Windhorst’s Latest: Tucker, House, Shumpert, Oubre, Ball, Butler, Lowry

The Rockets are seeking a first-round pick or three second-rounders for P.J. Tucker, ESPN’s Brian Windhorst said on his latest Hoop Collective podcast. Houston was unable to reach an extension agreement with Tucker prior to the season and he has been the subject of trade rumors. He’s making a reasonable $8MM this season and will be an unrestricted free agent this summer.

The Rockets’ desire to accumulate multiple second-rounders for Tucker has previously been reported but Windhorst indicates they’d want a first-rounder as an alternative. Houston already has a stockpile of first-rounders from the James Harden blockbuster.

Windhorst also divulged a number of other tidbits during his podcast:

  • Speaking of the Rockets, forward Danuel House has attracted some trade interest around the league. House is signed through next season but he has a team-friendly contract — $3.72MM this season and $3.89MM next season.
  • Iman Shumpert’s new contract with the Nets is non-guaranteed. Brooklyn filled a roster spot by signing the veteran guard over the weekend.
  • There are rumors circulating about a potential WarriorsPelicans trade involving Kelly Oubre and Lonzo Ball. The Bulls, who continue to look for a long-term solution at point guard, might also be interested in Ball, who will have a qualifying offer in excess of $14MM this offseason.
  • Heat star wing Jimmy Butler lost more than 10 pounds during his recent bout with COVID-19, something that Ethan J. Skolnick also noted last week on the Five on the Floor podcast (hat tip to
  • The Raptors could be in the market for a player who could jolt their offense. If Toronto doesn’t turn things around, the team might consider offers for Kyle Lowry, who could become an “interesting” rental for a contender. Lowry is headed to unrestricted free agency but his $30.5MM contract would complicate the process of moving him.
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54 thoughts on “Windhorst’s Latest: Tucker, House, Shumpert, Oubre, Ball, Butler, Lowry

  1. WallyWood

    The Rockets don’t need to be trading away anyone right now, they’re red-hot winning six in a row (and counting) by an average score of 118-103.

    • I Beg To Differ

      Yeah against the Mavs, Wizards, Trail Blazers, Pelicans, Thunder, Pistons

      Not exactly the top teams in the league

      Mavs 8-13
      Wizards 4-12
      Trail Blazers 10-9
      Pelicans 7-12
      Thunder 8-11
      Pistons 5-15

      They should absolutely trade anyone who isn’t long term cause they have 0 chance at a championship this year.

    • goastros123

      Keep Wood and trade almost everyone else. Wall is still servicable and so is Cousins so keep them.

  2. Lil D MVC aka Uno

    Where’s my hat tip I posted about Butler weight loss a few days ago! Even a top 3 commenter can’t catch a break…lowkey smdh

  3. Sillivan

    If I were Rockets or Pelicans owner, I would do salary dump trades
    Dump Tucker and Oladipo salary for picks
    Dump all the salaries of Lonzo and Redick for anything – TPE DPE or any exceptions
    I am not taking any salaries back

    It’s about the future
    Two options
    1 You tank for Tim Duncan
    2 You compete for 9th seed

    I select 1

    • WallyWood

      As much as people despise Tilman Fertitta, I think the Rockets are still better off with him as their owner. They don’t need to be dumping any salaries right now, they should be working on re-signing both Oladipo and Tucker after the season. Those two aren’t going anywhere.

  4. Very Barry

    Kelly Oubre will absolutely be traded by Golden State. They will then be off the hook for the ridiculous luxury tax penalty they are currently stuck with. Lonzo is serviceable with Curry off the ball if Lonzo is once again willing to commit to playing defense. Lonzo needs a change of scenery and change in his attitude. If he does not adjust he is going to pout his way out of the league just like Jabari Parker is about to do.

    • Marty McRae

      Oubre: high skill/low IQ
      Ball: low skill/high IQ

      How many times has Oubre passed up an open Curry this year only to brick it? How can you play THAT much time on the court together and you have only like 3 assists with the greatest shooter of all time???

      Kelly Oubre is an absolute moron. He’s like a Zoolander character come to life.

      • Very Barry

        Cannot argue with anything that was stated on Oubre. Yes, he is a clown. I wouldn’t think it was possible to play that much with Curry and to have that low of a number of assists.

    • Howie415

      Why would the Warriors want Ball? He doesn’t play defense. A very poor fit.

      • Marty McRae

        Better fit than Oubre. Ball can pass well, to Steph Curry, who is the greatest shooter of all time (something Oubre apparently cant understand). Draymond can terrify him into playing better, like he is doing with Wiggins.

        Oubre’s low IQ is hurting the team, Ball’s IQ is sky high – he’s like Draymond in that he has a limited skillset but his IQ makes him a decent player, all he really has to do is one thing well (Draymond, point/on-court coach; Ball, passing).

