been the fourth,” head coach Lloyd Pierce notes of Atlanta’s recent struggles. “We’re trying to find our rhythm. We’re trying to find guys to find that belief to finish the game.”
  • Ira Winderman of The South Florida Sun Sentinel wonders if the struggling Heat should make a full-court press for two-way Hawks power forward John Collins. The power forward position has been problematic for Miami this season, while Collins – who is on an expiring contract – is averaging 18.1 PPG, 7.8 RPG, and 1.6 APG for the 11-15 Hawks. He holds a slash line of .543/.391/.853.
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11 thoughts on “Southeast Notes: Martin Brothers, MCW, Hawks, Collins

  1. Sensitive Fanboy

    Collins & Adebayo would be a pretty good front line into the future. Riley loves big guys.

    • They’re hardly big guys as a pairing though… Can’t see either affecting Embiid, Jokic etc.

      • Think you and I talked about John Collins’ height before?
        Watching him again he’s like a 6’6″ guy with a long neck and head – 6’9″ vertically but none of the broad-shouldered, long-armed presence you’d assume of a guy that height.
        In the same way, Zach Randolph was like ‘a seven-footer with no neck’ to quote Phil Jackson from way-back-when

        • Sensitive Fanboy

          If Miami is looking for a PF Collins fits that bill alright. Tucker, Covington, D.Jones jr, Crowder are in similar categories, and adequate PF’s though not 6’8″ & up.

          Losing Jones Jr was a bummer, he has a ways to go, but he was a dynamic offensive rebounder.

          I think Collins provides a brighter offensive outlook at PF than guys they have had in the past. He’ll pick up D, or not play in Miami.

          Maybe he isn’t a big man physically, but he’ll be helping Adebayo with those guys. Its a habit of mine to refer to all PF’s & C’s as big men. Its an old phrase that isn’t accurate in the small ball era.

          We didn’t have the height conversation.

  2. Lil_D_Top_3

    Collins makes sense on the Celtics, and ATL would probably be willing to take a pick since they just signed a bunch of guys

    • Curtisrowe

      I am starting the Celtics might mail it in and retool in the offseason. Smart is out, and that hurts, but this team isn’t going anywhere this year.

      • Yeah they’re struggling for an identity. Outside of Brown and Tatum (with Smart out) they really don’t have much going for them. They need a quality big man. I’m a fan of Theis but Tristan is toast. Doesn’t provide scoring or rim protection.

        • El Don

          TT has never provided scoring or rim protection… he is a rebounder, specially in the offensive end!
          I mean if BOS got him to score or protect the rim, they gotta fire their scouting department, right?
          TT does what is says in the tin, as simple as!

      • Lil_D_Top_3

        I wouldn’t write them off just yet. If they get the right asset at the td they could make a run. Just don’t know exactly who that is…has to be someone to make a big 3 with jb and Tatum. Ideally a center. How do we make Vucevic happen?

  3. Sillivan

    I read that Hawks want an all around player

    They don’t want
    Duncan Robinson

    It has to be 3 way trade

    • Sensitive Fanboy

      Bam Adebayo for John Collins isn’t going to work!

      Chicago will likely pay $5 million for ATL to take Satoransky though. Poor mans sacrifice? They could play Snell maybe? That’d satisfy that all-around player urge a little anyway!

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