Nets Sign Iman Shumpert

JANUARY 31: The Nets made the signing official on Saturday night, announcing it in a press release.

JANUARY 30: The Nets are finalizing a deal with free agent swingman Iman Shumpert, tweets Shams Charania of The Athletic.

Shumpert will return to the team after playing 13 games for Brooklyn last season. He was a rotation member and a strong defensive presence after signing with the Nets in November of 2019, but without a guaranteed contract the team wasn’t willing to give him a long-term roster spot. He was “reluctantly” released a month later when Wilson Chandler returned from a 25-game suspension.

Shumpert has played for five teams in his 10 NBA seasons, averaging 7.2 points and 3.3 rebounds in 459 games. He has been out of the league since the Nets let him go.

Brooklyn was required to fill at least one spot by today to get its roster up to 14 players. Today marks two weeks since the James Harden trade became official, with the Nets sending out four players while taking back only Harden.

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14 thoughts on “Nets Sign Iman Shumpert

  1. Walladipo and Wood

    I hope he plays better than he did last season, shooting 32.8% in 13 games.

    • jimmyduz0523

      they had to fill out the roster, how much time is he really gonna get…

      • Nbabrothers

        The Nets have no defensive presence and they don’t need Shumpert to score. He can average zero points per game and still help the team with his defense. Interesting thought would be if the Knicks can trade Nitlikina for a second rounder from any year that they have available.

  2. PiratesFan1981

    He’d be a nice defensive specialist later in the game against teams like Lakers, Warriors, Pistons, 76ers, etc

  3. InvalidUserID

    It doesn’t talk about terms but Brooklyn can’t have a whole lot of money moving forward with their big threes contracts, right?

  4. KnickerbockerAl

    He plays D and can guard wings. It’s a good move. I believe they still can sign two more players. 3nD and rim protector is what they need.

    • osaegthong

      they pickup norvel pelle whos a former sixer who hardly played behind o quinn and embiid.

  5. Sensitive Fanboy

    Shumpert can’t be anywhere close to in shape? This appears to be filling the roster spot & meeting a league demand, more than filling a need.

  6. Very Barry

    The downfall of Brooklyn is going to be appeasing star players by signing their friends. Shumpert and Kyrie are tight from their days together in Cleveland. Shumpert no longer has the ability to help any team that is not a bottom feeder. Offensively, he is a liability because he can’t shoot. Defensively, he no longer has the athleticism to be anything more than serviceable. Bruce Brown is the Brooklyn defensive stopper. Brooklyn needs to find answers at the 5 spot. You can find Shumpert-level perimeter guys in the G-League.

    • mlbnyyfan

      The Nets will get someone for the 5 spot. Drummond, McGee, etc someone will get bought out and jump at a chance to be a ring chaser.

      • osaegthong

        the only way they could get drummond is by trading dinwiddie whos out for the season. a four team trade can help summon drummond from the cavs (and its only a proposal):
        Nets receive: drummond, aminu, magic’s future first rounder
        Bucks receive: dinwiddie, dean wade, bacon
        Cavs receive: criag, claxton, okeke
        Magic receive: osman, shamet, forbes

        Nets will receive a reliable big man in drummond who could dominate the boards and also run the floor and ofc floor spacing. aminu will help their defense and also unlike shumpert, he can actually shoot better. plus hes more athletic and versatile.

        As for bucks, they get an upgrade over donte and better playmaker in dinwiddie and they could move jrue to the SG slot where he plays much better. wade will give them another stretch 4 who shoots pretty well and could also be used in small ball lineups if he could stay healthy enough and bacon will give them another athletic wing who can put up points in the paint and be aggressive in the post which allows him to create more shots for others.
        Cavs will get criag who is an excellent perimeter defender and once he becomes more consistent in the paint, then it will make the cavs even more dangerous. okeke is still young and can still develop into a reliable 3 and D wing. claxton is just a salary dump for the cavs as once hes healthy, he could be used as the net development plan along with having a chance to play alongside his former teammate allen and a also a vet mentor in mcgee.
        The magic will receive forbes and shamet who r both reliable sharpshooters and shamet is a good passer and ofc osman is also a reliable 3 and D wing and also a decent passer.

  7. Is the contract guaranteed? I’m guessing it’s not. Nets’ goal with these last spots is to get the best available after the buyout period, without having paid more than they have to prior to that. It think they’re in the 475-525% bracket, and it could go higher if they use their exceptions.

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