  5. Very Barry

    Andre Drummond is the solution to all of Toronto’s current problems. They miss Ibaka/Gasol inside. Drummond would be an upgrade even from where they were with that duo last year. Siakam can hang out on the perimeter and play soft like he wants to do anyway, and is best suited for. They could be a really tough out in the playoffs with a grimey lineup of Drummond, Siakam, O.G., Van Vleet and Lowery.

    • Marty McRae

      Andre Drummond is the solution to all of Golden State’s current problems. They have no one inside. Drummond would be an upgrade even from 2018 when they had KD. Wiggins can hang out on the perimeter and play soft like he wants to do anyway, and is best suited for. They could be a really tough out in the playoffs with a grimey lineup of Drummond, Green, Paschall, Wiggins and Curry.

      (sorry, not trolling, good comment, just funny how it works for other teams too)

      • Very Barry

        Also works for Boston when you add in Drummond. Drummond, Jaylen Brown, Jayson Tatum, Marcus Smart, Kemba Walker. Golden State and Boston both have trade exemptions that can absorb Drummond’s $29 million contract as well. Toronto can also figure a way to make him fit. Could be interesting and is getting more complicated as Cleveland keeps winning with and without him. I absolutely think Drummond fits in Golden State. This year and beyond with Klay. Would add an interesting dynamic.

        • Howie415

          The Warriors don’t not have a Trade Exemption that is even close to acquiring Drummond. What would you do with Wiseman; their starting center of the future. They are not going to give their 1sts in this years draft. They don’t want to get old.

  6. Simmons>Russ

    Three team deal:

    Toronto: Goran Dragic, Kelly Olynyk, Duncan Robinson
    Miami: Kyle Lowry Victor Oladipo PJ Tucker
    Rockets: Andre Iguodala, Meyers Leonard, Kendrick Nunn, 1st round pick

    1. Lowry. Bradley. Vincent
    2. Oladipo. Herro
    3. Butler. Harkless. Okpala
    4. Tucker. Achiwura
    5. Adebayo. Faried

    Toronto gets a make do PG in Dargic to replace Lowry, get a serviceable centre for now in Olynyk who is a Canadian, plus they get Duncan Robinson for the future. That’s a solid return for a old 30mil expiring deal point guard.

    Rockets give up Oladipo and Tucker both on expiring deals, for a bunch of expiring deals plus Kendrick Nunn and a first round pick. Rockets get another pick for the rebuild and between Nunn Porter Jr and Wood your starting to build a young core.

    Miami gets a top top roster and become a huge title contender. That defence would be unreal and still good spacing. Plus off the bench you still have good role players and impact. You’d also open up 3 roster spots, in which I’d sign Kennith Faried, promote Gabe Vincent to a full contract and leave 1 spot open

    In fairness you might need to give up an extra second or two for the Rockets but the Raptors should be happy

    • Very Barry

      No way Houston takes Kendrick Nunn in deal. They would insist on Herro. Lowry would be a one-year rental. He is a free agent next year. Oladipo may want to play for Miami, but I don’t think he fits because he doesn’t shoot it well enough. Kenny Faried? It’s been like 5 years since he actually got minutes in the league. Front court depth and shooting are gutted and relying heavily on a rookie in Achiwura.

      • Simmons>Russ

        Disagree, I don’t think Miami mind taking Lowry on a rental cause then they get 30mil in cap space which can be spent on resigning Oladipo and paying Adebayo and Herro.
        Oladipo shoots it perfectly fine. He’s a career 35% shooter from deep and that’s what he’s shooting this season. That’s better than Butler, Nunn, Herro, Iggy and Okynyk are shooting from three this season…
        as for Faried you must’ve slept all 2018/19 cause he was getting 25mins per game for Houston and averages 13-8 while shooting 35% from three also.
        So your front court shooting would be fine, Tucker is a great floor spacer too don’t forget, but yes Achiwura would get more minutes but that’s probably not a bad thing either

    • I don’t see Miami giving up all that for the questionable improvement provided.

      They would probably be more interested if you remove Oladipo, Robinson, Olynyk, and Iguodala. Maybe Dragic and Leonard to Toronto, Nunn and picks to Houston for Lowry and Tucker.

      Miami doesn’t need Oladipo, especially not giving up all that shooting and inside depth, defence.

      • DeathbyDeathwest

        Miami’s not trading for VO, and if he really does want to go there, Mia can opt out of Dragic and bring him in.

      • Actually, they don’t even need to send Nunn and picks if the asking price is just picks now. Maybe Rockets take 2nd rounder + Nunn to flip for picks.
        Toronto might need a second rounder or two thrown in, or heavily protected first.

      • Simmons>Russ

        Questionable improvements?? Lol
        Kyle Lowry, the former title winner, former all nba team point guard, 6 time all star who is currently averaging 17.5-6-7.
        Victor Oladipo who off the back of a huge injury is averaging 20-5-5. He’s a former steals leader, former all defensive team, former all nba, 2 time all star Oladipo.
        And Tucker who doesn’t have quite the achievements but is a veteran 3 and D PF that’s one of the leagues best corner shooter off all time.

