Atlantic Notes: Embiid, Celtics, Randle, Vučević

Sixers All-Star center Joel Embiid has used Jazz All-Star center Rudy Gobert‘s All-NBA Third Team selection last year and recent Defensive Player of the Year hardware as motivation this season, per Tim Bontemps of ESPN. Embiid, an MVP frontrunner so far in 2020/21, looks to have a good chance at besting Gobert’s All-NBA finish this season.

“I want to dominate,” Embiid said. “But going up against him, one of my goals is to also be Defensive Player of the Year. So, you know, when you go up against those types of guys, he’s a great player, and you know, he does a lot for his team that don’t show up on the stat sheet … but when you go against those guys, you know, it brings something else to my game.”

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17 thoughts on “Atlantic Notes: Embiid, Celtics, Randle, Vučević

  1. Jeff Zanghi

    Vucevic would be an amazing addition for the Celtics but I’m just not sure I see how the C’s entice the Magic to trade him to them. The Celtics don’t really have any great trade assets outside of draft picks… and even then if you assume that the C’s continue to finish in the top half of the east every year those are only so valuable. By using their TPE and moving another salary like Thompson they can make the $ work… but I just don’t see the Magic having all that much interest in anything the Celtics could offer them in return. Unless there’s some sort of 3-team deal out there where the 3rd team could somehow be motivated to trade a valuable young player to the Magic in exchange for maybe dumping another salary?

    • smallball

      You must not watch the Celtics? Marcus Smart, Payton Pritchard, Rob Williams, Nesmith, Langford…the Cs have plenty of ammo to pull off a trade.

      • Garett

        Those guys would not return an all star caliber player. I like Smart but he’s a well paid role player. Rob Williams and Pritchard are nice but neither of them would net an all star in return.

  2. Jeff Zanghi

    Jerami Grant would also be an ideal fit for the Celtics, especially because his contract is kind of EXACTLY what the team could use both this year (with the TPE) and in general to have on the books long term. And if he’s really the player he has been this season, averaging 24 PPG he’d be an amazing addition to the rotation. The problem again is… what could the Celtica realistically offer to pry him from the Pistons. I think given his age, contract and current level of play… he’d be someone I’d be willing to even consider “over-paying” for… I just don’t even know what that means given the lack of real assets beyond draft picks that the C’s could offer.

  3. phillyballers

    Anyone watch Clique 2k videos? Everytime I see Randle succeeding here I feel like it has to be a dagger to that dude. He’s ragged on Randle for a while in like every video it’s pretty funny. Hes a Knicks fan I believe too.

  4. The Celtics should just do nothing. Not necessary to panic. The Celtics have a winning record 19-17. The season is not even at the mid point yet. Marcus Smart will be back after the All Star break. Orlando will definitely not trade Vucevic unless Tatum or Brown are part of the trade. Detroit won’t won’t bench players for Grant.

  5. KnickerbockerAl

    Don’t see Detroit trading their best player. Grant was a coup for them. He’s playing like a star. I wouldn’t trade him. Especially when they are getting a top 3 pick this draft. Ellington is a guy who can help a few teams. They should get a nice return on him from a contender. I said this awhile ago. Bucks should of already traded for Ellington. He is what they are missing. A young player should get it done.

    • bigguccisosa300

      Yes, Wayne Ellington is the Bucks missing championship piece. Pack it up and plan the parade route boys, the TL,DR guy has it all figured out.

  6. KnickerbockerAl

    I was ecstatic when we drafted Toppin. Thought we could use Randle to get another good player. Never thought Randle would turn it around like he has. It’s his work ethic and his desire to do well for Knicks. He’s won me over. Always thought he was talented. Just didn’t do it in a team setting. He’s doing it now, he’s a great teammate. His numbers are not only better. But he’s more efficient and consistent. Nothing wrong with Toppin being a sixth man. Toppin can still develop into part of core. Knicks will make a big trade. We don’t need a major one and deplete the team. Like we did for Melo. There are solid 18 pt scorers as FA next yr. Randle is under contract for one more yr. So we can wait to sign him while we build team stronger.

    • mlbnyyfan

      If the Knicks plan to keep Randle long term can they sign some free agents with the cap space then resign Randle with a contract that goes over the cap? I didn’t think Randle was going to play this well. He definitely showed the fans he has a great work ethic and desire. Now they just need a few good free agents to take a chance on them like Randle.

  7. The Magic doesn’t have to trade Vucevic. Vucevic is under contract for two more seasons after this season.

  8. Garett

    Maybe the Celtics could get Myles Turner with their trade exception? Oh wait, they already had that chance. I think Danny Ainge is turning into the Howie Roseman of the NBA.

  9. How Rose deals with Randle’s situation will define the current rebuild and likely his regime. No easy answer, but those are the decisions on which success or failure often rest. I doubt any decisions are made by the TD. But, if not, the situation really does need to be dealt with early this offseason.

    Rose needs to decide whether he wants Randle as a foundation piece for this team prior to the draft (regardless of where the Knicks pick). If he decides he does, then he needs to get an extension in place this off season (and know whether he can prior to the draft), and when he does (or knows he can) shop Toppin (it’s a sell low, but it’s unavoidable and there should be more a market around draft time). If he decides he does not, then he needs to trade Randle on his existing deal. Under any scenario, Rose has to avoid entering next season with Randle’s future with the team uncertain, or with both Randle and Toppin on the roster.

    A shoutout to Steve Mills for the idiotic structure of Randle’s contract. But the Knicks still have to move quickly here. I think Rose will.

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