        Secondly I do like your deal without Oladipo, giving up the extras for Lowry and Tucker that’s a good move but Oladipo is huge and he wants to come. Robinson is going to want 18mil in the offseason and I’d rather have Oladipo who isn’t quiet the three point shooter but he’s a much better defender, playmaker and leader

        • Not saying Oladipo is a poor player, just a poor fit with what Miami has. They don’t need to trade away younger talent that has established their fit in the all-important culture they have established just to bring in Oladipo.

          This is not a team suffering for perimeter defence, especially not when Butler returns, and they would be better to target Lowry to add playmaking than Oladipo. Further, Robinson is probably a better defender than you give him credit for. Miami will gladly pay 18 mil on a new contract for him, while Oladipo would not likely accept an offer below 25 mil and has been pushing for 30+ as I understand. Given how volatile an asset he has been, I strongly doubt Miami being as eager to find a marriage between the two as he has.

    • Very Barry

      I am convinced that the poster has to be Kenny Faried. Ain’t nobody else posting their version of a proposed championship lineup for the Miami Heat with Kenny Faried backing up Bam at the 5 except Kenny Faried himself.

      • Simmons>Russ

        Faried is tough bro, averaged like 13-8 in 24 mins and started shooting threes well not so long ago with the Rockets and hasn’t been around since. Apparently the Nets were thinking about getting him. He would be an upgrade over Meyers Leonard or Kelly Olynyk

  7. BO don't know Ball

    Lowry to the C’s is intriguing…

    Lavar Ball despises Steve Kerr, and vice versa. I like the Bulls chances a little better for that reason.

    • It’s intriguing because they don’t need him.
      You’re gonna start him alongside Kemba?
      What about Brown?
      How much time will Smart get coming off the bench?

      The Celtics getting Drummond would be a much, much better fit.

      • BO don't know Ball

        I completely disagree. Drummond for waiver money is a good pick-up, but otherwise he would be less needed than Kemba Walker if Lowry was acquired using a trade exception. I doubt the whole deal would be trade exception only, highly. There would be pieces to Toronto.

        Brown will not be affected. I’d prefer to trade Walker if Lowry was acquired. Start Smart, walker would come off the bench if I couldn’t trade him to Toronto.

        Lowry is a lot tougher guard than Walker, & has had big game performances when the Raptors needed him to.

        No Lowry, no Championship 2 years ago.

        • Kyle Lowry won’t be the difference-maker for the C’s.

          Theis can’t guard Embiid (not that many centers can). But a combo of Theis/Drummond can.

          Reality says the C’s aren’t gonna acquire Lowry while trading away Kemba, especially during the season. From a team perspective, it hurts the continuity they’ve built; continuity that makes them a contender.

  8. phenomenalajs

    Can an MLE or DPE be used at its full value for the remainder of the contract for the season? The Nets already gave the Rockets the majority of their draft capital for the near future, but they could spare second rounders they received from others. If they really wanted PJ Tucker via trade, that would be the way it would have to go. After 24 games, they’d be one-third the way through the season. 2/3 of $8M is $5.33M.
    I highly doubt they’ll go that route. They’ll probably wait for the buyouts.

    • KnickerbockerAl

      Nets don’t have Trade Exceptions. They have cap money to sign a player. Tucker they would have to wait till he’s bought out. Nets have to wait for players to get bought out. Then they could offer most money. 5.5 mill. Or they could trade Dinwiddie. Plenty of teams would take him. I know Knicks would take him (11.4 mill)

      • phenomenalajs

        They have the DPE from Dinwiddie regardless of whether he’s able to return this season. The DPE can be used on one player with an expiring contract regardless of how he’s acquired. It’s worth half of Spencer’s full season salary. I think Spencer’s staying and will exercise his $13M player option to get a crack at a championship with this team.

      • KnickerbockerAl

        They already are over cap right. So it would have to be a buyout. It’s what ai hought. Still they could move Dinwiddie. For a title, I think they do it.

  9. El Don

    Zo for Oubre, would be an awesome trade for GSW, as a matter of fact it would turn the Warriors into a good team, just by having Zo in it… now KOJ to NOP would be a dreadful return, I mean KOJ is a 3, NOP has BI & Zion in the wings & KOJ can’t play the 1, 2 or 5, so you would be swapping your 3rd best player for a bench dude, GSW says YES please, NOP says NO ta very much!

  10. Ironmonger835

    No one is giving up a first rounder for Tucker. They would be lucky to get two second rounders.

  11. Houston wants picks for an undersized, 35 year old averaging 5.4 ppg, who becomes a FA after the season?


      • KnickerbockerAl

        I agree I don’t see how you get more than 2nd rd pick. Considering he’s wanted to leave since bubble. He’s 35 and on an expiring deal. Personally I think he gets bought out.

        • Yeah, I can see teams waiting out the Rockets on this one unless there’s someone out there sitting on a pile of 2nd round picks.

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